Sarah Palin-Quayle, grand dragoness

“Tea party” convention headliner Repugnican Sarah Palin-Quayle greets adoring supporters in an excellent PhotoShop job.

President-wannabe Sarah Palin-Quayle wrote this in a public relations — er, opinion — piece for USA Today before fellow radical-right Repugnican Tom Tancredo, a former U.S. representative from Colorado and former presidential hopeful who has used or at least tried to use xenophobic, anti-Latin-American-immigrant sentiment for personal political gain, opened the “National Tea Party Convention” in Nashville, Tenn., on Thursday:

Their vision is what drew me to the Tea Party movement. They believe in the same principles that guided my work in public service — whether I was working on the PTA and city council or serving as a mayor, commissioner or governor. I look forward to meeting some of these great Americans this weekend.

Probably at least in part because she’s no longer in public office, having quit her job as governor of Alaska before she served even one full term, Palin-Quayle apparently thought it sufficiently safe to appear at the Wingnut Super Bowl in Nashville today.

Other Repugnican elected officials who are still in office decided not to appear the “tea party” convention, afraid that some wingnut might say some really whack shit at the convention that would reflect poorly upon them. Or maybe the Repugnican National Committee made that decision for them.

In any case, some really whack shit was said at the convention, right off.

This is what Tancredo (who, like fellow wingnuts Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia* [both U.S. Supreme Court “justices”], is an Italian American; now that their families got to immigrate to the U.S., we should hermetically seal our borders, you see) said in his opening speech for the convention on Thursday:

“…And then, something really odd happened, mostly because I think [that] we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote in this country. [Big applause from his audience.] People who could not even spell the word “vote” or say it in English [more big applause] put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House — [his] name is Barack Hussein Obama.” [More applause.]

You can watch the clip on Rachel Maddow’s show here.

So Tancredo, who is able to say whatever he wants to say because his political career is dead anyway — really, you can’t be a one-trick hater-pony like he is and get anywhere — has bashed the 53 percent of Americans who voted for Barack Obama in 2008. He has alleged that because of low intellect and ignorance and/or a language barrier, Obama is our president.

That’s pretty fucking funny, since wingnuts are notorious for being fucktards. Like this one:

(I should note that I Googled “get a brain morans,” and from what I can tell, the viral images of the white-trash fucktard with that sign apparently are authentic images of an authentic wingnut.**)

And, as I noted waaaaay back in 2002, the same fucktarded haters who call for a “civics literacy test” (actually, “civics test” is just fine; there is no need to add the word “literacy” in there) for those from other nations (usually from nations within Latin America, since their skin usually is brown) or even for fellow American citizens (that is, black Americans) could not pass the same fucking civics test that immigrants must pass to become an American citizen. (Seriously — see how many of the questions you can answer correctly yourself!)

Knowing his background, Tancredo’s hateful remarks yesterday most likely were aimed, at least primarily, at those from Latin America who want a better life, but his remarks are reminding those who know their U.S. history of the literacy tests that once were used to prevent black Americans from voting. Notes Wikipedia:

As used by the states, the literacy test gained infamy as a means for denying suffrage to African Americans. Adopted by a number of Southern states, the literacy test was applied in a patently unfair manner, as it was used to disenfranchise many literate Southern blacks while allowing many illiterate Southern whites to vote.

The literacy test, combined with other discriminatory requirements, effectively disenfranchised the vast majority of African Americans in the South from the 1890s until the 1960s. Southern states abandoned the literacy test only when forced to by federal legislation in the 1960s…. Since the passage of the civil rights legislation of the 1960s, black registration in the South has increased dramatically.

So Repugnican former Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi in 2002 publicly mused that the nation would have been a lot better off had segregationist Strom Thurmond been elected president in 1948, and now, Repugnican former Rep. Tom Tancredo muses that he sures misses the good old days of the literacy tests.

And, as I have noted before, calling Obama a “Muslim” or insinuating that he is a Muslim by stating his middle name of Hussein, is simply code for “nigger,” as is “socialist.” (“Committed socialist idealogue,” then, would mean “biiiiig nigger.”) And the name Hussein, of course, is associated with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, which is meant to associate Barack Obama with the “evildoers” of the Middle East. We whiteys are to be just as afraid of the niggers here as we are to be afraid of the sand niggers who hate us for our freedom, you see.)

But when you say that the “tea party” “movement” is all about (or at least largely about) white supremacism, the wingnuts crow that you’re wrong. But listen to the “tea party” convention crowd’s reaction to Tancredo’s racist, xenophobic clarion call for a “civics literacy test”; the crowd eats it up.

After Rachel Maddow shows the clip, she quips, “Although to be fair, it was sort of hard to tell exactly what the sounds coming from the crowd meant; they were sort of, a little bit muffled by the — you know, the white hoods.”

Yup. The “white hoods” joke is appropriate, but I believe that Maddow was kidding; it is clear from the clip that Tancredo had a doting audience, clapping and laughing and whooping in response to his comments.

So when Sarah Palin-Quayle, the keynote speaker of this weekend’s “National Tea Party Convention” in Nashville, gushes about the “tea party” “movement,” as she did in USA Today

Later this week I’ll head to Nashville, where I’ll have the honor of speaking with members of the “tea party” movement. I look forward to meeting many Americans who share a commitment to limited government, common sense and personal responsibility….

— it’s bullshit.

Things like “common sense” and “personal responsibility” and “limited government” are the “tea party” “movement’s” stated raison d’être (hey, look, this American who cast his vote for Barack Obama not only can spell the word “vote,” but he can mix it up with a foreign language sometimes, too!), and those things sure sound good — but the “tea party” actually is about white supremacism and patriarchy and misogyny and “Christo”fascism/theocracy and militarism (to spend any of our tax dollars on people instead of on war profiteers is deemed “socialist”) and xenophobia and jingoism and homophobia and ignorance and fear.

The “tea party” is comprised mostly of stupid, backasswards white men who can’t get over the fact that rapidly changing demographics in the United States of America are making it more and more impossible for the stupid white man to have the political control of the nation that he used to have.

There are some fucktarded white women, like Palin-Quayle, who support these fucktarded white men, but the “tea party” “movement” irrefutably is stupid-white-male driven. 

The “tea party” “movement” represents a small slice of the American electorate, and even that small slice is melting just like the polar ice caps are melting. Just as the “tea party” fucktards deny that the ice caps are melting, they seem to be in denial that their existence is endangered, too. They have become the dinosaurs that they don’t believe in.

So you have the “National Tea Party Convention’s” opening act, Tom Tancredo, call for a “civics literacy test,” and you have Palin-Quayle gushing about how great the “tea party” “movement” is before she goes to Nashville to be the keynote speaker at their first national convention.

How can we not associate Palin-Quayle with the rest of what has gone on at the Wingnut Super Bowl this weekend when she herself has chosen to associate herself with it?

*Well, Scalia’s father was an immigrant from Sicily and his mother was born in the U.S. to Italian immigrants. (Sicily, Italy — close enough…) Alito’s father was an immigrant from Italy. Wikipedia says of Tancredo, “Both sets of his grandparents emigrated from Italy.”

So it was OK to let all of these Italians and Sicilians into the United States, you see, but we need to keep the Latin Americans, especially the brown-skinned ones, out.

**I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this image, however:

Respect Are Country - Speak English


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2 responses to “Sarah Palin-Quayle, grand dragoness

  1. PeterB in Indianapolis

    It is interesting to note that when the Italian immigrants came to this country, they did so by following the laws of this country. They entered the country where and when they were told they would be allowed to, they passed all required citizenship tests, they essentially followed the rules.

    Now, what you fail to mention is that virtually NONE of the “Mexican immigrants” that you refer to are following those rules, regardless of their skin color. Your calculated omission of the word “illegal” is very interesting.

    Obviously from the tone and content of your blog, you have a liberal viewpoint. Please clarify for me which laws you think are valid and require enforcement, and which do not. Clearly you do not believe all laws to have equal validity.

    Of course the problem with that is that if it is ok to ignore SOME laws, then who is to say WHICH laws are the ones to be ignored, and which laws are the ones to be enforced? By allowing SOME laws to be ignored while people you favor are in power, you allow OTHER laws to be ignored when the other side is in power, and yet you think you can complain when that happens… (??)

    If you are in favor of completely open borders with no immigration laws whatsoever, just come out and say so, it really isn’t that hard to state your actual postition on the issue. Surprisingly, if you did say that was your position on the issue, I would probably agree with you (because I am not a “conservative”, although you most certainly would lump me in with them (incorrectly).

    My speculation is that you are probably caucasian, and your great-grandparents emigrated here from somewhere in Europe back in the late 1800’s or perhaps early 1900’s, and they probably did so perfectly legally. Somehow, in your lifetime, you have been successfully taught that your “caucasianness” is evil, and has been the source of all oppression in the world in the past 200+ years, and at some point, that teaching sunk in and you actually believed it.

    Not much can be done about that now, alas, but since you have such a jaded view, you will never understand the “Tea Party Movement” at all. Are there some white supremacists that are ALSO part of the movement? Probably. However, your characterization of the entire movement as a massive neo-nazi-KKK-skinhead type of thing would simply be highly amusing were it not for the fact that YOU probably completely believe it.

    • robertdcrook

      As I have clearly noted, my problem is with those who think that now that they’re here in the U.S., it’s OK to keep others out. And the history of the U.S. has always been that has been easier for white immigrants (including Italians) to get citizenship than it is for members of other races to get citizenship.

      My “calculated” omission of the term “illegal”? Ah, come on — your problem isn’t illegal immigration, your problem is the immigration of brown-skinned people. “Illegal” — that’s just code for non-white.

      There are many laws I disagree with. Shit, the U.S. Supreme Court I disagree with often — such as how it picked George W. Bush as “president” in 2000 and how it recently ruled to allow corporations to determine elections (which, of course, favors the Repugnican Party). Talk about judicial activism — funny how to the wingnuts it’s only “judicial activism” when it’s a progressive judge making the ruling…

      I can’t say that I advocate throwing our borders wide open, but how about we not use racism against Latin Americans as political capital, the way that Tom Tancredo does? After all, it’s the Latin-American immigrants who scrub our toilets, wipe old people’s asses in nursing homes, pick our vegetables in the hot fields, etc., etc. — in general they do the work that whitey doesn’t want to do, and we’d be fucked without them.

      “Caucasianness” is not evil, but there are many evil Caucasians — George W. Bush, Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, Pope Palpatine, to name only a handful of them. These assbites make me embarrassed to be a blue-eyed white guy. They are a discredit to my race. And whitey’s oppression of other races is historical fact. The decimation of the Native Americans, including broken treaties and the distribution of smallpox-infected blankets; the slavery of blacks and their continued oppression for decades even after their emancipation; the internment of the Japanese during World War II; the Abu Ghraib House of Horrors in Vietraq — these are just a handful of examples. Are other races capable of atrocities? Of course. Does that let whitey off the hook for whitey’s atrocities? Fuck NO!

      I understand the “tea party” “movement” well. These are white supremacist fucktards who can’t get over the fact that their guy lost the election. Their idea of “freedom” and “liberty” is that they (the stupid white men) should (continue to) be in charge of everything and that the stupid white man continue to oppress everyone who doesn’t look, act and believe like he does.

      Over my dead body. The wingnuts have held our nation back and kept our nation down long enough. They have made us the global laughingstock.

      There isn’t enough lipstick on the planet to prettify the pig that is the “tea party” “movement.”

      They are unAmerican and they are the enemy.

      Not just I, but millions of Americans believe this — because it is the truth.

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