Weak, lazy Hidin’ Biden proclaims that ‘we’ve had enough debates’

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He’s looking for his marbles, which he has lost. Have you seen them?

This is unshocking: Axios reports that “Former Vice President Joe Biden said during a virtual press briefing [today] that he believes the Democratic Party has ‘had enough debates’ and ‘[we] should get on with this.’” (Get on with his coronation, apparently.)*

No next debate between Biden and Bernie Sanders has been scheduled thus far, but The New York Times reported yesterday:

Senator Bernie Sanders plans to participate in the Democratic presidential debate in April if one is held, his campaign said [yesterday], the strongest indication yet that he plans to continue competing against Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the 2020 primary for the foreseeable future.

The Democratic National Committee has said previously that there would be a debate in April, but one has not been scheduled. [Emphasis mine.] The committee has not announced a media partner or a site host — critical elements that are typically agreed upon at least a month in advance. The coronavirus crisis has already upended most facets of the Democratic primary, and there is no guarantee that the debate will take place.

Still, the fact that the Sanders campaign is signaling, for now, that he would be on a debate stage in April is a strikingly public sign of the Vermont senator’s determination to wield political influence and challenge Mr. Biden for primacy despite the former vice president’s nearly insurmountable delegate lead.

“Senator Sanders is still running for president,” said Mike Casca, a top campaign official. “If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there.” …

Here’s the thing: An April debate was promised by the DNC. But apparently to the Democratic Party establishment hacks, all promises are unilaterally negotiable, especially if the establishment’s pick currently is on top.

Also, Hidin’ Biden thus far has 1,215 pledged delegates to Bernie’s 910. A candidate must sew up 1,991 pledged delegates before he or she can claim the party’s presidential nomination outright. And as of today, 23 states have yet to vote in a Democratic Party presidential primary election or caucus.

So, although Biden is ahead, the race isn’t over.

Calls for Bernie to drop out already make me think of a footrace in which you have someone who currently is outpacing the No. 2 runner, but the No. 2 runner repeatedly is told by the fucktards from the sidelines to drop out of the race already — not because the race is over, not because the race has been won, but merely because the No. 2 guy is not in first place so far.

Guess what? The fucking race isn’t fucking over until someone has fucking crossed the fucking finish line, and the front-runner always can fall and face-plant short of the finish line.

If sleepy Hidin’ Biden can’t run the distance in the fucking Democratic Party presidential primary contest, how in the fuck could he possibly win the White House? And then perform as U.S. president, even though I can’t see him beating “President” Pussygrabber in November any more than Queen Billary, whose presidential campaign was as exciting as is Biden’s, couldn’t the last time around?

I find it fucking mind-blowing that the backasswards, right-wing fucktards of the South who call themselves “Democrats” are ruining the Democratic Party’s chance at taking back the White House by fronting as the party’s 2020 presidential candidate a fucking Alzheimer’s patient whose obvious Alzheimer’s they believe they can conceal from the American electorate indefinitely.

So much into cramming Hidin’ Biden down our throats are his supporters that they’re not even fazed if he unilaterally decides that he doesn’t want to debate his opponent anymore. They apparently see nothing wrong with that.

But, of course, after Hidin’ Biden very predictably were to lose in November, these “Democrats” wouldn’t blame the Biden campaign, such as for pussying out of debates.

Indeed, they already have their plan to cover for their own abject stupidity: To blame Bernie.

They’ve learned nothing from 2016.


I won’t vote for Hidin’ Biden in November. That hasn’t changed and won’t change, and millions of other voters who would love to vote for a real fucking Democratic Party presidential candidate for fucking once — instead of for a Repugnican-Lite corporate whore like Billary Clinton or Hidin’ Biden — are with me on this.

P.S.: Recall that Billary Clinton also cravenly and cowardly backed out of a pre-promised debate with Bernie. Queen Billary and Hidin’ Biden are two Repugnican-Lite peas in a pod.

*Video of Hidin’ Biden’s remarks about not wanting to debate anymore is here.

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Joe Biden probably will benefit from fallout from coronavirus pandemic

Right now “President” Pussygrabber has an average approval rating of 43 percent and an average disapproval rating of 53 percent. How low will it go over the next several months, and will he be able to eke out “re”-“election” with an approval rating mired no higher than in the low 40s?

In normal times — well, as normal as the times have been since November 2016, anyway — I don’t see Joe Biden beating “President” Pussygrabber.

Thank Goddess, to put it mildly, these times are not normal, even for the new “normal” under “President” Pussygrabber.

(Thus far I have lost more than $5,000 in my retirement savings plan and I now have to “telecommute” because of mandatory “social distancing,” but compared to millions, I have it good. [I lean much more toward the hermit side than the social butterfly side, so “social distancing” for the most part is fine with me, or at least tolerable.)

I don’t see any sitting president surviving both a pandemic requiring the nation to go on lockdown and a pandemic-induced recession (or worse).

I don’t see perhaps especially Pussygrabber, not exactly known for his managerial prowess as president, politically surviving what we’re facing now. His supporters will stick with him because they’re mentally ill, but will the independent voters stick with him?

I doubt it.

Therefore, while I don’t want to see a President Biden, given that the nation is rapidly tanking now, I do now see Biden beating Pussygrabber in November unless we have a miraculous, fairly rapid turnaround of events, which appears to be quite unlikely.

I can’t even say that it would be fair to blame the pandemic (and the ensuing economic collapse) on Pussygrabber, as clumsily as he has handled it thus far. I mean, to be fair (not that I’m overly worried about fairness for Pussygrabber, who knows nothing of fairness), some things are beyond any president’s ability to avert or even mitigate. But if you’re the one holding the bag when the shit hits the fan, fairly or unfairly, you usually get hit with the shit.

Again, I’m no fan of Joe Biden, and I even could make the argument that in the political long term, we’d be better off with four more years of Pussygrabber than potentially eight years of Biden, who already has told us in his current “campaign” that he’d be a do-nothing, caretaker president like Barack Obama was for eight years. As much as Biden might promise hope and change, no doubt we’d get just more of the same.

Can the nation survive another eight years of Obamian centrist do-nothingism?

Probably not, but we had an economic meltdown at the end of the last unelected Repugnican president’s term, and so right now it’s déjà vu all over again — we are to be “rescued” by Biden just like we were “rescued” by Obama, right?

Most American voters really are that simple.

P.S. While I stand by my assertion that it’s within Bernie Sanders’ rights to remain in the race until and unless Joe Biden reaches the 1,991 pledged delegates that he needs for the win, I do agree with the experts’ assessment that Bernie very likely is toast in terms of winning the nomination. (At this point it pretty much would take Biden’s death or incapacitation…)

When (and if?) Bernie drops out, I’m sure I’ll have a blog post there that will write itself; I’ve supported Bernie since 2015, and it’s been an interesting ride.

For now, though, I don’t count Bernie a failure — that would be a myopic view of his long campaign for the White House — and I don’t regret the donations that I’ve made to his campaign and the time and energy that I’ve invested into it.

We have to keep chipping away at that wall that stands between us, the people, and a better nation for the majority. More effective than any wall that Pussygrabber ever could manage to build, it was erected over decades by center-right sellouts calling themselves “Democrats,” and it won’t be torn down overnight.

Once the self-serving old fucks who vote for Joe Biden (and for other Repugnicans) finally kick off –– and the coronavirus pandemic is giving this a bit of a boost — and today’s younger, much more progressive voters replace them, we’ll see gradual progressive change.

The one thing that we can’t do is to give up.

P.P.S. Right now the averages of match-up polls have Biden at 6.4 percent above Pussygrabber and Bernie at 5 percent above Pussygrabber. It’s still going to be a fight; match-up polling had Billary Clinton at 3.2 percent above Pussygrabber right before Election Day in November 2016, and we know how that turned out.

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In debate with Bernie, Biden didn’t melt down but showed his lack of vision

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders bumped elbows instead of shaking hands before last night’s debate. That’s probably a good thing, since Biden shortly thereafter coughed into his hand — while answering the very first question, which was about the coronavirus pandemic.

I watched the first and perhaps the last debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden last night.

I could write a blow-by-blow reaction, but I won’t; I’ll just give my quick (for me), overall impression.

OK, so Biden literally began the debate — which was under the cloud of the coronavirus (thus there was no live audience for the debate) — by coughing into his hand. He coughed into his hand while answering the very first question — about the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever. (At least he didn’t then proceed to put his hand on someone, as is his habit…)

Bernie Sanders is supposed to be the pie-in-the-sky candidate, but Biden kept repeating his promise to ensure that no American loses money because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that every American is made whole.

Wow. He made this promise over and over again.

One, everyone knows that the U.S. government — having been set up primarily to protect and to expand the interests of the already rich and powerful — is not at all set up to give out coronavirus-related reparations, not to many, many people and not in anything like a timely way.

It’s not that this kind of government is impossible to have; it’s that the corporations and their enablers, such as the DINOs like Joe Biden and those who have endorsed him, don’t want us to have this kind of government — and so we do not.

Two, what the fuck is Joe Biden, who isn’t even in office, not even as a U.S. senator, and who, if he actually is elected president (which I still find doubtful at best), wouldn’t be in office until January 2021, going to do about making Americans whole from the socioeconomic losses from the coronavirus, such as from lost work, lost business revenue, and increased medical and child-care costs?

Ironically, Bernie was, in my estimation, more realistic in what he promised he could deliver as president — and entirely unlike Joe Biden, who wants to focus only on the present crisis (and thus preserve the socioeconomic status quo), Bernie stated, correctly, that we need to deal with the present crisis, yes, but that we also need to examine why it is a crisis — and then do something about that problem.

Joe Biden unfortunately did not have a meltdown on live national television last night that could have ended his campaign, but the debate did show, if you were paying attention at all, the main difference between the two candidates: Biden wants only cosmetic improvements to the status quo so as to not upset the elites who fund the Democratic Party establishment, whereas Bernie wants us to examine the whole structure — and rebuild it, if we must (and we must).

Joe Biden is, in a nutshell, a lazy coward — who encourages us to be lazy cowards just like he is by following his “plan” of laziness and cowardliness.

True leaders encourage us to go where we need to go, even if we don’t want to go there — they don’t assure us that everything is just fine, and that Band-Aids will suffice for badly needed reconstructive surgery.

If it’s Joe Biden vs. “President” Pussygrabber in November, unless there are corpses in the streets from the coronavirus, I expect that Pussygrabber will get a second term.

But even if Biden did defeat Pussygrabber, we already know what we’d get in President Biden: four more years of the do-nothing Obama years, in which hopey-changey rhetoric is supposed to suffice for actual action and real reform.

P.S. On a much lighter note, Biden coughing into his hand reminds me of the skit “Bern Your Enthusiasm” that “Saturday Night Live” ran in 2016, with Leslie Jones playing a Bernie supporter who coughed into her hand right before offering it to “Bernie,” played by Larry David.

It’s a great skit; if you haven’t seen it, it’s here.

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The coronavirus and its metaphors

The baby boomer doomer (a.k.a. the baby boomer remover) is kind of pretty, isn’t it? Kind of like a Christmas tree ornament…

I remember the hysteria when HIV/AIDS first emerged in the 1980s. There were calls to quarantine gay men, even though HIV is not at all spread through casual contact — I remember the wholly unfounded hysteria that perhaps HIV was quite easily spread — and, of course, there were the innumerable pronouncements that AIDS was God’s punishment. (“AIDS kills fags dead,” one slogan put it succinctly.)

Because we gay men were — and still are — considered to be expendable, of course the Reagan regime dragged its feet on doing anything about HIV. The “right” people (if we can even call them people) were dying, after all.

So now comes along a new virus, one that curiously takes out primarily older people. According to data from China, where the new coronavirus first hit, the death rate for the virus breaks down by age group thusly:

The chart is astounding. It suggests that newborns to those aged 9 have a zero percent chance of dying from the new coronavirus, and the death rate goes up with each age group. My age group (the 50s) is 1.3 percent. Of course you don’t want to be part of the 1.3 percent, but that’s still a pretty low death rate for a plague.

As soon as you are in your 60s, however, the death rate is approaching 4 percent, and in your 70s, you’re looking at 8 percent — and approaching 15 percent for those 80 and older.

No wonder they’re calling the coronavirus the “baby boomer doomer” and the “baby boomer remover.”

Not that the herd couldn’t use some culling, and not that I would be torn up if a huge chunk of the baby boomers were offed, but the psychosocial dynamics of a plague sure are interesting.

Because this plague is killing baby boomers, we’re seeing much swifter governmental action, of course; we must save every precious baby-boomer ass, right?

But if HIV/AIDS felt like “justice” to the right wing and to other homophobes (such as the Joe Biden voters of today…), well, the coronavirus seems to me, at least in its initial stage, to perhaps offer some poetic justice.

I mean, the cruise is the bright, shining example of baby boomer over-privilege: The baby boomers’ parents passed their wealth down to their baby-boomer offspring, and today, the baby boomers are passing “their” wealth down to the likes of cruise-line companies. (To be fair, they’re also putting the nation’s wealth into McMansions, recreational vehicles, world travel, unnecessary home improvement, bright shiny new cars, time shares, golf, fine dining, expensive wines, etc.)

Boomers ostentatiously spend the nation’s wealth on cruises, on which they expect to be treated like royalty. They are to be catered to exhaustively by wage slaves who aren’t paid anything even like a living wage — and woe to those wage slaves who don’t smile the entire time of their servitude.

I listened to a recent local NPR interview of a baby-boomer-sounding woman who was on the infected Grand Princess cruise liner stopped first in the San Francisco Bay and then redirected to Oakland, and its passengers quarantined at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California.

The whiny, impossible-to-placate baby boomer acted like she was Yelping Travis Air Force Base as though it were just an extension of her fucking cruise experience. Clearly, the entire world is supposed to be designed (just like a cruise liner!) to cater to the whim and whimsy of every single fucking baby boomer; it’s their world, and the rest of us are here only to serve them.

In the baby boomers’ world, you’re either a feudal overlord (a baby boomer) or a serf (everyone else).

So: While I usually don’t wish people pain and suffering, given all that I have experienced and observed in my Generation-X lifetime, including, as a gay man, seeing how my fellow gay men were treated (and not treated) during the AIDS crisis, and including how I have been under the baby boomers’ thumbs for my entire fucking life, am I going to shed a tear for the baby boomers (and those older) felled by the coronavirus? No, not really, unless one of the vanishingly few good older people, such as Bernie Sanders, were to be taken out by the virus.

Coronavirus, as plagues go, is pretty tame. The flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920 killed anywhere from 20 million to 50 million people worldwide, with a death rate of 10 percent to 20 percent, and, very much unlike the new coronavirus, most of its victims were young adults.

That said, should we read into plagues? That is, should we see “signs” in them, including which portions of the population the plagues take and the plagues’ body counts?

No, probably, we should not, and there probably is no greater meaning in pandemics — no moral meaning, anyway — but it sure is fun to interpret them, as it were.

For instance, I kind of like to think of the coronavirus as like the earth trying to shake off the parasitic baby boomers in a global act of karmic justice. But that very well might be much more my own private fantasy than anything like fact, which I recognize. (Surely those who proclaimed that “AIDS kills fags dead” didn’t doubt whether or not that stance — that gay men have deserved to die of AIDS, probably as a death sentence handed down by An Angry God Himself — has been anything like factual.)

All of that said, even though I’m not in one of the highest risk groups for death from the coronavirus, I’m still at 1.3 percent.

Ironically, just Friday morning I had a routine check-up with my doctor. I felt fine. My vital signs were normal, including my temperature, and the doctor examined my throat and ear canals and apparently found nothing out of the ordinary.

But just later Friday, I started to develop an upper respiratory infection, which I’d avoided all of this past winter until now. I’m experiencing a lot of mucous production, nasal congestion, a bit of a headache and now, a mildly sore throat and an occasional cough. It’s annoying, but not severely debilitating.

Is it the coronavirus?

I’m guessing that it’s not, that it’s one or more of a myriad of other pathogens, viral or bacterial, that cause upper respiratory infections, the vast majority of which my body will conquer on its own, but even if it is the coronavirus, a death rate of 1.3 percent isn’t high.

Besides, as a Generation X’er, I’m used to life not being like I’m on a perpetual cruise. Entirely unlike the over-privileged and overly comfortable baby boomers, I can handle some pain and suffering — and even death, if it comes to that.

Ironically, the boomers, quite unintentionally, over the course of my entire lifetime have prepared me to face the worst while they avoid — like the plague… — even the least amount of trouble, inconvenience or unpleasantness.

P.S. Seriously, though, the coronavirus exposes how incredibly fucking stupid the masses are, hoarding such bullshit like hand sanitizer, bleach, rubbing alcohol and even toilet paper.

The ignorant masses excel at seeing risk where it does not exist and at not seeing risk where it does exist. And accordingly, they take actions that they don’t need to take and fail to take actions that they do need to take.

P.P.S. The title of this blog piece, if you didn’t catch it, is a riff on the late Susan Sontag’s book AIDS and Its Metaphors. (Sometimes something just comes into my mind like that…)

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Count me in as a never Biden

joe biden jill biden

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Um, yeah — no. Never...

This won’t come as a shock to anyone who has read my screeds before, but if Joe Biden becomes the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee, I will not vote for him. (I haven’t even ruled out voting for “President” Pussygrabber as a protest vote.)

Before you leave an ignorant comment that would be pretty embarrassing to yourself if you weren’t ignorant, know this: I live in California, a deep-blue state, so deep blue that the only viable true Democrat left in the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, won its primary earlier this month. There is no doubt that in November, California and its 55 electoral votes all will go to the Democratic presidential candidate, regardless of who that candidate is.

Morons who claim that if you don’t vote for the Democratic presidential candidate then you have helped to elect the Repugnican presidential candidate apparently believe entirely incorrectly that the president of the United States is chosen by the popular vote and they are ignorant of the Electoral College (which sorely needs to go but which still constitutes the rules of the game right now).

True, if you live in a true swing state, such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin and you don’t vote for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate, you might actually help “President” Pussygrabber get a second term.

But if you live in a solidly red or blue state, your vote for president effectively doesn’t matter, since your state’s electoral votes were going to go accordingly to the Repugnican or to the Democratic candidate anyway, no matter what.

So why won’t/wouldn’t I vote for Biden in November?

For several reasons.

First and foremost, for decades the Democratic Party has been shoving center-right, pro-corporate candidates down our throats, basically telling us that we who are poor and/or working-class and/or left of center have nowhere else to go, so we’ll just have to take it. It’s an abusive relationship that has been going on for decades.

But just as in an abusive relationship, we can leave. Exiting an abusive situation is possible more often than we might think. (That said, it was quite easy for me to change my voter registration from Democrat to independent in 2016 after it was revealed to what extent the Democratic National Committee had fucked over Bernie Sanders in order to coronate Queen Billary, the pesky voters be damned. Until and unless the Democratic Party is taken back by true Democrats — that is, is led by actual progressives instead of by corporate whores — I will remain registered as an independent.)

Secondly, more specific to Biden himself, his center-right/Repugnican-Lite record is bad enough, but even if he were even more progressive than is Bernie (ha ha ha!), I’ve watched way too many videos of Biden publicly displaying significant dementia (his mega-cringe-inducing “Corn Pop” story and his putting his mouth on his wife’s fingers during a public appearance [as pictured above] immediately come to mind).

Bottom line: We don’t need to replace one old, right-wing white man in the White House with significant cognitive problems with another one. Joe Biden is unacceptable as a Democratic Party presidential candidate.

If Biden is showing a steep cognitive decline now — and oh, he ishow would he be as president, as his dementia only worsens?

What the fuck? So-called “Democrats” truly can’t think this far ahead? (It’s probably more like they won’t think this far ahead — it’s willful ignorance that’s meant to stave off cognitive dissonance. Most voters, after all, make their decisions viscerally, not rationally or logically.)

Bernie Sanders flat-out was fucked over by the Democratic Party establishment in 2016. We have the receipts, in the form of the leaked DNC e-mails to prove it.

Bernie has been fucked over by the Democratic Party establishment again this time, albeit in a different way: All of the mediocre, center-right, corporate-ass-licking egomaniacs — including Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke — under pressure from the Democratic Party establishment, I have to surmise, in quick succession decided to endorse Biden, the establishment’s pick. (The first two endorsements, from Buttigieg and Klobuchar, who dropped out right before “Super Tuesday,” were quite masterful. Characteristically evil for them, but, admittedly, masterful.)

What the DINOs did — coalesce at the last minute in order to try to destroy Bernie — was not against any written rules, but nonetheless it was a coordinated Democratic Party establishment attack on the only true Democrat in the race, Bernie Sanders, in order to destroy him.

Thing is, there’s no way in hell that Joe Biden, with his dementia and his blast-from-the-past “campaign” (No malarkey!), is going to beat Pussygrabber in November.

We’re supposed to have blind faith in the genius of the Democratic Party establishment, but they shoved Queen Billary down our throats, and how did that go?

If Biden is the presidential nominee, he will lose, I have little doubt.

Of course, after Biden’s loss the sick and twisted Democratic Party establishment would only continue to do what it always has done — blame Bernie! — but how many winnable presidential elections could the corrupt, calcified Democratic Party establishment lose before it finally no longer could blame others?

A deep sickness grips the Democratic Party establishment. (And yes, being unable to see or refusing to see reality is, in my book, mental illness.) In 2016, we were just supposed to go along with the myth that Billary Clinton was exciting and likeable.

Now, we’re just supposed to go along with the myth that Joe Biden is excitingand that he hasn’t lost his marbles. We’re supposed to just ignore what’s plain to see before our very own eyes and dutifully follow the Democratic Party hacks on their road to electoral doom with Joe Biden.

Because the majority of the so-called Democratic lemmings have now sided with Biden (the wolf-pack mentality is chilling) — Biden’s nationwide polling now is around 55 percent to Bernie’s 35 percent — Bernie at this point most likely needs something big to happen, such as that Biden puts in an awful debate performance tomorrow (the debate, by the way, was moved from Phoenix, Arizona, to Washington, D.C., supposedly because of the coronavirus) or such as that, speaking of it, Biden is felled by the coronavirus (a.k.a. the “baby boomer doomer” or the “baby boomer remover,” which probably deserves a blog post of its own).

Barring something jolting and game-changing that will go down in the history books, Joe Biden will win the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination — and “President” Pussygrabber will get a second term.

And of course the members of the Democratic Party establishment — the fucktards who demand that the rest of us follow them right off of the cliff that they’re clearly headed for — still won’t have learned their fucking lesson.

P.S. Seriously — as a damnation of the corrupt system that works only for the plutocrats and the corporatocrats, why shouldn’t I cast my vote for Pussygrabber in November? He won’t win my state or any of its electoral votes anyway, and I don’t see nearly enough distance between Biden and Pussygrabber as it is; both of them are all about maintaining the socioeconomic status quo (at best).

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Bernie soldiers on, as he should

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Bernie Sanders stated today in Vermont that he’s staying in the presidential race despite some disappointing election returns and that he looks forward to the one-on-one debate with Joe Biden on Sunday — a debate that a top Bidenbot sleazily called for the Democratic National Committee to summarily cancel because Biden is ahead in the race for pledged delegates for now. But there are 26 more states that have yet to vote, and Biden isn’t even halfway to the 1,991 pledged delegates that he would need to actually win and earn the nomination.

Yesterday, even before we learned who won which of the six states that voted in the Democratic Party presidential primary contest (and by how much), Bidenbot U.S. Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, drunk on what he very apparently believes is his unique Democratic Party kingmaker status, asserted that if Bernie Sanders didn’t do very well in the six states yesterday, the Democratic National Committee should just go ahead and shut the whole thing down.

“I think when the night is over, Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination, and, quite frankly, if the night ends the way it has begun [with Sanders trailing in the polls in the six states that voted yesterday], I think it is time for us to shut this primary down, it is time for us to cancel the rest of these debates — because you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it’s obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you,” Clyburn summarily fatwa’d.

Now, maybe in his own circle Clyburn is a Big Fucking Deal, but to me and to millions of other American voters, he’s no one, is just yet another self-serving Democratic Party hack.

Clyburn had endorsed Joe Biden right before the South Carolina primary — which Biden always was expected to win anyway. (The question was only by how much.) So Clyburn’s kingmaking status is way overrated, by himself and by those who follow the charlatan.

It’s awfully interesting, though, that Clyburn supposedly believes that Biden is the stronger candidate, yet he doesn’t want Biden to appear in any more debates.

Why wouldn’t you want Biden to debate Bernie as scheduled on Sunday? (More on this in a moment…)

Here’s the deal: There are 26 states that have yet to vote in the Democratic Party presidential primary contest. And to win the party’s presidential nomination, you must have earned 1,991 pledged delegates. Thus far, Biden isn’t even halfway to 1,991 pledged delegates (The New York Times’ tally right now has Biden at 864 to Bernie’s 710).

Yes, Biden has the momentum — for now. But again, to win the game you need 1,991 delegates, and Biden is not there yet. Bernie has no good reason to drop out now. Fuck the Bidenbots for asserting otherwise.

If Joe Biden is too fucking fragile to be challenged further by Bernie Sanders, who can be firm and stern but who is known for his honesty and decency and his sense of fair play, how the fuck is Biden going to challenge “President” Pussygrabber, who has no good qualities and no shame?

I’ll ask again: Do we want Biden to win the battle with Bernie only to lose the war with Pussygrabber?

And I have to wonder: Would the Bidenbots rather that Joe Biden lose to Pussygrabber in November than that Bernie beat Pussygrabber in November?

Seriously, ask yourself that question — would the Biden-loving DINOs rather have four more years of “President” Pussygrabber than a President Sanders?

I think that many of them, if not even most of them, would. Why? Because a President Sanders would threaten their unique, elitist, self-serving status. He would break up their long-standing ring of self-serving power that comes at the expense of us, the people.

Memo to Clyburn: One, fuck you. Two, shut the fuck up. You are one person. How dare you advocate that the democratic process be shut down in order to benefit your chosen candidate? Who the fuck are you?

Clyburn, you are self-serving and corrupt and you despise democracy except when you can bend it your corrupt way; the likes of you is why Bernie is so popular and why the Democratic Party establishment is in such trouble. We, the people, are sick and fucking tired of pro-corporate sellouts calling themselves “Democrats” while fucking over us, the people, in perpetuity with impunity.

Meanwhile, while Clyburn & Co. are off fucking themselves, Bernie Sanders soldiers on. He will participate in Sunday’s debate, he announced today during an appearance in Burlington, Vermont, after having reassessed overnight how he should proceed.

(That Bernie made no speech or announcement last night was reported as “news,” but I think it’s admirable and that it was necessary that Bernie and his campaign crew stepped back for a little bit and discussed the path forward, not feeling that they had to put out an immediate answer in the age of Twitter.)

I and millions of other Americans are happy that Bernie is soldiering on. We reject calls from the DINOs that amount to, “Surrender, Dorothy!” Fuck them; they are showing their true, anti-democratic and anti-Democratic character.

And if the Bidenbots actually think that they can do without us Berners in November, just ask Billary Clinton how well it went for her to not have our support because she didn’t fucking deserve it.

What I am hoping, of course — full disclosure! — is that Joe Biden implodes during the debate on Sunday. The serious issue of Joe Biden’s obvious dementia needs to be exposed now, not when he’s on a debate stage with Pussygrabber, because then, it will be way too fucking late.

I don’t think that Biden can go one-on-one with Bernie Sanders in a debate and survive. Thus far he’s only had to chirp in here and there while a crowded debate stage fights for attention.

On Sunday, the often-addled Biden would be, I surmise, overwhelmed by Bernie.

Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Biden pulled out of Sunday’s debate, claiming that the debate is just unnecessary when the fact is that Team Biden knows that the debate just might demonstrate amply that Emperor Biden not only has no clothes, but that he has lost his marbles, too. (I give that cowardly cancellation at least a one-in-three chance of happening.)

When should Bernie drop out, if he should drop out at all?

In my book, it’s entirely within Bernie’s rights to remain in the race until and unless Biden actually earns those 1,991 pledged delegates, and if Bernie does so, then I’ll have even more respect for him for having stuck to his guns and not folded like the house of cards that is the Biden campaign, just waiting to topple in on itself but encouraging Team Bernie to foolishly fold ahead of it instead.

Again: Fuck the Bidenbots.

We, the people, want a new, actually progressive Democratic Party and a new nation, and we won’t rest until we get it.

Woe to the DINOs who stand in our way.

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Addled Joe Biden is on top — for now

This is pretty much it. This, too. And this:

Things did change quite quickly: After Joe Biden won South Carolina not even a week ago — he always was expected to win South Carolina, but no matter, right? — centrist bottom-feeders Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar finally dropped out before Super Tuesday, endorsing Biden (along with the equally pathetic, stand-for-nothing, centrist bottom-feeder Beto O’Rourke, who had dropped out a long time ago).

And after Biden did significantly better in the Super Tuesday states than he had been expected to do, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren finally dropped out. (Pseudo-progressive Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts to both Biden and to Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.)

So now, finally, it’s a two-man race: Biden and Bernie.

This is not shocking. More than a year ago, in February 2019, I wrote:

If I had to bet right now on what the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket will look like, I’d bet that it’s Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, and Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke as the veep candidate.


Because both Bernie and Biden would want a younger running mate to cancel out the (real or perceived) age issue, and because Biden and Bernie, both being from New England, would want to balance the ticket out geographically, and Harris from California or O’Rourke from Texas would accomplish that.

That said, would Biden or Bernie want to put another white guy on the ticket? Biden maybe wouldn’t care, but Bernie, I think, would pick Harris over O’Rourke.

And maybe Biden’s advisers would steer him away from making another white man his running mate (if he were going in that direction), so I think that Harris has a pretty good shot at the veep spot (a better shot than does O’Rourke), whether it’s Biden or Bernie at the top of the ticket.

I stand by that, except that I no longer see O’Rourke as a real possibility for the veep candidate. I don’t see either Biden or Bernie picking another white man as his running mate, perhaps especially now that the only candidates left standing are two old white guys (one with his wits and the other without).

I don’t think that Kamala Harris, who has been in the U.S. Senate for only a bit more than three years and who never articulated why she instead of someone else should be president (as a presidential candidate she had one job…), is qualified to be vice president, but I wholly could see Biden picking her as his running mate. (I don’t really see Bernie picking Harris because she is not a progressive, but is just another party hack. I’d rather that he pick Stacey Abrams, who strikes me as an actual progressive.)

But back to the battle that is now between Bernie and Biden:

Right now only about 80 pledged delegates separate the two candidates, and it’s all about the pledged delegates, not about the number of states that you have won. (On that note, though, so far, Biden has won 11 states and Bernie has won six, officially, although because he won Iowa’s popular vote, to me Bernie, not Buttigieg, won Iowa, so that would be seven states in Bernie’s column.*)

Bernie still can win more pledged delegates than Biden.

What could turn it around for Bernie?

Well, Joe Biden has shown significant cognitive problems for a long time now. How well could he hold up in the next Democratic Party presidential primary debate, which will feature only him and Bernie, who is a rather sharp, energetic debater, on March 15 in Phoenix, Arizona?

Can the addled Biden last through an entire debate with just Bernie?

Before you think that Biden has a lock on this thing, what if he melts down during the next debate, raising serious questions about his fitness for office? (Besides his steep cognitive decline — or perhaps as a function of it — Biden has an anger problem** — either one of which could cause him to implode on live national television.)

And would we rather that Biden seriously melt down during a Democratic primary debate — or during a presidential debate with “President” Pussygrabber? Do we want Biden to win the battle with Bernie only to then lose the war with Pussygrabber?

Because I don’t see Biden beating Pussygrabber, not with Biden’s stark mental decline. (Pussygrabber has lost his marbles, too, but he publicly displays his senility with much more panache. [That’s about as close to a “compliment” for Pussygrabber that I can come to.])

So this is my prediction: That as quickly as everyone jumped onto the Biden bandwagon — which is more about opposing Bernie Sanders than it is about wholeheartedly embracing Joe Biden, which does not put Biden in a position of strength — Biden still has plenty of time to implode, and I put it at a roughly two-in-three chance that he still will.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Bernie’s base isn’t going to desert him for the likes of Joe Biden.

Yes, with 32 states still to go, Bernie still can win this thing.

*Here is what the map (from Wikipedia) looks like so far, with Bernie’s pledged-delegate wins in green, Biden’s in blue and Buttigieg’s “wins” in goldenrod:

Democratic Party presidential primaries results, 2020.svg

Fairly clearly, thus far Bernie is the candidate of the West while Biden is the candidate of the South, primarily. (I expect Biden to finish his sweep of the South and Bernie to win most of the states in the West and in the North.)

I’m so not interested having a “Democratic” president whose base is in the backasswards fucking South.

**The supposedly always-“angry” Bernie gets animated over political ideas and over lies (which in our political climate abound). Biden, on the other hand, gets personally angry at individuals in his presence and attacks them personally. Big difference.

And when Biden isn’t attacking someone like an animal, he’s groping someone like an animal.


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