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It’s not because he wasn’t born here, but because he was born while black

A copy of the digitally scanned birth certificate of President ...

Reuters image

White supremacists, a.k.a. “birthers,” seem to believe that they’re going to undo the will of the majority of American voters — again — by going after President Barack Obama, whose legitimate birth certificate from the state of Hawaii is shown above. I say to the birthers: Over this white man’s dead body will you once again subvert the will of the majority of the American voters like you did with George W. Bush.

As I have written recently, I hate it when people cry racism without apparent good cause, but I cannot think of any reason other than racism that some wingnuts are obsessed over whether or not President Barack Obama meets the constitutional requirements of nativity for a U.S. president.

First of all, many if not most of the “birthers” — who assert that Obama legally cannot be president because he doesn’t meet the U.S. Constitution’s nativity requirements — think that it would be Awesome! if Austrian-born Repugnican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could be U.S. president (you don’t have to be a natural-born citizen to be California governor). Some of these wingnuts even have called for the U.S. Constitution to be changed — so that Schwarzenegger specifically can run for president.

And where in the fuck were the “birthers” when the BushCheneyCorp blatantly stole the White House in late 2000, even though Democrat Al Gore had won the popular vote by more than half a million votes and even though he won the pivotal state of Florida as well? Where was the sanctity of the office of president to the “birthers” then?

No, you see, the “problem” is that George W. Bush and Schwarzenegger are white men, and Barack Obama was BWB — born while black.

It’s good enough for me that the same 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court that ignored the will of the majority of American voters and installed George W. Bush (instead of the victor, Al Gore) into the White House in late 2000 has refused to hear the “birthers'” “legal” “arguments” that Obama legally can’t be president. Like the U.S. Supreme Court would have passed up another chance to pick a Repugnican “president” over the will of the majority of the American voters!

But this nails the birthers’ coffin shut for me (from The Associated Press):

Honolulu – State officials in Hawaii [today] said they have once again checked and confirmed that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen, and therefore meets a key constitutional requirement for being president.

They hoped to stem a recent surge in the number of inquiries about Obama’s birthplace.

“I … have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying [that] Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen,” Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said in a brief statement. “I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.”

So-called “birthers” — who claim Obama is ineligible to be president because, they argue, he was actually born outside the United States — have grown more vocal recently on blogs and television news shows.

Fukino issued a similar press release Oct. 31, but was prompted to speak out again because of the renewed attention on Obama’s beginnings. Hawaii’s Health Department has been flooded in recent weeks with questions from individuals and several national TV news networks asking for proof that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii.

“They just keep asking over and over and over again,” Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo said.

The Constitution states that a person must be a “natural-born citizen” to be eligible for the presidency. Birthers contend that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, and many say he was actually born in Kenya, his father’s homeland. They’ve challenged his citizenship in court….

And they’ve lost in court. No court of law, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, has found for the “birthers.”

It’s sad, sick and pathetic. So anathema to these white supremacists is a non-white president that they maintain, against all available evidence and in the midst of the fact that every court of law shoots down their bullshit claims, that Barack Obama isn’t legitimately president.

They use the birth certificate “issue” as their “argument” because they can’t just come right out and say that their main problem with Obama is that he’s black.

These motherfuckers apparently want another fucking civil war on their hands, challenging the legitimacy of President Barack Obama — who, whether you like him or not, was elected fairly and squarely by a clear majority of the American people — when their own fucking last “president,” George W. Bush, was the most illegitimate “president” in U.S. history, first “elected” and then “re”-“elected” under the dark clouds of election fraud. (But he was white, you see, so that was perfectly OK.)

I say that we blue staters give that civil war to the “birthers” — and that we finish the job this time.

P.S. I forgot to mention that of course the presidential campaign of Billary Clinton or John McCainosaurus would have seized upon the Obama nativity issue were there any substance to it.

You think that Billary didn’t want the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination? You think that the Repugnicans didn’t want to keep the White House?

You don’t think that between Team Billary and Team McCainosaurus, every Obamastone was overturned?

So that’s three strikes against the “birthers'” bullshit conspiracy theory (in no certain order): the U.S. Supreme Court refused to get involved in the matter; Obama of course was fully investigated by the Clinton and the McCainosaurus campaigns; and the Hawaii state government says (repeatedly) that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

Even the evilly insane Ann Cunter says that the “birthers” are full of shit.

Case absofuckinglutely closed.

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Go out whining

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shares a laugh while serving hot ...

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is pictured during an invocation ...

Reuters photos

Repugnican Sarah Palin-Quayle gives a fake laugh and bows her head in fake piety yesterday at the annual governor’s picnic in Fairbanks. Maybe she is praying that she escapes the innumerable ethics probes and legal bills that have plagued her during her truncated governorship of one of the nation’s reddest and least-populous states. Yesterday was Palin-Quayle’s last day as governor of Alaska, but for her to slither back under the rock from which she came probably is too much to hope for.

Good riddance, Sarah Palin-Quayle.

Oh, just kidding. I know that, like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger or some other nightmare, you’ll be back.

But it’s funny (not ha ha funny) how Palin-Quayle demonstrates how unpresidential she is while trying to make the argument to the contrary.

I mean, do we want a president who whines at every turn about her or his “mistreatment”?

For her failures Palin-Quayle blames the media, blames a supposed national pornographic interest in her white-trash family that I’ve never witnessed, blames even “starlets” (although she has wanted to be one herself), and she even (I think — her thinking is disordered) surreally claims that to criticize her somehow is to attack our troops.

Palin-Quayle is just a power-hungry beauty-pageant dingbat who wraps herself in the American flag and in the Shroud of Turin. She has to wrap herself in something, has to align herself with someone else’s achievements, because she’s never accomplished anything on her own in her whopping two and a half years as governor of one of the nation’s least populous, most backasswards states.

Perhaps there is some hope for the United States of America, though, that the majority of voters in November stopped the possibility of Palin-Quayle ever becoming — Oh. My. God. — president. 

Whatever her future endeavors, I fully expect Palin-Quayle to continue with her “victimization” shtick, which will guarantee that governor of one of the most podunk states in the nation is the highest political office that she’ll ever get.

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Al and Jesse, get right on it!

Los Angeles Lakers Rick Fox, center, holds his arms up in the ...

Associated Press photo

The caption for this AP photo reads: “Los Angeles Lakers [player] Rick Fox … holds his arms up in the air as he pretends to be arrested by ‘Star Wars’ stormtroopers at [the] Comic-Con International 2009 convention … in San Diego [yesterday]….”

Hmmm… Good fun or racial profiling?

After all, the arresting officers are white.

For laughs, Fox should have told the stormtroopers, “You don’t know who you’re messing with!” — which is what Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. reportedly told the white cop who arrested him…

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Obama’s almost-apology re Gatesgate

President Barack Obama pauses as he talks to the media in the ...

Associated Press photo

President Barack Obama gives a half-assed apology today for having stoked the flames of interracial strife with stupid comments that he made at the end of a press conference on Wednesday.

I was happy to watch the video in which President Barack Obama admitted today that by inserting himself into Gatesgate — I refer, of course, to the black Harvard professor who cried “racism” when a white police officer responded to a call that the professor’s house in Cambridge, Mass., was being burglarized — he only inflamed, rather than illuminated, the controversial situation.

However, Obama not only did not apologize for his largest error, but he didn’t even mention it. And his biggest error is that he sided with black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s account without being able to know whose account of the incident is the most accurate: Gates’ or white Sgt. James Crowley’s.

Obama’s biggest error when he shot his mouth off on Wednesday was not that he didn’t “calibrate” his words correctly, and nor was it his biggest error (as he today seemed to have suggested, probably incorrectly, that his critics have alleged) that as president he shouldn’t have chimed in on Gatesgate. (Obama correctly stated today that racism is a national issue, not a local issue.)

Again, Obama’s biggest error is that he spoke out of his ass, and George W. Bush notwithstanding, the president of the United States should not speak out of his or her ass.

The more information that comes to light about Gatesgate, the more it looks like Gates cried wolf and that his deck of race cards needs to be confiscated from him (but probably not by a white person).

This, for instance, from The Associated Press today:

Cambridge, Mass. – A black police officer who was at Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s home when the black Harvard scholar was arrested says he fully supports how his white fellow officer handled the situation.

Sgt. Leon Lashley says Gates was probably tired and surprised when Sgt. James Crowley demanded identification from him as officers investigated a report of a burglary. Lashley says Gates’ reaction to Crowley was “a little bit stranger than it should have been.”

Asked if Gates should have been arrested, Lashley said supported Crowley “100 percent.”

Gates has said he was the victim of racial profiling.

President Barack Obama says the officers “acted stupidly.” Lashley called Obama’s remark “unfortunate” and said he should be allowed to take it back.

Lashley is pictured in the foreground of this now-famous news photo (taken by Gates’ neighbor) of Gates’ arrest:

In this photo taken by a neighbor Thursday July 16, 2009, Henry ...

Associated Press photo

A picture says a thousand words; the handcuffed Gates appears to be out of control and Lashley doesn’t appear to be concerned that this is an episode of police brutality being perpetrated against a member of his own race.

Of course, the race-baiters out there like Gates and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson probably regard Lashley as just an Uncle Tom; those who so rabidly want to see racism where it doesn’t exist cannot be persuaded otherwise.

All of this said, I want to make it clear that I agree with Obama’s statement in his half-assed apology of today that blacks historically have had reason to fear mistreatment by white male cops and that therefore such fear at least to some extent is understandable.

However, we have to take each allegation of racism in the present on a case-by-case basis; historical precedent cannot be used as a determinant as to whether a present-day allegation of racism is valid or not.

And finally, yes, let me be the first to state that racism is alive and well in the United States of America — although, it seems to me, its incidence is largely based upon geographic location. I can see white male cops in the South being institutionally racist more than I can see white male cops in Cambridge, Mass., being institutionally racist, for example. 

If you’re one of those fucktards who thinks that racism doesn’t exist in the United States anymore, take a look at this Associated Press news video of a clash between white supremacist assholes (that’s redundant) and black Americans in Paris, Texas that happened just this past Tuesday.

In the video, white supremacist dipshits (again, redundant), among other things (such as to give the Nazi salute and to display the Nazi and Confederate flags), tell black Americans to “go back to Africa.”

Uh, one, all of us human beings came from Africa, and two, it’s not like Africans came to America voluntarily, on holiday on cruise ships, is it?

White supremacists, who appear to be lacking or perhaps possessing extra chromosomes, make me embarrassed to be a white male, and I apologize to all black Americans that such white retards still exist. (And I thank Goddess that at least I’m gay…)

Oh, well; although Obama fucked this one up, at least he got the nation talking about race issues, which needs to be an ongoing national dialog.

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Next to ‘I love you,’ ‘I don’t know’ is the best three-word sentence of all

OK, so I probably have been guilty of this myself to some degree, but there is an epidemic in the nation of individuals asserting statements of truth even after they have acknowledged that they don’t know all of the facts.

There is this from The Associated Press today:

NATICK, Mass. – A white police sergeant who arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. said [today] he’s disappointed President Barack Obama said officers acted “stupidly,” despite acknowledging he didn’t know all the facts.

Sgt. James Crowley responded to Gates’ home near Harvard University last week to investigate a report of a burglary and demanded Gates show him identification. Police say Gates at first refused and accused the officer of racism.

Gates was charged with disorderly conduct. The charge was dropped Tuesday, and Gates has since demanded an apology from Crowley.

Obama was asked about the arrest of Gates, who is his friend, at the end of a nationally televised news conference on health care [last] night.

“I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry,” Obama said. “Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three — what I think we know separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact.”

In radio interviews [this] morning, Crowley maintained he had done nothing wrong in arresting Gates.

“I support the president of the United States 110 percent. I think he was way off base wading into a local issue without knowing all the facts as he himself stated before he made that comment,” Crowley told WBZ-AM….

I don’t watch corporately owned and operated television, since it’s mostly just corporate brainwashing, but I happened to catch the end of Obama’s press conference at a friend’s house last night, and I was flabbergasted that Obama indeed first admitted that he didn’t know what happened between Gates and Crowley but then proceeded to assert that Gates indeed had produced his identification to Crowley as Crowley had asked him to do.

Fact is, this is a he-said, he-said situation. Gates says he produced identification when he was asked for it. The cops say that Gates refused to produce identification. While I tend to suspect that Gates indeed refused to show ID, at least initially, because he wanted to make the whole thing into a “racist” incident, I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure what happened; I can’t say who is telling the truth and who apparently is prevaricating.

When asked about Gatesgate last night, Obama should have simply stated that he wasn’t there, so he can’t take sides. That he took a side, Gates’ side, was irresponsible. It was piss-poor leadership on Obama’s part and only could serve to further stoke the flames of interracial hatred, the flames that Gates and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk seem to want to stoke.

Remaining neutral in the Gates case wouldn’t have been pussy of Obama — it would have been wise, given his admitted lack of knowledge of the facts.

And then there is Rachel Maddow. I love Rachel. She perhaps is my favorite lesbian on the planet.

But I was astounded to hear Maddow, in a clip that I recently watched on the Internet, state that of course every statement that Bowe Bergdahl, the 23-year-old American soldier being held captive by the Taliban, made in the half-hour video that the Taliban recently released was coerced.


Fact is, we just can’t know what is in Bowe Bergdahl’s head. Yes, it’s certainly possible that everything that he said in the half-hour Taliban video, with the probable exception of the sentiments that he expressed for his family at home and his wish to go home, were coerced to at least some degree.

However, I don’t rule out that he truly believes at least some, or maybe even most of, the statements that he made. (I at least find it at least a little hard to believe that Bergdahl truly is as interested in finding out more about Islam as he states he is in the video.)

Hopefully Bergdahl will make it home safely and we will find out from him what is in his head.

Until then, each of us needs to humble herself or himself and acknowledge:




Those are three refreshing, liberating words that we just don’t hear enough.

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Racial profiling or yet another media op for Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson?

In this photo taken by a neighbor Thursday July 16, 2009 Henry ...

Associated Press photo

In this photo taken by a neighbor of his, Henry Louis Gates Jr., the director of Harvard University’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research, is arrested at his home in Cambridge, Mass., on July 16. Police say they were responding to a call of a break-in at Gates’ home, while Gates reports that his front door was stuck and that he had problems opening it. Police say that Gates was uncooperative with them (to put it mildly) and that they arrested him for disorderly conduct.

So a famous black scholar apparently was arrested when he was uncooperative with police who were responding to a call that his house was being burglarized by a couple of black men. (Gates says that his front door was stuck shut and that he asked a driver to help him get it open.)

Was it racial profiling or not?

Gates says it was.

Now, I’m a white guy. If my front door were stuck and I had to force my way into my own house, and someone had called the cops to report that he or she had seen someone breaking into my house, I might not be happy to see the cops arrive; after all, I’m no burglar and it’s my own house.

But you know, I probably would cooperate with the cops, realizing (duh!) that if they’d received a report of a break-in and found me inside, they wouldn’t know whether I were the rightful occupant of the home or whether I were a burglar. I wouldn’t attribute it to my race.

If I refused to cooperate with the cops, yelling at them and demanding to see their identification and calling them names, as Gates reportedly did, I would expect to be arrested.

Of course, the cops can’t win, can they? If they had ignored the call that Gates’ home was being broken into, wouldn’t they also have been labeled as racist?: Those racist cops just let the black guy’s house get burglarized!

“It never would have happened [to a white person] — imagine a white professor, a distinguished white professor at Harvard, walking around with a cane, going into his own house, being harassed or stopped by the police. It would never happen,” Gates huffed.

The cops “harassed” Gates? Asking him to show identification because they’ve been called to a possible burglary at his home is “harassment”?

I don’t know Gates, but my guess is that he’s a perpetual “victim,” looking to pull the race card out at every fucking opportunity.

People who cry wolf, like Gates appears to have done, make it more difficult for actual victims of racial profiling and other forms of racism and discrimination.

P.S. Of course Al Sharpton has injected himself into this; it’s what he does:  “victimhood” by proxy. But more interestingly, the Boston Herald’s website gives more details of Gates’ arrest:

A witness, 40-year-old Lucia Whalen of Malden, had alerted the cops that a man was “wedging his shoulder into the front door” at Gates’ house “as to pry the door open,” police reported.

A law enforcement source said Gates apparently had locked himself out. When Sgt. James Crowley arrived, he said Gates already was inside. But when he was asked to provide identification, Gates allegedly snapped, “No, I will not!”

Police said Gates’ front-porch tirade about racism “alarmed” passers-by drawn to the uproar outside his Cambridge home.

As Crowley tried to question him, police said Gates bellowed, “This is what happens to black men in America!”

Crowley claimed in his report he tried to calm Gates, but wrote that Gates “shouted, ‘You don’t know who [you’re] messing with!”

After calling Crowley “a racist,” according to police reports, the professor was charged with disorderly conduct and released for a $40 fee….

The 58-year-old Gates sounds like a real piece of work. Clearly, baby-boomer assholism crosses racial lines.


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LOVIN’ the teaser for Michael Moore’s new anti-corporate documentary

Michael Moore’s new film is called “Capitalism: A Love Story,” and it’s set to be released on Oct. 2.

It’s so “socialist!” and I’m so there.

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