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Crying woman should spur us to do a lot better with education, mental health

So there is a viral video of a probable white-trash woman, who is (pretty much by definition) quite ignorant and very probably mentally ill, crying over the “loss” of “President” Pussygrabber and the inauguration of Joe Biden. (Screen grabs are above.)

“President Trump, if you see this,” she begins her rather pathetic video, giving us insight into her intelligence and her mental health right off the bat, “please save us!”

She goes on: “I don’t even see [our?] American flag anymore; Biden is talking with some kind of crazy flag! This is America! This is our land! Please, President Trump, please, please, I hope you have a plan!”

She then pivots to a (presumably…) higher authority, although the lines between God and Jesus and Pussygrabber among Pussygrabber’s biggest fanatics seem to be blurred to even nonexistent: “God, please save us, save us from the devil, please!”

She then says something that sounds to me something like, “Y’all are gonna have a panic attack,” but I’m not sure on that. (“Panic attack” is clearly audible, but I’m not sure what she was trying to say with that sentence. In the video, it’s pretty clear that she’s the one having the panic attack.)

She goes on: “This is our country! Our country! This is awful! God, please save us, please!”

Fucking yikes!

Look, I abhor the wannabe fascist dictator Pussygrabber — when I say that he deserves the death penalty for his repeated acts of treason against the nation, I mean it — and I’m loving the fact that the democracy-killing perpetual chaos that he caused the nation for years is now, for nothing other than the bottomless need and greed of his own fucking colossal ego, is (mostly) over, and it blows my mind that anyone should believe that that felonious, treasonous egomaniacal piece of shit actually cares about the common American (Pussygrabber cares only about himself, it’s abundantly clear) and actually is Godly, but nonetheless, I feel sorry for the wailing woman in the video.

Don’t get me wrong; people who are as crazy as she is are people I don’t associate with, as people who are as crazy as she is often present a danger to others. I mean, when you see everyday events through the sick and twisted lens of a big-ass battle between “God” and “the devil” (when neither supernatural being exists and when we live in the age of astounding scientific advances that help us to understand our planet, remarkable medical breakthroughs that improve our quality of life and extend our lives, and even deep-space exploration that grants us an increasing understanding of even the cosmos) then everyday experiences and events take on an existential threat for you.

Clearly the woman is experiencing pain and suffering, so it’s difficult for me to laugh at her and to feel schadenfreude.

I feel schadenfreude for those who have had power and abused it and so who consequently have fallen from power and have fallen from grace. Former “President” Pussygrabber is an excellent example of that. Pussygrabber has harmed so many people — including the woman in the video — that I could give a rat’s fucking ass as to anything that might happen to him.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not blaming Pussygrabber for the ignorance and very apparent mental illness of the woman in the video. Her ignorance and mental illness were pre-existing conditions, I’m sure.

But with Pussygrabber’s constant lying — he does nothing but fucking lie — and with his constantly playing, for only personal political gain, upon the crazy beliefs of crazy people throughout the United States — he fully understands the concept of confirmation bias — he has exacerbated the pain and suffering of millions who have low intelligence and/or poor mental health.

Pussygrabber didn’t have to do this; he chose to abuse his power toward his own selfish ends, and, being the fucking sociopath that he is, the damage that he has caused to others (including, of course, the more than 412,000 who have died in the novel coronavirus pandemic, which he only ever has viewed through the lens of how it might help or harm his own personal political fortune), very apparently has not bothered him a bit.

I don’t think that the crying crazy woman in the video deserves nearly as much of our ridicule as she deserves our sympathy, as helpless as she appears to be.

No, we shouldn’t excuse her craziness, and no, we never should play into it; we must never allow the inmates to run the insane asylum, as we sure the fuck got a taste of on January 6.

But let’s let the crazy crying woman in the video inspire us to work a lot more on mental health and on our educational system* — to hopefully prevent more of these pathetic viral videos in the future.

*Crazy me, I believe that our educational system’s No. 1 goal should be to help the development of reasonably content, reasonably mentally healthy, reasonably intelligent and informed human beings. Education should banish ignorance, which in itself resolves a shitload of unnecessary pain and suffering. (No, the No. 1 goal of education should not be to churn out brainwashed worker-bee wage slaves for the titans of capitalism.)

Education also should broaden one’s worldview to the point where one would not even be able to utter the words, “This is our country!”

“This” is not “our” country. This is not even a “country.” This, what we call the United States, is but a portion of planet Earth, where we ignorant human beings create artificial borders and then treat them as though they were naturally occurring borders and not the products of our ignorance, fear, greed, egotism and tribalism.

P.S. A snarky Twitter user apparently posted this in response to what Joe Biden’s “crazy flag” might look like:

Yup. Hee.

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The trial of Pussygrabber must go on

This is what should happen if we actually had justice for all in the United States of America, but the best that we probably could hope for is that the U.S. Senate actually does the right thing and votes to bar former “President” Pussygrabber from ever holding public office again. (Don’t get me wrong; for Pussygrabber’s level of treason against the people of the United States of America, I seriously think that the death penalty is more than fair, but I don’t expect the privileged piece of shit to spend even one day behind bars.)

Politico reports today:

House Democrats will deliver an impeachment charge against former President Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, triggering the start of a second trial in the coming days.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer first announced the move [this] morning, effectively rejecting a request from Senate Republicans to delay the start of the proceedings for two weeks so that Trump can formulate a legal defense.

In a statement later [today], House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed the plan and dismissed concerns by Republicans that Trump’s legal team wouldn’t have adequate time.

“The former president will have had the same amount of time to prepare for trial as our managers,” Pelosi said, referring to her hand-picked team of House Democrats who will essentially serve as prosecutors in the Senate trial.

Democrats have not yet offered details on when the trial will begin, but Pelosi’s decision to formally deliver the article of impeachment on Monday means that the Senate trial will likely begin early next week, absent a consent agreement between Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Under Senate rules, an impeachment trial must begin within one day after the House sends its article if the chamber is in session, unless Schumer and McConnell agree to a different timetable.

“The Senate will conduct a trial on the impeachment of Donald Trump,” Schumer said in a floor speech Friday. “It will be a fair trial. But make no mistake, there will be a trial.” …

There has to be a trial, regardless of the calculation as to whether or not the Senate will convict Pussygrabber (which is an uphill battle, as that would require 17 Repugnican senators to join 50 Democratic senators to reach super-majority of 67 votes; after all, about all that today’s Repugnican Party stands for is treason, so don’t expect that many of them to punish one of their own for treason).

That the treasonous former “President” Pussygrabber no longer is in office doesn’t mean that he should be let off of the hook for his serious crimes against the nation. If you or I committed a serious crime on the job, for example, that we no longer had the job would not mean that we wouldn’t still be prosecuted for the crime that we’d already committed. If we committed a serious crime in one location but then moved away, we wouldn’t be let off of the hook simply because we’d moved away from the scene of the crime.

Elite privilege, which allows for the commission of serious crimes by the rich and the powerful with impunity, needs to fucking stop now.

You or I would be prosecuted for any serious crime that we might commit, but Pussygrabber simply is to be let off scot-free?

What message does that send about justice? About the rule of law? About democracy? About every American being held equal under the law, as is required by the U.S. Constitution?

No one is above the law — or some of us are. We need to make one of those two statements about what we are about as a nation, as a people. We can’t have both.

Former “President” Pussygrabber clearly, at the bare minimum, committed the incitement to commit sedition. He advised his flying brain-dead monkeys to march upon the U.S. Capitol, which they then proceeded to ransack, and during their actions, a Capitol police officer was murdered by the Pussygrabber-incited mob.

Reports The Washington Post of the events of that day that always will live in infamy:

Before noon, the president of the United States, their rogue hero, told thousands of his supporters that this was the last stand, the moment to overturn the result of November’s election and ensure a second term for Donald Trump.

“We’re going to have to fight much harder,” Trump told several thousand red-clad, flag-waving acolytes gathered on the Ellipse, with the White House as backdrop.

And then the 45th president of the United States unleashed a mob.

Thousands of Trump loyalists stormed the Capitol. Members of Congress hid under desks, stripped their identification pins from their lapels to avoid being attacked and escaped into secret passageways. Rioters ransacked the office of the House speaker. Flag-waving protesters smashed windows and assaulted police inside the nation’s iconic symbol of democracy.

The process of [Congress] affirming the next president was halted by mob violence.

Time will decide whether [the January 6, 2021] assault on the Capitol was a riot, an insurrection, a last gasp of a renegade president or an early skirmish in a civil war organized on far-right social media, but it was already clear that January 6, 2021, would go down in history as one of America’s ugliest days.

It began with the president’s false promise: “After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you,” Trump said. He wasn’t going anywhere but back to the White House, where he had 14 days remaining in his term.

“You’ll never take back our country with weakness,” [Pussygrabber] told his followers. “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

They did as they were told. By the thousands, they walked 16 blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue NW and surrounded the U.S. Capitol. …

Indeed, news reports were that Pussygrabber’s mob of mouth-breathing MAGA-cap wearers had begun their treasonous march toward the Capitol even before Pussygrabber’s little incitement speech was over. Proving a direct link between Pussygrabber’s speech that incited his followers to lawlessness and the lawlessness that immediately followed his speech won’t exactly be difficult.

Even if we don’t have 67 minimally decent U.S. senators to convict Pussygrabber — and we probably don’t — all 100 of the senators nonetheless need to go on record as to whether or not they are willing to excuse a “president” of the United States having incited mob violence that resulted in death and destruction — the stated intent of which was to reverse the results of a presidential election that was won by the “president’s” opponent by more than 7 million votes. (If the attempt to simply reverse a presidential election whose results even the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court found no reason to question isn’t treason, or at least sedition, then what the fuck is?)

If at least 67 of the senators do the right thing and find Pussygrabber guilty of the charges of his historical second impeachment — which I certainly am not holding my breath over — then the U.S. Senate can, and most definitely should, by a simple majority vote, bar Pussygrabber from ever holding public office again.

If the U.S. Senate does not do that, then clearly, our system of so-called democracy is broken, perhaps beyond repair, and the next would-be fascist dictator is just waiting in the wings for his or her opportunity. If he or she has more intelligence and a longer attention span and more patience than does Pussygrabber, we just might see, in our own lifetimes, the first U.S. presidential election that was stolen by a mob.*

*Well, the 2000 presidential election was stolen by a mob, kind of. I’d say that the 2000 presidential election, in which the “winner” also lost the popular vote, definitely was a precursor of what happened on January 6, 2021. (Yeah, I’m so never going to hop on the bandwagon to rehabilitate former “President” George W. Bush.)

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What would Yertle do?

So the political dynamics of the newly Democratically controlled U.S. Senate are taking shape now, and if the Democrats have any doubt as to how they should proceed, they only need to ask themselves the simple question: What would Mitch McConnell do?

Mitch McConnell — whom I lovingly think of as Yertle McConnell — is the very same one who proclaimed, when he was Senate majority leader, that then-President Barack Obama couldn’t nominate a U.S. Supreme Court justice even though he’d had almost a full year of his presidency left (Yertle’s publicly stated “reason” was that the American people should be able to weigh in at the next presidential election before the high court’s vacancy should be filled) — but then, of course, he fast-tracked a right-wing nutjob to the U.S. Supreme Court, getting her on the court only one week before the 2020 presidential election.

Clearly, Yertle is not someone who at all can be trusted; he’s as trustworthy as is Lucy with the football. He has demonstrated his moral turpitude and his incredibly poor character (which includes, of course, treason) repeatedly.

So, true to form, now that Yertle has been defanged, he’s doing his best to keep as much power as he can, even though Democrat Chuck Schumer now is the Senate majority leader. (I love saying it: Elections. Have. Consequences.)

This is from Politico today:

Senate Democrats are signaling they will reject an effort by Mitch McConnell to protect the legislative filibuster as part of a deal to run a 50-50 Senate, saying they have little interest in bowing to his demands just hours into their new Senate majority.

McConnell has publicly and privately pressed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to work to keep the 60-vote threshold on most legislation as part of their power-sharing agreement. Democrats have no plans to gut the filibuster further, but argue it would be a mistake to take one of their tools off the table just as they’re about to govern. …

I agree; it would be a huge fucking mistake to do that.

What would Yertle do if the Senate were 50-50 in the Repugnicans’ favor?

You fucking know that he’d gladly dispense with the fucking filibuster. (The anti-democratic, minority-rule filibuster is not in the U.S. Constitution, but is in the Senate rules, and a simple majority of the Senate — which the Democrats now have — can change the Senate rules.)

This is simple: It’s rare that the Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress all at the same time. The last time that they did so was in 2009 and in 2010, and then-President Obama fucking blew it by arrogantly, pridefully apparently believing that he could sing “Kumbaya” with the traitors (that is, the Repugnicans) in Congress. No. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.

That grave political mistake early in Obama’s presidency meant that the Repugnicans recaptured the House in the November 2010 mid-term elections, and held it for the rest of Obama’s presidency, dooming any progressive agenda that he might have wanted to push. (Although, to be fair, Obama never apparently had much interest in pushing a progressive agenda at all; I’ll always think of him as having been a caretaker in chief, at best.)

President Joe Biden might, just might, surprise us, and actually spend the political capital that he has, instead of utterly squandering it, as Obama did.

What happens early on — right now — I think, is going to set the course for the next several years.

If Biden shows some fucking spine and actually pushes through a progressive agenda (yes, his Day-One executive orders look promising) — if Biden, Schumer, et. al. demonstrate to the American people that they aren’t afraid of their own fucking shadows for the next two years, and are willing to do what’s best for the American people for fucking once instead of what’s in the best intere$t$ of the fucking corporations and the fucking plutocrats — then I can see the Democrats expanding their majorities in both the House and the Senate in 2022, and, of course, keeping the White House after the 2024 presidential election.

P.S. I didn’t make it clear, so let me do so now: I believe that the filibuster should go. Requiring 60 votes for legislation to pass the Senate is beyond bullshit.

The filibuster and the Electoral College belong in the Dumpster of U.S. history, along with the Dumpster of U.S. history’s latest addition, “President” Pussygrabber, one of the worst “presidents” we’ve ever had if not the worst “president” we’ve ever had.

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Our long national nightmare is over


P.S. Gee, maybe former “President” Pussygrabber just allowed the novel coronavirus to ravage the nation for the past year so that he could be able to say, with even the fact-checkers agreeing with him for once, that more were in attendance for his inauguration than for Joe Biden’s…

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Aftermath of the ‘coup’: You can’t make this Darwin Awards shit up

Details of the January 6 attempted “coup” on the Capitol (it was so poorly planned and executed that “coup” is a very strong word for what transpired) continue to leak out, and it’s hard to keep up with it all.

More details of the deaths are coming out.

The Capitol cop who died because of Wednesday’s melee, apparently after having been battered with a fire extinguisher, was killed by a mob of treasonous Pussygrabber fanatics and terrorists. I wonder if the cops will think differently of these domestic terrorists now.

The Karen-like supporter of “President” Pussygrabber very apparently was shot by a Capitol cop while committing federal felonies (treason/sedition and criminal trespass upon federal property, that I can think of right off of the top of my head). Far from being a “peaceful” “protester,” this woman very apparently was one of a violent mob trying to get into the House chamber — but was stopped by a cop whose job it is to protect our elected representatives (and others who are in the building legitimately and legally) against this type of terrorist threat.

See video of Karen’s justified (and rather satisfying…) shooting here.

Before you piss and moan, reflect upon the fucking fact that Karen would have been fine, A-OK, had the cops shot a black person during the commission of a federal felony, but she very apparently believed that her whiteness, her right-wingedness and indeed, her Karen-ness, made her bulletproof. She was, um, dead wrong

And I find it hilariously ironic that reportedly the Pussygrabber supporter who reportedly was trampled to death by her own com“patriots” was carrying the infernal yellow fascist flag that reads, “Don’t tread on me.”

Here she is, pre-treading:

CBS news photo

Maybe she should hang out with people who can read!

Anyway, the schadenfreude-filled Darwin Award Show continues: Reportedly the Pussygrabber supporter who died of a heart attack had the heart attack because he’d accidentally tased himself. I’m sure that he had brought a Taser with him, illegally, only for “self-protection.”

Note that our friends of Antifa — yes, being against fascism is good!very apparently for the very most part stayed away from all of this bullshit. That’s because they’re not fucking stupid; they probably would have enjoyed cracking a few fascist skulls, but they didn’t want to expose themselves to COVID-19, among other risks (such as how the cops, many if not most of them right-wingers themselves, at the scenes of protests often if not usually treat left-wingers and right-wingers quite differently — something that I have witnessed/experienced myself).

One has to wonder how many of the “patriots” who descended upon D.C. on Wednesday to try to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election now will get sick and perhaps die from COVID-19. (Again, smart people stayed away from the whole scene, knowing that Pussygrabber’s legions of infectious fucktards would be swarming like the cockroaches that they are.) Reminds me of this meme:

I’ll say it again: If these “fine” “people” are who we who are left of center — and who believe that only the candidate who actually won the presidential election may be president — are up against, bring on the second American civil war! We’ve got this!

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We remember who enabled ‘President’ Pussygrabber and his goons

“Americans always can be trusted to do the right thing — once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” 

Apocryphal quote of Winston Churchill

Facebook bazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg, pictured above remotely testifying to Congress about his corporation’s practices in July of last year, cares about Facebook’s effects on the nation — after the U.S. Capitol was rampaged by right-wing, mostly white domestic terrorists committing treason.

It’s funny to watch “President” Pussygrabber’s enablers — who have enabled him since before he was “elected” in November 2016 — scramble to distance themselves from his blatantly treasonous orange ass now, now that his band of fucktards invaded the U.S. Capitol (accomplishing pretty much nothing, except for making us realize that we sorely need to beef up security, especially against white, right-wing, domestic terrorists — which includes ensuring that our law-enforcement officers, many [if not most] of them sympathizers to the right-wing white supremacists if they’re not also right-wing white supremacists themselves, do their fucking jobs, and that their responses are universal, not based upon the race and/or political leanings, real or perceived, of the members of the public they are dealing with).

These assholes who distance themselves from Pussygrabber and Pussygrabberism now don’t really care what happened on January 6; they care only about their own sociopolitical and/or financial futures. All of these years-long Pussygrabberists, such as Lady Lindsey Graham (and probably most notably Lady Lindsey, who gave her “patriotic” little speech after the Capitol had been sieged), suddenly find themselves to be moderate, sensible Repugnicans who do care about the Constitution and our democracy — now that Pussygrabberism finally has eaten itself, as it always was destined to do, since it always contained the seeds of its own destruction.

Ditto for the social media giants, who just in the final two weeks of Pussygrabber’s “presidency” finally have decided to muzzle him because of the threat he poses to the nation — brave!

Do you think that Mark Fucking Zuckerberg truly gives a flying fuck about what happened on January 6 — outside of how Facebook can be blamed for having been instrumental in facilitating the events of January 6? Also, the fact that Zuckerberg is facing a Democratically controlled Congress, and that Congress has been holding Facebook’s feet to the fire for a while, could be no factor in his decision to suspend Pussygrabber’s Facebook page until at least after Inauguration Day, I’m sure.

We must not forget history. You don’t get to have aided and abetted, or at least just been complicit with, Pussygrabberism for these past several years, but then now, after the zit on the ass of the nation that had been building for years finally has exploded, as had been entirely predictable, you claim that you never were on board with Pussygrabberism from the beginning.

You were.

And we remember.

P.S. How could I neglect to mention “Vice President” Mike Pence? He sad idly by for years, allowing the shit show to continue with nary a peep. Only because he might want to run for president someday did Pence, with only two weeks in office to go, refuse to follow mob boss Pussygrabber’s unconstitutional and thus illegal directive to him to try to exclude the electoral votes of blue states on January 6 as emcee of Congress’ certification of the Electoral College results.

And of course Pence plans to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration, while Pussygrabber says he isn’t (as though anyone wanted his treasonous, fascist, loser ass there).

Pence, you see, wants all of us to forget history, and he now wants the mantle of the 2024 Repugnican Party presidential nominee heir apparent.

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Well — THAT was FUN!

Yesterday afternoon my brother texted me that “President” Pussygrabber’s thugs were storming the U.S. Capitol. He seemed pretty worried.

“Meh,” I texted him in calm reply, even before I’d seen the news reports. “They are delaying the inevitable. They will not win.”

The “inevitable,” of course, is that, of course, Congress belatedly but assuredly certified the results of the December 14 vote of the members of the Electoral College. Joe Biden’s win of the 2020 United States presidential election is fucking final.

Pussygrabbers’ thugs never were going to win, because to follow Pussygrabber in the first place, you have to be an abject fucktard, and abject fucktards can’t win civil wars.

If you follow the unelected and thus illegitimate fucking fascist Pussygrabber to the point that you’re going to put on your right-wing comic-con costume and travel to D.C. for him, perhaps risking getting shot or otherwise injured or killed — or even just getting arrested for the “cause” — then you’re really a fucking lunatic.

Any nutjob — and here are some New York Times photos of some of the insane incels who stormed the Capitol yesterday:

Supporters of President Donald Trump climb up the side of the Capitol to enter in protest.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 06dcprotests-blog-clothing5-mobileMasterAt3x.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 06dcprotests-blog-clothing1-articleLarge.jpg

— can cause limited damage, chaos, mayhem and even violence. Eventually the authorities will catch up to them before they can do more widespread damage, as happened yesterday.

Yes, it offends our democratic sensibilities that the heathens stormed our “temple” of democracy, as Nancy Pelosi yesterday referred to the Capitol.

But we almost should thank these flying (OK, at least climbing…) brain-dead monkeys of Pussygrabber, because not only have they shamed Pussygrabber to the point that there is the demand at the highest levels of power that he be removed from the White House ASAP — out of the 25th Amendment or out of the newly minted Democratic Congress impeaching and removing him — but yesterday’s stunt probably has damaged the Repugnican Party for years to come, perhaps even indefinitely. (I mean, again, the Repugnican presidential candidate won the popular vote exactly one time since 1992. Even before yesterday’s unprecedented act of treason and terrorism, the Repugnican Party already was headed toward extinction as a national party.)

I look at the sad sacks of shit in the images from yesterday — such as the guy in two of the photos above who apparently is wearing a fox’s head on his head and carrying a stick (and, it seems to me, wearing the word “POLICE” on his chest opens him up to the additional criminal charge of impersonating a law-enforcement officer [and did he steal that police garment and that police shield?]) — and I suspect that their sad, small, basement-dwelling lives are punishment enough, but, as pathetic as they already are, they must be charged and prosecuted for the federal crimes that they perpetrated yesterday.

If there are no significant consequences, we’ll be inviting future incel uprisings that are, of course, doomed to fail, but that nonetheless can result not only in significant property damage, but also even in death. The woman who was shot and killed yesterday reportedly was a Pussygrabber supporter, but that’s still a death (I’m being generous…) — and guess what? In criminal law there is the concept of “felony murder,” which means that if someone dies while you are committing a felony — if that person wouldn’t have died had you not committed that felony — then you are responsible for that death. Yay! [I’m not sure if this criminal-law concept would apply in this case and in the jurisdiction of D.C., but I sure the fuck hope so!])

The take-home message from yesterday is that we remain a nation of laws, a nation under the supreme law of the U.S. Constitution. Yes, the wingnuts claim to have authority over the Constitution, just as they claim to have authority over the New Testament, but, just as they are satanic, not at all Christ-like, they are treasonous, not at all patriotic. They’re always the polar opposite of whatever they claim they are, such as how their dear führer, “President” Pussygrabber, claims to be so fucking smart, when, in fact, he’s one of the dumbest “presidents” we’ve ever fucking had; he’s a major fucking imbecile.

Indeed, yesterday Pussygrabber destroyed all chances of a 2024 presidential run. He is finished.

For having incited yesterday’s treasonous, terrorist attack on the Capitol with the intent to disrupt its proceedings — carrying out the will of the American people as we expressed it on the 2020 presidential election ballot — Pussygrabber belongs in federal prison for the rest of his life. He deserves at least that much. (There is a strong case, I believe, for his execution for treason against the United States of America, which he has committed multiple times.)

But, of course, “people” like Pussygrabber rarely face actual justice — “justice” is reserved only for us commoners.

Instead of being locked up for life, as he deserves at the minimum, Pussygrabber will just languish on the sidelines and in the shadows, wondering if Twitter and Facebook ever will allow him to post anything ever again.

The upside, though, is that now he can wear animal skins in public, just like his followers do.

P.S. On that note, I can’t resist yet another pic of Buffalo Bill:

America's Day of Shame: Scenes From US Capitol Under Siege by MAGA Mob

Getty Images photo

A tragic waste of a smokin’-hot bod… (That is, those tattoos and the fact that he’s a wingnut…)

Yesterday’s gig didn’t work out too well for Buffalo Bill, but after he gets out of prison, he probably has a pretty bright future in gay porn if he wants it… Just sayin’…

P.P.S. I loved the multiple news reports yesterday that in his KKK rally to incite his fucktarded followers to invade Congress, Pussygrabber said that he’d be right there with them.

Of course he was not. Like that fucking chicken hawk ever would put his own precious baby-boomer ass in harm’s way!

Pussygrabber’s entire life consists of duping gullible idiots into doing his bidding for him, promising them some reward — and then he simply leaves them holding the bag.

Because Pussygrabber always has been, and only ever will be, a piece-of-shit con man.

To not have understood that by yesterday means that you are incredibly mentally deficient.

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The mob’s treasonous temper tantrum in D.C. today changes nothing

A man carries a Confederate flag over his shoulder.

So thus far the news media are reporting that one person has been shot after treasonous Pussygrabber supporters — terrorists — stormed the U.S. Capitol and successfully interrupted the proceedings to certify the Electoral College vote that took place last month.

I’m seeing wonderful news photos like the one above, from Reuters, and this one, from The Associated Press:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AP21006702439804.jpg

Am I really supposed to shit my boots when I see the images of these fuckwits, who, of course, are mostly incredibly stupid white trash? (As far as I can tell, the batshit-crazy Q-Anon shirt on the guy in the photo above says, “Trust the Plan.” Um, yeah, I don’t think that these losers have anything remotely resembling a viable, long-term plan.)

Because while anyone with a weapon could injure or kill someone, and I had expected at least one person to be shot or stabbed in D.C. today — this is just the logical endpoint of years of Pussygrabber’s publicly encouraging political violence for him — these abject fucktards, while they can do some localized damage, of course, cannot and will not change the ultimate outcomes of our elections.

They are, however, treasonous terrorists.

They are treasonous because their goal is to reverse a presidential election that their preferred candidate clearly lost, fairly and squarely. They are acting against the will of we, the people of the United States of America, as we expressed it clearly in the 2020 presidential election. This isn’t protest that is covered by the First Amendment; this is treason, sedition.

Those who stormed the Capitol and created other mayhem in D.C. today are terrorists because terrorism simply is the use of fear or intimidation in order to try to achieve a political goal. These morons’ political goal is to try keep “President” Pussygrabber in office even though he decisively and decidedly lost the 2020 presidential election, and they are attempting to use fear and intimidation to achieve that political goal.*

These domestic terrorists pose even more of a threat to the United States of America than do foreign terrorists. One, of course, these domestic terrorists are already here on American soil, and also, you didn’t see foreign terrorists illegally storming the Capitol and disrupting its proceedings today. Had that happened, the vast majority of Americans would be up in arms, but this is no different in spirit.

Joe Biden was duly elected as president of the United States of America, and he will be installed as the president of the United States of America two weeks from today. And the Democrats now will control the White House and both houses of Congress — because elections have consequences.

This must and this will happen — even if, because of their own stunningly stupid choices, it must be over the dead bodies of mob-boss “President” Pussygrabber’s treasonous, terrorist supporters.

P.S. Here’s another lovely image:

A protester in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Getty Images photo

This is some Pussygrabber terrorist sitting at a desk in the office of Nancy Pelosi, whose office the treasonous mob of terrorists reportedly vandalized.

All that this genius is accomplishing is giving law enforcement a clear picture of him to use as evidence for which to charge and prosecute him, minimally, with trespass upon federal property (and vandalism, if he participated in that, too).

Obviously, we need to beef up security in the Capitol and elsewhere in D.C. to prevent Pussygrabber’s flying brain-damaged monkeys from wreaking havoc like this again.

But this domestic terrorism will not change the fact that the United States of America is governed not by a fucking fascist mob, but by the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

And here is another wonderful photo of the criminals perpetrating their mob attack on the Capitol:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-01-06-outside6-square640.jpg

New York Times photo

And yet another lovely photo:

One of the protesters seated at the dais of the Senate.

Getty Images photo

In this one, a member of the treasonous mob sits at the dais of the Senate.

I hope that these thugs have really enjoyed themselves today, because, again, prosecutors will use videos and still photos of them as evidence to prosecute these fucking idiots — for federal crimes.

And their actions of today will make it harder for them to be able to pull any bullshit like this again.

P.P.S. Even more lovely images that demonstrate the quality of Pussygrabber’s supporters:

A man stands in front of a massive patriotic painting. He waves a flag that reads, "Trump is president."

Getty Images photo

A noose hangs outside the Capitol building. Pro-Trump demonstrators congregate nearby.

AFP photo

Multiple pro-Trump rioters climb up the walls of the U.S. Capitol while others congregate nearby.

Reuters photo

A protester in a Trump beanie smiles and waves at the camera while walking through the Capitol holding a podium for the speaker of the House.

Getty Images

Again, I hope that these fucktards had a great time today, because not only will they be prosecuted federally, but this bullshit should and could spell the end of the Repugnican Party as a national party.

Indeed, these images strike me as the death throes of the stupid white man.

Getty Images photo

*Even if not all of the moronic members of today’s terrorist mob truly thought that they could keep Pussygrabber in office past January 20, minimally, their intent today was to try to intimidate the nation. Their terrorist message was that if they don’t get their way, such as to keep their fascist leader in power even though he lost the 2020 presidential election by a wide margin, then this is what they’ll resort to.

Looking at the images above, you know, I’m just not at all worried whether we, the majority of the American people, could defeat these treasonous, dumb animals were there to be another civil war. It would be over quickly.

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What will the Dems do with their trifecta this time? That’s up to us

Getty Images photo

Will President-elect Joe Biden do more with his political capital this year and next year than former President Barack Obama did with his in 2009 and 2010? That’s probably going to have to be up to us.

Despite our mob-boss “president’s” treasonous and otherwise illegal attempts to bully the state of Georgia’s chief elections officer into falsely publicly proclaiming that Pussygrabber won Georgia in the presidential election — hell, maybe even at least partly because of it — in yesterday’s election for two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, Democrat Raphael Warnock won outright (making him the first black U.S. senator for one of the former Confederate states [that took way too long!]), and while Democrat Jon Ossoff is ahead of his Repugnican opponent in the counting thus far, it’s still too close for the pundits to call it, but The New York Times puts Ossoff’s chances of ultimately winning the seat at greater than 95 percent.

So, what will President Joe Biden do when, in at least 2021 and 2022, he has the White House, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives in his party’s control?

My guess is that Biden is inclined to do no more than former President Barack Obama did when the Democrats had that rare trifecta in 2009 and in 2010. (With the “tea-party” wave in 2010, the Dems lost the House for the remaining six years of Obama’s presidency, ensuring that Obama, even if he wanted to [he very apparently didn’t want to, though], could not push through a progressive agenda.)

All that Obama “accomplished” was “Obamacare,” which required Americans to buy for-profit health-care insurance or face a financial penalty — which the health-care insurance industry (I think of them as the wealth-care industry) was giddy about, of course.

Gee, how great has “Obamacare” been in the novel coronavirus pandemic? Oh, yeah: It’s been entirely ineffective, because it left the for-profit wealth-care industry intact.

The United States has been entirely unprepared for COVID-19 because the public’s welfare is not the objective of our for-profit health-care system; profiteering is its objective. With profiteering, you’re looking at quarterly profitsnot the long term, which is why we have no nationwide health-care infrastructure that has a big-picture, long-term focus (which is why more than 352,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 thus far).

Joe Biden thus far has shown almost zero signs that he’ll be any more progressive than Barack Obama wasn’t. Biden ran for the presidency on rehashed “There are no blue states and red states, but only the United States” Obamaisms and on the fact that he’s not Pussygrabber.

What should the Democrats do now that they have control again?

Eliminate the filibuster, for starters, so that the right-wing logjam that Repugnican Sen. Yertle McConnell has had in place since he became Senate majority leader in 2015 finally can be broken.

After all that Yertle has pulled — such as treasonously denying Obama the right to nominate a U.S. Supreme Court justice even when Obama still had almost a year of his presidency left, yet fast-tracking yet another right-wing U.S. Supreme Court justice to the bench even though Pussygrabber had much less of his presidential term remaining — the Dems should fucking nuke the treasonous Repugnicans (redundant!) in the Senate right back to fucking hell, where they came from.

I could name other items on my wish list, such as expanding the U.S. Supreme Court (I’d say to at least 12 justices/“justices”) and significantly working to abolish the Electoral College so that we Americans never have to worry again about the loser of the popular vote still being named president, as was the case most recently with both George W. Bush and Pussygrabber. (We believe in democracy — in which he or she who wins the most votes wins that elected office — or we don’t.)

Other worthy wish-list items include restoring the Voting Rights Act, which the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court dismantled in 2013, and working toward reversing Citizens United, the shitty 2010 Supreme Court ruling that claims that corporations are people and have the First-Amendment right to try to buy elections.

But this is the Obamian Joe Biden we’re talking about, so don’t get your hopes up.

If just one wish-list item that I’ve listed comes to fruition, in my book, it would be the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate, so that a simple-majority vote can get measures that actually benefit the American people for fucking once passed in the Senate, as should be the case in a so-called democracy. (My second-highest priority would be to abolish the Electoral College.)

I get it: With 50 Democratic U.S. senators, giving the Dems control of the Senate only because the tie-breaking vice president will be Kamala Harris, the Democrats aren’t as strong as they could be, but they have control of the Senate now, and they should leverage it.

Indeed, if the Democrats don’t leverage it, they’re going to disappoint millions of the voters who put them where they are; and they are only going to perpetuate the widespread view of the Democrats as weak, terrified losers who never hesitate to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Indeed, if the Repugnicans had control of the Senate with only 50 senators, they’d call it a “mandate” and they wouldn’t hesitate for a nanosecond to continue to ram their right-wing, even treasonous, agenda down the throats of Americans. The Democrats, however, are afraid of their own fucking shadows even when they do hold the reins of power.

We, the people, must hold the Democrats’ feet to the fire.

And although I gave Raphael Warnock campaign donations (totaling $65) and am happy to have helped, even in my own small way, the first black American from a former Confederate state to very belatedly ascend to the U.S. Senate, and even though we now (after only more than 230 years) have our very first female and our very first non-white vice president, we who are left of center cannot be satisfied with identity-politics victories alone.

We must tackle, among many other things, income inequality, climate change, and lack of adequate health care for millions of Americans and a public health-care system that is in shambles because it’s been for-profit for way too long.

We must do battle with treasonous corporations (redundant) and the traitors in our midst who would do such things as insist that their party won a presidential election that it actually lost by millions of votes. (Indeed, these fucking fascists are perfectly fine with a right-wing dictatorship in the United States in perpetuity.)

Today we can celebrate that we, the people, have taken our country back, that our long national nightmare of unelected rule by fascist mob-boss “President” Pussygrabber is over just two weeks from today.

But we can’t rest on our laurels. We still have entire mountain ranges to move.

P.S. While writing this, I saw the news headline that President-elect Biden is nominating Merrick Garland, whom Yertle McConnell denied a hearing for U.S. Supreme Court justice in former President Obama’s last year in office, as U.S. attorney general.

I hope that this indeed is a sign that the fascist, treasonous bullshit of the past several years indeed is going to be reversed.

But that’s not enough; we have to prevent it from ever happening again. As the treasonous Repugnican Party won only one popular vote in a presidential election since 1992, we, the majority of the American people, can make that happen.

And even that’s not enough. Our nationwide — and global — problems, because they have gone unaddressed for so long, are too severe and too threatening, to mankind and to the entire planet, for us to accept Obamian centrism and caretaker-ism. We can’t simply get back to the pre-Pussygrabber status quo and then stop; we must have progressive change.

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With treason against the American people, it’s the thought that counts

Image: Louie Gohmert

AFP news photo

Rank traitors like this one should be executed for their treason. Instead, they’ll be allowed to remain in Congress, where their treason will continue to poison the nation.

This indeed is what the Repugnican Party has come to: Repugnican U.S. “Rep.” Louie Gohmert (of Texas, of course) sued in federal court for “Vice President” Mike Pence this coming Wednesday to be able to simply invalidate, on his own, the results of the Electoral College vote that took place in each of the 50 states on December 14.

So we, the American people, vote for president. Our popular vote doesn’t count, not wholly, because our popular vote is then quite imperfectly translated into “electoral votes” via the Electoral College, which should have been abolished long ago.

This is how although Pussygrabber lost the popular vote in November 2016 by almost 3 million votes, he still became “president”: he won the Electoral College. (Ditto for George W. Bush in 2000; he lost the popular vote but “won” the Electoral College. Indeed, since 1992, the Repugnican candidate for president won the popular vote exactly one time, in 2004 [as suspect as the presidential vote in Ohio was in 2004]. Marinate in that fact for a little while.)

This is bad enough, that the popular vote might not actually pick the fucking winner of the fucking presidential election, but many in the anti-democratic, treasonous, fascistic, authoritarian, far-right-wing (all redundant) Repugnican Party don’t think that even the Electoral College fucks over us, the people, nearly enough.

No, you see, even when the Repugnican candidate for president loses the Electoral College, as Pussygrabber did on November 3 — by 74 electoral votes (certified on December 14, when the members of the Electoral College met in each state’s capital to cast their votes) — the vice president (in this case, very conveniently a Repugnican) should be able to simply declare, while presenting the results of the Electoral College vote to Congress (as “Vice President” Pence is to do on Wednesday), that no, the Repugnican candidate for “re”-election as president didn’t lose by 74 electoral votes, but actually won the majority of the electoral votes.

It’s that simple: A simple declaration by the assuredly non-partisan and impartial “vice president” that the “presidential” candidate of his own party actually won the presidential electionthereby also giving himself another four years in office against the vote of the Electoral College — is enough to simply reverse the will of the clear majority of the American people. (It’s so cute that you voted for president and vice president, commoner! However, we’ll take it from here, fuck you very much!)

Gohmert, besides being an abject fucktard — really, it seems to me that he should have literally imploded by now due to his incredible level of fucktardation — is a fucking traitor. Because of his treason, minimally he should be booted from Congress for having violated his oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and to the American people. I wholeheartedly mean that.

In criminal law, there is the concept of “conspiracy”: You don’t have to be successful in carrying out your criminal act (in this case, rank treason); you only have to have tried. Gohmert tried.

Of course a federal judge threw out Gohmert’s batshit-crazy lawsuit, but Gohmert certainly isn’t the only traitor in Congress. Every Repugnican “senator” and “representative” who votes to invalidate any state’s presidential election results on Wednesday is a fucking traitor.


Because Team Pussygrabber filed lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit to “prove” that several states’ election results were actually “fraudulent,” and that Pussygrabber actually won those states.

In a court of law, you actually have to present evidence and proof of your allegations of wrongdoing before you can be awarded the “relief” that you seek (who knew?). Team Pussygrabber, with all of its legal resources, failed miserably to do that — because they have no evidence, no proof whatsofuckingever, of any widespread “fraud” that cost Pussygrabber any state.

Wikipedia notes:

After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed 60 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Nearly all the suits were dismissed or dropped due to lack of evidence; judges, lawyers, and other observers described the suits as “frivolous” and “without merit.”

Trump, his attorneys, and his supporters falsely asserted widespread election fraud in public statements, though few such assertions were made in court. …

Apparently even Pussygrabber & Co.’s lawyers didn’t want to jeopardize their law licenses by blatantly lying to a court of law, you see.

The results of the 2020 presidential election already have been litigated to death — literally (as in the lawsuits died).

Therefore, there is no good-faith basis for any Repugnican “senator” or “representative” to vote to object to any state’s electoral vote count on Wednesday.

I get it: These are fucking fascists who are trying to feather their political nests for future elections. They want their mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, relative-fucking, MAGA-cap-wearing voters to know that they did their best to overturn the presidential election in which more than 7 million more Americans voted for Joe Biden than for the “incumbent” Pussygrabber.

Regardless of whether it’s a political stunt or not, Louie Gohmert is a fucking traitor. So is any member of Congress who votes to invalidate any state’s Electoral College results on Wednesday.

These traitors won’t succeed in treasonously overturning the will of the clear majority of the American voters as they clearly expressed in the presidential election of 2020.

A majority of the members of both the Senate and the House would have to vote to reject any state’s Electoral College results. With the House controlled by the Democrats, of course that won’t happen.

But we must shudder to think what the outcome might have been if the House were controlled by the Repugnicans. A Repugnican-controlled Congress overturning the presidential election results in their party’s favor probably would have started the second American Civil War — no exaggeration.

I know that I would have resorted to any means necessary had the Congressional Repugnicans simply outright treasonously, tyrannically stolen a presidential election that they in fact had lost by a sizeable margin. Because the alternative to that would be to simply allow a Repugnican dictatorship, and that is not a fucking option.

But, again, that a conspiracy doesn’t come to fruition doesn’t make it any less of a crime.

With the crime of treason, it’s the thought that counts, and we already have many of these traitors — including at least a dozen Repugnican “senators” on record and at reportedly at least 140 Repugnican “representatives” — intending to treasonously try to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election on Wednesday.

(Some of them passively aggressively claim that they’re not actually trying to reverse the presidential election results, because even they know that that is treasonous, but that is bullshit; simply saying that you’re not actually doing exactly what you self-evidently are actually doing is no fucking defense.)

Those who commit conspiracy to commit treason — all of them — should, minimally, be booted from public office and be banned from all future public office (even local public office), even though in my book, execution is the appropriate punishment for treason against the entire fucking nation; and if trying to overturn the will of the American voters as clearly expressed in a presidential election isn’t treason, then I don’t know what the fuck is.

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