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Gee Dubya’s gift to the left

President George W. Bush speaks at the Federal Bureau of Investigation ...

Democratic Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama speaks ...

President Bush listens to a speech during a graduation ceremony ...

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama greets supporters ...

President Bush listens to a speech as he presides over a graduation ...

Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama speaks to a prospective ...

Reuters and Associated Press photos

Which one will prove to have awakened the sleeping leftist giant the most — “President” George W. Bush or President Barack Obama? And isn’t Repugnican John McCainosaurus making “socialism” and liberalism look pretty fucking good if “socialism” and liberalism are the alternative to the nightmare of the past eight years? (Um, yeah…) Thanks, old dude, for making “socialism” cool again!

George W. Bush actually did quite a lot of good during his eight unelected years as “president.”

I never gave a significant amount of money to a political candidate before Gee Dubya and his Repugnican wrecking crew staged their hostile takeover of the White House in late 2000. I most likely never would have started blogging in late 2002 were it not for Gee Dubya’s “inspiration.”

Gee Dubya “inspired” me to get more politically active than I’d ever been; for a time I coordinated the Meetups in Sacramento for John Kerry. I was awash in bumper stickers, yard signs and buttons.

Gee Dubya inspired a vast left-wing conspiracy that was able to flourish because it largely if not mostly was underground — the taking back of the nation from the Amerifascists (a.k.a. Repugnicans) took place in people’s homes (note that I didn’t say “in the privacy of people’s homes,” since under the Repugnicans we have had no guarantee that our constitutional rights to privacy will be respected); the revolution took place at concerned individuals’ computers, via the Internet.*

Before the Internet-retarded such as John Fossil Fool McCain knew what hit ’em, it was too late. Concerned American citizens — you, know, real Americans — didn’t wait for the Democratic Party’s spine to recalcify. The nation couldn’t wait. Where there were blockages in the nation’s major democratic arteries, such as the Democratic Party and the “fourth estate” (the news media), the American democracy compensated by going around those blockages with smaller but more numerous arteries so that the major democratic arteries were no longer relevant (and indeed, if they wanted to regain and maintain any relevance, they had to dump their old tune and get in step with the newer, smaller arteries — and they have). There have been MoveOn and Michael Moore and left-of-center websites (such as, and, billions of blogs and Meetups, and even “Saturday Night Live” and Comedy Central have picked up the slack of the corporately owned and controlled mainstream media, the overlords of which benefit from the Repugnican Party’s policy of socialism for the filthy rich.**

So now, now that the revolution has succeeded (I know that you’re still waiting ’til Tuesday, but we’ve won, comrade), reconstruction after the long, dark and mad King George Bush II years begins soon.

My greatest concern is that under President Barack Obama Americans don’t return to the same state of fat and lazy complacency that they fell into under President Bill Clinton in the prosperous and pretty peaceful 1990s. It was that complacency, after all, that allowed BushCheneyCorp to stage its hostile takeover of the White House. Americans couldn’t be bothered to get off of their couches to save their democracy.  

It won’t be over after President Obama takes the oath of office.

The same Repugnicans who say that patriots should always support the U.S. president will try to do to Barack Obama what they did to Bill Clinton. Only, I suspect, it will be much worse, because to their way of thinking Bill Clinton is, at least, a white man and Obama is — What is this nation coming to?!?!? — a black man.

The same Repugnicans whose gatherings look and feel just like KKK rallies will try to politically lynch Obama. Hell, maybe even literally lynch him. Already there has been at least one assassination plot, this one plotted by this boy genius and his sidekick:

This undated photo obtained from a MySpace webpage shows Daniel ...

Associated Press photo

(Nice tat, dude!) Gee, if he weren’t incarcerated, for which presidential candidate do you think this strangely homoerotic (but hey, that might just be me…) neo-Nazi would vote?***

John Sidney McCain III dismisses such lunatics as the “fringes” of the Repugnican Party, but that’s fucking bullshit: they’re the Repugnican Party’s base.

No, my friends, the battle against the Amerifascists (a.k.a. Repugnicans) doesn’t end on Tuesday.

It just begins.

*As I’ve noted, although I never was a “Deaniac” because the Deaniacs always struck me as way too culty, I credit the Howard Dean campaign with having revolutionized the way that grassroots political activity is conducted. Although as a John Kerry supporter who saw no way that Dean could beat Bush I was as happy to see Dean go down in flames as I was happy to see Barack Obama finally drop the house on Billary Cunton and sew up the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, I have to acknowledge that Team Dean made it possible for John Kerry to get as far as he did (which was further than Dean could have gone, I still believe), and undoubtedly Barack Obama did not get to where he is now entirely on his own efforts, but he reaped the benefits of what the Deaniacs built before him.

**The Repugnicans piss and moan about an “unfair” media, but it was the same media that pretty much just allowed Team Bush to steal the presidency in late 2000 despite the fact that Democrat Al Gore had won not only the popular vote by more than a half-million votes but that he had won the pivotal state of Florida, too. And the same media acted as cheerleaders, not as journalists, for the unelected Bush regime’s illegal, immoral, unprovoked and unjust Vietraq War, the lauching in March 2003 of which the media treated as jingoist entertainment. So fuck off, Repugs: you had a great fucking run with the media. Your run is over.

***OK, in fairness, this loser might have voted for Ron Paul or his ilk and not for John Sidney McCain III, who is seen as just too liberal.

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Socialist funnies

OK, so I want to experiment with WordPress’ graphics abilities. My blog, when it was on Salon Blogs, was fairly graphic intensive, as I find nothing but text to be rather boring.

Ted Rall is probably my favorite editorial cartoonist. I like Tom Tomorrow, too, but if I had to pick between the two it would be fellow Gen X’er Rall. Tom Tomorrow’s ‘toons are more visually appealing, but Rall’s ‘toons, besides coming out more than just once a week, usually have more bite. Here is one of Rall’s recent ‘toons:

I love Rall’s take on the McCainosaurus campaign’s incessant “spreading the wealth” mantra — with spreading the wealth being cast as a negative. Jesus Christ was all about spreading the wealth, not the hoarding of wealth while so many are in need.

“Humans against people” — that pretty much sums up the philosophy of the Repugnican Party. Although I don’t know that we can count Repugnicans as human.

Another Rall ‘toon:

That’s the “Joe the Plumber” mentality — a.k.a. the “lottery mentality” that I blogged about not long ago.

OK, so now I seem to have the graphics thing down…

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Why here, why now

So I’m a refugee from Salon Blogs, which uses the (apparently not very popular) Radio Userland blog platform. stopped supporting its blogs years ago and finally stopped allowing new Salon Blogs to be created in 2006.

When it started its blogs, promised us bloggers support and even some promotion. This was short-lived. For a little while, especially during the race for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, there was quite a Salon bloggers’ community — although with that there was lots of e-fighting (ah, what courage relative anonymity gives us!) — but that community gradually fell apart.

Anyway, my last computer died about a week ago (I bought it in 2003 and got more than five years’ use of it) and with it died my Salon Blog archives, which I would have had to transfer from my old computer’s hard drive to my new computer’s (but how do you transfer your archives from a very dead computer?).

Oh, well. My Salon Blogs/Radio Userland subscription, which was about $40 a year (not much, except when you consider that there are plenty of free blog platforms…), expired at about the same time that my last computer died, so I guess it was meant to be that I move my blog elsewhere. (My old Salon Blog posts still come up on search engines, and I’ll probably link to some of those posts when a subject re-emerges.)

So here I am on WordPress now.

It’s easy enough to get up and running on WordPress, but I have a lot more to learn. There is a WordPress for Dummies book out there, I believe. I’ll get on it…

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