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The Repugnican-fascists are correct: Crime is a huge problem in the U.S. — only THEY are the fucking criminals

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tears up then-“President” Pussygrabber’s State of the Union speech after he delivered it in February 2020. A Pussygrabberian put Pelosi’s elderly husband in the hospital this morning after he broke into the Pelosis’ San Francisco home — yelling, à la the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, “Where is Nancy?” The stupid white man who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer no doubt was influenced by the violence espoused by the Repugnican Party that is enthralled to fascist in chief Pussygrabber.

It’s unshocking that the Repugnican-fascists use the specter of crime in almost every election to spook voters.

Of course, the Repugnicans know their base: ignore the cerebrum and go right for the reptilian part of the their supporters’ meager brains.

It’s also unshocking that the only crime that the Repugnican-fascists actually care about is crime committed by non-whites, especially poorer non-whites; indeed, the “criminal” “justice” system long has served the central function of maintaining the racial socioeconomic status quo by harshly cracking down on non-whites and poor people while rich white people (such as former “President” Pussygrabber) get a fucking slap on the wrist, if that.

The Repugnican-fascists variously have lied that the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by their supporterswhich was meant to overturn the results of a presidential election that their preferred candidate had lost by more than 7 million votes, for fuck’s sake — was a peaceful demonstration, was just some tourists who got out of hand (the “a few bad apples” “argument”), and was a false-flag operation that actually was perpetrated by Antifa.

Actually, of course, the Repugnicans are A-OK with (mostly) white fascists committing violent crimes as long as it serves their political goals.

For example, you won’t hear sincere widespread Repugnican outcry over the invasion of Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco early this morning by a Pussygrabber cultist who put her 82-year-old husband in the hospital with a fractured skull and other injuries.

The perpetrator of the home invasion, who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, was yelling, “Where is Nancy?” Just like they were yelling at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. (Nancy was in D.C., by the way, which this criminal fucktard probably should have researched beforehand.)

Not that the Repugnican Party’s years-long, unhinged vitriol against Nancy Pelosi would have had any influence on this man. No, the Repugnicans’ hands are squeaky clean, as always.

The perpetrator of the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s home and her elderly husband is 42-year-old David DePape, and he’s the usual suspect:

He’s a fucking hero to most within the Repugnican Party, rest assured.

To vote Repugnican is to continue the persecution of non-white and poor people via the “criminal” “justice” system that is set up primarily to prosecute and persecute the already powerless — and to protect the rich and powerful, even when, like former “President” Pussygrabber, they perpetrate blatant treason against the United States of America, repeatedly — and to vote Repugnican is to continue to encourage political violence perpetrated by ignorant, angry (mostly) white men who, just like the “Islamofascists,” primarily are just upset about modernity. (Don’t even get me started on “Christian” nationalism, which is just “Christo”fascism — and is just like “Islamofascism” [only the specific content of the bullshit religious beliefs is different].)

Look, I’m no huge fan of Nancy Pelosi. I’m a Berniecrat. (I’m guessing — and hoping — that after the Democrats mostly likely lose the U.S. House come January, she’ll finally retire.)

But under the grip that fascist Pussygrabber has on the Repugnican Party, we can expect political violence perpetrated by these unhinged Repugnican-fascists to continue — while the uber-hypocritical Repugnican Party claims that crime is such a problem.

It would be a huge mistake to worry about someone breaking into your home or your car while ignoring the fascists who want to violently take over the entire fucking nation and forcibly impose their fascist political beliefs and their fascist political “order” on all of us, Nazi-German style.


Your life might actually depend on it.

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This fascist bullshit is why I only vote by mail (and why you should too)

“Stop the steal” fascists, some of them armed, have taken to committing blatant voter intimidation at ballot drop boxes in Arizona by camping out at the drop boxes as self-appointed ballot-box police. We’ll see how far they’ll go to intimidate voters on Election Day.

I’ve been voting by mail for more than a decade now, and I love it. I don’t imagine that I’ll ever vote in person on Election Day (or during early in-person voting) ever again.

Every vote-by-mail ballot that I’ve mailed in has been received and counted, according to my county elections offices. I’m a happy vote-by-mail voter.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the convenience of voting by mail that appeals to me — and the fact that I can fill out my ballot in an environment that’s guaranteed to have enough peace and quiet — but it’s that the Pussygrabberians, in the name of “election integrity,” are actively trying to intimidate voters, apparently especially in the backasswards state of Arizona.

Here’s the thing: Don’t let the Repugnican-fascists — who only believe in elections in which they’re declared the victor (fairly or not) — meddle in your voting. Don’t even subject yourself to the possibility of these mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, sometimes-gun-toting pieces of shit interfering with your right to vote.

If you physically go to a place where voting is taking place — be it an in-person early voting location, an in-person voting location on Election Day, or even to just an official drop box for completed ballots — you can be targeted by the “stop the steal” fascists who (of course) actually are trying to steal your vote from you.

And with the increased cray-cray scrutiny and focus on ballot drop boxes, I for one, never would put my ballot in a drop box. Why? Because when you mail your ballot, your ballot enters the mail stream, which is protected by the U.S. Postal Service. Your ballot is not a sitting duck at a known location, as with a ballot drop box.

(And I’m still not sold on the safety of ballots left at any ballot drop box. If anything happens to those ballots, such as that they’re stolen or destroyed beyond recognition, there is no way for the elections officials to know who needs to cast a replacement ballot. Your vote will just be — gone. And you may never even know it.)

And, of course, you can mail your ballot from anywhere. The chance that some Pussygrabberian thug is going to try to harass and intimidate you at a random mailbox is low. (But, should that highly unlikely event happen, you always could find another mailbox.) The chance that some Pussygrabberian thug is going to try to harass and intimidate you at a ballot drop box — or at an in-person voting location — is much higher than it is at an outgoing mailbox.

If you don’t feel that you can trust your postal carrier with your completed vote-by-mail ballot, take it to a post office then, if you are able to. That’s usually how I mail my ballots — at a post office (I prefer not to mail them from my house, just for added security).

Why do the Pussygrabberians hate voting by mail?

For a few reasons, but “election integrity” isn’t one of them.

Primarily, they hate vote-by-mail voting because they want to make voting as hard as they can for the “wrong” (that is, Democratic and Democratic-leaning) voters.

The old white voters, most of them fairly rich (and thus Repugnican voters), will crawl through broken glass and fire ants to vote for evil, and they want voting to be as difficult as possible for everyone who doesn’t have the same socioeconomic advantages that they do (unfair socioeconomic advantages that they’ve worked hard to gain for themselves — and to deny to others — for decades now).

Also, of course, the jackbooted Pussygrabberians want to be able to interfere with your right to vote — you know, just like in the good old daysas we’re seeing in Arizona right now.

Large numbers of voters choosing to vote by mail makes it much harder for these neo-Nazis to try to interfere with the voting process in their party’s favor. Physically inserting themselves between your ballot and the ballot box is much, much harder for them to do if you vote by mail.

So that’s my advice: Vote by mail, unless you have some strong reason not to. Don’t give the neo-Nazis any chance to fuck with your vote.

And: Vote! Because the other side does!

P.S. My federal midterm election predictions:

I expect the Repugnicans to regain the U.S. House, but not by a huge margin. I don’t think that it will be a crushing red wave.

I expect the Democrats to hold on to the U.S. Senate, but probably only with the same 50-seat margin that they have now.

I expect my U.S. senator, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, to lose re-election. She might win, as the race is a tossup right now, but she’s an uninspiring, uncharismatic politician who is stuck in the Democratic politicking of the 1990s, and her record of accomplishment is thin — and my state’s voters are ready to punish the Democrats for the state of the economy. They want a head or two. (On that note, I predict that my governor, Democrat Steve Sisolak, will win re-election, but only by a hair. But that race is a tossup, too.)

The Democrats can’t afford for more than one incumbent Democratic U.S. senator to lose re-election. We need Georgia U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock to keep his seat, so if you can give him a donation, please do by clicking here. Warnock has a better chance of keeping his seat than does Cortez Masto, per’s prognostications (which right now give Cortez Masto a 47 percent chance of winning and Warnock a 53 percent chance of winning).

My prediction is that Warnock ultimately will win. (Keep in mind that there is a third, third-party candidate in the Georgia race for U.S. Senate, and that if neither Warnock nor Walker wins 50 percent or greater on November 8, the two of them will go to a runoff in December.)

If Cortez Masto loses, as I expect her to, then we definitely need Warnock to keep his seat — and we need John Fetterman to flip/pick up Pennsylvania to make up for the loss of Cortez Masto’s seat. If you can give Fetterman a donation, please do so by clicking here. ( right now gives Fetterman, my favorite candidate for the U.S. Senate this election cycle, a 59 percent chance of winning.)

Unfortunately, my prediction is that only Fetterman will flip/pick up a U.S. Senate seat for the Dems. There are other good Democratic candidates for the Senate, but in the red and purple states in which they’re running, I don’t see them winning (neither does

I expect all of the Democratic incumbents in the U.S. Senate who are up for re-election to win their seats, except for, again, Cortez Masto, and possibly but hopefully not Warnock (a 53 percent chance for him essentially makes the seat a tossup). I can’t imagine Herschel Fucking Walker as a U.S. senator.

Should Herschel Fucking Walker become a U.S. senator, that will mean that we have achieved full idiocracy.

(In the movie “Idiocracy,” the U.S. president is Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho, a former professional wrestler and porn star:

I was pleasantly surprised to see Bill Maher make the connection between Herschel Walker and President Camacho on his show recently. I’d made that connection in my mind a long time ago, and I’m surprised that it took so long for someone within the media to finally go there…)

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