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The dead-enders among us finally are meeting their deserved dead ends

Two pillars of Pussygrabberianism — and it’s a cult with millions of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing followers — are that of course former “President” Pussygrabber actually won the 2020 presidential election and that it’s a bad idea to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Alas, these twin delusions, as they always were destined to do, are crashing upon the brutal rocks of reality.

Since the treasonous, fascist, anti-democratic Repugnicans had bought and paid for the months-long “audit” of the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona’s most populous county, I’d figured that of course they would get what they’d paid for (“evidence” of “fraud” and/or a “stolen election”), but even the “Cyber Ninjas” “audit,” which was widely criticized by elections experts and others of both parties, showed that not only did Joe Biden win Maricopa County, but that he won it by a bit more than the original official results had put it.

Repugnican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said of the “audit’s” findings: “The [original election] outcome stands and the 2020 election in Arizona is over.”

Maybe it’s over in Arizona — at least to the point where the rest of us in the nation no longer will have to be plagued by the fascist, treasonous Arizona bullshit (again: maybe) — but it’s not over elsewhere, as Repugnican-orchestrated “audits” of the November 2020 presidential election continue in other states, even though we’re coming up on a fucking year after the November 2020 election.

After all, the monkey-see-monkey-do, lemming-like Pussygrabberians take their marching orders from deposed dictator Pussygrabber (“deposed” because the American people deposed him at the ballot box by more than 7 million votes in November 2020, and a “dictator” because he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes in 2016 in the first fucking place, so he never legitimately was elected as the nation’s leader), and fuck such trifles as climate change and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and the novel pandemics still to come): per the Pussygrabberians, bogus “voter fraud” and bogus “stolen elections” are our “No. 1 issue.”

This juvenile tactic of just claiming that you actually won what you actually lost apparently is the Repugnican Party’s only “plan” for the future. This dead-end belief, coming from dead-ender in chief Pussygrabber himself, apparently is that the rest of us actual patriots (you know, because we love and respect democracy, including certified election results) will just get sick and tired of the Repugnican-fascists’ temper tantrums after they lose elections and just tell them that OK, they actually won — in order for them to stop tantruming.

It won’t play out that way, however; telling us, the majority, that you, the minority, get to rule even though you can’t win elections anymore is not going to result in the rest of us caving in to you; no, it’s much more likely to result in a second American civil war (and this time, the North would do what it should have done the first time: polish off the Southern traitors. Don’t tread on us, motherfuckers!)

Nor is the Pussygrabberians’ “strategy” to “battle” COVID-19 — to refuse to wear face masks and to take other disease-prevention measures and, of course, to refuse to be vaccinated — a sound long-term plan. Google “anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19” and you’ll see ample fucking evidence of this fact.

Further, a federal judge in Kentucky just yesterday ruled that a Kentucky healthcare system may require its more than 10,000 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, as a 1905 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a Massachusetts mandate for the smallpox vaccination is the standing precedent on the matter of vaccination mandates.

“Actual liberty for all of us cannot exist where individual liberties override potential injury done to others,” the federal judge proclaimed.

Don’t expect the Pussygrabberians — ignorant, selfish traitors all — to understand this basic fact about freedom or to follow it.

But they don’t have to; the rest of us, the majority, still can, and must, minimize the danger that they pose to the rest of us, the majority.

Like the novel coronavirus, we probably can’t completely eradicate the Pussygrabberians and the threats that they pose to us, but we can, and we will, keep them contained.

The dead-enders, being dead-enders, will meet their dead ends sooner or later, but probably sooner rather than later.

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California’s voters hand the Repugnicans their sorry asses to them on a platinum platter

California Gov. Gavin Newsom addresses reporters after beating back the recall attempt that aimed to remove him from office, at the John L. Burton California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Associated Press news photo

California Gov. Gavin Newsom celebrates his blowout win in the California gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday night in Sacramento. Newsom is on track to have done even better in the recall election (64 percent thus far) than he did in his initial election to the governorship in November 2018 (with 62 percent). The Repugnicans in the state are being awfully quiet these days, for some reason…

From Day One, the effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom very primarily was an effort by the disgruntled and the crazed — and the significantly outnumbered — Pussygrabberian minority here in the state. It widely was called a “grassroots” effort by its pushers, but those “grassroots” cover no more than about 40 percent of the state’s population.

Indeed, in the Public Policy Institute of California’s polls on the recall effort released in March, in May and earlier this month, no more than 40 percent of the state’s likely voters ever said that they supported the removal of Newsom, despite the state’s big problems, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the high cost of housing and the high rate of homelessness, the now-regular huge wildfires and drought.

In the results of Tuesday’s recall election thus far, Newsom is keeping his job, 64 percent to 36 percent.

I’ve noted here that I had expected Newsom to garner around 56 percent, maybe 58 percent in Tuesday’s recall election, but if his 64 percent holds, that’s even better than he did when he was first elected in November 2018, with 62 percent of the vote.

So, far from repudiating Newsom, as the Repugnican recall pushers for months and months claimed the majority of the state’s voters would do, the state’s voters instead doubled down on their show of support for Newsom, giving him an even larger margin of victory this time around.

So why has Newsom done significantly better than even the polling had suggested he would? (’s final polling average for the recall election was 57.3 percent to keep Newsom to 41.5 percent to remove him, and Real Clear Politics’ final polling average for the recall election was 56.3 percent to keep Newsom to 41.8 percent to remove him.)

Newsom has done even better than expected because the aforementioned disgruntled fascist fucktards here in California (and elsewhere throughout the nation, of course) are loud and obnoxious, and their loudness and their obnoxiousness can make it appear that their numbers are significantly greater than they actually are.

It was California’s true silent majority — those of us who love science and who thus believe that climate change is real and who believe in the overall effectiveness and the overall safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, among other things — that has given Newsom his blowout win in Tuesday’s bullshit recall election.

You don’t hear much from California’s sane majority — because we’re sane. We’re quietly keeping the state afloat while the wingnuts whine how hard they supposedly have it and how much they’re “oppressed” while they do nothing but drag the rest of us down with their selfishness and their laziness and their abject ignorance, such as with their willful refusal to benefit the larger population by getting vaccinated against a virus that has killed more than 67,000 Californians thus far. (The rest of us, we “socialists,” have to cover the costs of their wholly preventable COVID-19-related hospitalizations, of course. [If we are “socialists,” it’s largely because we are burdened with these lazy and selfish Pussygrabberian fucktards, who are a huge drain on the system.])

Further, I surmise that most of the undecided voters in the end broke for Newsom, and a top state Repugnican operative has posited that Repugnican-fascist recall candidate Larry Elder’s stupid, sleazy, anti-democratic campaign tactic of claiming election fraud even before election day (indeed, former “President” Pussygrabber has grabbed Elder by the pussy, too) had the effect of depressing Repugnican turnout. (Why even bother to vote if it’s all “rigged” anyway?)

And, of course, before Larry Elder’s rise in July, the recall campaign had been all about Gavin Newsom and his shortcomings, real or perceived; after Elder’s rise, it became all about Newsom vs. Elder, whose wingnutty political views are wildly out of step with the majority of California’s voters.

Of course, since the close of the polls on Tuesday and the media’s reportage shortly thereafter that it was shaping up to be a blowout for Newsom, it’s been mostly crickets from the state’s Repugnicans.

Why? Because Newsom’s victory has been so huge that even they can’t, with any credibility at all, claim “election fraud” or a “stolen election.” (Which, I predict, will not work for the dying Repugnican Party in the long term. They follow the fucktarded Pussygrabber at their own peril; the idea in politics is to actually win elections, not to lose them but steadfastly lie that you actually won them.)

And it’s crickets from the Repugnicans now here in the Golden State because it’s not like the Repugnicans ever admit when they’re wrong or when they have had their treasonous, fascist asses kicked by the majority of the voters again. Just like with an Orwellian memory hole, they’ll just pretend as though none of it ever happened, since that’s what’s most politically convenient for them.

In the meantime, we sane Californians, we sane Americans and we sane human beings have a state, a nation and a planet to save.

Unfortunately, at the same time, we have to continue to do battle with our enemies within: the right-wing nut-job traitors who call themselves Repugnicans.

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Gavin Newsom is looking quite safe

Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, hugs his wife,Jennifer Siebel Newsom as he celebrates at an election night party after he defeated Republican opponent John Cox to become 40th governor of California Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Los Angeles, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Associated Press news photo

Gavin Newsom and his wife celebrate his crushing 62-percent-to-38-percent victory in the California gubernatorial election of November 2018. This celebratory scene most likely will be repeated the night of September 14, when the majority of the state’s voters are expected to affirm that they want to keep Newsom, who still is in his first term, in office.

With the bullshit gubernatorial recall Repugnican-vanity-project do-over election just eight days away, California Gov. Gavin Newsom very much appears to not have to worry about having to pack up his office anytime soon.

The latest Public Policy Institute of California poll has Newsom keeping his job handily, with 58 percent of likely California voters saying they want to keep Newsom in his job, and only 39 percent of them saying they want to boot him.

And since vote-by-mail ballots under state law automatically were sent to more than 22 million registered voters beginning August 16, the ballot return rate of more than 5.7 million ballots thus far has been more than 2:1 Democratic:Repugnican — which is in line with the voter-registration composition of California, which is about 2:1 Democratic:Repugnican.

Obviously, Democrats are voting, are not sitting out this stupid, colossal-waste-of-taxpayers’-money election (as the pundits for a while had predicted very well might be the case), perhaps especially since they’ve all been mailed a ballot. (Repugnicans hate voting by mail only because it makes it easier for the “wrong” people to vote, of course. If you want to vote for a Democrat, at the minimum, you should have to crawl for at least a mile under razor wire among shards of glass and fire ants, you see — while being shot at by a firing squad.)

Further, according to the aforementioned PPIC poll, a higher percentage of even Repugnicans are voting to keep Newsom than the percentage of Democrats who are voting to boot him — only 7 percent of the Democrats polled by the PPIC said they’d cross over to vote to oust Newsom, whereas 17 percent of the Repugnicans said they’d cross over to vote to keep him.

(Independent/”no-party-preference” voters were almost evenly split, with 49 percent saying they’d vote to retain Newsom and 44 percent saying they’d vote to eject him, so it looks like Newsom probably will get some net help from the state’s independents, who overall lean toward the Democrats.)

While I don’t see the final, official vote tally putting Newsom at the PPIC poll’s 58 percent, which is only four percentage points away from what he garnered in November 2018 (a whopping 62 percent of the vote), I expect him to keep his job with probably around 54 percent, maybe around 56 percent of the vote.

Indeed,’s average of recent polls has Newsom winning the September 14 do-over election with 53 percent, which I surmise is close to what the final election result will be.

Still, all that Newsom has to get is a simple majority and he keeps his job, and those who are putting their money where their mouths are at right now are betting 86 cents that Newsom will keep his job — to 14 cents that he’ll lose it.

Still, fully expect the Repugnicans, a bunch of fucking zombie-sheep if ever there ever were any, to claim, way, way beyond ludicrously, that no, right-wing nut job Larry Elder actually won the recall election, despite the fact that California’s voter registration favors Democrats over Repugnicans by about two to fucking one, and despite the fact that Elder’s cray-cray political positions — such as (not in any certain order) his opposition even to any minimum wage at all, his opposition to the government making public-health rules to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (even though the pandemic at this point is killing mostly anti-vax wingnuts, a.k.a. the Repugnican Party’s base), his desire to turn our public schools into private profiteering centers, and his (timely…) belief that the states should be able to determine whether a not a woman has the right to choose — are wildly out of step with the political positions of the crystal-clear majority of the state’s voters.

These traitors don’t flinch about blatantly lying about “election fraud” and “stolen elections” because they’re perfectly fine with rule by the minority, which, of course, is not democracy, but which is tyranny — as we also see primarily with their continued steadfast support for former fascist “President” Pussygrabber, who lost the popular vote not once, but twice (by almost 3 million votes in 2016 and by just more than 7 million votes in 2020), yet these mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing, COVID-19-vaccine-refusing fascist traitors still talk insanely about Pussygrabber’s pending “reinstatement” as “president”democracy (those 7 million more votes for Joe Biden than for Pussygrabber) be damned.

It is vital that we sane, actually patriotic Americans — you know, actually patriotic because we actually want as many eligible voters to vote as possible, and because we believe in honoring election results instead of treasonously lying pathologically about “election fraud” when we cannot win fairly and squarely at the ballot boxhold the line.

There are millions of rabid traitors out there who are perfectly fine with installing their fascist “leaders” who have only minority support, like Pussygrabber and Larry Elder — no matter how the majority of us vote.

P.S. To be sure, a huge chunk of those voting to keep Newsom in office aren’t totally in love with him, but really, really don’t want a Repugnican as governor. (This certainly has been my case.)

This political dynamic hasn’t changed, I surmise, since the 2020 presidential election, in which, I surmise, hatred for “President” Pussygrabber was stronger than was the love for Joe Biden, but nonetheless, that hatred for the unelected, fascist Pussygrabber — who always was more like a lame-ass mob boss than anything like a United States president — was enough to give Biden the win.

Similarly, I surmise that the majority of those who are voting to keep Newsom are only lukewarm on him — but nonetheless strongly prefer him to the frontrunner on the other side, Repugnican-fascist Larry Elder.

Further, while the Repugnicans of course want to pin all of California’s problems on Newsom, most of the state’s voters aren’t nearly as fucktarded as is the typical Repugnican voter, and they realize that no one individual in the nation’s most populous state is primarily responsible for the state’s problems, and that much (if not most) is out of the control of the state’s governor, whoever that is.

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