Rogue state Israel is making Ahmadinejad seem not so mad

Two interesting news items juxtapositioned today.

This one from The Associated Press:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israel shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip [today], engulfing the compound and a warehouse in fire and destroying thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies intended for Palestinian refugees….

U.N. workers and Palestinian firefighters, some wearing bulletproof jackets, struggled to douse the flames and pull bags of food from the debris after the Israeli attack, which was another blow to efforts to ease the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Dense smoke billowed from the compound.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is in the region to end the devastating offensive against Gaza’s Hamas rulers, demanded a “full explanation” and said the Israeli defense minister told him there had been a “grave mistake.”

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who met with Ban later [today], said the military fired artillery shells at the U.N. compound after Hamas militants opened fire from the location. Three people were wounded.

“It is absolutely true that we were attacked from that place, but the consequences are very sad and we apologize for it,” he said. “I don’t think it should have happened and I’m very sorry.”

The U.N. Security Council requested a briefing on the attack….

Israel launched its war on Dec. 27 in an effort to stop militant rocket fire from Gaza that has terrorized hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

[Well, that is Israel’s stated reason, anyway. It appears to me that the actual reason is that the Israelis wanted to slaughter as many Palestinians as possible while they still have the cover and the blessing of the mass-murdering, unelected Bush regime.]

Some 1,100 Palestinians have been killed [since Dec. 27], roughly half of them civilians, according to U.N. and Palestinian medical officials. Gaza health official Dr. Moaiya Hassanain said at least 70 people were killed or died of wounds throughout Gaza [today].

Thirteen Israelis also have been killed since the campaign began….

The U.N. compound struck [today] houses the U.N. Works and Relief Agency, which distributes food aid to hundreds of thousands of destitute Gazans in the tiny seaside territory of 1.4 million people….

John Ging, director of UNRWA operations in Gaza, said the attack at the compound caused a “massive explosion” that wounded three people.

A senior Israeli military officer said troops opened fire after militants inside the compound shot anti-tank weapons and machine guns. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity pending a formal army announcement later in the day.

Ging, who was in the compound at the time, dismissed the Israeli account as “nonsense.”

Israeli shells first hit the courtyard filled with refugees, then struck garages and the U.N.’s main warehouse, sending thousands of tons of food aid up in flames, Ging said. Later, fuel supplies went up in flames, sending a thick black plume of smoke into the air.

U.N. officials said the shells that hit the compound contained white phosphorus, which is believed to have been responsible for burns suffered by some Palestinian civilians during the war.

“It’s a total disaster for us,” Ging said, adding that the U.N. had warned the Israeli military that the compound was in peril from shelling that had begun overnight. U.N. officials say they have provided Israel with GPS coordinates of all U.N. installations in Gaza to prevent such attacks….

Of course, if an Arab or a Muslim claimed an “oopsie,” no one would fucking believe it, but when global bullies Israel or the United States claim an “oopsie,” we are to take their fucking word for it, since they’re so fucking morally superior to every other nation on the planet.

If any other nation attacked a U.N. headquarters, that nation would be branded by the United States and perhaps also its allies as a “rogue” nation, and perhaps the United States would call for “regime change” for that “rogue” nation. The hypocrisy is infuckingcredible.

This other news item from The Associated Press today:

…In Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the fighting in Gaza has been “a great lesson for all,” saying it shows “the absolute defeat and desperation of [the Israeli] regime.”

He says that “even for the supporters of the occupying regime and its leaders, it has become clear that the continuation of the Zionist regime’s life in the region is not feasible.”

Israel says it launched the offensive Dec. 27 to stop rocket fire against southern Israeli towns by Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007….

As many death threats that I will receive from the Israel-firsters (kidding — I probably won’t actually receive any death threats), I have to say that I tend to agree with Ahmadinejad’s assertion that the existence of Israel isn’t working anymore (let’s face it: it never did; there has been only bloodshed since Israel was forced upon the Middle East after World War II).

However, there has been much more than enough blood spilled in the Middle East, so I am not calling for the slaughter of any Israelis.

It would be nice if they would just move somewhere else. (Ahmadinejad once recommended Germany for a relocated Jewish state, since it was the Germans, not the Palestinians, who perpetrated the Holocaust. Sounds fairly reasonable to me…) 

That way, there would be much less killing and we could keep those billions and billions of our tax dollars here at home in the United States, where they are desperately needed, instead of shipping them off to Israel, which only inflames the Middle East and causes such anti-American blowback as 9/11.

Not that I have a strong opinion on the matter or anything.

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