The Barack Obama butt plug!

A street vendor holds a handmade wooden puppet that pictures ...

Associated Press photo

No, just kidding.

The caption for the Associated Press photo above says that the item is a Barack Obama “wooden puppet” sold in Bulgaria. I’m not sure what a “wooden puppet” is or does, but my God, if they can put Barack Obama’s face on it and sell it, they will, so is an actual Barack Obama butt plug far behind? (I haven’t Googled “Barack Obama butt plug” yet to see if one already is available…)

Anyway, the photo above accompanies a news story about how much money merchandisers are making off of the popularity of President-elect Barack Obama (a.k.a. Obamania).

I don’t get it. We all know that Obama is the next president and we all know what he looks like — we need to be constantly reminded of these things? It reminds me of all of the damned U.S. flag stickers and magnets on motor vehicles (and flag crap elsewhere, including those infuckingfernal lapel pins that our politicians wear, lest they be branded as traitors). We need to be reminded of what nation we’re in?

Obamania has gotten so out of hand that I won’t wear in public any of the two or three Obama T-shirts that I bought a while ago. I used to think that the white-on-black “Got hope?” T-shirt was somewhat cool, but now, not only is all of the Obama merchandise beyond passe, but no, I don’t got no hope no mo’. It very much looks like we’re going to have another Clintonesque “Democratic” administration…

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