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Ralph was right

In the documentary about the life and the achievements of progressive Ralph Nader, “An Unreasonable Man,” one of Nader’s critics lambasts Nader for believing (or even having said, I’m not certain) that things have to get worse before they can get better.

This to me seems to be an accurate statement of human nature, or at least of American nature, so to castigate Nader for only pointing out the ugly truth is not only unfair, but serves only to perpetuate the human/American mental and spiritual laziness and stupidity that Nader has spent his life railing against.

Summer hasn’t begun yet, but already this summer is shaping up to be what we might call the Summer of the Moments of Ugly Truth, and it seems to me that in the coming months we’re going to see, vividly, that indeed things have to get worse before they’ll get better.

Of course, there is no guarantee that they will get better. It’s always up to us.

Millions of gallons of crude oil continue to belch into the Gulf of Mexico and British Petroleum says that it can have the leak stopped in August — maybe — and please indulge me by allowing me have a tree-hugging moment here when I say that it strikes me that the BP debacle to me symbolizes a bleeding Mother Earth.

It’s like we’ve impaled Her and She’s bleeding to death and we don’t know how to stanch the bleeding, because all we’ve ever done is to inflict wounds upon Her, and never have focused seriously on how to heal those wounds.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

And today we have the Israelis, who have turned into the Nazis who once persecuted them, killing several members of a flotilla meant to give humanitarian aid to the Palestinians whom the Israelis have ghettoized just as the Germans once ghettoized the Jews.

We’re seeing the ugly truth of groups of people these days, seeing the truth of British Petroleum and the plethora of other corporations whose primary concern — well, actually, only concern — is profit, profit, profit, and we’re seeing the truth of the Israelis, bloodthirsty bastards who are using the money and the arms supplied to them by their partner in war crimes and crimes against humanity, the United States of America, to make the United States of America hated even more throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds, which should ensure more acts of “terrorism” (it’s never called terrorism when we “civilized” Americans and Israelis slaughter others) against Americans or American allies or American corporate interests (usually called just “American interests,” as though you and I actually were stakeholders who reaped the benefits), which should ensure the American military-industrial complex even more and more of our tax dollars that should be going instead to things like health care, education, job creation and environmental protection.

The Israelis claim that their slaughter of individuals in the flotilla was in “self-defense,” but the corrupt, murderous Israelis have about as much credibility as does British Petroleum.

Not one Israeli was killed in their “self-defensive” attack on the pro-Palestinian flotilla, and that’s how it always is with the Israelis, who have no sense of proportion or of decency — far more of the “bad guys” always die than do the number of Israelis, yet it’s always the Israelis who are the “victims.” Always.

Shit’s only going to get worse.

The only thing that I can see that’s going to prevent the United States of America from becoming like something out of “The Road”– in our own lifetime — is if we, the people, rise up and stop allowing evil men to destroy our planet for their obscene personal profits and to create situations of perpetual warfare for their own selfish benefit.

We might have to get violent to stop them, since violence seems to be the only fucking language that they can understand.

So be it.  

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United we stand — in our cluelessness

When British Petroleum announced that it wouldn’t know for a little while whether or not its “top kill” effort would work, I knew that it probably wouldn’t. So I wasn’t exactly shocked when BP announced today that indeed it didn’t work.

The BP debacle is about more than just the millions of gallons of crude oil that continue to spew into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an environmental catastrophe, to be sure — and, next to global warming, it’s shaping up to be the worst man-made environmental catastrophe in the history of the planet — but it’s also an undeniable, gargantuan display of the fact that the powers that be (1) don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, (2) don’t care that they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, (3) can’t protect us from the disasters of their own making, and (4) will destroy us all if we don’t remove them from power ASAP.

These facts were made evident on Sept. 11, 2001, and were reinforced in August 2005 with Hurricane Katrina.

With the Gulf of Mexico disaster, it’s strike three — the powers that be are fucking out.

The common American is as much to blame as are the corporatocrats. The corporatocrats and the other power elites have assured the common American that they have everything under contol, and the common American, like a child, has ceded control of everything to the power elite and the corporatocrats. It’s been quite a co-dependent relationship — one that has been going on for so long that no one has a fucking clue as to what to do next.

The current system clearly isn’t working, but Americans don’t know how to begin to even come up with a new system, because everything that they’ve been taught, directly and indirectly, has been in service to the old system that doesn’t work anymore. (I must credit Chris Hedges, whose great book Empire of Illusion I’m reading now, for that thought, because while I’ve long recognized that truth, that truth is fresh in my mind right now because I’m reading his book.)

So Americans stand around befuddled as oil continues to fill the Gulf of Mexico and no one is doing anyfuckingthing about it.

In a culture and a society in which the individual’s own good has been paramount, and in which it has been this way for decades, it’s no shock that when something requires a huge common effort, such as the debacle in the Gulf of Mexico, egocentric Americans don’t have a fucking clue as to what to do.

The word “teamwork” — and its derivatives, like the vomit-inducing “team player” — have been bandied about primarily in order to manipulate us serfs into continuing to toil for our feudal overlords, while the true spirit of teamwork in the United States of America was lost long, long ago. (Americans proclaimed “United we stand” immediately after Sept. 11, 2001, precisely because Americans don’t stand together, but are out for themselves and because, being so divided, Americans actually are, I surmise, pretty conquerable.)

Indeed, under the capitalistic system, in which it’s everyone for him- or herself, and in which the goal is to become super-rich at everyone else’s expense, the concept of actual teamwork is anathema. In actual teamwork, you wouldn’t have a few fat cats at the top and a whole bunch of wage slaves at the bottom. Indeed, true teamwork would look much more like socialism or communism than it would look anything like capitalism.

I have little doubt that BP’s bigwigs have shoved “teamwork” (and its derivatives) down their employees’ throats. Yet the employees’ “teamwork,” as defined by the BP bigwigs, has served only to make the BP bigwigs and BP’s stockholders even filthy richer.

If the BP bigwigs truly cared about teamwork, truly believed that we’re all in this together, BP would have been able to handle its fucking oil leak by now.

BP doesn’t know what the fuck to do because BP’s focus has never been on how to handle shit that goes wrong big-time. BP’s focus has only been on how to make more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more money.

And that’s true of most corporations.

Alas, corporate greed does not serve the whole.

We Americans are only very slowly learning this obvious lesson, and I am not confident that we will learn it in time.

God(dess) save us from ourselves.

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I fucking HATE Billary Clinton

Blanche Lincoln, Bill Clinton

Associated Press photo

Former Arkansas Gov. Billary Clinton pals around with DINO U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln in Little Rock today. Billary hates the democratic process, as evidenced by the fact that he believes that progressive candidates shouldn’t run for office when he doesn’t want them to run against centrist asswipes like Lincoln. Billy Boy has outlived any usefulness and he really, really needs to get himself a hobby. And/or maybe some Viagra, because he has way too much time on his hands.

When people learn that I fucking hate the fucking Repugnicans, they assume that I’m a Democrat (I’m registered with the Green Party) and that I must like Billary (Bill and/or Hillary) Clinton.

I fucking hate Billary Clinton.

Today in the news is the report that Mr. Bill himself tried to urge Rep. Joe Sestak from running against Democrat-come-lately Sen. Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

How deeply anti-democratic it is to try to strong-arm anyone from running for office. If it isn’t illegal, it certainly is sleazy.

Despite Billary Clinton’s sleazeball attempt to keep Sestak down, Sestak ran in the primary anyway and beat the fossilized Specter’s ass.

It’s called DEMOCRACY, Billary.

Get over it.

And get over yourself.

Billary also today slammed those on the left who have been trying to unseat DINO (Democrat in name only) U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Billary’s home state of Arkansas.

Voters in Arkansas recently gave Lincoln’s Democratic primary opponent Bill Halter, the state’s lieutenant governor, enough votes to force Lincoln and Halter into a run-off on June 8.

Politico reports that during an appearance for Lincoln today, Billy Boy

…pounded the podium with Lincoln at his side, warning that national liberal and labor groups wanted to make her a “poster child” in the June 8 Senate run-off to send a message about what happens to Democrats who don’t toe the party line.

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‘Obama’s Katrina’ is our fault

Comparisons of the Obama administration’s slow response to the current crisis created by corporate greed in the Gulf of Mexico to the unelected Bush regime’s slow response to the crisis created by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005 perhaps have been inevitable, but they miss the point.

Yes, both catastrophes have happened in the Gulf of Mexico, but that’s just about where any valid comparison ends. And by making such clumsy comparisons, we risk the failure to prevent more massive oil spills in the future.

The Bush regime didn’t respond to Hurricane Katrina because the Bush regime didn’t give a flying fuck about a bunch of poor black people in Louisiana. Had the eye of Hurricane Katrina been headed for “President” George W. Bush’s Texas, there might actually have been a response.

What prevented the Obama administration from responding faster to British Petroleum’s disaster, however, is the vast amount of power that the mega-corporations have accrued over the past several decades.

Although Obama has claimed that his administration has been on top of BP from day one of its April 20 oil rig disaster, it seems fairly apparent to me that BP kept the Obama administration at bay for some time, and that only after it became glaringly apparent that BP didn’t have the oil leak — which now is being called the worst in U.S. history — under anything like control that the Obama administration finally stepped up to the plate, under increasing political pressure.

We can make all of the Hurricane Katrina comparisons that we want to, but unless and until we, the people, take back our power that we stupidly and slovenly ceded to the corporations, we can expect more catastrophes like BP’s.

We need to take a long, hard look at capitalism and ask ourselves whether some tasks are too important and/or too dangerous to leave to the profit-driven private sector.

The private sector can do everything better, the capitalist swine snort.

Bullshit. The profit-driven private sector keeps cutting corner after corner in order to continually increase profits until we have such things as the current catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the actual “death panels” that the for-profit wealth care — er, health care — industry established in order to deny people medical care in order to increase the insurance companies’ profits. (They get filthy rich only if they don’t give you the health care that they’re being paid to provide you when you need it. That’s a great fucking model for health care.) Global warming, too, is a result of corporate greed.

And speaking of global warming, to me the most alarming news today is that meteorologists predict that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, which begins next week, could be as bad as the 2005 season, which brought us Katrina.

Right about now is the perfect time for hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Never claim that things couldn’t get any worse than they already are, because of course they always can.

But I digress…

I’m all for the private sector making and selling things like cars and iPads and television sets and telephones and clothing and computers and movies and porn. Hell, I’m even more or less OK with the private sector continuing to make and sell houses, although the housing debacle would make me want to put a lot more thought into that issue, since housing is a necessity and not a luxury.

But drilling big holes in the ocean to tap oil reserves and maintaining those big holes? Health care? Education? Ensuring an ample supply of clean drinking water?

These kinds of things are too big and/or too important to leave to money-grubbing weasels. They need to be left to the government. To introduce a profit — and thus a corner-cutting — motive into them is inviting disaster, as the crude-oil-coated creatures of the Gulf of Mexico — and those whose living depends upon the Gulf of Mexico — can attest.

And giving such huge tasks as offshore oil drilling entirely to corporations means that the government doesn’t have the equipment or the expertise to deal with any problems that might occur, because over time it’s the corporations that have taken over those tasks. Cutting out the stonewalling corporate middlemen also would mean that problems could be addressed immediately by the government, because the government wouldn’t have to coordinate its efforts with any profit-driven corporation.

And corporate-crony-loving Repugnicans have no right whatsofuckingever to criticize the Obama administration’s sluggish response to the BP debacle when the eight long nightmarish years of rule by the unelected, oily Bush regime created an awfully cushy environment for Big Oil.

The Bush crime family has had oily dealings in Texas and in Saudi Arabia, Dick Cheney’s oily Halliburton wanted and got its Vietraq War and apparently has played a significant part in the current BP disaster, and fuck, even Condoleezza “You Know She’s Lying When Her Lips Are Moving” Rice had had a fucking Chevron oil tanker named after her, for fuck’s sake.

I don’t believe in letting President Obama off the hook for shit that is his responsibility, but we can’t blame Obama for the long-standing socioeconomicopolitical environment that he not only inherited in January 2009, but that all of us have allowed.

We can’t even blame the unelected Bush regime entirely for what it allowed Hurricane Katrina to do to the Gulf Coast in 2005 — after all, we, the people, had just allowed the Bush regime to blatantly steal the White House in late 2000 with no serious opposition from us. We should have been rioting in the streets, should have taken up pitchforks and torches, but instead we sat on our asses, sipping our Slurpees, telling ourselves that this Bush guy couldn’t be that bad. 

Had we acted as the patriotic citizens that we claim to be, “President” Bush, and thus Hurricane Katrina, might have been prevented.

And had we not just allowed our democracy to become a corporatocracy, we probably wouldn’t be witnessing the largest oil spill in U.S. history right now — while a savage hurricane season is just around the corner, ready to spread all of those millions of gallons of crude oil around even more quickly and more widely.

The BP oil spill should be our wake-up call and should teach us a great lesson.

And that lesson is not that we, the people, can continue to pin the blame for our national and global catastrophes on just one person, such as the president of the United States.

That lesson is that we, the people, get the kind of nation and the kind of world that we create and that we allow.

When, and if, we demand — really demand, exerting incredible political pressure — better of the powers that be, we will get better.

For right now, though, we are faced with millions of gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico while Hurricane Katrina’s sequel looms, and the only people we can blame for that is ourselves.

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Can we start the civil war now, please?

Associated Press photo

Barack Obama, shown above during his Lincolnesque formal kick-off of his candidacy for president in February 2007 at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, now finally concedes that with the Repugnican Party, “The day has passed when I expected this to be a full partnership.” Yup. Attempting bipartisanship with Repugnicans, who respect the results of the democratic process only when those results go their way, is bullshit and it’s time to open a can of blue-state whup-ass, because that’s all that the fucktarded red states can understand. 

They say that the Civil War even pitted family member against family member.

Yeah, I can see that.

My mother and I today exchanged some pointed e-mails about Arizona’s handling of its “illegal immigrants.” She still lives in Arizona, where I was born and raised and from where I escaped in 1998 to my new home state of California.

I haven’t set foot back in Arizona since I left it, and I don’t plan to any day soon.

In fact, I support boycotting Arizona, and I am delighted that my city of Sacramento is expected to add itself to the list of cities boycotting the racist, white supremacist state of Arizona.

In fact, today I saw Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (himself also a former resident of Phoenix; he used to play for the Phoenix Suns) eating lunch outdoors here in Sacramento. I almost stopped and attempted to speak to him, but I didn’t want to disturb his lunch (he was eating with some other people). Instead I e-mailed him later that I support the boycott, even though he already leans toward it.  

My mother, on the other hand, apparently has imbibed the right wing’s Kool Aid that the nation’s ills have been caused primarily by the poor and powerless brown-skinned peoples from south of the border.

Gee, I didn’t know that the “illegals” were responsible for the nation’s economic meltdown. I’d thought that it was the mostly white white-collar crooks, such as the crew of Goldman Sachs, who did that.

Of course, the reason that the right wing pushes hatred of the “illegals” is not only because the “illegals” are powerless and poor, and can’t fight back, but because it’s a great diversion from the nation’s real enemies: the white-collar criminals, most of whom are Repugnicans and whom the Repugnican Party aids and abets.

I mean, for instance, who’s responsible for the oil that continues to fill the Gulf of Mexico? The Mexicans?

I’m beyond sick and fucking tired of the red-state bullshit. We have Alaska’s Repugnican Sarah “Drill, Baby, Drill!” Palin-Quayle now saying that President Barack Obama is too chummy with Big Oil; we have Arizona’s Borg Queen governor, Jan Brewer, Sen. John McCainosaurus, and McCainosaurus’ primary election opponent, J.D. Hayworth, all Repugnicans, of course, all trying to out-hate each other where it comes to the “illegals” for their personal political gain; and we have Kentucky’s Rand Paul saying that he disagrees with at least some of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and that criticism of British Petroleum is “un-American.”

While my mother is pontificating in her e-mails to me about how much the “illegals” are costing us, it’s funny, because not only do the billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bailouts go to the corporatocrats, and not only do we, the people, also always end up paying for shit like the Vietraq War and the British Petroleum debacles — both of which Dick Cheney’s Halliburton has had an oily hand in — but Arizona itself is a welfare state.

As I noted in April 2009, Arizona gets back from the federal government about $1.20 for every dollar that it puts into the federal government.

My home state of California gets less than 80 cents for every $1 that it puts into the fed.

Palin-Quayle’s Alaska approaches two dollars back for every dollar that it contributes, and Rand Paul’s Kentucky gets about a buck and a half from the fed for every buck that it puts into the fed.

Yet here are these right-wing asswipes bitching and moaning about the evils of welfare when their states are sponging off of us blue states. The majority of the blue states get less from the federal government than they put into it, while the majority of red states get back more from the federal government than they put into it.

And they hate our president, too, primarily because he’s black.

Well, fuck off, red-staters, because 53 percent of Americans voted for Barack Obama, more than who ever voted for your precious George W. Bush in 2000 (less than a full 48 percent) or in 2004 (less than a full 51 percent).

I’ve had it with the right wing and the red states, and I’m ready for a second civil war.

Of course, the red states can prevent that and secede, and we blue states should fucking let them. They only drag us down anyway.

Texas, a.k.a. Bushland, whose Repugnican stupid-white-male governor already has raised the specter of secession, can be home to the New Confederacy’s capital. Texas, which loves to rewrite American history, would be the perfect headquarters for the coalition of states that don’t want to follow the wishes of the majority of Americans who voted for Barack Obama.

Speaking of whom, since Obama has compared himself to Abraham Lincoln — he formally announced his candidacy for president in Lincoln’s Springfield, Illinois, and he even was sworn in on the same Bible that Lincoln used (I saw the Bible when it was on display here in Sacramento as part of a Lincoln museum exhibit) — Obama could preside over the Second Civil War, if it comes to that. It would be fitting that the nation’s first black president should finish the red-state ass-kicking that Lincoln should have finished but did not.

If the secession of the racist red states won’t happen, I’m fine with another civil war.

I’m fighting fucking mad.

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Steele banks on Repugnican stupidity

Yesterday I called Repugnican National Committee head Michael Steele a liar.

I hadn’t planned to write more about his lies about this past weekend’s special election in Hawaii, but then today I got a fundraising e-mail in his name regarding Hawaii’s special election results, and the e-mail makes it clear that the Repugnican Party’s “leadership” has no problem whatsoever lying to its own supporters — especially if by lying to them the Repugnican Party’s “leaders” can get their dupes to give the party some money.

In an e-mail from the RNC (yes, I’m on the enemy’s e-mail list) titled “One Step Closer to Firing Nancy Pelosi,” which I received today, Steele (or his ghostwriter) writes:

Dear Robert,

This weekend, thanks to the generous support of RNC Sustaining Members like you [I’ve never given the Repugnican Party a single fucking penny in my entire life, so why the e-mail calls me a “sustaining member” I have no idea], Charles Djou was elected to the U.S. House in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

The race was decided by only a few thousand votes. Democrats and liberal special interests were determined to keep this seat in Democrat hands — a seat they had held for nearly 20 years — and flooded the district with party operatives and millions of dollars in campaign cash.

Despite the Democrats’ tactics, the RNC’s voter contact and get-out-the-vote programs helped push our GOP candidate over the top. The RNC made roughly 70,000 voter contacts — phone calls and door knocks — to ensure Republicans and like-minded Independents voted for Charles Djou.

This victory is another step toward Republicans regaining a majority in the U.S. House, firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and putting our country back on the right path. But we can take nothing for granted. We must work harder than ever to ensure our candidates at all levels have the necessary resources to defeat the Democrats this fall.

Please help keep the momentum going. Your secure online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $500 to the Republican National Committee today will help our Party stay on track to nationwide victories in the 2010 midterm elections.

With your continuing support, Robert, we will retake the U.S. House, reclaim the U.S. Senate and elect more Republican governors and state legislators in November. Thank you again for helping our Party win a historic victory in Hawaii, and moving us one step closer to firing Nancy Pelosi.


Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Robert, Charles Djou’s victory in the special election to the U.S. House in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District is another example that our Party can win anywhere in the country when we have a principled, conservative candidate backed by the RNC’s network of grassroots supporters. Help ensure our vital 2010 candidate support and party-building programs keep moving forward by making a secure online gift of $25, $50, $100 or $500 to the RNC today. Thank you.


Nowhere in the e-mail does Steele divulge that Djou won less than 40 percent of the vote to the almost 60 percent of the vote that his two Democratic challengers won — thus, Steele’s implication that the U.S. House district in Hawaii has flipped Repugnican from Democrat due to the Repugnican Party’s hard work is bullshit.

Nor does Steele bother to tell us in the fundraising e-mail that Djou is expected to lose his new seat in November — when, according to The Christian Science Monitor, unlike was the case in this past weekend’s special election, only one Democratic candidate may run against Djou, who must run again in November if he wishes to try to keep his new seat.

So Djou has less than six months to turn his less-than-40-percent support into the kind of support that can fend off the around-60-percent Democratic support that was evident in this past weekend’s special election — in a district that historically has been Democratic.

It’s highly unfuckinglikely that Djou will be able to do that.

Thus, it’s highly unfuckinglikely that Djou will be able “[move the Repugnican Party] one step closer to firing Nancy Pelosi,” since come November his congressional district most likely will elect a Democrat to replace him.

So the tactic of the fundraising e-mail was to lie about what Djou’s weekend win really means, and then to raise the specter of — gaaaaah!Nancy Pelosi! — in order to get Repugnican Party supporters riled up enough to give the party money.

You know, if you have to lie to your supporters like that, your party is probably far, far more fucked than you’d ever let them know.

Because then, they most likely wouldn’t give you any money.

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Repugs’ win in Hawaii just an anomaly

Charles Djou, Colleen Hanabusa, Ed Case

Associated Press photo

Neither Democrat Colleen Hanabusa, left, nor Democrat Ed Case, center, would drop out of the special election for one of the two U.S. House of Representatives seats for Hawaii won yesterday by Repugnican Charles Djou, right, by a plurality. Hanabusa and Case together won almost 60 percent of the vote. The three candidates are shown above during their appearance at a televised debate in Hawaii earlier this month. 

A win is a win, they say in politics.

A win is a win — and spin is spin. Except when it’s outright lying.

GOP Wins House Seat in Obama’s Home District” is the technically correct but (probably unintentionally) misleading headline that Yahoo! News gives The Associated Press news story about Repugnican Charles Djou’s win of the U.S. House of Representatives seat for Hawaii that encompasses the place where President Barack Obama was born.

“It is a significant win,” Repugnican National Committee head Michael Steele remarked of Djou’s victory in the special election. “It is the birthplace of the president of the United States.” (Of course, if you’re a “birther” fucktard, Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii at all, but that’s another blog post.)

I’m not sure how much of Steele’s “victory” remark comes from his abject fucktardation and how much of it comes from his typical Repugnican ability to lie through his fucking teeth without batting an eye.

Sure, Djou won Obama’s birthplace, but Steele conveniently leaves out the fact that Djou won only 39.4 percent of the vote and that the Democratic vote was split between two different candidates (both of whom refused to drop out so that there would be only one Democrat on the ticket) whose combined take was 58.4 percent of the vote.

So almost 60 percent of the voters in that House district didn’t want Djou as their representative, and fewer than 40 percent of the voters did want him.

But to hear liar and/or fucktard Michael Steele and his ilk tell it, Djou’s “victory” heralds a “significant” turnaround for the Repugnican Party and is a poke in Obama’s eye.

Shit, that isn’t even spin — that’s just bold-faced fucking lying.

Hey, I’m no big fan of Barack Obama, who, far, far from turning out to be a “socialist,” is George W. Bush Lite. Maybe George W. Bush Ultra-Lite, but still, it seems to be mostly the status quo under President Hope And Change.

But my feelings about Obama completely aside, let’s not lie that the U.S. House district in which Obama was born has turned Repugnican when, in fact, almost 60 percent of the voters cast their votes for the two Democratic candidates.

Our “democracy” can survive spin, but when outright lies are widely accepted as fact, then we’re all fucked (if we’re not already, and we probably are).

In any event, Djou has to run again for his district’s seat in November. Hopefully, the Democratic ticket won’t be split again and Djou will be tossed out as the anomaly that he is.

We’ll see what Liemeister Michael Steele says about those election results.

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Maddow is the new Murrow

I have to agree with the The Advocate’s assessment of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, whom I think of as a modern-day Edward R. Murrow (pictured below).

Professional television network journalism in the United States of America died no later than in 2003, when the corporately owned and controlled television networks acted not as journalists, but as cheerleaders for the unelected Bush regime’s illegal, immoral, unjust and unprovoked invasion of Iraq. The “embedded” “reporters” indeed were in bed with the Bush regime.

It was that fiasco that induced me to stop watching television “news” — and television altogether — and to rely on the Internet for news and information instead.

So it’s refreshing to see that we have at least one practicing professional television journalist, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, whose clips I frequently watch via the Internet.

Maddow is one of the very few professional, critical and analytical individuals still left on what passes for television “news.”

Her recent takedown of newly minted Repugnican candidate for the U.S. Senate Rand Paul — and her masterful post-analysis of it — showcase her talent and her ability.

Rand Paul, the “libertarian” Repugnican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat for Kentucky — the “tea party’s” favorite who beat the Repugnican Party establishment’s candidate in this past week’s primary — believes that private businesses should be able to refuse anyone service based upon their race or ethnicity. He very apparently believes, from his statements, that at least the portion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that makes such racial discrimination illegal should be overturned, but in the firestorm that has ensued he now claims that he fully supports the 1964 law.

But noooooo, the “tea party” isn’t racist and white supremacist!

As I have noted, Kentucky is around 90 percent white and went to Repugnican candidates in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 presidential elections. So the ascension of a racist and white supremacist like Ron Paul in Kentucky isn’t exactly shocking.

What plays well in Kentucky and in other red states, however — such as white supremacism — doesn’t play so well at the national level.

And Rand Paul is the poster boy for that fact. And he apparently is aware of this fact, because Maddow had to go around and around with him on Wednesday night in order to get him to state, with anything like clarity, his views on the matter of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

MSNBC describes the exchange between Maddow and Paul on Wednesday night thusly:

In his 15-minute interview with Maddow, Paul repeatedly declined or sidestepped opportunities to endorse the provisions of the 1964 [federal civil rights] law that require hotels, restaurants and other businesses to accept all customers without discriminating on the basis of race or ethnicity.

He repeated several times that he opposes racial discrimination. “I’m not in favor of any discrimination of any form; I would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Paul added, “I don’t believe that any private property (owner) should discriminate either.”

But he did not say whether he supported using federal law to enforce non-discrimination in privately owned businesses. He said “had I been around” in 1964 “I would have tried to modify that.”

He also said the debate over the civil rights law’s limits on rights of private property owners “is still a valid discussion.”

He explained, “When you blur the distinction between public and private ownership, there really is a problem.” He used the hypothetical example of a gun owner who takes his firearm into a restaurant whose owner objects to having weapons on the premises.

That’s a bullshit comparison, of course. A firearm could accidentally discharge and result in injury — or be used intentionally, of course. To assert that disallowing a person with a gun to enter a private business and disallowing a non-white person to enter a private business because he or she is non-white are equivalent is sheer stupidity or intentional intellectual dishonesty, and either such stupidity or intellectual dishonesty is not befitting a United States senator.

MSNBC also reports that in 2002 Rand Paul wrote a letter to the Kentucky Bowling Green Daily News that “decisions concerning private property and associations should in a free society be unhindered. As a consequence, some associations will discriminate,” and “A free society will abide unofficial, private discrimination — even when that means allowing hate-filled groups to exclude people based on the color of their skin.”

Gee, what else should we allow in a “free” society? Assault and battery? Rape? Murder? Is this what “freedom” means: the “freedom” to do wrong unto others? If so, then I suppose that our prisons are full of “libertarians.”

Rand Paul isn’t just about white supremacism, though; he’s about standing up for the corporations, which clearly are so powerless that they need his help.

Paul today called President Barack Obama’s criticism of British Petroleum — whose underwater oil well has been spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico for a month now — “un-American.”

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'” Yahoo! News quotes Paul as having said today. “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Yes, you see, to the wingnuts, it’s American — as American as apple pie — to have the corporations’ boot heels on the throats of the common American. (After all, that’s the way that Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers wanted it!)

And businesses are so sacrosanct that in their relentless quest for obscene profits, we should let them make our entire fucking planet uninhabitable to every living thing. To suggest otherwise is “un-American” — and “un-Christian,” too!

That’s a wonderful “vision” there, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul and his ilk are dangerous, and light needs to be shed upon their actual agendas, agendas that even they themselves must have some idea are evil and wrong, as evidenced by the fact that they themselves hestitate to clearly articulate their actual agendas in the light of the national television spotlight. 

Thank you, Rachel Maddow, for casting such light.

You’re the closest living person to Edward R. Murrow — the late broadcast journalist whose spotlight exposed the darkness of and thus took down Sen. Joseph McCarthy (who, with his un-American accusations of others that they were “un-American,” just might be one of Rand Paul’s heroes) — that we have.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Voters are suckers.

Even though Barack Obama has failed miserably to deliver upon his campaign promises of “hope” and “change,” voters still believe that there are political candidates out there who are going to change the status quo.

But corporations and the corporatocrats that run them and those who love the corporatocrats (a.k.a. politicians), not the voters, call the shots.

British Petroleum, for instance, was able to keep the federal government at bay until it became glaringly apparent that BP did not have its “little” oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico under control. It should have been the other way around, with the federal government telling BP what to do — right off the bat.

Only after the oily corporate environmental disaster became undeniably apparent did Obama feign anger at the corporatocrats who have filled his campaign coffers.

And we still have our perpetual war in the Middle East for the military-industrial complex, because without war, war profiteering isn’t possible.

It’s almost enough to make you miss George W. Bush. (Almost…)

Obama “threw [him] under the bus,” Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, recently wrote in a letter that he probably didn’t intend to become public.

Obama threw all of us under the bus, and the bus is leaking BP oil all over us.

Voters want to see yesterday’s primary election results as a harbinger of that long-promised-but-yet-delivered “hope” and “change.”

“Will the insurgents sell out?” The Daily Beast asks of wingnut Republican Rand Paul, the son of libertarian wingnut Ron Paul, who won Kentucky’s Repugnican U.S. senatorial primary yesterday, and Democrat Joe Sestak, who beat Democrat-come-lately Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Democratic U.S. senatorial primary election yesterday.

My answer to that question: Of course they will.

But I’m happy about Specter’s defeat. There is a special place in hell for politicians like Specter and recently Repugnican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman who switch parties or become independents in order to save their political skins instead of upon principle.

And all of the fossils in the U.S. Senate (Specter is 80 years old) need to retire or to be retired by the voters, like Specter was yesterday. Who do they think they are? U.S. Supreme Court justices with lifetime appointments?

As far as “tea party” favorite Rand Paul is concerned, it would be bullshit to assert that as Kentucky (cue banjo) goes so goes the nation.

The U.S. Census put Kentucky’s white population at 92 percent in 2000. The state’s estimated 2005 white population was 91 percent. I don’t expect the 2010 Census results to be much different. Not exactly a diverse state, Kentucky.

And Kentucky went to George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 and to John McCainosaurus (another U.S. senator who sorely needs to retire or to be retired) in 2008.

So it’s not surprising that white supremacist “tea party” favorite Rand Paul won yesterday’s Repugnican U.S. senatorial primary in a far-right, white supremacist state.

No one anywhere on the ideological spectrum should expect Rand Paul or Joe Sestak to bring about any “hope” and “change.”

We of all ideological stripes get punked every fucking election.

As long as the corporations continue to call the shots, we, the people, are just window dressing in this little pay-to-play charade that we call “democracy.”

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Wingnuts bash Miss USA

Miss Michigan Fakih stands next to first runner ...

Reuters photo

Mirror, mirror on the wall: First runner-up Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, left, surely is happy for Miss Michigan Rima Fakih, right, who was crowned Miss USA in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Predictably, wingnuts are asserting that Woolard should have won.

As I had predicted they would, the right-wing nut jobs are bashing the coronation of Miss Michigan Rima Fakih as Miss USA on Sunday night.

One wingnut radio talk show host called Fakih “Miss Hezbollah,” since Fakih is from Lebanon and Hezbollah is based in Lebanon.


(Americans always want to be thought of as nice even when they are colossal fucking assholes. It’s a pathology.)

Others are crying affirmative action or reverse discrimination or the like — which is an interesting “argument” whose purpose is to try to ensure that only Anglos continue to get the prizes in American society.

Personally, I find Fakih to be significantly more physically beautiful than the first runner-up, Miss Shitkicker — er, Miss Oklahoma. Based upon physical beauty alone, to me, Fakih beat Miss Oklahoma hands down.

As I already blogged, the contestants should not have to answer politically explosive questions, and even though Miss Oklahoma gave a fairly predictable (for her being a white Okie, I mean) white supremacist/racist answer to the question put to her as to whether she supports Arizona’s new law requiring the state’s law enforcement officers to try to identify illegal immigrants, she shouldn’t have been asked the question.

The Miss USA pageants are getting way too political, even for this politico.

However, the right wing’s response to Fakih’s win smells not only of sore loserism, but also of racism and white supremacism — as well as their cousin, xenophobia.

Very apparently, the right wing won’t be happy until we have a separate — but equal, of course! — Miss Anglo USA pageant.

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