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Don’t make me have to defend Pete Buttigieg, for fuck’s sake

Faux “News” “personality” Tucker Carlson makes the only facial expression that he’s capable of making.

Tucker Carlson is an over-privileged little piece of shit who knows nothing except how to pander to the ignorance and the hatred of his wingnutty audience. The vast majority of online articles about Carlson that I see I just skip over, as he has become a fucking caricature of a supposedly conservative commentator. He’s so far gone that he’s hard to take with any seriousness, except to acknowledge his contribution to the ongoing degradation of our democracy and civil society, most notably his assistance in the United States’ march toward fascism.

But when I read that Carlson recently made a sexist and homophobic attack on Pete Buttigieg, U.S. secretary of transportation, I immediately wished for Carlson’s slow, painful death.

Reports The Guardian:

…“Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child,” Tucker Carlson told his Fox News audience on Thursday. “Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed – no word on how that went.”

In fact, Fox News provides paternity leave, and Carlson’s colleagues have previously praised the company’s six weeks of paid leave on-air.

“They give us six weeks as dads for paternity and I’m taking that six weeks,” “Fox & Friends” co-host Todd Piro told his viewers in March, according to the left-leaning research center Media Matters for America. “I can’t wait to bond with my little one.”

Similarly, Fox host Jesse Watters said he was “pro-paternity” after taking six weeks following the birth of his third child. …

Clearly, this was a homophobic attack. Carlson is not on the record, I’m pretty sure, saying that his fellow wingnutty propagandists Todd Piro and Jesse Watters were “tying to figure out how to breastfeed.”

(In response to the “breastfeeding” dig, Buttigieg retorted, “In [Carlson’s] case, I guess he just doesn’t understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave.”)

Even Carlson, I am confident, as fucktarded as he is, understands and probably even more or less agrees with the fact that in today’s world, if a woman doesn’t want to be a mother, that’s fine; that’s her decision — and that if a man wants to raise a child, on his own or with another man, that’s fine, too; that’s his decision, too.

Carlson most likely is quite consciously further ingratiating himself with his base of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing, vaccination-refusing troglodytes who called Al Gore’s supporters “Sore Loserman” even though Gore won the popular vote in 2000, while former “President” Pussygrabber lost the 2020 popular vote by more than 7 million votes, yet millions of Pussygrabberians still maintain that Pussygrabber actually won, apparently wholly unaware of their rank hypocrisy.

Carlson knows what cray-cray these degenerates believe and he knows whom they hypocritically and irrationally hate, and so he plays those same tired chords, over and over and over again, because they’re the only chords he that knows how to play.

And it’s funny how wingnuts throw the word “freedom” around mindlessly while attempting to limit the freedoms of those whom they don’t like and with whom they disagree. That’s called fascism.

As a gay man, I’ve never had the desire to parent a child, and I generally think that it’s irresponsible to bring even more people into this already-troubled and already-overcrowded world. (I understand that Buttigieg and his husband adopted their two babies [twins], so they didn’t contribute to the planet’s count of human beings by going with a surrogate mother, I understand, but instead adopted twins who needed a parent or two, which is laudable, even though it’s something that I’d never do.)

But if I did have the desire to parent a child, I sure the fuck would be prepared to blast any heterosexist, homophobic piece of shit who tried to stand in my way of my exercising of my human and civil rights (a.k.a. my freedoms).

Especially when examples of abysmally awful parenting by heterosexuals abound, I wouldn’t hear any lecture on parenting from a straight person.

All of this said, I still think that it was in poor taste of Mr. and Mr. Buttigieg to publicly release this photo early last month:

I’m fine with a picture of the happy couple with their newly adopted babies, but what the fuck is with the hospital bed?

Unless I missed that day in biology class, neither one of them gave birth to either of these babies, so please get your asses out of that hospital bed, gentlemen; please don’t dismiss or disrespect the birthing process like this, by even giving the appearance that perhaps you’re acting as though you did this, as though you created these babies.

Call me old-fashioned, but I never would have posed for a picture like that.

Finally, let me make it clear that I don’t support Pete Buttigieg’s “centrist,” pro-corporate politics, to put it mildly. I didn’t support him when he stupidly ran for president of the United States after only having been mayor of South Bend, Indiana — I vote for the most progressive yet still viable candidate, regardless of that candidate’s biological sex, race or sexual orientation — and ever since Buttigieg helped to tank Bernie Sanders’ second run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination and rejuvenate the moribund Joe Biden campaign (for which he was awarded a Cabinet post in the Biden administration, as I noted at the time), he’s pretty much dead to me.

(And now we’re stuck with Old Addled Uncle Joe for president, whom some already are more or less accurately comparing to Jimmy Carter.)

I will, however, protect Buttigieg and all non-heterosexual and/or non-gender-conforming individuals from fascist attacks based on their gender identity and/or gender conformity and/or sexual orientation.

To fail to do so allows fascism to grow, as history has made plain.

And go fuck yourself, Tucker Carlson. (What a faggot name — amirite?)


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The dead-enders among us finally are meeting their deserved dead ends

Two pillars of Pussygrabberianism — and it’s a cult with millions of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing followers — are that of course former “President” Pussygrabber actually won the 2020 presidential election and that it’s a bad idea to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Alas, these twin delusions, as they always were destined to do, are crashing upon the brutal rocks of reality.

Since the treasonous, fascist, anti-democratic Repugnicans had bought and paid for the months-long “audit” of the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona’s most populous county, I’d figured that of course they would get what they’d paid for (“evidence” of “fraud” and/or a “stolen election”), but even the “Cyber Ninjas” “audit,” which was widely criticized by elections experts and others of both parties, showed that not only did Joe Biden win Maricopa County, but that he won it by a bit more than the original official results had put it.

Repugnican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said of the “audit’s” findings: “The [original election] outcome stands and the 2020 election in Arizona is over.”

Maybe it’s over in Arizona — at least to the point where the rest of us in the nation no longer will have to be plagued by the fascist, treasonous Arizona bullshit (again: maybe) — but it’s not over elsewhere, as Repugnican-orchestrated “audits” of the November 2020 presidential election continue in other states, even though we’re coming up on a fucking year after the November 2020 election.

After all, the monkey-see-monkey-do, lemming-like Pussygrabberians take their marching orders from deposed dictator Pussygrabber (“deposed” because the American people deposed him at the ballot box by more than 7 million votes in November 2020, and a “dictator” because he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes in 2016 in the first fucking place, so he never legitimately was elected as the nation’s leader), and fuck such trifles as climate change and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and the novel pandemics still to come): per the Pussygrabberians, bogus “voter fraud” and bogus “stolen elections” are our “No. 1 issue.”

This juvenile tactic of just claiming that you actually won what you actually lost apparently is the Repugnican Party’s only “plan” for the future. This dead-end belief, coming from dead-ender in chief Pussygrabber himself, apparently is that the rest of us actual patriots (you know, because we love and respect democracy, including certified election results) will just get sick and tired of the Repugnican-fascists’ temper tantrums after they lose elections and just tell them that OK, they actually won — in order for them to stop tantruming.

It won’t play out that way, however; telling us, the majority, that you, the minority, get to rule even though you can’t win elections anymore is not going to result in the rest of us caving in to you; no, it’s much more likely to result in a second American civil war (and this time, the North would do what it should have done the first time: polish off the Southern traitors. Don’t tread on us, motherfuckers!)

Nor is the Pussygrabberians’ “strategy” to “battle” COVID-19 — to refuse to wear face masks and to take other disease-prevention measures and, of course, to refuse to be vaccinated — a sound long-term plan. Google “anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19” and you’ll see ample fucking evidence of this fact.

Further, a federal judge in Kentucky just yesterday ruled that a Kentucky healthcare system may require its more than 10,000 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, as a 1905 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a Massachusetts mandate for the smallpox vaccination is the standing precedent on the matter of vaccination mandates.

“Actual liberty for all of us cannot exist where individual liberties override potential injury done to others,” the federal judge proclaimed.

Don’t expect the Pussygrabberians — ignorant, selfish traitors all — to understand this basic fact about freedom or to follow it.

But they don’t have to; the rest of us, the majority, still can, and must, minimize the danger that they pose to the rest of us, the majority.

Like the novel coronavirus, we probably can’t completely eradicate the Pussygrabberians and the threats that they pose to us, but we can, and we will, keep them contained.

The dead-enders, being dead-enders, will meet their dead ends sooner or later, but probably sooner rather than later.

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California’s voters hand the Repugnicans their sorry asses to them on a platinum platter

California Gov. Gavin Newsom addresses reporters after beating back the recall attempt that aimed to remove him from office, at the John L. Burton California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Associated Press news photo

California Gov. Gavin Newsom celebrates his blowout win in the California gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday night in Sacramento. Newsom is on track to have done even better in the recall election (64 percent thus far) than he did in his initial election to the governorship in November 2018 (with 62 percent). The Repugnicans in the state are being awfully quiet these days, for some reason…

From Day One, the effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom very primarily was an effort by the disgruntled and the crazed — and the significantly outnumbered — Pussygrabberian minority here in the state. It widely was called a “grassroots” effort by its pushers, but those “grassroots” cover no more than about 40 percent of the state’s population.

Indeed, in the Public Policy Institute of California’s polls on the recall effort released in March, in May and earlier this month, no more than 40 percent of the state’s likely voters ever said that they supported the removal of Newsom, despite the state’s big problems, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the high cost of housing and the high rate of homelessness, the now-regular huge wildfires and drought.

In the results of Tuesday’s recall election thus far, Newsom is keeping his job, 64 percent to 36 percent.

I’ve noted here that I had expected Newsom to garner around 56 percent, maybe 58 percent in Tuesday’s recall election, but if his 64 percent holds, that’s even better than he did when he was first elected in November 2018, with 62 percent of the vote.

So, far from repudiating Newsom, as the Repugnican recall pushers for months and months claimed the majority of the state’s voters would do, the state’s voters instead doubled down on their show of support for Newsom, giving him an even larger margin of victory this time around.

So why has Newsom done significantly better than even the polling had suggested he would? (’s final polling average for the recall election was 57.3 percent to keep Newsom to 41.5 percent to remove him, and Real Clear Politics’ final polling average for the recall election was 56.3 percent to keep Newsom to 41.8 percent to remove him.)

Newsom has done even better than expected because the aforementioned disgruntled fascist fucktards here in California (and elsewhere throughout the nation, of course) are loud and obnoxious, and their loudness and their obnoxiousness can make it appear that their numbers are significantly greater than they actually are.

It was California’s true silent majority — those of us who love science and who thus believe that climate change is real and who believe in the overall effectiveness and the overall safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, among other things — that has given Newsom his blowout win in Tuesday’s bullshit recall election.

You don’t hear much from California’s sane majority — because we’re sane. We’re quietly keeping the state afloat while the wingnuts whine how hard they supposedly have it and how much they’re “oppressed” while they do nothing but drag the rest of us down with their selfishness and their laziness and their abject ignorance, such as with their willful refusal to benefit the larger population by getting vaccinated against a virus that has killed more than 67,000 Californians thus far. (The rest of us, we “socialists,” have to cover the costs of their wholly preventable COVID-19-related hospitalizations, of course. [If we are “socialists,” it’s largely because we are burdened with these lazy and selfish Pussygrabberian fucktards, who are a huge drain on the system.])

Further, I surmise that most of the undecided voters in the end broke for Newsom, and a top state Repugnican operative has posited that Repugnican-fascist recall candidate Larry Elder’s stupid, sleazy, anti-democratic campaign tactic of claiming election fraud even before election day (indeed, former “President” Pussygrabber has grabbed Elder by the pussy, too) had the effect of depressing Repugnican turnout. (Why even bother to vote if it’s all “rigged” anyway?)

And, of course, before Larry Elder’s rise in July, the recall campaign had been all about Gavin Newsom and his shortcomings, real or perceived; after Elder’s rise, it became all about Newsom vs. Elder, whose wingnutty political views are wildly out of step with the majority of California’s voters.

Of course, since the close of the polls on Tuesday and the media’s reportage shortly thereafter that it was shaping up to be a blowout for Newsom, it’s been mostly crickets from the state’s Repugnicans.

Why? Because Newsom’s victory has been so huge that even they can’t, with any credibility at all, claim “election fraud” or a “stolen election.” (Which, I predict, will not work for the dying Repugnican Party in the long term. They follow the fucktarded Pussygrabber at their own peril; the idea in politics is to actually win elections, not to lose them but steadfastly lie that you actually won them.)

And it’s crickets from the Repugnicans now here in the Golden State because it’s not like the Repugnicans ever admit when they’re wrong or when they have had their treasonous, fascist asses kicked by the majority of the voters again. Just like with an Orwellian memory hole, they’ll just pretend as though none of it ever happened, since that’s what’s most politically convenient for them.

In the meantime, we sane Californians, we sane Americans and we sane human beings have a state, a nation and a planet to save.

Unfortunately, at the same time, we have to continue to do battle with our enemies within: the right-wing nut-job traitors who call themselves Repugnicans.

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Gavin Newsom is looking quite safe

Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, hugs his wife,Jennifer Siebel Newsom as he celebrates at an election night party after he defeated Republican opponent John Cox to become 40th governor of California Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Los Angeles, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Associated Press news photo

Gavin Newsom and his wife celebrate his crushing 62-percent-to-38-percent victory in the California gubernatorial election of November 2018. This celebratory scene most likely will be repeated the night of September 14, when the majority of the state’s voters are expected to affirm that they want to keep Newsom, who still is in his first term, in office.

With the bullshit gubernatorial recall Repugnican-vanity-project do-over election just eight days away, California Gov. Gavin Newsom very much appears to not have to worry about having to pack up his office anytime soon.

The latest Public Policy Institute of California poll has Newsom keeping his job handily, with 58 percent of likely California voters saying they want to keep Newsom in his job, and only 39 percent of them saying they want to boot him.

And since vote-by-mail ballots under state law automatically were sent to more than 22 million registered voters beginning August 16, the ballot return rate of more than 5.7 million ballots thus far has been more than 2:1 Democratic:Repugnican — which is in line with the voter-registration composition of California, which is about 2:1 Democratic:Repugnican.

Obviously, Democrats are voting, are not sitting out this stupid, colossal-waste-of-taxpayers’-money election (as the pundits for a while had predicted very well might be the case), perhaps especially since they’ve all been mailed a ballot. (Repugnicans hate voting by mail only because it makes it easier for the “wrong” people to vote, of course. If you want to vote for a Democrat, at the minimum, you should have to crawl for at least a mile under razor wire among shards of glass and fire ants, you see — while being shot at by a firing squad.)

Further, according to the aforementioned PPIC poll, a higher percentage of even Repugnicans are voting to keep Newsom than the percentage of Democrats who are voting to boot him — only 7 percent of the Democrats polled by the PPIC said they’d cross over to vote to oust Newsom, whereas 17 percent of the Repugnicans said they’d cross over to vote to keep him.

(Independent/”no-party-preference” voters were almost evenly split, with 49 percent saying they’d vote to retain Newsom and 44 percent saying they’d vote to eject him, so it looks like Newsom probably will get some net help from the state’s independents, who overall lean toward the Democrats.)

While I don’t see the final, official vote tally putting Newsom at the PPIC poll’s 58 percent, which is only four percentage points away from what he garnered in November 2018 (a whopping 62 percent of the vote), I expect him to keep his job with probably around 54 percent, maybe around 56 percent of the vote.

Indeed,’s average of recent polls has Newsom winning the September 14 do-over election with 53 percent, which I surmise is close to what the final election result will be.

Still, all that Newsom has to get is a simple majority and he keeps his job, and those who are putting their money where their mouths are at right now are betting 86 cents that Newsom will keep his job — to 14 cents that he’ll lose it.

Still, fully expect the Repugnicans, a bunch of fucking zombie-sheep if ever there ever were any, to claim, way, way beyond ludicrously, that no, right-wing nut job Larry Elder actually won the recall election, despite the fact that California’s voter registration favors Democrats over Repugnicans by about two to fucking one, and despite the fact that Elder’s cray-cray political positions — such as (not in any certain order) his opposition even to any minimum wage at all, his opposition to the government making public-health rules to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (even though the pandemic at this point is killing mostly anti-vax wingnuts, a.k.a. the Repugnican Party’s base), his desire to turn our public schools into private profiteering centers, and his (timely…) belief that the states should be able to determine whether a not a woman has the right to choose — are wildly out of step with the political positions of the crystal-clear majority of the state’s voters.

These traitors don’t flinch about blatantly lying about “election fraud” and “stolen elections” because they’re perfectly fine with rule by the minority, which, of course, is not democracy, but which is tyranny — as we also see primarily with their continued steadfast support for former fascist “President” Pussygrabber, who lost the popular vote not once, but twice (by almost 3 million votes in 2016 and by just more than 7 million votes in 2020), yet these mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing, COVID-19-vaccine-refusing fascist traitors still talk insanely about Pussygrabber’s pending “reinstatement” as “president”democracy (those 7 million more votes for Joe Biden than for Pussygrabber) be damned.

It is vital that we sane, actually patriotic Americans — you know, actually patriotic because we actually want as many eligible voters to vote as possible, and because we believe in honoring election results instead of treasonously lying pathologically about “election fraud” when we cannot win fairly and squarely at the ballot boxhold the line.

There are millions of rabid traitors out there who are perfectly fine with installing their fascist “leaders” who have only minority support, like Pussygrabber and Larry Elder — no matter how the majority of us vote.

P.S. To be sure, a huge chunk of those voting to keep Newsom in office aren’t totally in love with him, but really, really don’t want a Repugnican as governor. (This certainly has been my case.)

This political dynamic hasn’t changed, I surmise, since the 2020 presidential election, in which, I surmise, hatred for “President” Pussygrabber was stronger than was the love for Joe Biden, but nonetheless, that hatred for the unelected, fascist Pussygrabber — who always was more like a lame-ass mob boss than anything like a United States president — was enough to give Biden the win.

Similarly, I surmise that the majority of those who are voting to keep Newsom are only lukewarm on him — but nonetheless strongly prefer him to the frontrunner on the other side, Repugnican-fascist Larry Elder.

Further, while the Repugnicans of course want to pin all of California’s problems on Newsom, most of the state’s voters aren’t nearly as fucktarded as is the typical Repugnican voter, and they realize that no one individual in the nation’s most populous state is primarily responsible for the state’s problems, and that much (if not most) is out of the control of the state’s governor, whoever that is.

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Why I voted for Angelyne for governor

Wikipedia says of Angelyne: “Angelyne (born Ronia Tamar Goldberg, October 2, 1950) is an American singer, actress, media personality and model who came to prominence in 1984 after the appearance of a series of iconic billboards in and around Los Angeles, California, that read only ‘Angelyne’ and pictured her posing suggestively.” (See photo above.) Born almost 71 years ago, Angelyne of course doesn’t look like she looks in the photo above anymore, but she’s still more qualified to be governor of California than, say, Repugnican-fascist Larry Elder…

Last week I received my vote-by-mail ballot for the beyond-bullshit September 14 California gubernatorial recall Repugnican-fascist do-over election.

And last week I voted “no” on the removal of Gov. Gavin Newsom — here’s my “ballot selfie”:

— and on the second part of the ballot, I voted for Angelyne as the “replacement candidate” should Newsom be removed:

Why did I waste my vote like that?

Oh, I did not waste my vote.

The first question on the ballot is the most important one; if more than 50.0 percent of the voters vote to retain Newsom, as I did (despite his flaws), the second question on the ballot (the selection of a “replacement candidate”) becomes moot.

As far as the 46 replacement candidates on the ballots are concerned, I won’t vote for a Repugnican (and 24 of the “replacement candidates” are running as such). That’s it. Even if you’re supposedly less evil than is the typical Repugnican, I nonetheless judge you by the company that you keep.

To me, if you call yourself a Repugnican, you are aligning yourself with the likes of former “President” Pussygrabber, the only “president” in my lifetime who first got into the White House after he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, was impeached twice during his illegitimate first term in office (the entire time of which he acted like a lame-ass mob boss, not at all like a U.S. president), and who refused to admit that he lost “re”-election, even when his opponent garnered more than 7 million more votes than he did.

And if you call yourself a Repugnican, you are aligning yourself with the basement-dwelling, animal-skin-wearing incels who treasonously attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 to try to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election, and you are aligning yourself with the anti-vax flat-earther fucktards who complain about ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions but who won’t fucking get vaccinated or even wear a fucking face mask and who now are overburdening our hospitals because their lovely thoughts and prayers aren’t nearly as strong as is a fucking vaccine.

And if you call yourself a Repugnican you are aligning yourself with racism, white supremacism, sexism and misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, “Christo”fascism, voter suppression, the actual (at least attempted) theft of elections and a hatred for democracy except for when it goes your way, anti-environmentalism (that goes along with the anti-science flat-eartherism), etc., etc.

Who else is on the do-over gubernatorial election ballot besides Repugnicans?

Some no-name Democrats (one guy apparently has a YouTube channel — Ooooo!) and others with no party preference (like Angelyne) or who are affiliated with a third party — none of whom could be elected as governor of the nation’s most populous state in a regular election.

I recently read an editorial somewhere recommending that we vote for the most “sensible” Repugnican (that is, not Larry Elder), the “argument” being that if Newsom is booted, a Repugnican most likely will get the highest number of votes to take his place, so we should work to elect the least-evil Repugnican.

No fucking thanks. I grew tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, which is why I changed my voter registration from Democrat to no party preference back in 2016, after the Democratic Party establishment first fucked over Bernie Sanders royally. (This presciently saved me the trouble of having to change my voter registration after the Democratic establishment fucked over Bernie again, in 2020, reviving the corpse of Joe Biden at the very last moment.)

Again, no thanks to voting for the “lesser” or the “least” of the evils. Keep your fucking evils. (On that note, I did not vote for lesser-evil Biden in November 2020, knowing that he would win my state and all of its electoral votes anyway. [If the popular vote actually got you into the White House, I might have voted for Biden, but in this so-called democracy, the popular vote doesn’t get you into the White House.])

As I have nothing but contempt and disgust for the September 14 California Repugnican-fascist do-over electionwhich was made possible only because a Repugnican-and-Pussygrabber-aligned “judge” gave the proponents of the do-over election a full four additional months with which to gather their petition signatures to get their little election (citing COVID-19, since COVID-19 is a thing when it benefits the wingnuts for it to be a thing)I fucking refuse to acquiesce to it by treating it with seriousness and legitimacy that it does not deserve.

It isn’t serious or legitimate; it’s a fucking political circus.

Therefore, I voted for one of the clowns, and for the one who seems to be the most innocuous and the most likeable of the clowns.

(And Angelyne is, inarguably, quintessentially Californian…)

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Taliban R Us

I’m not an expert on Afghanistan or the Taliban, but when I saw in the news that the Afghan army collapsed like a house of cards in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after the United States’ military exit after two decades of “nation-building” in the “Graveyard of Empires,” I didn’t blame the Afghans; I just figured that the whole Afghan adventure always has been primarily if not only about members of the U.S. military-corporate complex looting the U.S. treasury via another impoverished nation in the name of “spreading democracy.”

Those juicy gubmint military contracts are just too juicy to ignore!

Further, I surmise that most Americans view the members of the Taliban as ignorant, violent, unwashed hordes, forgetting (or maybe ignoring) that we have such ilk here at home: the American Taliban.

Here, for instance, is a photo of the members of the Taliban after they recently took over the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul:

Associated Press news photo

And here are some pix of the American Taliban as they briefly overtook the U.S. Capitol on January 6:

Supporters of Donald Trump protest inside the U.S. Capitol.
Supporters of President Donald Trump in the US Capitol's Rotunda after breeching police barriers in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021.

A man sitting at a desk holds up a document and sticks his tongue out

Jake Angeli yells inside the Senate Chamber in Washington. Photo / Getty Images
Getty Images news photos

Actually, it’s probably not fair to compare the Taliban to the basement-dwelling incels and other assorted mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers who briefly overtook the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

I mean, from the images that I have seen, the members of the Taliban have been much more orderly and organized, and certainly, entirely unlike the American Taliban, clearly they had a fucking plan — and clearly they are achieving their objective of a complete takeover of the gubmint.

This Q-Anon fucktard (redundant) who broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 wore a shirt emblazoned with “Trust the Plan” —

Getty Images news photo

— but how did that “plan” turn out on January 6 (and since then), other than resulting in a lot of arrests and incarcerations and felony convictions (and seriously beefed-up Capitol security)?

Still, we sane Americans always should be mindful that among us are plenty of troglodytes (such as those pictured above) who would love to impose their backasswards beliefs, including if not primarily their ironically evil, backasswards “Christo”fascist beliefs, on the rest of us.

There would be no vote to make the U.S. a theocracy like Afghanistan is about to become. (And indeed, this is where the “Christo”fascists are with that liberal elitist concept of democracy these days: If they lose an election, no, they actually won it! It was stolen from them! In fact, there is no way that they can lose any election!)

A “Christo”fascist theocracy here at home would be created and maintained not democratically, but via violence.

If we actually patriotic Americans were to allow that to happen.

P.S. Here is Ted Rall’s take on the hypocrisy:

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California’s next governor might take office with a minority of the vote — but wouldn’t be governor for very long


Fascist-Repugnican talk-radio host Larry Elder, shown with his buddy former “President” Pussygrabber in a Tweet that Elder posted himself in July 2018 (and again in October 2020), just might become California’s next governor in the September 14 gubernatorial recall election with millions of fewer votes than the number of votes for current Gov. Gavin Newsom to keep his job — but there’s no way in hell that Elder could win election outright in November 2022, which he’d have to do in order to keep the job.

Having lived here in California since September 1998, I think that I’m qualified to state that with each passing year, I’ve agreed more and more with the assertion that the nation’s most populous state inherently is ungovernable.

Nonetheless, the nation’s most populous state has a governor, and soon, the right-wing nut-job minority of the state might be handed the reins of governance.

California has a gubernatorial recall election — the second one since I’ve lived here — on September 14, and, as two law professors correctly and importantly pointed out a few days ago in a piece in The New York Times, we could see the scenario in which current California Gov. Gavin Newsom loses his job by falling just short of the 50.0 percent of the vote plus one vote that he needs to keep his job. Yet thus far, only 18 percent is the highest that I’ve seen for the candidate who is polling the best of the 46 potential gubernatorial replacement candidates who are on the recall ballot.

This means that even if, say, 49.9 percent of the state’s voters elect to keep Newsom in place, a much smaller amount of voters (say, only around 18 percent of them…) could override the wishes of the much higher amount of voters who essentially had voted for Newsom — and put right-wing nut-job talk-radio host (of course…) Larry Elder (the aforementioned front-runner for Newsom’s job, according to the polling) in the governorship.

This is the dream scenario for the increasingly fascist, increasingly authoritarian, increasingly anti-democratic Repugnican Party: rule over the majority by the minority. (Indeed, we saw this in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote yet loser George W. Bush became “president,” and in 2016, when Billary Clinton won the popular vote, yet loser Pussygrabber became “president.”)

Politico reports on this issue: “‘The [recall-election] ballots are out, so I don’t think a judge is going to unwind this [election],’ said Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School. A [law]suit could be more ripe after the election, she said, if it turns out that Newsom loses but receives more votes than the winner of the recall.”

Indeed, that’s exactly what should happen if a “new” “governor” is put into place by a smaller number of voters than the number of voters who voted to keep Newsom: it should be challenged in court as unconstitutional, violating the democratic principle that the candidate who wins the higher number of votes is the one who wins the election (any other outcome is blatantly anti-democratic, and yes, for that reason, the antiquated, blatantly anti-democratic Electoral College must go, too).

In the meantime, California’s recall process needs to be fixed so that the will of the higher number of voters always fucking prevails. (Even just requiring a run-off election — instead of allowing a candidate with a small plurality of the vote to become governor — would be an improvement in California’s recall process.) This is, after all, supposedly, a democracy.

Of course, even if fascist-Repugnican Larry Elder becomes the next governor — and his lovely political stances include opposing a minimum wage, opposing the right to an abortion, opposing the idea that there is systemic racism in the United States, and, of course, being a fucking homophobe — he very most likely wouldn’t be governor for very long, and in the quite foreseeable future we even could see the return of Gov. Gavin Newsom.


Because if Newsom is recalled, that doesn’t mean that he could not run for governor again, even in the next cycle, which is next year; he could if he wanted to. And regardless of who wins the September 14 gubernatorial recall election, whoever wants to be governor as of January 2023 must run in the regularly scheduled June 2022 gubernatorial primary election and be one of the top-two vote-getters in that primary election to be able to move on to the November 2022 gubernatorial general election — and then must win that election, too.

I don’t see any Repugnican doing that, not in a state whose voters are 46.5 percent Democratic to only 24 percent Repugnican at last count. Indeed, so deep blue is California that Newsom won election in 2018 by 62 percent to his pathetic Repugnican challenger’s 38 percent, and Joe Biden won California by 63.5 percent to Pussygrabber’s 34 percent.

Despite these daunting numbers, however, fully expect the fascist-Repugnicans to claim that if Newsom keeps his job, as he probably will, it was only because of “election fraud.” (An election is legitimate only if the fascist “wins,” you see; that is a central tenet of fascism, as we’ve seen played out as Pussygrabber & Co. still fascistically, treasonously and anti-democratically claim that Pussygrabber actually won the 2020 presidential election despite having lost it by more than 7 million votes.)

Newsom could lose his job in next month’s recall election, though; for quite a while now California’s voters have been run through the fucking wringer, as California experiences perhaps an unprecedented number of big problems all at the same time, including wildfires (mostly in the northern part of the state, along with Oregon), recurring drought, a serious lack of affordable housing and rampant homelessness* and, of course, probably first and foremost in most voters’ minds, the never-ending novel coronavirus pandemic that probably would have been over by now had the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing fucktards** not have tried to turn efforts to beat the pandemic (such as by the use of the three available vaccines and the use of face masks) into some backasswards tribal, political statement.

I mean, it’s ironic that the Repugnicans help to create the problem, such as the wholly unnecessary and wholly preventable extension of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then seek to benefit politically from the problem that they helped create, but we’ve seen this page from the fascist’s playbook before, such as with the Reichstag fire (and even with the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election, in which Repugnican Arnold “Baby Daddy” Schwarzenegger had had a secret meeting with Enron — and then used Enron’s raping of the state via a manufactured electricity crisis to get himself into the governorship in that recall election).

Whatever California’s big problems are now, however, under a fascist-Repugnican like Larry Elder (who wholeheartedly supports former “President” Pussygrabber, of course), the state would get even worse.

Therefore, of course I’ll be voting “NO” on Gavin Newsom’s recall, probably within the week (I should receive my vote-by-mail ballot within the next few days and probably will mail it back within a day or two).

I’m not wild about Gavin Newsom — I’m a “Bernie bro,” not a Democratic Party hack (indeed, I’m registered as an independent because I have real fucking problems with the pro-corporate, income-inequality-loving-but-nauseatingly-“woke” Democratic Party establishment) — but right now Newsom (for whom I did vote in November 2018) is our best bet to be at the helm of the nation’s most populous state (which, because it has the highest number of people, of course should have the highest number of problems…).

If we Californians think that we have it bad now, all that we need to do is to allow a Repugnican to take the reins — even if for only a relatively short period of time.

*California has only about 12 percent of the nation’s population, yet has about a quarter of the nation’s homeless. The fascist-Repugnicans like to say that this is because California is an inherently failed state, but no, clearly, homeless people are coming to California from other (I surmise mostly red) states, knowing that much if not most of California not only has a more favorable climate that do most other states, but that California isn’t nearly as mean-spirited toward the homeless as most other (supposedly “Christian”) states are.

**Indeed, it seems to me that Afghanistan right now is being overrun by its own type of teatard/Pussygrabber-loving/Q-Anon/anti-vax animals. Indeed, the only difference between the members of the Taliban (“Islamofascists”) and the “Christo”fascists here in the United States is the content of their backasswards religious beliefs. Otherwise, they’re remarkably similar, including their hatred of democracy, science, logic, reason, human rights, actual religious freedom, etc.

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Delta is for ‘D,’ which is for Darwin

The science always wins. Might the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus help clean up the polluted American gene pool, Darwin-style?

The stories are ubiquitous on the Internet right now: A person who had eschewed getting vaccinated against COVID-19 then ended up in the hospital — or in the morgue (with the Delta variant doing most of the killing these days).

Google “anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19” and you’ll see a shitload of these cases.

While I don’t actually wish even the anti-vax/Q-Anon/Pussygrabberian nut jobs (redundant) pain and suffering, at the same time I can’t say that I feel sorry for any of these idiots. (Or, as I’ve seen written, “covidiots.”)

I do feel sorry for their minor children (or hapless adult dependents) whom they won’t allow to be vaccinated, however; no one should have to die needlessly and pointlessly because of his or her parent’s or guardian’s abject fucktardation.

In full disclosure, would I have been the first one in line to get one of the three COVID-19 vaccines that have been in use in the United States for some months now?

No, I wasn’t chomping at the bit to be a guinea pig myself, but by the time that I got vaccinated (with the Moderna vaccine), we already had had millions of guinea pigs: the precious baby boomers, who, because they always have gotten the lion’s share of everything, were the first to get vaccinated. (In fairness, at the beginning of the pandemic in the United States they were in the highest risk group, but I still surmise that they’d have been first in line even otherwise.)

I was A-OK with the baby boomers being vaccinated before the vaccine was made available to me, a Gen X’er (we’ve always been expendable anyway), and by the time that I got vaccinated (my first dose was in March and my second dose was in April), it was clear that the corpses of those killed by the vaccines weren’t filling our streets. It was clear that the vaccines are safe.*

At this point, with more than 162 million Americans having been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, again, it’s pretty clear that the vaccines are safe (relative to the risk of dying from COVID-19, anyway).

The CDC reports that just more than 6,200 deaths have been reported in individuals who recently had received a COVID-19 vaccination, but the CDC notes that “Reports of adverse events … following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.” The proximity in time of two events of course doesn’t always mean causation.

Indeed, with about 340 million vaccine doses thus far delivered in the United States (per the CDC), statistically speaking, it’s not shocking that a bit more than 6,200 deaths would have been reported shortly after the decedent having received a vaccination. A shitload of those who got a dose of one of the three vaccines were going to die anyway, just given the rates of the various causes of death in the United States, especially for those who have certain pre-existing chronic medical conditions (which is why many have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first place).

You don’t want to be among the just more than 6,200 who died shortly after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, you say. OK, fine, understandable, but thus far almost 608,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 (per the CDC). Which do you think is your greater risk of death: the disease (more than 600,000 deaths so far) or the cure (no more than around 6,200 deaths so far, even though not all of those deaths actually were because of a vaccine)? That’s just simple math.

Of course, the anti-vaxxers (most of whom also are Pussygrabberians) can’t be appealed to with reason, logic and science (including math). They don’t come to their conclusions about anything via reason, logic and science, and therefore reason, logic and science can’t be used to talk them out of their cray-cray.

It’s ironic, though, that so many of the anti-vaxxers are also Pussygrabberians. Their incredibly stupid decision to make the COVID-19 vaccine political and tribal — with those supporting the fascistic former “President” Pussygrabber refusing to be vaccinated (even though Der Fuhrer Pussygrabber himself got quite ill with COVID-19) — just might harm their “cause” as they die from COVID-19 at a greater rate than the rest of us.

I mean, the presidential elections are fairly tight these days, and the Pussygrabberians have a fucking death wish. If they keep dying of COVID-19, the Democrats more easily could keep the White House in 2024 (perhaps even if the vapid, wholly uninspiring Kamala Harris is the party’s presidential nominee…).

Of course, as compassionate as I might want to be, Charles Darwin’s/Herbert Spencer’s concept of the survival of the fittest still rules, regardless of what your or I or any Pussygrabberian/anti-vaxxer/Q-Anon idiot might think.

Ignorant, stupid people often die because of their ignorance and stupidity, such as by doing things that are inherently risky or dangerous, ignoring the science of healthy lifestyle practices, and claiming, without any sound evidence whatsoever, that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe or even dangerous or are some scam or conspiracy or are ineffective and/or unnecessary.

If the building is on fire and you choose to stay inside the building while most others are fleeing from it, you just might burn to death.

That’s your choice.

But you won’t have died a martyr; you’ll have died a fucking idiot.

P.S. I just saw these:

Political cartoon
Political cartoon


Maybe this year’s hottest Halloween costume will be that of an anti-vaxxer who was killed by COVID-19…

*I’m not saying that they’re perfect — no vaccine is 100 percent perfect — but the science shows that statistically, you’re more likely to die from COVID-19 at some point if you are unvaccinated than you are likely to die from any complication related to the COVID-19 vaccines in use if you receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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DINOs Manchin and Sinema have to go

Political cartoon.

Democrat in name only U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin says that not only does he oppose eliminating the anti-democratic filibuster, which ludicrously requires a super-majority vote of 60 for anything to pass the U.S. Senate, but that he also opposes the For the People Act, which would combat voter suppression, because it is too “partisan” and we musn’t piss off the Repugnicans (such as by actually allowing people to vote).

Yes, the Repugnican Party wants only Repugnicans to vote; the Repugnican Party targets its voter suppression tactics (mostly in the form of anti-Democratic-voter state laws) to help itself and to harm the Democratic Party. That’s pretty fucking partisan.

The Democratic Party wants to make voting as accessible as possible for those who are eligible to vote. (There is no such fucking thing as widespread “voter fraud.” This is not a matter of opinion; it is a well-established, case-closed matter of fucking fact. There is widespread “voter fraud” just like treasonous, felonious former “President” Pussygrabber actually won the 2020 presidential election — bigly.)

The difference between the two parties’ approaches to voting rights is that the Repugnican Party clearly intends to feather its own political nest by doing its best to determine who can and who cannot cast a ballot, whereas under the Democratic Party plan to tackle voter suppression and facilitate voting, every voter of every partisan affiliation may cast a ballot without unconstitutional, anti-democratic (and anti-Democratic) — and mean-spirited — hurdles. That is true bipartisanship.

Joe Manchin is against this, however, and feels the need to make the “case” for the Repugnican Party that the Democratic Party’s vision of voting rights is too “partisan” — and thus “divisive.” (Because the Repugnican Party isn’t at all divisive!)

Democrat in name only U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a real fucking over-privileged princess whose adolescent antics make me want to vomit, couldn’t be bothered to vote on the creation of a commission to study the treasonous January 6 attack upon the U.S. Capitol. (She claims some conveniently unspecified personal emergency, but probably the princess — who curtsied like a punk-ass teenager, replete with schoolgirl uniform and backpack, while she literally voted thumbs-down against a federal $15 minimum wagewanted to go shopping instead.)

Of course Sinema, like her fellow fucktard Manchin, loves the filibuster, and, with Manchin, is determined to see to it that the Repugnican Party, at least via the filibuster, blocks every significant advancement that the Democrats could make while they still control both houses of Congress.

Sinema and Manchin need to leave the Democratic Party and become the Repugnicans that they are.

But no, I don’t expect either Manchin or Sinema to change their ways (including officially becoming the Repugnicans that they already are), or to voluntarily stop inflicting us, the majority of the American people who voted for Joe Biden for president and who voted in a Democratic-majority Congress, with their love for the Repugnican Party. Their lack of character, morality and intelligence appears to be deeply entrenched, as is their anti-democratic — and anti-Democratic — sentiment.

We need to primary the holy living fuck out of both Sinema and Manchin. My guess is that it would be significantly easier to topple Sinema than Manchin in a primary* (both DINOs are up for re-election in 2024), but we won’t know until we try.

But trying to rid ourselves of the traitors Sinema and Manchin in their next primary election isn’t enough — and might be too little too late; in November 2022 we need to expand the number of Democratic seats in the U.S. Senate so that a progressive, pro-democratic agenda can pass with or without their sorry treasonous, self-serving, obstructionist asses.

I, for one, will continue to donate to progressive candidates who have a good shot at winning U.S. Senate primary elections next year, such as John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, to whom I’ve already given several small donations.

It’s rare that the Democratic Party has the trifecta of controlling the White House and both houses of Congress. The stars don’t align like this often, and they don’t stay aligned like this for a long time.

It is unconscionable that the likes of Manchin and Sinema believe that they can sabotage their own party — and their own nation — without paying a serious price.

Political cartoon.

*Former “President” Pussygrabber lost Sinema’s state of Arizona in November 2020 (but by only 0.3 percent, admittedly), while he overwhelmingly won Manchin’s even more backasswards state of West Virginia (by about 39 percentage points). It seems to me that someone to the left of Sinema (and it wouldn’t be hard to be to the left of her) could have a decent shot in Arizona in 2024, whereas West Virginia appears to be a lost cause, but it still might be worth a try.

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To mask or not to mask?

It seems to me that the use — or non-use — of face masks doesn’t have to create as much hand-wringing — and fighting — as it does.

First and foremost, follow the fucking rules. If a face mask is mandatory, say, on a bus or an airplane or in any other fairly crowded place with ventilation that isn’t optimal, wear a fucking face mask.* This isn’t hard.

Obviously you can’t eat and drink at a restaurant if you’re wearing a mask, so there is that, but if you are following the establishment’s rules, you’re all good. (If you are unvaccinated for whatever reason or reasons and don’t feel safe in a restaurant, where others aren’t wearing masks because they’re eating and drinking, then avoid restaurants…)

I avoided crowds even pre-COVID-19 — not for disease prevention but because people are assholes enough individually, but even more so when they’re a part of a fucking mob — so that’s not an issue for me. But if you must find yourself in a crowd (where you could be subjected to the mob mentality at any time…), you should wear a mask, in my book, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

Why? Because no one else has any way of knowing whether you have been vaccinated or not. Unfortunately, we probably never will have a way of knowing others’ COVID-19 vaccination status, such as like this:

sneetches (1)

Yes, I’d love to be like the asshole on the left, holding out my COVID-19 vaccination card and declaring to the unvaccinated, “Moderna, bitch!”

But I recognize that that wouldn’t fly.

So, because I have been fully vaccinated (Moderna, bitch!), I am not worried about getting ill with COVID-19. I recently ate at a particular restaurant for the first time in a year, and I felt perfectly safe eating there, even though there were plenty of strangers around me, close enough to give me a communicable disease if they had one.

But, in public, except at a restaurant while eating and drinking, I still wear a mask, even outdoors, even though the CDC now says that I don’t have to do so because I’ve been fully vaccinated.

My own personal rule, for more than year now, has been that if I’m out and about in public and I could end up finding myself within a few feet of anyone else, I wear a face mask — not so much for my own protection (especially now that I’ve been vaccinated [Moderna, bitch!]), but also for others’ comfort. (And at this point, probably more for others’ comfort than for my own protection.) Absent a gubmint-issued green star on my belly, others have no way of knowing my vaccination status. (Also, of course, I really don’t need some ignoramus yelling at me that I need to be wearing a face mask, even though the CDC says that no, I don’t…)

I know that I’m supposed to be like the typically incredibly selfish American, caring only about my own comfort and my own desires, and ignoring everyone else’s comfort and well-being in the name of a blue-and-white-face-painted Mel Gibson screaming, “Freeedom!” Call me a Commie

All along, the face masks have been meant to be a public-health measure to stem the spread of a communicable disease (duh). (They also, in my book, have been pretty effective IQ tests…) Face masks never should have become (via their use or non-use) political insignia, for fuck’s sake, although it’s entirely appropriate that the Repugnicans, being fucking traitors, should eschew face masks; even though they call themselves “Christians,” they don’t fucking care if they carelessly, selfishly cause others’ illness or even death (again: traitors!).

The novel coronavirus pandemic has, graphically, shown us Americans an awful lot about ourselves, but, being Americans, the lesson is going to escape at least the one-third or so of us who still align themselves with Pussygrabberism.

The lesson of COVID-19 has been that we Americans are woefully unprepared to act collectively, cooperatively and effectively against a common serious threat to all of us. Instead of mounting an effective defense and counteroffensive, working together, we quickly turn to attacking each other (along political lines, in the case of COVID-19).

When/if the next pandemic — only a more lethal one** — comes along, we’re probably toast. We were given the warning, but we’ll ignore it; we are, after all, Amuricans

In the meantime — until the next, perhaps more lethal, pandemic comes along — at some point the CDC will announce that we don’t have to wear face masks anywhere, except in certain rare situations (such as, say, at a medical facility where there are immunocompromised individuals).

Until that time comes — and it probably will come sooner rather than later — I suggest that even if you are vaccinated, consider those who haven’t been, or even who have been but still are concerned (probably irrationally, according to the actual science) about contracting COVID-19 — or even who are just concerned that you might be infecting others, since they can’t know your vaccination status just by looking at you.

Until all of us get the all-clear, would it kill you to wear a face mask when you are in public (including at work) out of some consideration for others? (Pussygrabberians: Would Jesus wear a face mask out of some consideration for others?)

P.S. Don’t get me wrong. If you are fully vaccinated and there is a situation (a small backyard barbecue, a small house gathering or the like) in which you know that everyone who is participating has been fully vaccinated, then go ahead and go without a face mask.

Not only does the CDC say that it’s perfectly safe to do this, but fuck, being fully vaccinated should get you something. I fully intend to see my brother and sister-in-law, whom I haven’t seen in person for more than a year now, again in person soon, because by that time all of us will have been fully vaccinated***. (Moderna, bitch!)

*Probably absolutely no one else in the venue where you are making a total fucking ass out of yourself by “taking a stand” against a face-mask requirement gives a flying fuck what you believe about face masks and “freedom!” They care only that you now are fucking with their day with your incredibly selfish cray-cray.

**Thus far, per the CDC, the number of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States is approaching 600,000. The 2020 census put the U.S. population at about 331,500,000, so about one in every 550 Americans, I calculate, thus far has died of COVID-19 (331,500,000 divided by 600,000 is 552.5).

As lethal pandemics go, killing one in about 550 people isn’t super-lethal. Past worldwide pandemics have killed a much higher percentage of the population.

If you are someone who has died of COVID-19 or are a loved one of someone who has died of COVID-19, that’s not of much comfort to you, of course; but it’s also the reason, I think, that so many have eschewed face masks and other public-health measures: the body count from COVID-19 just hasn’t been high enough, in their estimation, for them to undergo any inconvenience of any kind. They never intended to wear face masks — maybe — until there were COVID-19 corpses filling the streets…

***By “fully vaccinated” I mean that it has been at least two weeks since your final vaccination, whether you received a two-dose or a one-dose vaccination.

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