Was capitalism turning Joe the Kamikaze into a ‘socialist’?

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Joseph Stack, a frustrated middle-aged American who was as mad as hell and couldn’t take it anymore, made a Kamikaze attack on a building housing the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, Texas, today, killing himself and a person inside of the building. In his long suicide note he stated that he hoped that “the American zombies wake up and revolt.”

The suicide note of Joseph Stack, the 53-year-old who 9/11’d (can we use “9/11”  as a verb now? Please?) the Internal Revenue Service building in Austin, Texas, today, is long and rambling — and there is much of it that I agree with.

As much as we moonbats might like Stack to have been a tea-bagger – so that we could point out how dangerously extremist the tea-baggers can be (one “tea party” ringleader recently thought that it was funny to “joke” about hanging a Democratic U.S. senator for Washington state, for instance) — from his suicide screed, Stack seems to have been fairly in the middle of the road in terms of his political ideology.

Probably the most interesting part of his suicide note comes at the very end of it. He concluded his note as follows:

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)

Earlier in his suicide note, Stack observed that “We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place,” and I have to agree with him that we Americans have only the illusion of freedom; the powers that be control us quite effectively. (Stop doing what the powers that be expect you to do, and you soon will see how much “freedom” you actually have.)

Stack also wrote, as though he were a left-wing blogger:

Why is it that a handful of thugs and plunderers can commit unthinkable atrocities (and in the case of the GM executives, for scores of years) and when it’s time for their gravy train to crash under the weight of their gluttony and overwhelming stupidity, the force of the full federal government has no difficulty coming to their aid within days if not hours?

Yet at the same time, the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple, and this country’s leaders don’t see this as important as bailing out a few of their vile, rich cronies.

Yet, the political “representatives” (thieves, liars, and self-serving scumbags is far more accurate) have endless time to sit around for year after year and debate the state of the “terrible health care problem.” It’s clear they see no crisis as long as the dead people don’t get in the way of their corporate profits rolling in.

Now, the corporations have brainwashed the tea-baggin’ mouth-breathers to defend the wealth — er, health care system, not to bash it, so yeah, I don’t think that Stack drank the tea.

And you certainly won’t hear the tea-baggers bashing capitalism (and/or making any sort of a statement that possibly could be construed as an acceptance of communism or socialism), and you won’t hear them saying that we don’t have freedom here in the United States (unless, of course, they are asserting that Barack HUSSEIN Obama somehow has taken their freedom from them [you know, their freedom from black presidents], but of course they would assert that their freedom was just peachy fucking keen under the BushCheneyCorp, when, of course, it was not).

Stack sounds like he was a very frustrated, fairly average American.

I don’t advocate 9/11’ing — news reports indicate that Stack’s suicide mission killed at least one person who was inside of the building, and it’s wrong to take anyone else with you if you decide to exit this world (yes, even if he or she worked for the IRS…) – but I suspect that Stack was saner than many if not most of us would care to admit…

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