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Sarah keeps earning ‘Palin-Quayle’

I was enjoying not blogging about Tea Party Princess/Queen Sarah Palin-Quayle for an entire week, I believe it had been until just now, but the “Family Guy” brouhaha has inspired me.

I don’t watch television (Hello, my name is Robert and I’m an Internet addict), but apparently a recent episode of the cartoon show “Family Guy” has a female character with Down’s Syndrome state, “My mom’s the former governor of Alaska.”

Of course fucktarded perma“victim” Sarah Palin-Quayle immediately got onto Facebook to denounce the latest liberal Hollywood swipe at her and her fucktarded family. A “kick in the gut” she called it. How about an actual kick in the gut?

But seriously, I read Palin-Quayle’s actual Facebook entry on this “controversy,” and, as the wingnuts like to do, Palin-Quayle tried to assert that satire that seems to have been aimed at her actually was aimed at her poor little retarded boy, whom she did such a great fucking favor by naming him Trig. [Yeah, give a mentally retarded kid a retarded namethat’s sure setting him off on the right foot in what’s going to be a tough life, isn’t it? As are toting him around like a prop for political points and using him as a political human shield.])

Anyway, I just wanted to note that I’ve long written it as “Sarah Palin-Quayle,” in homage to the dumbfuck Repugnican (I know, redundant) Dan Quayle, who was King George I’s vice president and who thought that you spell it as “potatoe.”

I feel vindicated, because besides the “potatoe” thing, Quayle is remembered also for his 1992 attack upon fictional TV character Murphy Brown. (That is a TV show that I did used to watch, and I loved it.) TIME Magazine reported at the time:

…[The] vice president dared to argue last week in a San Francisco speech that the Los Angeles riots were caused in part by a “poverty of values” that included the acceptance of unwed motherhood, as celebrated in popular culture by the CBS comedy series “Murphy Brown.”

The title character, a divorced news anchorwoman, got pregnant and chose to have the baby, a boy, who was delivered on last Monday’s episode, watched by 38 million Americans.

“It doesn’t help matters,” Quayle complained, when Brown, “a character who supposedly epitomizes today’s intelligent, highly paid professional woman” is portrayed as “mocking the importance of fathers, by bearing a child alone, and calling it just another ‘lifestyle choice.'”

Of course, these two incidents aren’t identical. Fucktard Dan Quayle seemed to not fully have understood that Murphy Brown was not a real person, and he is the one who picked the fight — with the fictional TV character. (If memory serves, the character of Murphy Brown, in a new episode that aired shortly after Quayle’s pronouncement, fairly hilariously responded to Quayle, albeit indirectly, if memory serves.)

In the more recent case, “Family Guy” drew the first blood, it’s true, but how presidential is it to be fighting with a fictional TV show — on Facebook?

I just don’t recall any member of the pantheon of great U.S. presidents having done anything like that…

I stand firmly by “Sarah Palin-Quayle.”

In her dumbfuckery, Sarah Palin-Quayle vindicates me constantly.

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Get over it, fucktard!

I can’t believe (OK, so yes, I can) that this actually is a news item (from Yahoo! News today):

Dating back to the time he worked in the Clinton administration, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has developed an almost notorious reputation in Washington for being a brash personality with a penchant for profanity-laced diatribes.

Conversely, his intense nature, in addition to his sharp mind, are what many attribute to his success and effectiveness as a Washington power player.

But a recently revealed remark he made in a closed-door meeting attended by White House aides and leaders of liberal special-interest groups has irked many, prompting him to issue an apology.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Emanuel, exasperated upon learning that liberal special-interest groups were planning to run ads against conservative Democrats not supportive of health care reform, blasted the plan as “[fucking] retarded” over the summer.

Naturally, some outrage ensued after Emanuel’s words came to light, with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin taking to her Facebook page to call on President Obama to fire him for what she saw as the equivalent of a racial slur.

Palin, whose son Trig is afflicted with Down’s syndrome, said she was informed of Emanuel’s comment by a fellow parent of a special-needs child and pleaded with the president to “show decency” to the political process by “eliminating” the Chicago native from his inner circle.

In a post titled “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?”, Palin wrote, “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities — and the people who love them — is unacceptable,” adding, “it’s heartbreaking.”

A Politico story today reports that an administration official informed them that Emanuel had already reached out to Special Olympics chairman and CEO Tim Shriver, who recently launched a campaign to end the use of “the R word.”

“Rahm called Tim Shriver Wednesday to apologize and the apology was accepted,” the unnamed official said….

Sarah Palin-Quayle is a fucking retard. That’s all that she does: claim victimhood. The media aren’t treating her fairly. The media are sexist. The McCainosaurus campaign kept her too bottled up. The media are bashing her family. Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

Now, Palin-Quayle acts as though Rahm Emanuel had been talking about her mentally retarded kid.

No, he fucking wasn’t. He was talking about liberals, actually, and indirectly about liberals.

It’s not all about you, Sarah.

Really. It isn’t.

I’m gay.

If I were to hear someone say, “Oh, that’s so gay,” as in “That’s stupid” or “That’s tacky” or the like, I wouldn’t feel the need to come unglued and give him or her a fucking lecture about how horrible that is to all non-heterosexual people and to those who love them.

In the vernacular, “gay” can mean “stupid.”

As can “retarded.”

Get over it.

If you’re that fucking sensitive and delicate, that a word like “gay” or “retarded” would send you over the edge, then you should never leave your home and you should never consume any mass media.

My first job out of college was working with mentally and physically challenged individuals. I have nothing against the mentally retarded. Of course I’d never call a mentally retarded person a “retard” or the like. (I have, however, been called “faggot” and the like by wingnuts, who are so sure that fags should all be exterminated anyway that they have no problem using the term.)

But the term “retarded” is so much a part of the language that those who have appointed themselves Word Police on the beat of “the R word” need to turn in their fucking badges.

And the retarded phrase “the R word” needs to go. It’s nothing like “the N word.” Anyone who compares the word “retarded” to the word “nigger” is a fucktard. “Nigger,” when used by a white person, usually is a racial slur. “Retarded,” used as Emanuel used it, means “stupid.” Big difference. Palin-Quayle is a liar or a fucktard (or, of course, both) when she makes the comparison.  

And I fucking hate people who pretend to have been victimized when they haven’t been. They use this bogus claim of victimhood to (try to) gain sociopolitical power over others, and it’s fucking bullshit. Yeah, Sarah Fucking Palin and/or her child with Down’s syndrome was/were harmed by an off-the-cuff remark by Rahm Emanuel — made in a closed-door meeting that the right-wing rag the Wall Street Journal reported probably only in order to stir up shit.


Tell you what: Let’s shoot at Sarah Palin-Quayle from a helicopter, the way she thinks defenseless wildlife should be treated. Then, maybe, we accurately can call her a victim. (Especially if we yell something like, “Run, you fucking retard!” from the helicopter while we open fire.)

And wasn’t it the right wing that used to pitch a fucking fit about the left wing’s real or imagined obsession with political correctness?

How did the wingnuts become the pussies all of a sudden?

Anyway, President Barack Obama doesn’t need unsolicited personnel advice from Sarah “I Can See Russia from My House!” Palin-Quayle, and Rahm Emanuel’s biggest crime is that in this BushCheneyCorp-destroyed economy, “fucking retarded” isn’t very economical.

I much prefer the more economical contraction “fucktarded” or “fucktard.”

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