Yes, (the truth about) size matters

The above stills from show the dramatic difference in size between the crowds for Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years ago and “President” Pussygrabber’s on Friday. (Note that the image of the Pussygrabber inauguration was taken during the inauguration, not before or after.) The camera doesn’t lie, but Team Pussygrabber sure does — it has maintained that, despite the photographic evidence to the contrary, “President” Pussygrabber’s inauguration actually was better attended than was Obama’s in 2009. Ironically, the story has become less about the crowd size and more about how Team Pussygrabber is comprised of pathological liars.

While I watched “President” Pussygrabber’s inaugural speech live online on Friday, I noted how sparse the crowd appeared to be in the aerial views of the National Mall. Where there should have been people, there was an awful lot of empty space.

It makes perfect sense that Pussygrabber’s inaugural crowd was smaller than former President Barack Obama’s in January 2009; after all, Obama’s favorability was in the 70s in most polls taken in January 2009, while Pussygrabber’s favorability this month has been no higher than the low 40s in most polls.

It is an inauspicious start to have such a lackluster inauguration, but Pussygrabber’s political past is a series of inauspicious starts. Where to begin? With his birtherism bullshit? With his coming out of the gate with his presidential announcement that we must build A Great Wall to keep out the Hordes of Awful Mexicans? With his mocking a congenitally physically disabled reporter? With his having bragged on camera that with women that you “grab ’em by the pussy”?

As far as “President” Pussygrabber scandals go, Inaugurationcrowdgate wasn’t worth fighting. Better that Team Pussygrabber use its time, energy and money to prepare for more revelations about how much Russia helped them to “win” the White House — now that’s a Watergate on crack.

Team Pussygrabber could have and should have simply acknowledged the smaller crowd at the inauguration — perhaps with a P.R.-ish comment that the Pussygrabber administration really is going to enthuse the masses over the coming years after all of its accomplishments finally Make America Great Again — and moved on, but no, the neo-Nazis who comprise Team Pussygrabber had to start a war on reality and claim that You can’t believe your own two eyes, but only what Pussygrabber spokessnake Sean Spicer tells you. The cameras lie, you see, but Sean never will lie to you!

This won’t end well, but of course the very words “President Trump” tell you that this won’t end well.

The only key to combating presidential unpopularity is to actually do things that will make you truly popular. Just arguing that no, you truly are popular — yes, “President” Pussygrabber has called those polls that show his favorability at no more than in the low 40s to be lies, too — isn’t a winning strategy (certainly not in the long term, anyway).

As The New York Times notes, “The problem is that what works on the way to the White House does not always work once a candidate gets there.”

Indeed, though, there never was any reason to believe that, at his age of 70 years (gee, is that a nasty media lie, too? Is Pussygrabber really only 29? What does Sean Spicer say?), Pussygrabber ever was going to change his style.

That and all that Team Pussygrabber has is crumbling, yellowed pages from The Fascist Playbook, which says that all that you have to do is lie pathologically. Lie, lie and lie, and never deviate from those lies.

Of course, official lies were much more easy to perpetrate back in the days before the Internet, when there were fewer sources of mass media and thus the mass media were much easier to control.

When the Nazis lied, the Germans believed them because the Nazis controlled the mass media. When the neo-Nazis who comprise the unelected Pussygrabber regime lie, most of us Americans laugh at and/or ridicule them because we’re going to go with the cameras (and, of course, with Pussygrabber’s own prolific tweets, which have created quite a record of his many addled fatwas) over the spin and the fibs of Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway.

Steadfastly asserting against all available factual evidence that Der Fuhrer Pussygrabber is beloved won’t actually make him beloved. Quite the opposite; it only will draw even more attention to the fact that he is widely despised.

If Pussygrabber wants to get through one term, much more get a second, he’d better stop campaigning for the job and actually do the fucking job.

Of course, he won’t — not if we define the job of the president of the United States of America (as I do) as achieving the most beneficial outcomes for the highest number of Americans as possible.

Pussygrabber promises that he’s going to do that, but what he’ll very most likely deliver is more George-W.-Bush-era-like debacles. That’s because he’s a billionaire CEO, not a public servant, and because he is surrounded by the kind of people who helped Gee Dubya to tank the nation.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, about Pussygrabber to indicate that his is going to be anything remotely like a successful presidency — no matter how his spin doctors define “success.”

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