I’m in ZERO ‘suspense’ (because Billary already has defeated the toasty Trump)

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Fascist demagogue Donald Trump proclaimed in Wednesday night’s final presidential debate that we’ll see whether or not he accepts the presidential election results — as though in a(n at least nominally) democratic republic it fucking matters whether the losers of elections accept the election results or not. Der Fuhrer Trump talks of Billary Clinton belonging behind bars, but treason (in the definition of which I include the rejection of valid election results) and the incitement of violence should put El Trumpo behind bars.

I did watch the third and final-thank-God presidential debate on Wednesday night, and while much of it was a rehash of the first two debates, minus Der Fuhrer Donald Trump creepily stalking Billary Clinton like he’s used to stalking women, it was notable (I suppose) — and the media sure noted it — that The Donald played coy about whether or not he will accept defeat and concede to Billary, if it comes to that (and it will).

“I’ll keep you in suspense, OK?” El Trumpo said to moderator Chris Wallace.

No, Der Fuhrer Trump will not keep us in suspense. Not any of us.

He will lose the election by an indisputable margin, and that will be that.

But leave it to a typical baby boomer like Donald J. Trump, however (just like his fellow baby boomer George W. Bush), to believe that he won’t be daunted by losing a presidential margin by a significant margin.*

Fivethirtyeight.com right now gives Trump only a 12.1 percent to 14.9 percent chance of winning the election, depending upon how you slice and dice it (and fivethirtyeight.com does that in three different ways).

Under fivethirtyeight.com’s analysis, Trump can win no more than 207 electoral votes when 270 of the total number of 538 electoral votes (the website’s namesake) are required to win the White House — and also under fivethirtyeight.com’s analysis, Billary wins at least 330 electoral votes. Um, yeah.

As far as the popular vote is concerned, Real Clear Politics right now has Billary beating Trump by an average of 5.9 percentage points in the nationwide polls, and The Huffington Post right now similarly has Billary beating Trump by an average of 6.3 percentage points in the nationwide polls.

Barack Obama beat John McCainosaurus by 7.2 percentage points in the popular vote in 2008, winning a whopping 365 electoral votes to McCainosaurus’ paltry 173, and in 2012, Obama beat Mittens Romney by 3.9 percent of the popular vote, winning a sizeable 332 electoral votes to Mittens’ comparably low 206 electoral votes.

My best educated guess is that Billary will do at least as well as Obama did in 2012, but probably not quite as well as Obama did in 2008 (Obama, after all, was much more popular then than Billary is now).

Again, this election won’t be close enough for Team Trump to be able to steal it, as it was close enough for Team Gee Dubya to steal it in 2000. And unlike Gee Dubya did in 2000, Trump doesn’t have a brother who is the governor of a swing state that is pivotal to the Electoral College win (well, in the case of 2000, the Electoral College “win”).

And Trump doesn’t have Katherine Harris, and because the treasonous Repugnican Tea Party refuses to allow President Obama to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, Trump couldn’t expect a 5-4 Supreme Court decision to put him into the White House, like the Supreme Court decided the presidential election in Bush vs. Gore.

(All five of the U.S. Supreme Court “justices” who in Bush vs. Gore voted against allowing Florida to continue its recount had been nominated by Repugnican President Richard Nixon, Repugnican President Ronald Reagan or Repugnican President George H.W. Bush. Just coinky-dink, I’m sure. I mean, it’s not like those five “justices” of the Repugnican Party just up and treasonously anti-democratically appointed the president of the United States of America even though Al Gore won the popular vote by more than 543,000 votes.)

All of these argument aside, even if the election that is only 16 days from today were close — and it won’t be — I don’t see the American people just sitting idly by this time while the Repugnican Tea Party traitors try to steal the White House a second time.

The theft of a presidential election is treason, and the only good traitor is a dead one. If push comes to shove, those of us on the left — the true patriots, since, unlike the traitors on the right, we believe that you accept election results and don’t try to steal elections when they don’t go your way — can exercise Second-Amendment remedies also.

Patriotism would demand a violent uprising against a fascist regime that stole an election, as Der Furher Donald Trump, fascist and traitor, happily would do.**

We true American patriots won the Civil War. We would win a rematch handily.

P.S. I already have voted for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, as I did in 2012. I mailed my vote-by-mail ballot in earlier this week.

As I’ve written many times before, if you live in a swing state — such as Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio or Arizona (these, per fivethirtyeight.com, are the 10 states most likely to make a difference in the election) — go ahead and vote for Billary Clinton if you wish. I couldn’t be mad at you for trying to prevent your state’s electoral votes from going to Trump by voting for Billary.

Fivethirtyeight.com gives Billary Clinton literally more than a 99.9 percent chance of winning my state of California and all 55 of its electoral votes, so I had the luxury, as it were, of being able to vote my conscience in this bullshit partisan duopoly that we call a “democracy.” The “choice” between the Coke Party and the Pepsi Party is no real choice at all.

*I kind of doubt that Trump was just saying this “I’ll keep you in suspense” bullshit for his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, deplorable supporters (under the principle that as a losing candidate you don’t publicly seriously acknowledge that you most likely are going to lose).

I suspect that Trump truly believes that he can pull a George W. Bush and lose the presidential election yet still be installed in the White House. I mean, after all, 2000 was a precedent for the treasonous theft of a presidential election.

**Again, the violent uprising that should have happened but did not happen in 2000 would happen today, I believe.

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When you know you’re going to lose an election, just claim that it’s rigged

Vox.com reports that from 2000 to 2014, there were only 35 “credible allegations of in-person voting fraud” among almost 1 billion ballots cast. Um, yeah.

The next time that you hear a wingnut claim that there is rampant voter fraud within your state (or city or county or hell, even within the entire nation), ask him or her for a specific, verified example of it. Ask for a name, a place, a date, a manner.

There will be silence. (Well, maybe not silence, but you won’t get the information that you just asked for.)

Because the fact is that actual voter fraud within the United States is so very rare as to make its effect on our election results statistically irrelevant.

The only wolves who cry “rampant voter fraud!” are those who vote Repugnican — because they’re sore losers who refuse to deal with the fact that their right-wing, fascist, white supremacist, patriarchal, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic worldview (yes, they are deplorable) is rejected by the majority of Americans.

The vast majority of the handful of cases of illegal voting that are verified are found to have been unintentional — that is, these weren’t people with the criminal intent of knowingly trying to influence the outcome of an election by casting a ballot illegally. They’re people who had thought that they were eligible to vote but who weren’t, or such cases as widows and widowers filling out and submitting the absentee ballots of their spouses who recently died, apparently failing to see a huge problem with that.

(Yeah, you’ll hear Der Fuhrer Donald Trump claim that hordes of “illegals” are crossing the border to vote illegally — you know, when they’re not too busy raping, murdering, pillaging, plundering and drug running — but he won’t bash widows and widowers, who probably are the plurality if not the majority of those relative tiny few who actually commit voter fraud. [Most of those widows and widowers probably vote Repugnican, which I’m sure has something to do with that…])

Again, intent is what makes an act fraudulent, and the form of voter fraud that the sore-loser traitors on the right claim happens the most — in-person voter fraud — actually happens the least.

Repugnican Trump surrogate Rudy “A Noun, A Verb And 9/11” Goebbels Giuliani these days frantically is alleging that in-person voter fraud is rampant, especially within our inner cities (no dog whistle there!), but of course he just throws these bullshit allegations out there and offers no actual details of any verified instances of in-person voter fraud.

That would be because, as the Brennan Center for Justice remarks in its thoughtful report “The Truth About Voter Fraud,” “It is more likely that an individual will be struck by lightning than that he will impersonate another voter at the polls.”


Of course the Repugnican Tea Party traitors’ true intent isn’t to stop criminality that virtually isn’t even happening at all. Their agenda, of course, is to try to steal elections by crying “fraud!”

They know that this fact- and reality-free propagandistic tactic works with their base of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging fucktards who deem themselves patriots but whose very deplorable existence only continues to drag the entire nation down to this day, which is hardly patriotic.

And, of course, the intent of false allegations of rampant voter fraud is to “justify” post-election violence by treasonous, sore-loser Repugnican Tea Party retrogrades. Recall how Repugnican traitors — George W. Bush campaign operatives masquerading as angry regular civilians — tried to influence the outcome of the presidential election in Florida in 2000 by thuggishly storming the Miami-Dade County ballot canvassing location.

A writer for Vox.com notes that

… Trump … is spending the weeks before the election telling his followers that the election is so illegitimate that they need to be physically present at polling places to monitor it. That raises the possibility of violence on Election Day. It certainly lays the groundwork for anger and denial afterward — even if Trump himself walks away and takes that nice long vacation he talks about. …

It’s more insidious than that.

Right-wing “poll monitors” aren’t there to ensure a clean election; they’re there to try to intimidate the “wrong” kind of people — that is, those who tend to vote for Democrats — from voting at all. They do their partisan profiling based upon the voter’s demographics, and whose ballots do you think they contest? How often, do you think, they challenge, say, old white people and people who appear to be rich versus people of color, younger people, people who appear to be poor, et. al.?

Yes, there could be violence on Election Day if Der Fuhrer Trump’s jackbooted thugs show up at the polling places in significant numbers with the full intent to intimidate voters whom they perceive (correctly or incorrectly) won’t vote for Trump.

But there could be violence after Election Day, too, even if Billary beats Trump by a large margin, which I surmise will be the case.

You know what, though? Fuck the neo-Nazis. If they want violence, let’s give violence right back to them. We Americans must not make the same mistake that the Germans did in the 1920s and 1930s. If the neo-Nazis here at home want another Civil War, let’s hand their sorry, treasonous asses to them again.

To be clear, I’m no shill for Democrat in name only Billary Clinton. I’m voting for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, the only progressive in the presidential race, very most likely.* I most definitely don’t want fascist demagogue Donald Trump to be president, but I don’t want Billary Clinton in the Oval Office, either.

But I recognize that, even though the Democratic Party presidential primary process most definitely was stacked in Billary’s favor and against Bernie Sanders’ by her anti-democratic operatives within the Democratic National Committee and throughout the nation, in November Billary is going to win my state of California and thus all of its 55 electoral votes in the winner-takes-all(-except-for-Maine-and-Nebraska) Electoral College.

And I recognize that Billary Clinton is much more likely than not to be elected our next president.**

Only if it were close could the Repugnican Tea Party traitors perhaps successfully scream that the nationwide election is (going to be) rigged. But it’s not close.

Per Real Clear Politics’ average of recent nationwide polls, Billary right now leads El Trumpo by 5.5 percentage points nationwide, and the Huffington Post’s average of recent nationwide polls similarly puts Billary at 6 percentage points ahead of Der Fuhrer Trump.

There’s that and there’s the fact that while Billary Clinton’s unfavorable rating is 53 percent (she is liked by only 43 percent), Trump’s unfavorable rating is 10 points worse: a whopping 63 percent don’t like him, and only 34 percent do.

Um, yeah, you don’t win a presidential election if 63 percent of the American people don’t feel favorably toward you.

Finally, fivethirtyeight.com right now gives Trump no more than a 17.1 percent chance of winning the election — he’s at the lowest point in fivethirtyeight.com’s tracking of the race since June, and the election is only 23 days away.

Again: Trump is, in a word, toast.

He will win states where the majority of the voters are deplorable — I expect him to win anywhere from 19 to 23 states (I refer, of course, to the red states) but not even 24 states — but he won’t win the White House.

Again, as a douche bag who never was vice president, a U.S. senator or the governor of a state, Trump always was highly unlikely to become the first “reality”-television star and bankruptcy-happy billionaire to become president of the United States of America in the first place.

His loss in November, by a significant margin, will come as no surprise. I mean, I haven’t even mentioned here that he has committed serial sexual assault, and that no presidential candidate who was recorded as having bragged about “grab[bing]” women “by the pussy” (and otherwise sexually assaulting them because he is a “star” who can get away with it) ever went on to win the White House.

I suppose that if I were a Repugnican Tea Party traitor, right about now I’d be making bullshit claims about rampant voter fraud, too.

*Lately I’ve toyed around with writing Bernie Sanders’ name in, even though it very most likely wouldn’t count at all. I might do that, but I’ll probably vote for Stein, as I voted for her in 2012, since President Hopey-Changey, for whom I voted in 2008, didn’t change nearly enough during his first term, losing the Democrats control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2010 mid-term election, dooming any progressive agenda that he might wanted to have tried to enact after that, but in retrospect it’s pretty clear to me that he never had any real intent to even try significantly to enact a progressive agenda at all.

**This reminds me of this recent great editorial cartoon by Ted Rall:

Love Trumps Hate...What?Yes, it is going to be a stupid next four to eight years. (I don’t really expect it to be eight, though; as I’ve noted before, given her high level of unpopularity going into the job, I expect Billary to be a one-term president. She has benefited greatly from the fact that Trump has been a train wreck of literally historical proportions.)

I like this one of Rall’s too:

Donald Trump called for a lot of outrageous things throughout his presidential campaign. He wanted Muslims to be banned from entering the knighted states. He wanted to build a border wall and deport 11 million illegal aliens. He called for beating up protesters at his own rallies. Oddly, none of this made him less popular. To the contrary. What did him in, or at least looks like it might, is an open microphone moment in which he talked about grabbing women's pussies.

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That wasn’t a debate — it was a debacle (or: Trump is toast — Part 2)

Donald Trump spent much of Sunday night’s debate shit show creepily stalking Billary Clinton. Oh, well; at least he didn’t try to grab her by the pussy…

In case you were wondering, I did watch the second presidential debate on Sunday night (I did not live-blog it). Afterward I wanted to take a scalding hot shower and scrub myself with a wire brush.

That, of course, was mostly the uber-slimy Der Fuhrer Donald Trump’s fault. Team Trump’s having Bill Clinton’s alleged sex victims present in the debate hall (as though Billy Boy were running for a third term, which he kind of is but isn’t actually) wasn’t at all clever or effective; it was mind-blowingly sleazy, even for El Trumpo. And from promising to imprison his political opponents should he become president to declaring that Muslim Americans must police each other in a paranoid, anti-Muslim police state, it’s crystal fucking clear what fascist demagogue Trump’s agenda is: unabashed fascism, turning the United States of America into Nazi Germany 2.0, with him in the Hitler role.

When cornered on his 2005 comments about grabbing women by the pussy (made when he was just a young lad of 59 years — you know, locker-room banter [even though he wasn’t inside of a locker room]), Trump essentially stated that Hey, the members of ISIS are worse than he is!

I want to see poor people of color try that “defense” in our courts of law when they have been charged even with misdemeanors. It’s interesting how power and privilege (in Trump’s case, brought about by his biological sex, his race, his generation and his wealth [assuming that he even really is all that wealthy]) rear their ugly heads.

Only Donald Trump is so fucking sleazy as to make the corrupt, pay-to-play, political human weather vane on crack Billary Clinton seem like an angel by comparison. The widely despised Billary is very lucky that her opponent is the worst candidate that the Repugnican Party has put forth in many, many years, if not in all of U.S. history.*

Anyway, it’s clear that Trump must never sit in the Oval Office.

Of course, he very most likely will not; fivethirtyeight.com right now gives him no more than a 16.7 percent chance of winning to Billary’s 83.3 percent chance.

I still plan to vote for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, since fivethirtyeight.com puts Billary’s chances of winning my home state of California (and thus all 55 of its electoral votes) at more than 99.9 percent.

I’ve heard the argument that those of us in the deep-blue states should vote for Billary even if we don’t like her, since Trump and his treasonous, fascist followers will have a talking point should he actually win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College, like Al Gore did in 2000. (Well, Gore probably won Florida and thus the Electoral College also, but whatevs.)

Um, (1) that very most likely won’t happen** (Trump will lose both the popular vote and the Electoral College by a decisive margin, I am confident), and (2) even though Al Gore won more than 500,000 more popular votes than Gee Dubya Bush did in 2000, we weren’t to question Dubya’s presidential legitimacy, so fuck the Repugnican Tea Party traitors’ predictable pissing and moaning should Billary actually win the Electoral College but lose the popular vote.

It wasn’t at all a national issue when that happened for Gee Dubya, so the treasonous hypocrites could go fuck themselves until they bleed to death.

P.S. Every time that Trump mentions Bernie Sanders’ name, as he did at least three times in Sunday’s “debate,” he should get a new malignant tumor. Trump isn’t fit or worthy enough to feast on Bernie’s feces.

It’s wonderful when Trump thinks that he’s exciting Millennials by mentioning Bernie, thinks that he’s going to inherit anything like a sizable chunk of Bernie’s supporters, and when he pretends to give a shit that democratic socialist Bernie was fucked over by the Democratic National Committee.

Yes, Bernie was fucked over by the DNC, which is one of many reasons why I won’t vote for Billary and why I switched my voter registration from the Democratic Party back to the Green Party, but anyone who remotely grasps what Bernie stands for never could vote for a fascist flaming piece of dog shit like Donald Trump.

*No U.S. president in my lifetime of almost five decades had not first been vice president, a U.S. senator or the governor of a state before ascending to the White House. A shitbag like Donald Trump, who proves amply that no amount of money can buy class, always was very unlikely to break that pattern.

**Fivethirtyeight.com gives the scenario in which Billary loses the popular vote but wins the Electoral College only a 0.6 percent chance of happening.

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Trump is toast

As an American politician or political candidate you can get away with saying all manner of vile, oppressive, even dangerous things in a “nice,” “polite” way, but a sex scandal always can bring you down like a ton of bricks in the hypocritically Victorian U.S. of A. Yesterday, The Washington Post released a video of Donald Trump in 2005 braggadociously reporting that he had tried, unsuccessfully, to “fuck” a married woman although at the time he already was married to his third wife, Melania. Trump, in Yoda-like fashion, also advised that with women whom you want to fuck, if “you’re a star,” you simply “Grab them by the pussy.”

We all already knew that Der Fuhrer Donald Trump is boorish, but the recording of him proclaiming in 2005 that “when you’re a star, they [(attractive) women] let you do … anything,” such as “Grab them by the pussy” just makes that knowledge so real. (The audio-video recording of Trump’s remarks about “do[ing] anything” to women whom you desire “when you’re a star” is here.)

This very most likely is the end of Trump’s campaign for president (although of course he has proclaimed that he won’t drop out; only someone who possesses a modicum of shame would do that).

I generally don’t believe in the public release of private remarks, but I don’t know that you really can call this case an invasion of privacy. I mean, Trump was openly talking to a TV show host and his remarks were picked up by a hot microphone. He wasn’t chatting at home or talking on the telephone.

And just as we needed to know about Clarence Thomas’ character before he incredibly stupidly was put on the U.S. Supreme Court, we need to know about Trump’s before he incredibly stupidly is put in the Oval Office.

Trump already was on a downward trajectory anyway after his shitty first presidential debate performance and the news that he apparently hasn’t paid federal income taxes in many years — fivethirtyeight.com right now puts his chances of winning the White House at only only 18.6 percent to Billary Clinton’s 81.4 percent, and I expect his chances to continue to dwindle — but it’s really over for him now.

“No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” Repugnican National Committee head Reince Preibus was forced to declare just a month and a day before the presidential election, and 2012 Repugnican Tea Party presidential candidate Mittens Romney similarly proclaimed, “Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.”

Pretty Boy Paul Ryan, Mittens’ running mate in 2012 and speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, called the recording “sickening” and stated, “I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests.”

In his own “defense,” Trump proclaimed, “This was locker-room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended.”


“Locker-room banter,” yes, indeed, but Trump wants to be president of the United States of America, and this banter didn’t stay inside of the locker room. And while 2005 was a bit over a decade ago, Trump is 70 years old now, so he was plenty old enough to know better in 2005. His claim that today he is a changed man is incredible; he didn’t make these remarks when he was in his teens or 20s.

I’m sure that we’ve had plenty of lechers in the White House, but, again, we haven’t heard recordings of their lecherous words; their lechery has remained, for the most part, an abstraction.

And when Trump tries to bring in Bill Clinton — who no doubt indeed was one of the former lechers in the White House, replete with semen-stained intern’s dress and all —  Trump reminds me of his opponent Billary Clinton, who frequently tries to throw someone else under the bus or tries to use someone else as a political human shield (Barack Obama, usually) when she is cornered.

It’s no wonder that both Trump and Billary are the most hated U.S. presidential candidates in modern history.

Speaking of Billary, I will note (to be, you know, fair and balanced) that some of the remarks that she reportedly made to Wall Street weasels in her highly paid speeches to them (you know, the transcripts of which she has refused to release) have been leaked by WikiLeaks, and while some of them are unflattering, in terms of political scandals, they’re nothing on the level of Pussygrabgate. (On that note, maybe it’s because I’m gay, but how, exactly, do you grab a woman by the pussy? You can grab a man by his junk, I suppose, especially if he’s gifted in that area, but there’s not much of a woman’s crotch to grab, is there?)

Anyway, let’s see: Billary allegedly stated that “politics is like sausage being made,” adding, that “if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.”

Like El Trumpo’s presidential proclamation about pussy-grabbing, this statement about sausage-making isn’t exactly shocking coming from Billary. For instance, I’ve always believed that she personally supported same-sex marriage long before she finally publicly came out for it in March 2013 (after Barack Obama finally had done so in May 2012), for fuck’s sake. And when NPR’s Terry Gross grilled Billary on it in June 2014, she reacted in such a hyper-defensive way as to reveal that she indeed has a public face and a private face, that she’s shamelessly two-faced.

Billary also allegedly stated, in the material in the latest WikiLeaks dump, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

Slate.com notes that “This may thrill the [progressive] editors at Voxbut presumably not white working-class voters in Ohio. Point Trump.”

I would be fine with open trade and “a hemispheric common market” if they were run by us commoners instead of by corporate weasels; my problem with globalization and “free” trade thus far isn’t with the concepts of them, but with the execution of them thus far: by corporate weasels who care only about profiteering and not at all about people and not at all about the planet. The treasonous corporate weasels can and will pervert any good idea on which they can get their greedy little grubbies.

I’m also fine with a significantly more porous border between the United States and Mexico and the rest of Latin America. We Americans have more to gain than we have to lose from such a more open exchange of culture, ideas, goods and services.

But let’s face it: What’s preventing such a more open exchange between the United States and Latin America is that Americans are economically richer, as a whole, than are Latin Americans, and most Americans don’t want that socioeconomic inequity to change any decade soon. This is why even many (if not even most) who identify as Democrats don’t want a significantly more permeable southern border (and a wholly open border is an uber-non-starter for the vast majority of Americans, I’m confident).

Speaking of the southern border, Donald Trump this past week made a comment that I find more offensive and harmful than his frat-boy pussy-grabbing comment from 2005: This past week Trump alleged that the federal government is allowing “illegals” from Mexico to come into the United States to vote for Democrats.

Not only is this a fucking lie — The Washington Post notes that “There’s no evidence … that immigrants (a) come to the country illegally to vote, (b) register to vote illegally and (c) cast votes in federal elections on any substantive scale” and that “There’s essentially no in-person voter fraud in American politics” — but demagogue Der Fuhrer Trump really needs to get his anti-Mexican rhetoric straight:

Do Mexican “illegals” come to the United States to rape, murder, pillage and plunder, as he and his xenophobic, nationalist, fascist, white-supremacist supporters repeatedly have alleged — or do they come here to vote?

Because, you know, when I think of hard-core criminals, I just don’t think of them as being committed voters. (Seriously: For sure, right after a man has raped and murdered and done some drug-running, he wants nothing more than to go vote illegally!)

Trump’s fucking fascist lie that Mexican “illegals” are crossing the border in droves in order to vote illegally is meant to accomplish at least two evil things:

(1) To bolster the fascist wingnuts’ delusion that the majority of us Americans actually agree with their hateful, ignorant, bigoted, demented, basket-of-deplorables worldview, and therefore, when the wingnuts lose elections, it only can mean that the elections were rigged (and therefore, any election results that don’t favor the wingnuts should be disregarded). This mindset is a grave threat to our democracy.


(2) To continue, for political and personal gain, to demonize and dehumanize the brown-skinned denizens from south of the border, much how the Nazis demonized and dehumanized Jews (and many, many others) for political and personal gain. We know what happened to the Jews and to the other victims of the Nazis.

Donald Trump is a fascist piece of shit who must never become president, and who, should he actually make it that far (which at this point is highly unlikely but not absolutely impossible, I suppose), must be relieved of the office by whatever means necessary. The republic is more important than is any one individual, especially a fascistic, pussy-grabbing, Latin-American-bashing piece of shit like Donald John Trump.

Thankfully, while fivethirtyeight.com puts Trump’s chances of becoming president at not even a full one in five, I put it at about one in a hundred (one in fifty would be charitable).

Bloodshed over Der Fuhrer Trump most likely won’t be necessary, but if the fascist traitors who support Der Fuhrer Trump want a rematch of the Civil War, my standing response remains: Bring it, bitches!

P.S. Oh, yeah (duh): The second presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow night. There is a pretty good chance that I’ll live-blog it. Especially now.

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Not live-blogging the veep debate

Oh, I could; I just don’t wanna.

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are pretty fucking boring, and I’m not voting for either Der Fuhrer Donald or for Repugnican Lite Billary, so what’s the point?

That said, I nonetheless am quite happy to see that fivethirtyeight.com now has El Trumpo’s chance of winning the White House at only 25.3 percent and Billary’s at 74.7 percent (Billary is, after all, the much lesser evil). This after Trump bombed in the first debate and after it has been revealed that unlike us commoners whom he claims to wuv so much, he apparently paid no federal income tax for years — because he’s a selfish, treasonous piece of shit.

Anyway, I did quasi-live-blog the last vice presidential debate — because it had promised to be interesting, and it was. This one holds no such promise. With Trump and with Billary and with Pence and with Kaine, we’ve seen the nadir of the corporately owned and controlled Coke Party and Pepsi Party, which election after election become more and more difficult to distinguish from each other.

I’ll be casting my vote for president for Jill Stein — again.

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Billary beat El Trumpo’s sorry ass

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Debate

Associated Press photo

Wearing power red and appearing to be healthy and robust while her opponent ironically sniffled and surprisingly wore a sedate blue tie while demonstrating amply that he is not up to the job of U.S. president, Billary Clinton won last night’s presidential debate. I don’t want either historically detested baby boomer to be our next president, but I’d much rather have our first-female-albeit-Repugnican-Lite president than have the obvious fascist that Der Fuhrer Donald Trump is in the Oval Office. 

I listened to and watched most of last night’s debate between Billary Clinton and Donald Trump, and yeah, Billary was the clear winner.

Let’s see: Der Fuhrer Trump, having no experience in public office whatsofuckingever yet seeking the U.S. presidency right off the bat, could only channel, weakly, Richard Nixon’s (and Ronald Reagan’s and Barry Goldwater’s) racist, white supremacist and authoritarian/fascist “law and order” bullshit (you can’t even call it a dog whistle anymore; it’s more like a loudspeaker) and Ronald Reagan’s “trickle-down” bullshit.

And Trump in last night’s debate bragged about evading his fair share of taxes and fucking those who have worked for him out of the money that he has owed them. This is smart business practice, he actually fucking claimed smugly while at the same time pretending to care about those of us schlubs who must pay more in taxes, percentage-wise, than he does, and who can’t afford to have a billionaire bilk us out of the money for the goods and/or services that we have provided to His Highness.

Not that Trump’s shitty debate performance will sway his chromosomally challenged base of mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers. They’re already unmoored from reality and don’t know how to vote in their own best interests. (The only Repugnicans who vote in their own best interests are the tiny minority of them who are millionaires and billionaires.)

Billary needed to do well last night to stop slipping in the polls. Right now fivethirtyeight.com gives her a 55.7 percent chance of winning the White House in November to Trump’s 44.2 percent chance, but fivethirtyeight.com’s founder, prognosticator-god Nate Silver, noted today that “Clinton bested Trump in the first presidential debate according to a variety of metrics, and the odds are that she’ll gain in head-to-head polls over Trump in the coming days.”


I can’t imagine that there are too many people still on the fence, but I also can’t imagine that Trump is going to improve in the remaining two debates. He is constitutionally unfit for the presidency, and on the presidential debate stage it shows glaringly. (Speaking of the Constitution, every patriot who gives a flying fuck about the Constitution should oppose vehemently El Trumpo’s support of “stop and frisk,” which not only is racist and white supremacist and blatantly violates the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but would only make relations between the races and between civilians and law enforcement officers even worse than they already have been.)

Don’t get me wrong; I still fully intend to vote for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, since Billary is going to win California and all of its electoral votes no matter how I fucking vote. (Fivethirtyeight.com right now gives Billary a 99.3 percent chance of winning California and all of its electoral votes, so save your woefully misinformed “Your-vote-for-Jill-Stein-is-a-vote-for-Donald-Trump” bullshit; when it comes to California and other solidly blue or red states, you’re dead wrong.)

Yes, Billary would make a better president than would the fascist Trump — which is much like saying that Barack Obama is better than was George W. Bush — but there’s still too much about Billary and the Democratic Party establishment that I can’t get over.

For instance, I noted that when Trump during the debate last night brought up the hacked Democratic National Committee e-mails that showed that the DNC was run by Billary operatives who did their best to ensure her coronation and shoot down Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Billary didn’t respond to that at all.*

Billary not only doesn’t want to talk about that, but she wants to maintain the illusion that she wasn’t connected to the DNC and so the DNC didn’t do her bidding, even though her henchbitch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned as the head of the DNC in disgrace, as Trump reminded us last night.

The Billarybots’ anti-democratic attacks on Bernie Sanders alone is reason not to vote for Billary, but there are dozens more reasons. (Just peruse my many past posts.) I also believe that the Democratic Party doesn’t deserve our support until and unless it fully reforms itself, and after the DNC e-mails were leaked, I switched my voter registration back to the Green Party and will remain there until and unless the corrupt, anti-democratic, anti-populist, pro-corporate, pro-plutocratic Democratic Party gives me good reason to return, which, I recognize, might never happen.

All of that said, I still maintain that if you live in a swing state, or, as fivethirtyeight.com calls them, a “tipping-point” state, I’m fine if you hold your nose, take an anti-emetic and vote for Billary in order to prevent a President Trump.** I don’t want a President Trump, either.

It’s that because I live in California, which Billary will win no matter fucking what (well, unless she dies or the like), I have the luxury of being able to vote my conscience and not having to vote my fears.

If you have that luxury, I recommend that you luxuriate in it.

*Don’t get me wrong; I don’t believe for a fucking nanosecond that Donald Trump gives a flying fuck about Bernie Sanders or us Berners. I mean, he’s a fucking fascist and a billionaire who brags about tax evasion and screwing people out of the money that he owes them, and we’re socialists. We’re not at all compatible.

Trump is sorely mistaken that disaffected Berners are going to vote for him in anything like a significant number. Anyone who remotely understands what Bernie Sanders stands for never would vote for a fascist piece of shit like Donald Trump.

That said, even though Trump brought up Bernie Sanders last night uber-disingenuously and uber-cynically, Billary’s non-response did speak not just volumes, but libraries.

**Fivethirtyeight.com right now lists the top-10 “tipping-point” states (the states most likely to tip the presidential election one way or another) in this order: Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Minnesota.

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Heads up: I probably won’t live-blog tonight’s presidential debate

Because of a probable scheduling conflict, I probably won’t live-blog tonight’s first of three scheduled presidential debates between Billary Clinton and Der Fuhrer Donald Trump.

However, I most likely will watch the debate delayed if I can’t watch it live, and if I am so moved, I will blog about it, especially if it strikes me that there are important things about it that (most) others aren’t saying (which is my usual impetus to blog).

All of that said, even if I were sure that I am going to be free at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (when the debate starts), I can’t say that I’d have much interest in watching the debate live. After Billary “won” the Democratic Party nomination, my heart hasn’t been in this thing.

(I watched and live-blogged all nine of the Democratic Party presidential debates — there were supposed to be 10 of them, but Billary reneged on the tenth one, yet another of the many reasons that I can’t and won’t vote for her — and now that Bernie Sanders is out of the race, there’s nothing and no one to be interested in.* [No, hoping that Trump doesn’t win isn’t the same as enthusiasm. Not remotely nearly, and I reject fear-based voting, which is all that the debased, duopolistic Coke Party and Pepsi Party have given us as a “choice.”])

No, I don’t want Trump, of course, but Billary is going to win my state of California and all of its 55 electoral votes anyway — something that a poor fellow Californian on Bill Maher’s show on HBO tried in vain to explain to his ignorant cohorts on Friday night (virtually no one understands the Electoral College, and apparently almost everyone ignorantly believes that we elect our president on the popular vote when we never have) — so I still intend to vote my conscience.

And voting one’s conscience, in this degraded political environment and in this degraded nation and degraded “democracy,” actually is widely considered to be a bad thing.

*Well, I mean, I like and respect Jill Stein, for whom I’m most likely voting, but given the fact that third-party candidates have a snowball’s chance in hell in this duopolistically partisan “democracy,” that’s a real boner-shrinker.

And no, I’ve never asserted that Stein is perfect, that I agree with every word that she has uttered and every deed that she has done, but she’s the only presidential candidate in the race whose beliefs and values most closely match my own.

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