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Delta is for ‘D,’ which is for Darwin

The science always wins. Might the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus help clean up the polluted American gene pool, Darwin-style?

The stories are ubiquitous on the Internet right now: A person who had eschewed getting vaccinated against COVID-19 then ended up in the hospital — or in the morgue (with the Delta variant doing most of the killing these days).

Google “anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19” and you’ll see a shitload of these cases.

While I don’t actually wish even the anti-vax/Q-Anon/Pussygrabberian nut jobs (redundant) pain and suffering, at the same time I can’t say that I feel sorry for any of these idiots. (Or, as I’ve seen written, “covidiots.”)

I do feel sorry for their minor children (or hapless adult dependents) whom they won’t allow to be vaccinated, however; no one should have to die needlessly and pointlessly because of his or her parent’s or guardian’s abject fucktardation.

In full disclosure, would I have been the first one in line to get one of the three COVID-19 vaccines that have been in use in the United States for some months now?

No, I wasn’t chomping at the bit to be a guinea pig myself, but by the time that I got vaccinated (with the Moderna vaccine), we already had had millions of guinea pigs: the precious baby boomers, who, because they always have gotten the lion’s share of everything, were the first to get vaccinated. (In fairness, at the beginning of the pandemic in the United States they were in the highest risk group, but I still surmise that they’d have been first in line even otherwise.)

I was A-OK with the baby boomers being vaccinated before the vaccine was made available to me, a Gen X’er (we’ve always been expendable anyway), and by the time that I got vaccinated (my first dose was in March and my second dose was in April), it was clear that the corpses of those killed by the vaccines weren’t filling our streets. It was clear that the vaccines are safe.*

At this point, with more than 162 million Americans having been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, again, it’s pretty clear that the vaccines are safe (relative to the risk of dying from COVID-19, anyway).

The CDC reports that just more than 6,200 deaths have been reported in individuals who recently had received a COVID-19 vaccination, but the CDC notes that “Reports of adverse events … following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.” The proximity in time of two events of course doesn’t always mean causation.

Indeed, with about 340 million vaccine doses thus far delivered in the United States (per the CDC), statistically speaking, it’s not shocking that a bit more than 6,200 deaths would have been reported shortly after the decedent having received a vaccination. A shitload of those who got a dose of one of the three vaccines were going to die anyway, just given the rates of the various causes of death in the United States, especially for those who have certain pre-existing chronic medical conditions (which is why many have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first place).

You don’t want to be among the just more than 6,200 who died shortly after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, you say. OK, fine, understandable, but thus far almost 608,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 (per the CDC). Which do you think is your greater risk of death: the disease (more than 600,000 deaths so far) or the cure (no more than around 6,200 deaths so far, even though not all of those deaths actually were because of a vaccine)? That’s just simple math.

Of course, the anti-vaxxers (most of whom also are Pussygrabberians) can’t be appealed to with reason, logic and science (including math). They don’t come to their conclusions about anything via reason, logic and science, and therefore reason, logic and science can’t be used to talk them out of their cray-cray.

It’s ironic, though, that so many of the anti-vaxxers are also Pussygrabberians. Their incredibly stupid decision to make the COVID-19 vaccine political and tribal — with those supporting the fascistic former “President” Pussygrabber refusing to be vaccinated (even though Der Fuhrer Pussygrabber himself got quite ill with COVID-19) — just might harm their “cause” as they die from COVID-19 at a greater rate than the rest of us.

I mean, the presidential elections are fairly tight these days, and the Pussygrabberians have a fucking death wish. If they keep dying of COVID-19, the Democrats more easily could keep the White House in 2024 (perhaps even if the vapid, wholly uninspiring Kamala Harris is the party’s presidential nominee…).

Of course, as compassionate as I might want to be, Charles Darwin’s/Herbert Spencer’s concept of the survival of the fittest still rules, regardless of what your or I or any Pussygrabberian/anti-vaxxer/Q-Anon idiot might think.

Ignorant, stupid people often die because of their ignorance and stupidity, such as by doing things that are inherently risky or dangerous, ignoring the science of healthy lifestyle practices, and claiming, without any sound evidence whatsoever, that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe or even dangerous or are some scam or conspiracy or are ineffective and/or unnecessary.

If the building is on fire and you choose to stay inside the building while most others are fleeing from it, you just might burn to death.

That’s your choice.

But you won’t have died a martyr; you’ll have died a fucking idiot.

P.S. I just saw these:

Political cartoon
Political cartoon


Maybe this year’s hottest Halloween costume will be that of an anti-vaxxer who was killed by COVID-19…

*I’m not saying that they’re perfect — no vaccine is 100 percent perfect — but the science shows that statistically, you’re more likely to die from COVID-19 at some point if you are unvaccinated than you are likely to die from any complication related to the COVID-19 vaccines in use if you receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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