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Liz Cheney gets no fucking medal

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Repugnican Classic U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney gives the Pussygrabberian Repugnicans (which is most of them) a headache, and that’s fucking great, but she’s still very much a Repugnican with repugnant political views.

Today, Repugnican U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (the only U.S. rep for the barely populated Wyoming) is expected to lose the Repugnican primary election for her job, big-time, to Pussygrabber-endorsed, bug-eyed nut job Harriet Hageman. (You have to be a nut job to be endorsed by former “President” Pussygrabber, and you have to be ethics-free; before he’ll endorse you, Pussygrabber has to feel confidant that you would do everything in your power to help throw the 2024 presidential election to him in the event that he runs and loses again.)

More Democrats than Repugnicans will miss Liz, it seems; apparently it is tempting to some if not many (if not most) to think that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

While except for the repetitive portions I’ve enjoyed watching every single televised hearing of the U.S. House committee investigating the treasonous attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, by Pussygrabber’s brain-dead flying monkeys who were commanded by him just as the flying monkeys in “The Wizard of Oz” were acting on the orders of the Wicked Witch of the West, I’ve never felt that Liz Cheney, vice chair of the January 6 House committee, even though she’s helping to damage the Pussygrabberian Repugnican Party (not that these fucktards have needed much help with that), especially is our friend.

Cheney’s homophobic past (including attacks on her own lesbian sister) not sitting well with this gay man aside, and aside from her father being a war criminal whose treasonous actions she has, to my knowledge, never criticized (Papa Cheney was instrumental in getting the United States to launch the wholly bogus Vietraq War, using September 11, 2001, as the pretext), when I recently visited Cheney’s campaign website to see if maybe I could give her a tiny bit of money (because Hageman is a total fucking lunatic and because I do to at least some degree appreciate the precious few Repugnicans who are standing up to the neo-fascist Pussygrabberianism [even though, as I’m about to tell you, they don’t exactly deserve fucking medals for that]), I clicked on “Issues” on the homepage and perused it a bit. Under “Issues” is “Protecting life,” and under “Protecting life,” Liz Cheney’s campaign proclaims:

Protecting life is one of the most important responsibilities of elected officials and it’s something Liz takes very seriously. Unfortunately, the rights of the unborn are under attack by far-left advocates. She’s proud to be a co-sponsor of the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, and enthusiastically signed a discharge petition to bring this legislation to the House floor for an up-or-down vote. Babies who are born after failed abortion attempts deserve every possible protection, and those unwilling to support legislation to do that are endorsing a policy tantamount to infanticide.

Liz also proudly co-sponsored legislation that would: (1) prevent taxpayer funding for abortion; (2) defund Planned Parenthood; and (3) prevent abortions after 20 weeks. She’s proud of her pro-life record and will always be an outspoken voice in defense of all human life. [Except, of course, for the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis her father helped to slaughter in the Vietraq War, as well as the almost 4,500 U.S. troops who died only for blatant corporate profiteering via the Vietraq War, such as that by Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and other greedy, shameless war contractors, and by Big Oil.]

Yeah, on Liz’s stance on abortion, just: No.

Per the Pew Research Center:

In 2019, 56 percent of legal abortions in clinical settings occurred via some form of surgery, while 44 percent were medication abortions involving pills, according to the CDC. Since the Food and Drug Administration first approved abortion pills in 2000, their use has increased over time as a share of abortions nationally. [Preliminary data from a] forthcoming study says that 2020 was the first time that more than half of all abortions in clinical settings in the U.S. were medication abortions.

And also per Pew:

The vast majority of abortions — around nine in 10 — occur during the first trimester of a pregnancy. [The average full-term pregnancy is about 40 weeks.] In 2019, 93 percent of abortions occurred during the first trimester — that is, at or before 13 weeks of gestation, according to the CDC. An additional 6 percent occurred between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, and 1 percent were performed at 21 weeks or more of gestation.” (Emphasis mine.)

So here is Liz Cheney repeatedly equating abortion to “infanticide,” and raising the abject horror of all of these babies still alive after botched abortions just being slaughtered, when 1 percent of the abortions in 2019 were performed at or after 21 weeks. (A fetus is considered viable after about 24 weeks.)

So that degree of lying and fear-mongering takes Liz Cheney out of the category of any politician I could ever give a fucking penny to (or cast a vote for — of course, I don’t, and never fucking would, live in Wyoming, the reddest so-called state in the nation).

Abortion is only one issue, I hear you “argue,” but no, with 60 percent of Americans in even a recent Faux “News” poll saying that Roe vs. Wade should not have been overturned, Cheney’s stances on abortion, including to “defund Planned Parenthood,” are the whack-job minority view.

And, again, Cheney just flat-out lies and fear mongers to support this whack-job minority view, and whether she truly believes her own bullshit about abortion or is just catering to the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers of her backasswards state, I don’t care. Being a true believer of her own lies makes her a fucking moron, and lying through her teeth just to please her base base demonstrates incredibly shitty character.

Don’t get me wrong, though; I don’t look forward to the Harriet Hageman years — we already have more than enough wild-eyed, right-wing/fascist whackos in Congress — and I invite all Repugnicans who can find a fucking semblance of a fucking spine to publicly oppose Pussygrabberianism/neo-fascism.

But you should oppose fascism (and treason, which goes hand-in-hand with fascism), period.

That would be doing the bare fucking minimum, so no, you don’t get a fucking medal for that.

So no fucking medal for Liz Cheney, but if she wants to keep working to prevent Pussygrabber from ever becoming “president” again, as she says she does, I’m A-OK with that.

P.S. I’ve long wondered how much Liz Cheney has truly cared about the survival of our democracy against these “Stop the Steal” hypocrites and traitors who are crying “election fraud!” while (of course!) trying to perpetrate election fraud themselves (such as in Georgia, for which Pussygrabber & Co. are being investigated) — and how much Liz Cheney has just been pissed off that, being the daughter of a Repugnican-Classic former “vice president,” she’s had her eye on the White House for herself for a very long time, and this upstart Pussygrabberianism unexpectedly has stood in her way, blocking her path to the Oval Office as a Repugnican Classic.

I don’t think that Liz is as selfless in all of this as she paints herself to be. Indeed, she still apparently has her eye on the Oval Office.

P.P.S. Seriously, though, it’s only a matter of time before I see this “woman” in my nightmares:

As a white man, I want to apologize to my Native American brothers and sisters not only for what the white man has done to you, but also for Harriet Hageman…

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Lock! Him! Up! redux

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Bad boy, bad boy, whatchya gonna do when they come for you? (An FBI officer stands outside of former “President” Pussygrabber’s compound in Florida on Monday. The FBI, acting on a federal judge’s authorized search warrant, carted away several boxes of material from the White House that the National Archives and Records Administration had demanded from the former “president” but that the former “president,” being way, way above the law, had refused to part with.)

I’ve learned not to hold my breath, but this time, former “President” Pussygrabber might — might — actually be going down.

A raid by the FBI on his gaudy stucco fortress in Florida, the first time that any former “president’s” abode has been involuntarily visited by the cops whom the Repugnican wuv so much except when said cops actually dare to hold Repugnican cult leaders and/or their cult followers to account to the law.

(And no, Pussygrabberians, this can’t happen to me, too, since I don’t actually have illegally pilfered White House documents and other items illegally stored in my home, fuck you very much.)

And Pussygrabber steadfastly taking the Fifth when ordered to appear to answer questions in the New York state attorney general’s probe of his possibly probably illegal business dealings in the state.

Because if I were innocent, I know that I would plead the Fifth Amendment. It would be my only option!

Of course, Pussygrabber’s millions of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging cult members are buying Pussygrabber’s lies that he’s a victim in all of this, a “target” of a “Democrat” “witch hunt.” Pussygrabber has been doing this — tying up others and trying to tie up others into his own criminal behavior — his entire overprivileged life because he’s a fucking pussy who cannot stand on his own, but who must always hide behind others and be bailed out by others, such as the incredible idiots who actually followed his orders to attack the U.S. Capitol in order to treasonously, illegally keep him in power but who are now behind bars (where they belong) while he remains free.

Pussygrabber is beyond pathetic; he’s a bully — until and unless he’s actually confronted for his brazen, often criminal behavior, at which time he’s then a poor, hapless “victim.” And his brainless followers, like Charlie Brown yet once again stupidly falling for the fucking football trick, fall for this blatant bullshit every fucking time, displaying to all of us their low IQs as if on their own personal, brightly lit billboards.

Pussygrabber keeps using the same, tired, old tactics because they always work on his base of degenerates, who are a minority of the U.S. but who are intractable and incorrigible.

As of late, Pussygrabber’s flying brain-dead monkeys have been threatening civil war over the prospects of Pussygrabber actually being held criminally accountable for his crimes for fucking once in his pathetic, too-long life.

Ooooo, I’m quaking. Because on January 6, 2021, these same animal-skin-wearing, basement-dwelling incels were so effective at keeping Pussygrabber in power against the wishes of the clear majority of the American people.

Don’t get me wrong; I think one of the greatest mistakes in U.S. history is that in the Civil War, the North didn’t wipe every Southerner cleanly from the face of the planet, but left them to continue to drag the nation down to this very day.

But things were quite different back in the 1860s.

Anyone trying to perpetrate any large-scale overthrow of the U.S. government today would be found out eventually, because there’s no way that among the number of people who would have to be involved in such a large-scale conspiracy — which would have to involve the U.S. military to be successful — the conspiracy could be kept quiet for long, and I assume that law-enforcement informants routinely infiltrate these domestic-terrorist groups anyway.

Yes, as they demonstrated on January 6, 2021, the fascist, anti-democratic, mostly white-supremacist thugs can cause some limited death and destruction, but can they take over the entire nation in a civil war? The clueless fucktards who perpetrated January 6 sure the fuck can’t.

But further, I’m confident that the populace of the United States is much more geographically intermixed, politically, than it was during the Civil War; the line between the North and the South is not as clearly defined today as it was during the Civil War era, as Americans move around the nation like they never did back in the 1860s.

Progressive, actual Americans live in red states and fascist troglodytes live in blue states, yes, sometimes in enclaves, but often so mixed together in the same neighborhoods that in the event of a Civil War 2.0, how would you know who is friend and who is foe? Good luck with that.

Still, let the Pussygrabberian fucktards (redundant) throw their little tantrums.

We no longer will be a nation ruled by laws — instead of by lame-ass mob bosses like Pussygrabber, whose eventual death will be cause for not just national, but global (hell, even cosmic) celebration — if we actual Americans just allow lame, Neanderthaloid threats of retaliatory violence to make us too afraid to prosecute even obvious, abject criminals like Pussygrabber.

I say it again: Lock! Him! Up!

Our nation’s future probably depends on it.

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