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Why I voted for Angelyne for governor

Wikipedia says of Angelyne: “Angelyne (born Ronia Tamar Goldberg, October 2, 1950) is an American singer, actress, media personality and model who came to prominence in 1984 after the appearance of a series of iconic billboards in and around Los Angeles, California, that read only ‘Angelyne’ and pictured her posing suggestively.” (See photo above.) Born almost 71 years ago, Angelyne of course doesn’t look like she looks in the photo above anymore, but she’s still more qualified to be governor of California than, say, Repugnican-fascist Larry Elder…

Last week I received my vote-by-mail ballot for the beyond-bullshit September 14 California gubernatorial recall Repugnican-fascist do-over election.

And last week I voted “no” on the removal of Gov. Gavin Newsom — here’s my “ballot selfie”:

— and on the second part of the ballot, I voted for Angelyne as the “replacement candidate” should Newsom be removed:

Why did I waste my vote like that?

Oh, I did not waste my vote.

The first question on the ballot is the most important one; if more than 50.0 percent of the voters vote to retain Newsom, as I did (despite his flaws), the second question on the ballot (the selection of a “replacement candidate”) becomes moot.

As far as the 46 replacement candidates on the ballots are concerned, I won’t vote for a Repugnican (and 24 of the “replacement candidates” are running as such). That’s it. Even if you’re supposedly less evil than is the typical Repugnican, I nonetheless judge you by the company that you keep.

To me, if you call yourself a Repugnican, you are aligning yourself with the likes of former “President” Pussygrabber, the only “president” in my lifetime who first got into the White House after he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, was impeached twice during his illegitimate first term in office (the entire time of which he acted like a lame-ass mob boss, not at all like a U.S. president), and who refused to admit that he lost “re”-election, even when his opponent garnered more than 7 million more votes than he did.

And if you call yourself a Repugnican, you are aligning yourself with the basement-dwelling, animal-skin-wearing incels who treasonously attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 to try to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election, and you are aligning yourself with the anti-vax flat-earther fucktards who complain about ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions but who won’t fucking get vaccinated or even wear a fucking face mask and who now are overburdening our hospitals because their lovely thoughts and prayers aren’t nearly as strong as is a fucking vaccine.

And if you call yourself a Repugnican you are aligning yourself with racism, white supremacism, sexism and misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, “Christo”fascism, voter suppression, the actual (at least attempted) theft of elections and a hatred for democracy except for when it goes your way, anti-environmentalism (that goes along with the anti-science flat-eartherism), etc., etc.

Who else is on the do-over gubernatorial election ballot besides Repugnicans?

Some no-name Democrats (one guy apparently has a YouTube channel — Ooooo!) and others with no party preference (like Angelyne) or who are affiliated with a third party — none of whom could be elected as governor of the nation’s most populous state in a regular election.

I recently read an editorial somewhere recommending that we vote for the most “sensible” Repugnican (that is, not Larry Elder), the “argument” being that if Newsom is booted, a Repugnican most likely will get the highest number of votes to take his place, so we should work to elect the least-evil Repugnican.

No fucking thanks. I grew tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, which is why I changed my voter registration from Democrat to no party preference back in 2016, after the Democratic Party establishment first fucked over Bernie Sanders royally. (This presciently saved me the trouble of having to change my voter registration after the Democratic establishment fucked over Bernie again, in 2020, reviving the corpse of Joe Biden at the very last moment.)

Again, no thanks to voting for the “lesser” or the “least” of the evils. Keep your fucking evils. (On that note, I did not vote for lesser-evil Biden in November 2020, knowing that he would win my state and all of its electoral votes anyway. [If the popular vote actually got you into the White House, I might have voted for Biden, but in this so-called democracy, the popular vote doesn’t get you into the White House.])

As I have nothing but contempt and disgust for the September 14 California Repugnican-fascist do-over electionwhich was made possible only because a Repugnican-and-Pussygrabber-aligned “judge” gave the proponents of the do-over election a full four additional months with which to gather their petition signatures to get their little election (citing COVID-19, since COVID-19 is a thing when it benefits the wingnuts for it to be a thing)I fucking refuse to acquiesce to it by treating it with seriousness and legitimacy that it does not deserve.

It isn’t serious or legitimate; it’s a fucking political circus.

Therefore, I voted for one of the clowns, and for the one who seems to be the most innocuous and the most likeable of the clowns.

(And Angelyne is, inarguably, quintessentially Californian…)

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Taliban R Us

I’m not an expert on Afghanistan or the Taliban, but when I saw in the news that the Afghan army collapsed like a house of cards in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after the United States’ military exit after two decades of “nation-building” in the “Graveyard of Empires,” I didn’t blame the Afghans; I just figured that the whole Afghan adventure always has been primarily if not only about members of the U.S. military-corporate complex looting the U.S. treasury via another impoverished nation in the name of “spreading democracy.”

Those juicy gubmint military contracts are just too juicy to ignore!

Further, I surmise that most Americans view the members of the Taliban as ignorant, violent, unwashed hordes, forgetting (or maybe ignoring) that we have such ilk here at home: the American Taliban.

Here, for instance, is a photo of the members of the Taliban after they recently took over the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul:

Associated Press news photo

And here are some pix of the American Taliban as they briefly overtook the U.S. Capitol on January 6:

Supporters of Donald Trump protest inside the U.S. Capitol.
Supporters of President Donald Trump in the US Capitol's Rotunda after breeching police barriers in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021.

A man sitting at a desk holds up a document and sticks his tongue out

Jake Angeli yells inside the Senate Chamber in Washington. Photo / Getty Images
Getty Images news photos

Actually, it’s probably not fair to compare the Taliban to the basement-dwelling incels and other assorted mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers who briefly overtook the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

I mean, from the images that I have seen, the members of the Taliban have been much more orderly and organized, and certainly, entirely unlike the American Taliban, clearly they had a fucking plan — and clearly they are achieving their objective of a complete takeover of the gubmint.

This Q-Anon fucktard (redundant) who broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 wore a shirt emblazoned with “Trust the Plan” —

Getty Images news photo

— but how did that “plan” turn out on January 6 (and since then), other than resulting in a lot of arrests and incarcerations and felony convictions (and seriously beefed-up Capitol security)?

Still, we sane Americans always should be mindful that among us are plenty of troglodytes (such as those pictured above) who would love to impose their backasswards beliefs, including if not primarily their ironically evil, backasswards “Christo”fascist beliefs, on the rest of us.

There would be no vote to make the U.S. a theocracy like Afghanistan is about to become. (And indeed, this is where the “Christo”fascists are with that liberal elitist concept of democracy these days: If they lose an election, no, they actually won it! It was stolen from them! In fact, there is no way that they can lose any election!)

A “Christo”fascist theocracy here at home would be created and maintained not democratically, but via violence.

If we actually patriotic Americans were to allow that to happen.

P.S. Here is Ted Rall’s take on the hypocrisy:

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California’s next governor might take office with a minority of the vote — but wouldn’t be governor for very long


Fascist-Repugnican talk-radio host Larry Elder, shown with his buddy former “President” Pussygrabber in a Tweet that Elder posted himself in July 2018 (and again in October 2020), just might become California’s next governor in the September 14 gubernatorial recall election with millions of fewer votes than the number of votes for current Gov. Gavin Newsom to keep his job — but there’s no way in hell that Elder could win election outright in November 2022, which he’d have to do in order to keep the job.

Having lived here in California since September 1998, I think that I’m qualified to state that with each passing year, I’ve agreed more and more with the assertion that the nation’s most populous state inherently is ungovernable.

Nonetheless, the nation’s most populous state has a governor, and soon, the right-wing nut-job minority of the state might be handed the reins of governance.

California has a gubernatorial recall election — the second one since I’ve lived here — on September 14, and, as two law professors correctly and importantly pointed out a few days ago in a piece in The New York Times, we could see the scenario in which current California Gov. Gavin Newsom loses his job by falling just short of the 50.0 percent of the vote plus one vote that he needs to keep his job. Yet thus far, only 18 percent is the highest that I’ve seen for the candidate who is polling the best of the 46 potential gubernatorial replacement candidates who are on the recall ballot.

This means that even if, say, 49.9 percent of the state’s voters elect to keep Newsom in place, a much smaller amount of voters (say, only around 18 percent of them…) could override the wishes of the much higher amount of voters who essentially had voted for Newsom — and put right-wing nut-job talk-radio host (of course…) Larry Elder (the aforementioned front-runner for Newsom’s job, according to the polling) in the governorship.

This is the dream scenario for the increasingly fascist, increasingly authoritarian, increasingly anti-democratic Repugnican Party: rule over the majority by the minority. (Indeed, we saw this in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote yet loser George W. Bush became “president,” and in 2016, when Billary Clinton won the popular vote, yet loser Pussygrabber became “president.”)

Politico reports on this issue: “‘The [recall-election] ballots are out, so I don’t think a judge is going to unwind this [election],’ said Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School. A [law]suit could be more ripe after the election, she said, if it turns out that Newsom loses but receives more votes than the winner of the recall.”

Indeed, that’s exactly what should happen if a “new” “governor” is put into place by a smaller number of voters than the number of voters who voted to keep Newsom: it should be challenged in court as unconstitutional, violating the democratic principle that the candidate who wins the higher number of votes is the one who wins the election (any other outcome is blatantly anti-democratic, and yes, for that reason, the antiquated, blatantly anti-democratic Electoral College must go, too).

In the meantime, California’s recall process needs to be fixed so that the will of the higher number of voters always fucking prevails. (Even just requiring a run-off election — instead of allowing a candidate with a small plurality of the vote to become governor — would be an improvement in California’s recall process.) This is, after all, supposedly, a democracy.

Of course, even if fascist-Repugnican Larry Elder becomes the next governor — and his lovely political stances include opposing a minimum wage, opposing the right to an abortion, opposing the idea that there is systemic racism in the United States, and, of course, being a fucking homophobe — he very most likely wouldn’t be governor for very long, and in the quite foreseeable future we even could see the return of Gov. Gavin Newsom.


Because if Newsom is recalled, that doesn’t mean that he could not run for governor again, even in the next cycle, which is next year; he could if he wanted to. And regardless of who wins the September 14 gubernatorial recall election, whoever wants to be governor as of January 2023 must run in the regularly scheduled June 2022 gubernatorial primary election and be one of the top-two vote-getters in that primary election to be able to move on to the November 2022 gubernatorial general election — and then must win that election, too.

I don’t see any Repugnican doing that, not in a state whose voters are 46.5 percent Democratic to only 24 percent Repugnican at last count. Indeed, so deep blue is California that Newsom won election in 2018 by 62 percent to his pathetic Repugnican challenger’s 38 percent, and Joe Biden won California by 63.5 percent to Pussygrabber’s 34 percent.

Despite these daunting numbers, however, fully expect the fascist-Repugnicans to claim that if Newsom keeps his job, as he probably will, it was only because of “election fraud.” (An election is legitimate only if the fascist “wins,” you see; that is a central tenet of fascism, as we’ve seen played out as Pussygrabber & Co. still fascistically, treasonously and anti-democratically claim that Pussygrabber actually won the 2020 presidential election despite having lost it by more than 7 million votes.)

Newsom could lose his job in next month’s recall election, though; for quite a while now California’s voters have been run through the fucking wringer, as California experiences perhaps an unprecedented number of big problems all at the same time, including wildfires (mostly in the northern part of the state, along with Oregon), recurring drought, a serious lack of affordable housing and rampant homelessness* and, of course, probably first and foremost in most voters’ minds, the never-ending novel coronavirus pandemic that probably would have been over by now had the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing fucktards** not have tried to turn efforts to beat the pandemic (such as by the use of the three available vaccines and the use of face masks) into some backasswards tribal, political statement.

I mean, it’s ironic that the Repugnicans help to create the problem, such as the wholly unnecessary and wholly preventable extension of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then seek to benefit politically from the problem that they helped create, but we’ve seen this page from the fascist’s playbook before, such as with the Reichstag fire (and even with the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election, in which Repugnican Arnold “Baby Daddy” Schwarzenegger had had a secret meeting with Enron — and then used Enron’s raping of the state via a manufactured electricity crisis to get himself into the governorship in that recall election).

Whatever California’s big problems are now, however, under a fascist-Repugnican like Larry Elder (who wholeheartedly supports former “President” Pussygrabber, of course), the state would get even worse.

Therefore, of course I’ll be voting “NO” on Gavin Newsom’s recall, probably within the week (I should receive my vote-by-mail ballot within the next few days and probably will mail it back within a day or two).

I’m not wild about Gavin Newsom — I’m a “Bernie bro,” not a Democratic Party hack (indeed, I’m registered as an independent because I have real fucking problems with the pro-corporate, income-inequality-loving-but-nauseatingly-“woke” Democratic Party establishment) — but right now Newsom (for whom I did vote in November 2018) is our best bet to be at the helm of the nation’s most populous state (which, because it has the highest number of people, of course should have the highest number of problems…).

If we Californians think that we have it bad now, all that we need to do is to allow a Repugnican to take the reins — even if for only a relatively short period of time.

*California has only about 12 percent of the nation’s population, yet has about a quarter of the nation’s homeless. The fascist-Repugnicans like to say that this is because California is an inherently failed state, but no, clearly, homeless people are coming to California from other (I surmise mostly red) states, knowing that much if not most of California not only has a more favorable climate that do most other states, but that California isn’t nearly as mean-spirited toward the homeless as most other (supposedly “Christian”) states are.

**Indeed, it seems to me that Afghanistan right now is being overrun by its own type of teatard/Pussygrabber-loving/Q-Anon/anti-vax animals. Indeed, the only difference between the members of the Taliban (“Islamofascists”) and the “Christo”fascists here in the United States is the content of their backasswards religious beliefs. Otherwise, they’re remarkably similar, including their hatred of democracy, science, logic, reason, human rights, actual religious freedom, etc.

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