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Oh, gee, that makes it all better

Team Obama wants to make sure that you know that they’d never kiss the asses of those who helped put them into office.

In the wake of the announcement that openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson will deliver the invocation for Sunday’s kickoff inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial, a Team Obama source, according to Politico, stated: “Robinson was in the plans before the complaints about [homophobe] Rick Warren [delivering the invocation on Inauguration Day]. Many skeptics will read this as a direct reaction to the Warren criticism — but it’s just not so.”

Uh, is that supposed to make me, a gay man who stupidly gave Barack Obama hundreds of dollars to help get him into the White House, feel better?

Yes, God forbid that Team Obama would make an intentionally reconciliatory overture to us gay men and lesbians, even though we helped Barack Obama to get to where he is.

Until and unless he dramatically starts showing some appreciation for those whom he used in order to get to where he is, Barack Obama will not get another fucking penny from me and I won’t make the same mistake of casting a vote for him ever again.

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International relations expert Joe the Plumber now shilling for Israel

Samuel Wurzelbacher, known as Joe the Plumber, who is in the ...

Associated Press photo

International affairs genius Joe the Plumber is now a spokesmoron for Israel in its continued lopsided slaughter of Palestinians. Joe the Plumber should go back and get his plumber’s license, which, the last time I heard, he never bothered to get but claimed that Barack Obama would be an obstacle to his ever owning his own plumbing business.

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher of Ohio — better known as “Joe the Plumber” — was so successful in getting Repugnican John McCainosaurus elected that he now is in Israel arguing for the wingnuts that Israel is such a victim that it needs even more U.S. military aid (the billions and billions of American taxpayers’ dollars that go to Israel while Americans deal with crumbling infrastructure and no health care and no jobs apparently aren’t enough).

Never mind that in its latest aggression, Israel has slaughtered more than 900 Palestinians, while only 13 Israelis, 10 of whom were soldiers, have been killed. Completing conveniently ignoring the fact that far more Palestinian children have been killed in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than have Israeli children, Joe the Plumber reminded President-elect Barack Obama that Obama once stated during a visit to Israel that he’d do anything to protect his own children.

See, to the theofascist wingnuts of Israel and the United States (Israel’s partner in war crimes and crimes against humanity), the only lives that are valuable are the lives of those who identify as Christians or Jews. Muslims and Arabs, you see, are like animals that can be slaughtered.

Which is exactly how the Nazis regarded the Jews.

And doesn’t Joe the Plumber look like a skinhead? Not saying that he is one, but he sure seems to be perfectly OK with the genocide of the Palestinians by the Israelis — to the point that he is encouraging even more U.S. military assistance to Israel, which already is the Middle Eastern nation with the largest military capability.

It’s pretty fucking surreal when the victimizers claim to be the victims. Body counts and pictures don’t lie.

And you know, when you have Joe the Fucking Plumber as your spokesidiot, your cause is probably in some fucking trouble.

Hey, isn’t Sarah Palin-Quayle available these days to be a spokesnake for Israel? Her international relations credentials are impeccable! Get on that, Zionists and Israel-firsters!

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