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It’s past time to ‘stop the steal,’ indeed

A “Stop the Steal” rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol was one of the nationwide demonstrations on Thursday contesting the process of determining the next president.

New York Times news photo

These fucking fascist fucktards, whose rank hypocrisy is unparalleled, have no problem whatsoever with an election actually being stolen — as long as their Führer Pussygrabber is the one who is doing the stealing.

“Stop the steal,” declare the signs of the grammar-challenged fascist fanatics of “President” Pussygrabber — even while Pussygrabber himself is trying very hard to steal the presidential election.

Indeed, Pussygrabber right now spectacularly is showing us not only why he was impeached, but why he lost the November 3 presidential election: because he’s as corrupt and treasonous as fuck.

Because Pussygrabber’s bogus election lawsuits are failing in the court system — because in a court of law, you actually have to back up your conspiracy-theory claims with actual facts and evidence (who knew?)Pussygrabber has resorted to political extortion to try to steal the election from the majority of the American people who voted him out of office.

(Right now in the counting, Joe Biden, with almost 80 million votes, is at 51 percent of the popular vote to Pussygrabber’s 47.2 percent [comparatively, he’s approaching only 74 million votes].)

It’s simple, really: If you are trying to anti-democratically reverse the will of the nation’s voters, then you have committed a felony and you belong in prison. (Well, in my book, you also have committed treason, and in my book, the perfectly appropriate punishment for such high-level treason is execution.)

This applies not only to the “president” himself, but to all of his lickspittle toadies, such as Lady Lindsey Graham, the belle of South Carolina, who reportedly asked Georgia’s Repugnican secretary of state to simply abuse his power and invalidate Joe Biden’s win of the state.

Talk of “unity” and “national healing” and the pathetically tired Obamian-Bidenian platitude “There are no red states and blue states, but only the United States” is utter bullshit.

With today’s treasonous Repugnican Party we still are dealing with the remnants of the fucking treasonous Confederacy.

You don’t negotiate with fucking terrorists: you fucking crush them.

So numb have the American people, even Biden’s voters, become to Pussygrabber’s perpetual parade of high crimes and treason that there isn’t a bigger outcry than there is to the fact that Pussygrabber actually is trying to simply invalidate entire states’ presidential election results and have the results of big cities — which of course went to Biden, as mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing hayseeds tend not to live in big cities — simply invalidated because he lost those cities to Biden.

These are the actions of a fascist dictator, not of an American president.

We’re all too calm about this treasonous bullshit, which is why Pussygrabber persists: He perceives that we’re never going to come after him with torches and pitchforks.

It’s past time, methinks, to ready those torches and pitchforks.

I don’t know that we have to wait until after January 20 comes and goes to save what’s left of our democracy from the twice-unelected right-wing demagogue who has been the biggest threat to our nation than any foreign actor has been in the modern era.

Come January 20, though, if Pussygrabber still occupies the White House, I’m going to join the mob in the streets myself.

This is the stuff of which civil wars are made, and we’re long overdue for a rematch anyway.

Only this time, we Americans who truly believe in the sanctity of the democratic process and who value true freedom need to finish the job that we failed to finish the first time.

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‘President’ Pussygrabber the sore loser tries to burn it all down on his way out

Political cartoon

If “President” Pussygrabber can’t have it, then no one can have it.

Soon-to-be former “President” Pussygrabber is demonstrating amply, with his beyond-pathetic post-election temper tantrum, why the majority of the American people dumped his whiny orange ass in the November 3 presidential election: While COVID-19 not only continues to burn down the nation, but now does so at a rate higher than ever before*, it’s all about Pussygrabber and his fucking ego.

“Whatever Trump Is Doing, It Isn’t a ‘Coup,'” recently correctly pointed out.

Thing is, Pussygrabber doesn’t have the popular support for anything like a coup. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that “Nearly 80 percent of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, recognize President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the November 3 election.”

If it went to the streets en masse, Pussygrabber’s fascist followers would rack up some kills, I’m sure, but they’d lose the civil war (again…).

Pussygrabber would need to have a lot more popular support than the small but obnoxiously loud support of the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing, flag-waving fucktards that he has now in order to remain, illegally and anti-democratically and treasonously, in the White House. (And note that among Pussygrabber’s supporters, the Pussygrabber flag has so largely supplanted the U.S. flag, demonstrating that Pussygrabber’s followers’ allegiance is to him, the would-be dictator, not to the nation.)

I’m sure that it sucks to lose a presidential election. But when you lose, you go.

And no, this election wasn’t close enough for Pussygrabber to be able to steal it, not with Biden’s popular vote lead of 5.6 million (and still counting), which puts him at 3.6 percent above Pussygrabber, and with Biden’s probably having sewn up 306 electoral votes to Pussygrabber’s 232.**

So what has happened since November 3? We’ve heard the least from loser Pussygrabber’s pie hole since he lost the popular vote in 2016 yet still became “president,” which is something to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches and as the God-awful 2020 comes to a close, but, again, Pussygrabber’s behavior now underscores amply the fact that it’s always been all about him.

And to further demonstrate his rank treason, Pussygrabber is doing his best to hobble President-elect Joe Biden’s transition and is trying to wreck Biden’s presidency before it even has begun.

But this isn’t an attack just on Biden; this is an attack on us, the majority of the American people, who either voted for Biden or who (like yours truly) did not vote for Biden but who recognize that Biden is the winner of a fair-and-square, democratically conducted election that the experts on election security say had no widespread problems, including any of the widespread voter fraud that Pussygrabber and his lickspittles incessantly pathologically lie about because they and their petty personal concerns are far more important than is the national interest (not that that makes them traitors or anything…).

To my knowledge, Pussygrabber doesn’t have to participate in any transition at all; he just has to vacate his sorry orange ass from the White House come January 20 — or we, the people, gladly will remove him from the White House, if it comes to that.

Indeed, one of the wonderful things about having a “president” who had held no previous elected public office is that pretty much on a daily basis, Pussygrabber has violated presidential norms because he has treated the nation as just an extension of his bankrupt-ridden, corrupt personal business empire.

(It’s a great idea for a “businessman” or a “businesswoman” to hold elected political office! Yes, the sociopathy and the rampantly illegal behavior of the members of the business class, who routinely shit and piss on the public good for their own personal profiteering, is just what we need in our government!)

Pussygrabber is so awful that, without flinching, he’s able to violate presidential norms (norms that have existed since forever) because these norms weren’t codified into law. (Not that following the law at all matters to Pussygrabber & Co., either, however.) So self-evidently necessary were these norms considered to be that apparently no one really thought that they needed to be codified — until now.

And this will be Pussygrabber’s “presidential” “legacy”: He allowed COVID-19 to ravage the nation to the bitter end of his term because the pandemic just wasn’t in line with his own personal and political goals. He lost the popular vote twice. He is a member of the small club of one-term presidents — and a member of the even smaller club of impeached presidents. He came into the presidency kicking, screaming and whining, and he left it kicking, screaming and whining, while breaking long-standing presidential norms every single day of his chaotic, democracy-corroding tenure.

He brought the nation to the precipice of fascism — and we, the people, put an end to his rule.

P.S. So why is Pussygrabber hanging on, refusing to concede the election that he so obviously lost?

First and foremost, I think, it has to do with his sick and twisted personal psychology, the severe psychological damage that never has allowed him to be anything like a normal, fairly well-adjusted adult. He’s all ego.

Pussygrabber refuses to admit defeat, even when it’s glaringly obvious, and he can’t bring himself to suck it up and allow the winner to have the win — because he’s all ego.

Also, though, it’s all about the Pussygrabber brand, and loser isn’t a good look for the brand, is it? Pussygrabber is, I think, looking after his little business fiefdom for after his stint as “president,” and he perceives, probably correctly, that if he acknowledges that he lost a second presidential election in a row, his brand will take a hit.

Therefore, expect him to never admit publicly that he lost the 2020 presidential election. That’s fine, though; he doesn’t have to concede for him to have to vacate the Oval Fucking Office.

A concession after a clear electoral loss is the norm, but a concession is not legally necessary. What’s legally necessary to become or to remain U.S. president is that you win the Electoral College — and while Pussygrabber eked out an Electoral College win in 2016 while losing the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, he couldn’t replicate that anti-democratic feat again this year.

Finally, of course, I’m sure that Pussygrabber would like to avoid going to prison. Come January 20, he’ll lose presidential immunity to criminal prosecution. And all of the prosecutors who want to prosecute him will have to take a number.

Pussygrabber’s being prosecuted after January 20 wouldn’t faze his base of uber-gullible, fascism-loving, abject fucktards, who forever will see him only as a “victim,” but the media coverage of Pussygrabber’s prosecutions would only remind the American people of the chaos and the drama that perpetually surround Pussygrabber should he actually attempt to regain the White House in 2024.

(Frankly, I don’t think that Pussygrabber would survive the Repugnican presidential primary of 2024 — because he is a loser. And no one wants to nominate a loser.)

P.P.S. Speaking of which, I remember the “Sore Loserman” meme that the Repugnicans started in 2000 when they stole the presidential election from Al Gore.

Keep in mind that in 2000 George W. Bush officially “won” the pivotal state of Florida by only 537 votes (like Pussygrabber, losing the popular vote but “winning” the Electoral College) — when Gee Dubya’s brother Jeb was the governor of Florida and when Repugnican Party hack Katherine Harris was the state’s chief elections officer and was the co-chair of George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in Florida at the same fucking time.

Yet the Democrats who fought this blatant presidential election theft — which ultimately was aided and abetted by the wingnuts on the U.S. Supreme Court — were deemed by the thieving, treasonous Repugnicans to be “sore losers.”

Biden’s lead over Pussygrabber in each of the battleground states that Pussygrabber & Co. are filing their bogus, losing lawsuits in now far exceeds 537 votes, but it’s only the Democrats who can be “sore losers,” you see.

I fucking despise Repugnicans. They are fucking liars, hypocrites and traitors. It’s a shame that after the Civil War we let the traitors who now comprise the Repugnican Party, who are the descendants of the Confederacy, in spirit if not also in their DNA, live.

*Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we’re at almost 250,000 deaths in the United States from COVID-19, and we are approaching 11 million COVID-19 cases in the United States — rapidly approaching an all-time high of 200,000 new cases identified per day.

**As long as Biden keeps Georgia, which he probably will, he’ll be at 306 electoral votes. But even were Biden to lose Georgia (pretty unlikely), he’d still have 290 electoral votes — 20 more electoral votes than he needs for the win, so Georgia’s ultimate outcome doesn’t matter in terms of the Electoral College victory.

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Why didn’t Biden do better?

Associated Press photo

OK, to some degree, the title of this post is clickbait, I suppose.

I mean, President-elect Joe Biden did quite well against an incumbent “president”; “President” Pussygrabber’s ouster was the first of a one-term president since 1992, when Bill Clinton relieved us of the God-awful George H. W. Bush.

The Washington Post notes that “Now Trump joins history’s bitter club of one-term presidents — those who were elected, served one full term, and tried and failed to be re-elected.”

Of course, Pussygrabber also belongs the the even more exclusive, probably even more bitter club of impeached presidents.

Still, right up to Election Day, Real Clear Politics’ average of the nationwide polling had Biden beating Pussygrabber by 7.2 percentage points, but thus far in the counting, Biden has won 50.5 percent of the popular vote to Pussygrabber’s 47.7 percent — a difference of only 2.8 percent. (In 2016, Billary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.1 percent, so thus far, anyway, Biden did only marginally better than did Billary.)

Why hasn’t Biden done better than the polling had suggested he would?

My guess is that it’s because more Democrats than Repugnicans don’t vote, thus creating an overcount of Democrats in the poll results, and also perhaps because Pussygrabber voters are more likely to give pollsters answers they feel are politically correct, thus creating an undercount of Repugnicans in the poll results. (A Repugnican too embarrassed to admit his or her intent to vote for Pussygrabber might falsely claim to a pollster that he or she is undecided, for example.)

Also, of course, let’s not overlook the fact that a pillar of the Repugnican Party is to suppress the Democratic vote. (This is a little bit heartening, in a sense, since you need to cheat only if you are losing in the first place.) It’s hard to estimate how many people, usually Democratic voters, would vote if the Repugnican lawmakers of their states hadn’t put so many obstacles between them and the ballot.

Still, a win is a win — yes, even a Democrat’s win — and again, for having challenged an incumbent, which usually ends in failure (Hi, Mittens Romney! Hi, John Kerry! Hi, Bob Dole! Hi, Walter Mondale!), Joe Biden did well.

Biden is on track to receive a total of 306 electoral votes — assuming that he keeps his current leads in Arizona and in Georgia — and Pussygrabber is on track to receive 232 electoral votes, assuming that he keeps his current lead in North Carolina.

Any Pussygrabber supporters who claim that Biden’s win is too narrow for him to have legitimacy need to be reminded that not only has Biden won the popular vote, whereas Pussygrabber lost the popular vote in 2016 (and this year, too), but that in 2016, Pussygrabber won 306 electoral votes (well, because of two “faithless electors,” Pussygrabber’s final, official electoral-vote tally actually was 304). So if Biden isn’t legitimate with “only” 306 electoral votes, then Pussygrabber certainly never was legitimate.*

I long have noticed that there are two different standards for the two duopolistic parties: A narrow win — even a loss of the popular vote — is deemed as a Big Win for the Repugnican Party (even a “mandate,” to some nut jobs/fucktards), whereas even when the Democratic presidential candidate wins both the popular vote and the Electoral College, even Democrats diminish the win by asserting that the Democratic candidate should have done better.

We need to examine why this double standard exists — and then we need to eradicate it.

In the meantime, in both the popular vote and in the Electoral College, when the ballot counting for the November 3, 2020, election is over and official, Joe Biden will have done better in the Herculean task of ousting an incumbent “president” than Pussygrabber did in 2016 to get his one term.

P.S. On the matter of control of the U.S. Senate, in January there will be two run-off elections for the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia. These run-off elections will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate, and thus there will be much nationwide attention on them.

I encourage you to donate to the Senate campaigns of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, as I already have done.

That said, should the Repugnicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate during Biden’s first two years in office, we will weather it.

Should the Repugnicans keep the Senate in 2021 and 2022, I expect them to lose it come January 2023, because the American people will punish them for subverting the will of the majority of the American people, as clearly was expressed in Joe Biden’s victory and in the Democrats’ keeping control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

So if the Republicans keep the Senate, no handwringing, please, and let’s go ahead and cheerfully give the Repugnicans traitors (redundant) the rope with which to hang themselves, if it comes to that.

*As I have noted, in my book, if you haven’t won the popular vote, then you aren’t the legitimate president. Thus, I never have and never will consider the administrations of George W. Bush or of Pussygrabber to ever have been legitimate from the get-go.

And, of course, the Electoral College sorely needs to be abolished.

And while we’re on the subject, we need to do something about the fact that Repugnican voters are overrepresented in the U.S. Senate, while Democratic voters are underrepresented there. The U.S. Senate — and, by extension, the U.S. Supreme Court — constitute crazy minority rule that flies in the face of democracy.

Both the anti-democratic (and anti-Democratic) U.S. Senate and U.S. Supreme Court sorely need to be overhauled.

(I’d pack the U.S. Supreme Court, absolutely — I’d give it at least a total of 12 members — and how would I reform the U.S. Senate? I’d keep it at 100 members, but I’d guarantee each state only one U.S. senator, not two. Then, after giving each state just one senator, I’d reallocate the remaining 50 seats based upon each state’s population — meaning that some states would get two senators and some, the most populous states, would get more than two senators.)

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The American people to ‘President’ Pussygrabber: YOU’RE FIRED!

It’s almost all over except for his tantruming.

The 2020 presidential election results aren’t official yet — they won’t be until after every valid ballot is tabulated (which, of course, the anti-democratic, treasonous Repugnicans again want stopped) and after any and all legal challenges are dismissed or otherwise resolved — but The Associated Press right now gives Joe Biden 264 electoral votes, just six electoral votes shy of the necessary 270 for the win.

The states that haven’t been called yet by the statisticians (at least those statisticians who work for the AP) are Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — and Biden needs to win only one of those four outstanding states to reach 270 electoral votes.

Even Nevada, with its six electoral votes, will do, and right now Biden is ahead of Pussygrabber in Nevada’s counting, and Georgia right now is very close — 49.6 percent for Pussygrabber to 49.2 percent for Biden, per The New York Times.

Biden needs only Nevada, which it looks like he’s going to get, but I’m hoping that he wins Nevada and at least one more state to put him over the 270 electoral-vote minimum.

Don’t get me wrong; a win is a win, but with every electoral vote over 270 that Biden wins, his political hand — and, by extension, the political hand of the clear majority of Americans who voted for Biden over Pussygrabber (or who, if [like yours truly] they didn’t vote for Biden, at least recognize that Biden won the election fairly and squarely) — is even stronger.

Recall that Pussygrabber lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes in 2016; and right now, per the Times, he is behind in the popular vote by 3.7 million votes. (The AP notes that Biden, with more than 71 million popular votes, has won more votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history.)

Yet Pussygrabber and his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing zealots of course are claiming that Pussygrabber won, even though when it’s all over but Pussygrabber’s wholly predictable perpetual tantruming, it will have been established, legally and officially, that Pussygrabber lost both the Electoral College and the popular vote decisively.

What should we, the majority of the American people who recognize that Joe Biden is the lawful, rightful winner of the presidential election do if Pussygrabber & Co. nonetheless treasonously try to remain in power?

It’s simple, really — if our established system doesn’t do its job and remove Pussygrabber from the White House, then we, the people, will have to do so. By any fucking means necessary.

The alternative is to accept a third-world-style right-wing dictatorship.

That is not a fucking option.

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Three reasons why ‘President’ Pussygrabber is going to lose

Our long national Dumpster fire is almost over.

It rankles me when people sloppily compare the 2020 presidential election to the 2016 presidential election.

Many had thought that of course Billary Clinton would win in 2016, hands down, no question. However, the polling never did bear that out, and, especially in hindsight, it amounted to wishful thinking.

Right up to Election Day 2016, Billary Clinton was up over Pussygrabber by only 3.2 percentage points in Real Clear Politics’ nationwide polling averageway too close for comfort.

In the end, Billary won the popular vote by 2.1 percent — so the polls in 2016 actually were more or less correct, within the usual margin of error for polling.

The polling had Billary winning the popular vote in 2016 — and she did so. The monkey wrench was the fucking Electoral College, which both in 2000 and in 2016 allowed the candidate who had lost the popular vote to take the White House nonetheless — resulting in minority rule in this so-called democracy. (And we wonder why so many people don’t vote…)

This year isn’t 2016.

Right now, Hidin’ Joe Biden’s lead over Pussygrabber in Real Clear Politics’ nationwide polling average is more than twice of that which Billary had; Biden right now is at 7.2 percent.

Could Biden still lose? Yes. But it’s pretty fucking unlikely. right now, as I type this sentence, gives Biden an 89 percent chance of winning, Pussygrabber a 10 percent chance of winning, and the chance of there being a tie in the Electoral College (which would be a fucking nightmare) at 1 percent.

(Further,’s national polling average has Biden at 8.6 percent ahead of Pussygrabber. is [probably wisely] pickier than is Real Clear Politics about whose polls it includes in its averages.)

So, I don’t necessarily have a certain order for my three reasons as to why Pussygrabber is going to lose, but we’ll call the first one the fact that Biden’s nationwide lead over Pussygrabber going into Election Day is more than twice of that of Billary Clinton in 2016.

Two (again, no real order here, though), the nation has been in strikingly abnormal times since at least March, when the nation began shutting down and/or slowing down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, changing life drastically for almost every American. (Perhaps only those with serious illness and/or disability who have been homebound anyway, and those with immense wealth who never go out in public anyway, haven’t seen much of a change in their lifestyles due to the pandemic.)

Probably the swing voters especially will punish the incumbent (or the incumbent’s party, if the incumbent cannot have another term) when overall things in the nation are shitty, whether it’s the incumbent’s (or the incumbent’s party’s) fault or not. Life’s not always fair.

(On that note, however, incumbents and/or their parties also get credit that they don’t deserve; they just happen to be in office when the sweet, abundant fruits that were planted in the past by someone else finally come to fruition.)

Even if Pussygrabber had been a pretty good president in every other way — which, of course, he has not been — the COVID-19 pandemic would have dealt a serious blow to his “re”-“election” prospects.

Finally, back to the swing voters, and to my third reason why Pussygrabber no longer will sit in the Oval Office after January 20, 2021: In 2016, Pussygrabber, as an elected official, was an unknown, since he’d never held elected office before.

Very apparently, most of the swing voters were willing to give Pussygrabber the “outsider” a chance; what could go wrong? ( has noted that about three-fourths of the swing voters voted for Pussygrabber instead of for Billary Clinton.)

These same voters know very well now what could have gone wrong. Pussygrabber no longer has being a political unknown on his side. Love him or hate him, pretty much all of us know Pussygrabber, who for four years has been in our faces 24/7/365, quite well today.

So those are my top three reasons (not in any certain order) as to why Pussygrabber is going to go down in flames into the eternal Dumpster fire of his own making: (1) Biden’s nationwide polling lead right before Election Day is more than twice of what Billary Clinton’s was in 2016; (2) the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with its deaths (almost 230,000 of them as I type this sentence) and its attendant socioeconomic effects — and with no actual end in sight — has seriously set the entire nation back; and (3) Pussygrabber now obviously cannot rely on being a political unknown.

In case you think I’m a Bidenbot, as I’ve noted, I didn’t vote for Biden, and I expect a Biden presidency to be lackluster at best. Like his protege Barack Obama, Biden very much appears to be much more interested in trying to placate the unplacable Repugnican terrorists (redundant) than in even trying to push through anything remotely resembling an actually progressive agenda.

But Hidin’ Joe Biden has benefitted from (to put it mildly) unusual times. No one on the planet finds Biden to be exciting, but we do know what to expect from him: no more of the drama and the chaos that Pussygrabber the perpetual shitshow has inflicted upon us for the past four years.

(Comedian Ramy Youssef correctly said of Pussygrabber: “He’s not a man; he’s a mood. And it’s crazy, because people are like, ‘Oh, we can’t elect a woman. She could get her period.’ But we elected a period.” [We didn’t “elect” Pussygrabber, but the joke still stands.])

Biden also perversely benefits from COVID-19; he is the opponent of the “president” who has been in office during the pandemic. (Had Biden been president when COVID-19 hit, yes, I think that many thousands of deaths probably would have been averted through national leadership that to a greater degree puts public health above private profits, but COVID-19 very probably still would have picked off a certain number of vulnerable Americans no matter who had been at the helm in the Oval Office, I surmise.)

COVID-19 not only has put the United States of America into the toilet, allowing Biden to promise (rather vaguely, for the most part) to do a much better job of combatting it, but even allowing Biden to not have had to run anything like a traditional presidential campaign, which involves a lot of travel and a lot of public speaking, which never has been Biden’s forte. COVID-19 has handed Biden some huge fucking breaks.

(Hell, COVID-19 even allowed Biden to participate in only two instead of the traditionally three presidential debates, and it couldn’t have helped his “re”-“election” campaign that “strongman” Pussygrabber was hospitalized for COVID-19 while Biden has not been.)

I’d say that to a large degree, it has been the luck o’ the Irish that has helped Biden to become president on his third try — something that we progressives will need to remind him and the Bidenbots of when they ignore how much dumb luck played a part in Biden’s winning of the White House — instead of some supposed universal embrace of the tepid centrism and status quo-ism that Biden & Co. espouse.

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Barrett wearing a judicial robe

Wingnut Amy Coney Barrett, who was separated from Michele Bachmann at birth, is an illegitimate addition to the U.S. Supreme Court for two simple reasons:

  1. She was nominated by the 2016 presidential candidate who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. The expressed will of the majority of the American people did not result in their choice of candidate becoming president of the United States; therefore, everything that “President” Pussygrabber has done, including his appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court, has been illegitimate. If you disagree, then you oppose actual democracy; you are A-OK with the minority subverting the will of the majority — as long as you are with the minority.
  2. Barrett’s nomination was rammed through the same U.S. Senate that did not allow former President Barack Obama to name a new justice to the U.S. Supreme Court even though he had had more than 11 full months of his final year in office left. It was vitally crucial to our so-called democracy for the American voters to weigh in at the next presidential election first, according to the treasonous Repugnicans (redundant). If you acknowledge no hypocrisy here, then not only do you oppose actual democracy, but you are A-OK with your side blatantly violating its own publicly stated standards and rules — because you have no ethics and no moral compass whatsofuckingever.

Hopefully, this will be a Pyrrhic victory for the Repugnican traitors. One can win a battle but lose the war.

President Hidin’ Joe Biden, however, will have to really be pushed to stop licking the asses of the Repugnican enemy and to finally do the right thing — such as to pack the U.S. Supreme Court (hell yeah). His long history of sucking up to the Repugnican Party suggests that only significant political pressure could make him act like an actual fucking Democrat instead of another Repugnican Lite for fucking once.

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Why I voted for Howie Hawkins

Howie Hawkins, left, and Angela Walker are running as the Green Party's presidential ticket. Photo: Courtesy Howie Hawkins

I have voted for the Green Party presidential ticket of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — who are just like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, except that they’re actual progressives instead of corporate whores.

My vote-by-mail ballot is complete, in its sealed and signed envelope, and will go out in tomorrow’s mail. And my ballot will provide Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins with one more vote.

I’m not fucking stupid; I know that Hawkins won’t win. I know that the third-party candidates are widely expected to do even worse this year than they did in 2016.

But I kicked myself after my vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Obama, who if he didn’t explicitly promise to be a progressive president certainly had no problem leaving you with that illusion, could have pushed through a progressive agenda when the Democrats held the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives for the first two of his eight years in office.

Because Obama wasted his political capital trying to negotiate with the terrorists in Congress (that is, the Repugnicans, of course), he accomplished little in his first two years — a “health-care plan” first conceived of by a right-wing think tank and that the health-insurance industry rubber-stamped was not much of an “accomplishment” — and therefore the Dems lost the House of Representatives for the remaining six years of Obama’s presidency, ensuring that he’d get nothing progressive done.

In 2012 and in 2016, I voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein; I’d first voted for the Green Party presidential candidate in 2000, when Ralph Nader ran. (In 2004 I did vote for John Kerry, as I view the also-illegitimate “President” George W. Bush in many ways having been even worse* than “President” Pussygrabber has been, and, as I noted, in 2008 I did, at the last moment, cast my vote for Obama, which I came to regret.)

Now, today, my “choice” was between the orange, infectious “President” Pussygrabber, a fascist who would be much scarier if he actually could pay attention to any one thing for more than five fucking seconds, and Hidin’ Joe Biden, a fucking center-right fossil who, as another corporate-whore “Democratic” president, will/would do even less than Obama did.

Had Biden not been an asshole, he might have garnered my vote, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he threw Bernie Sanders under the bus by remarking, when asked about the beyond-stupid “socialist” label (which the wingnuts always were going to apply to any Democratic presidential candidate), “I beat the socialist!”

You see, we progressives — you know, we actual Democrats — were supposed to support the Repugnican-Lite corporate whore Hidin’ Joe Biden in the name of “unity.” We all must get along, you see. But then, of course, Biden cavalierly bashed Bernie without a second thought when he perceived that he would gain politically by doing so.

Not only did Biden bash Bernie after the DINO establishment had lectured us Berners about getting on board with them, but the obsolete, Cold-War-era Biden furthered public ignorance by caving in to the moronic, right-wing (redundant) myth that “socialism” — which in actuality is about the caring about other human beings and about all human beings** — is “evil.” Socialism what Jesus Christ espoused, in black and white, in the New Testament — how about the time that Jesus, who turned over the money-changers’ tables, said that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven? — but the “Christo”fascists eschew Jesus’ anti-capitalist teachings in lieu of embracing capitalist evil (redundant).

And Hidin’ Joe Biden is more than fine with stifling the transformation of the United States into a more socioeconomically just nation as long as he perceives that by doing so, he can be president come January.

Also, of course, I have the luxury, as it were, of living in California. Right now The Economist gives Biden more than a 99-percent chance of winning California (and thus, under the anti-democratic, antiquated Electoral College system, all of California’s 55 electoral votes). I could have voted for Pussygrabber (which, admittedly, I briefly considered doing, in order to stick it to the DINOs) and it wouldn’t have made a fucking difference. (Go, Electoral College, where only about six states are expected to make the difference in this presidential election!)

Some might say that if I voted for Howie Hawkins — and I did — then I’m not taking this shit seriously.

No, quite the opposite. I take my vote quite seriously. I voted for the presidential candidate whose values, ideology and policy positions most closely match my own. That he has a snowball’s chance in hell, due to the Coke Party-Pepsi Party partisan duopoly, is not my fucking fault (or his).

On that note, by having voted for Howie Hawkins, I also voted for actually having a fucking choice in a presidential election for fucking once. A choice of two corporate whores, one perhaps a bit worse than the other, is not a choice. You can’t complain about never having a real, significant choice when you keep blindly obediently voting for either the Coke Party or the Pepsi Party (can’t tell the difference between the two corporate parties? Neither can I!).

What I would have regretted is having voted for Joe Biden, who has betrayed us actual progressives even before Election Day has come and gone. Because I know fully well what kind of president Biden is going to be: another do-nothing, corporate-ass-licking, caretaker president, just like Obama was. And our nation’s and the world’s problems are way past having another caretaker president.

My advice to you, if you haven’t voted already, would be to vote your conscience.

If you live in one of the six or so battleground states that will determine the outcome of the election and you couldn’t live with yourself knowing that you didn’t vote for Biden in order to prevent a second Pussygrabber term, then vote for Biden. I couldn’t be mad at you for that.

But if you live in a deep-blue state (like I do) — or a deep-red state — your vote for Biden won’t matter towards the Electoral College anyway, so vote for the candidate whose platform most matches yours.

We’re on track to get stuck with a do-nothing, status-quo-loving President Biden anyway. (The Economist right now gives Biden a 91-percent chance of winning the Electoral College and thus the presidency, while right now gives Biden an 87-percent chance of winning.) 

But if you didn’t vote for Biden, at least you might feel a little bit better about his presidency, which I give about a 99-percent chance of being incredibly lackluster at best.

*The unelected and thus illegitimate “President” Pussygrabber is vile and vulgar, to be sure, and yes, he has further eroded our “democracy” by having shit and pissed all over not only our norms, but on many of our laws. (Yet according to the right wing it’s brown-skinned poor people who always are the “lawbreakers,” you see; the white elites may break law after law — causing much more damage to the populace than brown-skinned people ever could imagine doing — with complete impunity.)

While I’ll be happy to see Pussygrabber go — and go he will — under Pussygrabber’s “leadership” we haven’t seen the same level of the horrors that we saw under the “leadership” of George W. Bush, which included: from the get-go, a presidential election blatantly stolen by the U.S. Supreme Court; the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which killed almost 3,000 Americans and which Bush had been warned about in a presidential daily briefing the month before; the bogus Vietraq War for Oil, which killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis and more than 4,000 U.S. troops; Hurricane Katrina, which killed almost 2,000 Americans despite plenty of advance notice; and the national economic meltdown that persisted from 2007 through 2009, which was the cherry on top of the dog-shit sundae that were the eight, long, long years of the unelected and thus illegitimate George W. Bush.

**I subscribe to what Bernie Sanders calls “democratic socialism,” which means that nothing happens without the approval of the majority of the voters. (And the voters, the people, not the fucking corporations, should have the political power.)

I do not subscribe to Communism as it has been practiced, or to any form of anti-democratic authoritarianism. No true progressive does. Calling us progressives/democratic socialists “Commies” is just a way to try to smear and to dismiss us at the same time.

Wingnuts can’t make the argument and so they don’t even try; being infantile, they resort to tired name-calling instead.

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Pussygrabber looked fat and sweaty in the Dumpster fire of his own making

Live coverage: Trump and Biden's 1st presidential debate | MPR News

“President” Pussygrabber looked fat, sweaty and desperate tonight, and came off like a cranky fucking baby, whereas Joe Biden did what he needed to do: act and look presidential.

I could spend hours slicing and dicing the Dumpster fire that was tonight’s first debate between “President” Pussygrabber and Joe Biden, but I’m going to save myself a lot of time and energy and just go off of the optics of the spectacle — after all, that’s what the so-called swing voters largely do: focus on the optics and ignore the substance.

In tonight’s debate — which was so very 2020 — not only would the “president” never shut the fuck up — making him look desperate, not commanding and strong — but he appeared to be fat and sweaty.

Soon into the debate, if you can call it that, Pussygrabber made me think of Richard M. Nixon: not only have both “men” been impeached (and, indeed, impeachment is forever), but both were infamously sweaty during a debate. Tonight’s debate looked much like Nixon’s televised debate with John F. Kennedy in September 1960: Nixon sweaty and desperate, Kennedy looking good, fit, calm and collected.

Biden apparently lost his cool a few times, but with Pussygrabber doing his best not to allow Biden a word in edgewise, Biden could be forgiven for anything short of having walked over to Pussygrabber and pummeled the shit out of the fat, orange, fascist bastard.

Will tonight’s debate affect the presidential election?

Among the aforementioned “swing-voter” set — among those weirdos who before tonight truly more or less have been undecided between “our” Oompa-Loompa-on-crack “president” and Biden — I think that the debate will have an impact. Most of them will go with the calmer and more collected — the more presidential — candidate, I’m confident.

Do I expect Pussygrabber to lose any of his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging die-hard supporters’ support? No, because they’re fucking insane.

But Pussygrabber already has their support baked in — and it’s not enough. It’s the swing voters of the swing states that Pussygrabber has to win over, and thus far, Biden is doing significantly better at appealing to those voters than is Pussygrabber; Real Clear Politics’ polling averages of what it calls the “top battlegrounds” — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona — show Biden right now leading Pussygrabber in all six of those states by an average of 3.5 percent, ranging from Biden’s small lead of 0.5 percent in North Carolina to his sizable lead of 5.7 percent in Pennsylvania.

And right now gives Pussygrabber only a 22 percent chance of winning “re”-election — and gives Biden a 78 percent chance of becoming our next president.

I expect that after the polling catches up to tonight’s Dumpster fire of a debate — and I blame that fire on Pussygrabber, not on Biden, as Pussygrabber brings his Dumpster fire with him everywhere he goes, and it’s all that he fucking knows — we’ll see even better numbers for Biden.

Don’t get me wrong; I supported actual Democrat Bernie Sanders in 2016 and this time, too, and no, I won’t be voting for Joe Biden, as he’s going to win all 55 of my state’s electoral votes anyway (I could vote for Pussygrabber and it wouldn’t fucking matter here in deep-blue California).

But during the first hour of the debate, the thought crossed my mind that I might even give Biden my first, small donation to his campaign. That desire soon passed, but I still see Biden winning this thing. It’s his to lose, anyway.

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It’s long past time for repercussions for the Repugnicans’ hypocrisy and treason

“The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

Yertle McConnell, on February 12, 2016, the day of the death of Antonin Scalia

“President Trump’s nominee [to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg] will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”

Yertle McConnell, on September 18, 2020, the day of the death of Ginsburg

It’s a fucking tragedy that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday but that traitor Yertle McConnell, Repugnican Senate majority leader, still draws breath.

Upon learning of the death of Ginsburg on Friday, I knew immediately that the treasonous, hypocritical Repugnicans (redundant) would do their best to ram her far-right-wing replacement through the Senate, even though they’d denied the twice-duly-elected President Barack Obama the right to name the successor to Antonin Scalia when Scalia finally kicked off when Obama still had more than 11 months of his final year in office left.

The timing of this latest assault by the Repugnican Party on the American people is impeccable, not only because hopefully it will help the Repugnicans to lose the U.S. Senate in November, but also because right before Election Day, the American voters need to see, graphically, what the Repugnican Party (at all levels) is all about: unbelievable hypocrisy, pathological lying, incredibly bad faith, and, ultimately, treason, because of the incredible contempt that they routinely show for the American people.

If the Repugnicans succeed in ramming through a right-wing nutjob to the U.S. Supreme Court, lots of repercussions should follow.

First of all, I expect that this debacle will only increase the chance that the Repugnicans will lose control of the U.S. Senate come January. ( already gives the Democrats a 59 percent chance to retake the Senate.)

But merely losing the Senate isn’t nearly enough punishment for the Repugnicans’ treasonous, hypocritical, severely-bad-faith effort to deny Obama the right to name a new Supreme Court justice because Obama is a Democrat and because he was our first black president (I have no doubt that racism played a role in that debacle) — but then to brazenly totally fucking ignore their own “reasoning” from the last time around after another Supreme Court justice has died.

(As I noted at the time, Yertle McConnell’s claim that the people should have the right to first chime in on the next presidential election was, of course, bullshit. The American people know, or at least should know, that the U.S. president gets to fill any vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court, and they elected Obama twice, knowing this or should having known this.)

The Democrats in the Senate should use every possible maneuver to deny “President” Pussygrabber the right that Barack Obama unprecedentedly was stripped of the last time that a Supreme Court justice died.

That’s for starters.

If Pussygrabber & Co. succeed in getting another of their fellow fascists on the nation’s highest court while Pussygrabber is still in office, then the Democrats, when they have control of the Senate in January, must eliminate the filibuster and pack the U.S. Supreme Court.

The anti-democratic filibuster should go, and there is no reason why we can’t have, say, a 12-member U.S. Supreme Court. (The New York Times notes that “Although the Supreme Court has consisted of nine justices for well over a century, the Constitution does not require that number, and Congress changed the size of the court several times between its establishment and the Civil War.”)

I wouldn’t take either of those tactics off of the table even in the unlikely event that the Repugnicans actually cave in to political pressure and back down on ramming through a new Supreme Court justice before President Biden is sworn in.

(Thus far only one Repugnican U.S. senator, the embattled Susan Collins of Maine, who faces an uphill battle for re-election in November, has said that the process of naming Ginsburg’s replacement shouldn’t happen until after Inauguration Day in January 2021; and only one other Repugnican senator, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who is up for reelection in 2022, has said that the nomination shouldn’t happen until after Election Day, but she has not said that Ginsburg’s replacement should not be rammed through the Senate between Election Day and Inauguration Day 2021.)

Thus far, the Repugnicans haven’t paid the price for their many, many years treason and their political terrorism.

And thus far, the Democrats haven’t held the Repugnicans’ feet to the fire, but have allowed them to get away with their treasonous bullshit.

We, the people, must hold the Democrats’ feet to the fire. We must make it increasingly difficult for the Democrats to continue to let the Repugnicans off scot-free.

It’s long past time to put into practice the fact that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bullies need to have their fucking asses kicked. It is the only way that they ever might learn.

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Again: Plenty of time for the Dems to lose another winnable prez election recently gave Joe Biden a 69-in-100 chance of winning the November 3 presidential election, to “President” Pussygrabber’s 30-in-100 chance of winning “re”-election. (Today, as I type this sentence, puts it at 69 in 100 for Biden and 31 in 100 for Pussygrabber.) The graphic below, also from, shows which states Biden must win to reach 270 electoral votes in the Electoral College.

“Republicans Run Toward Their Base. Democrats Run Away From Theirs,” correctly observes the website of Jacobin magazine.

Indeed, the Democratic National Convention gave Hidin’ Joe Biden no post-convention bounce in the polls, whereas apparently the Repugnican National Convention apparently has given “President” Pussygrabber a bounce.

Biden still leads Pussygrabber in the average of nationwide polls, but while Biden was ahead of Pussygrabber nationally by around 10 percentage points in June, he’s now ahead of Pussygrabber nationally by around 7 percentage points.

More critically, though, Biden has lost ground in the polls in the swing states, those states most likely to determine the winner of the Electoral College.

In July, Biden led Pussygrabber in six swing states (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) by an average of around 6 percentage points; today, that’s down to a lead of only about 3 percentage points.

Luckily, there are swing states that Biden doesn’t have to win in order to win the magical 270 electoral votes. If he wins enough other states, he doesn’t have to win Arizona, he doesn’t have to win North Carolina, and he doesn’t even have to win Florida to still win the Electoral College.

But he does need to win the three critical states that Billary Clinton lost in 2016: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

But right now, Real Clear Politics’ average of the polls in those three states don’t show Biden leading enough for comfort; right now RCP has Biden’s average polling in Michigan at only 2.6 percent ahead of Pussygrabber, Biden’s average polling in Pennsylvania at 4.7 percent ahead of Pussygrabber, and Biden’s average polling in Wisconsin at 3.5 percent ahead of Pussygrabber.

What has happened that Biden has slid in the polls while Pussygrabber has done better in the polls since the duopolistic parties’ conventions?

Well, once again, the Democratic Party establishment has pretty much apologized for being Democratic by featuring more Repugnicans in its convention than featuring progressives, that is, actual Democrats. The take-away message is that the Democratic Party establishment is embarrassed by and wishes to distance itself from its own fucking base. That’s hardly the way to excite voters to vote for you.

Meanwhile, the Repugnicans, as usual, are doubling down on the bloody red meat that they’re tossing to their rabid base of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, MAGA-cap-wearing, assault-rifle-toting fucktards. And it’s working for them.

And history has shown, over and over again, that when faced with the “choice” of the Repugnican Party or the Democratic Party acting like the Repugnican Lite Party, voters, probably especially the critical swing voters, tend to vote for the full-on Repugnican Party. Who the fuck wants to vote for a party that is ashamed of itself and virtually apologizes for its own existence?

As long as the Democrats in name only keep making the same mistakes — including shitting and pissing on the party’s own fucking base — the Democrats can expect to continue to lose otherwise winnable presidential elections, even if, as in 2000 and in 2016, they win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College.

Seriously, though, actual Democrat Bernie Sanders won 26.6 percent of the popular vote in the Democratic Party primary contests to Biden’s 51.5 percent. And that is with Bernie having suspended his campaign on April 8 while there were remaining primary elections and caucuses in April, May, June, July and this month, too. Bernie won the nation’s most populous state, California — which, dare I say, is the heart of the Democratic Party — for fuck’s sake.

But the center-right, pro-corporate, sellout Bidenbots — who put South Carolina’s voters far above California’s voters, even though a Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t won South Carolina since Jimmy Carter in 1976 — are perfectly happy pretending as though Bernie Sanders had never even existed.

Thing is, those of us who supported Bernie haven’t forgotten that Bernie existed, and many of us aren’t going to vote for Biden, no matter how much vote-shaming is thrown our way by the deplorable DINOs.

November 2020 could end up a lot like November 2016 — and again, the DINOs would spin yet another wholly preventably lost presidential election as not being their fault for having shit and pissed all over the party’s base, but as being the fault of us progressives — us actual Democrats — for not having gotten on board with the Democratic Party establishment’s Repugnican-Lite agenda — even though we had made it abundantly clear in 2016 that enough of us would not fucking do that.

The DINOs think that they can win nationwide elections without progressives. They persist in this delusion even when history amply shows them that they cannot.

When push comes to shove, I guess that my advice to progressives would be that if they live in one of the three especially critical battleground states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (the states that Billary should have won but did not, because she was a shitty, shitty candidate) — that if they really don’t want another four years of Pussygrabber, then they really must hold their noses, take an antiemetic, and vote for Hidin’ Joe Biden. 

And it wouldn’t hurt for those who live in the next-critical three battleground states, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina, to vote for Biden if they don’t want another four years of Pussygrabber. And to that list I could, and will, add Minnesota, Nevada and New Hampshire as well.

However, I couldn’t be mad at anyone who is left of center for not voting for Biden. After all, I refuse to vote for Biden (but again, I live in California, which Biden is going to win anyway, so I don’t have to vote for him and worry that this at all will help Pussygrabber; I have that luxury, given the vagaries of the obsolete, antiquated Electoral College, which should have been scrapped by now for the popular vote).

If another four years of “President” Pussygrabber meant the sure death of the corporate-whore DINOs and a return of the Democratic Party to its progressive roots, then I’d be the first to shout from the rooftops: “Four more years!”

However, I’m not confident that the nation could survive another four years of a blatantly fascist “president,” and yet it’s also clear that the the DINOs never, ever will admit that they were wrong all of this time. They could lose presidential election after presidential election after presidential election and still insist that being a center-right corporate whore is the only way to go.

As a nation, we are reaching the end of our rope.

I can see the nation devolving into full-blown fascism, which offers “easy” “answers” and “solutions” to our biggest problems — or, as a reaction to this fascism, finally evolving into the progressive nation that it always could have been, but has only been for brief windows of time, such as during the Progressive Era and the New Deal coalition.

It seems to me that we progressives might win it all — or lose it all. And that this fate could be decided only 65 days from today, on November 3.

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