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Dear DINO Princess Kyrsten Sinema: I want my fucking $30 back!

Democrat in name only U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona gives a literal thumbs-down vote on raising the federal minimum wage to $15. We need to give Sinema — who of course never would even try to live on even $15 an hour herself — a thumbs-down vote by giving her a viable challenger from the left when she faces her next primary election in 2024. (The nausea-inducing video of Sinema’s actual princess-like, way-too-fucking-cute curtsy while voting down a more liveable wage for Americans can be seen here.)

I don’t at all understand “Democratic” U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. The Democrats hold only 50 seats in the U.S. Senate, yet she must vote as a Repugnican.

Sinema’s latest outrage is having cavalierly given a literal John McCain-like thumbs-down vote against raising the federal minimum wage to $15. What the fucking fuck?

I lived in Arizona for the first 30 years of my life. I’ll always remember Arizona fondly as one of our most backasswards states, and surely it would have been a slave state had slavery extended that far West. (Indeed, I’m sure that wage slavery reigns there still.)

I fully understand that an Arizona Democrat is nothing like a California Democrat (I’ve lived here in California for more than 20 years now since I moved away from Arizona for good); most Arizona Democrats, even the supposedly most left-leaning ones, are like California’s moderate Repugnicans.

But newly minted U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona, also a Democrat, voted for the $15 minimum wage — and literally displayed a thumbs-up to register his vote.

So why does Kelly feel comfortable siding with the poor and the working class, but Sinema does not? Is she that much of a spoiled fucking princess? (That was rhetorical, but the answer very apparently is a resounding yes. [I mean, the video speaks a million words.])

Sinema also is one of two U.S. “Democratic” senators who reportedly oppose eliminating the filibuster.

If the filibuster — the anti-democratic and anti-Democratic requirement that legislation needs a super-majority of 60 votes or more to pass the U.S. Senate (and which is not provided for in the U.S. Constitution) — is not eliminated, then President Joe Biden will get nothing even remotely progressive passed.

And consequently, the Democrats will lose the U.S. House of Representatives, and perhaps also the U.S. Senate, in November 2022. And former “President” Pussygrabber’s chances of becoming “president” again in November 2024 will be greater than they otherwise would have been had President Biden been able to make America a little bit greater again.

The Democratic establishment sorely needs to have a come-to-fucking-Jesus chat with Sinema.

And not just to pick on Sinema — the other “Democrat” in the Senate who loves the filibuster, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, also needs to decide if he wants to be a Democrat or a Repugnican. If you love the Repugnican agenda — under which the majority of the American people socioeconomically languish while the already-filthy-rich laugh even louder all the way to the bank — then become a fucking Repugnican.

In the meantime, I regret the small donation of $30 that I gave Sinema to help get her elected. (That $30 would have represented two hours of labor under the minimum wage that to Her Highness is just too high.) Sinema was running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat and I actually believed that she would legislate as a Democrat. I’d love my money back, because the Repugnican-loving princess-bitch-sorority chick fucking punk’d me.

If I pick on Sinema more than on Manchin, that’s probably because we, the people, very probably can unseat Sinema much more easily than we can unseat Manchin.

Manchin’s very red, very backasswards state of West Virginia in November 2020 went to former “President” Pussygrabber, 68.6 percent to 29.7 percent. That being the case, I wish that Manchin would just go over to the dark side already and call himself a Repugnican, since that’s what he already is. (Of course, it would be nice if Manchin would switch parties after the Democrats have a solid majority in the Senate, but if he’s not on board with anything remotely progressive anyway, such as eliminating the obsolete, antiquated and anti-democratic filibuster, what difference does it fucking make if he remains a “Democrat”?)

Sinema’s state of Arizona, however, went to Joe Biden in November 2020, albeit narrowly, 49.4 percent to 49.1 percent. I don’t see that she has nearly the same political pressure to vote like a Repugnican that Manchin does.

And again, Kelly and Sinema go before the very same electorate, yet why is Kelly acting like a Democrat (at least like a moderate Democrat) and Sinema is acting like a fucking Repugnican?

Until and unless Little Princess Let Them Eat Cake Kyrsten does a 180 — which I don’t see her doing — she gets not another penny from me, and if she has an actually Democratic challenger when she is up for re-election in 2024, I will support her most progressive yet most viable challenger.

Thus far I’ve given Mark Kelly $35, and after I post this I’m going to give him another donation of $25.

There needs to be rewards for our elected officials working for the people — and punishments for their treasonously working against the people and for our plutocratic overlords.

That’s the only way for us, the people, to take our country back: We need to say sayonara to the Sinemas.

P.S. Donation of $25 to Mark Kelly made.

You can donate to him also if you wish to; go to ActBlue.com and type in “Mark Kelly” in the search bar, and give to Mark Kelly “AZ-Sen 2022.” Yes, Kelly is up for election again in 2022, just next year, yet he voted yes on a more liveable minimum wage.

P.P.S. To be fair even to DINO Sinema, she issued a statement indicating that her main problem with the vote on raising the federal minimum wage to $15 was that it was coupled with COVID-19 relief and that she thinks that a minimum-wage increase should be pursued via separate legislation.

I am unmoved. Again, her fellow senator for the state of Arizona voted yes and he’s up for election again next year.

In any event, there is no excuse for Sinema not comporting herself like a U.S. senator, but comporting herself — acting and dressing — like a little teenaged bitch-princess when millions upon millions of real people’s lives are on the line. She’s 44 years old and it’s sickening.

And finally, to be fair even to the late John McCain, he was giving a thumbs-down to evil (to abolishing the Affordable Care Act without anything to replace it). Sinema, of course, was giving a thumbs-down to doing the right thing.

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I finally get to feel the Bern at a rally (and, Bernie takes his 19th state today)

Reuters photo

Capital Public Radio image

About 15,000 supporters of Bernie Sanders, yours truly included, gathered at a rally for him in Sacramento, California, last night, as seen in the photos above. (I’ve seen a crowd estimate of more than 20,000, but 15K is the official media estimate.) Sanders hopes to put California, the nation’s most populous and thus most delegate-rich state, into his win column when it votes on June 7. Below is how the map of the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary race looks now, with the addition of Bernie’s win of West Virginia today (Bernie’s wins are in green, and the states that have yet to vote are in gray):

File:Democratic Party presidential primaries results, 2016.svg

Wikipedia graphic

Last night I was really feeling the burn (in my lower extremities) as I waited in line, standing the entire time, for at least two full hours to see Bernie Sanders give a speech at the rally for him at a stadium here in Sacramento. It was the first time that I saw Bernie in person.

My friend and I arrived at the venue around 5:00 p.m., waited in a long, long line several people wide for a long, long time, finally got to sit down on the bleachers directly across from the stage, listened to some pre-Bernie remarks, including remarks by actor and activist Danny Glover, and then listened to Bernie speak from about 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and then waited in the parking lot for about an hour before we could get the car out.

It was much like a rock concert, and it was a long night.

It was something that I wouldn’t want to do all the time, but I’d do it again. Candidates like Bernie Sanders don’t come along very often — and do as well as he has done — and who knows when (or even if) I’ll have another chance to attend a mass rally for a truly progressive presidential candidate?

From where I sat Bernie looked like a white-haired insect, and the sound system could have been better, but it was great being among such a diverse, young, jazzed crowd, and I think that I went more for the ambiance of the crowd than for Bernie’s words, with which I’m already familiar.

Unlike we’ve seen at the Trump/KKK/neo-Nazi rallies, last night I saw not one act of violence or even a verbal altercation — seriously; I viewed nothing that wasn’t peaceful.

Yes, there were some senior citizens and some middle-agers, of course, but the average age probably was somewhere in the mid-20s (no more than in the early 30s, I’d say), all races were represented, there were a lot of womenfolk there (although there were, I do believe, statistically significantly more men than women, probably at least 55 percent men to 45 percent women), and it was great to see at least two gay couples who were not shy with their public displays of affection (methinks that you won’t see that at a Der Fuehrer Trump rally [no, ’phobe, the gay couples weren’t doing anything that you wouldn’t see a straight couple doing in public]).

There was the hippie-dippy element, of course, and the college student element, of course, but also the working-class and the professional class element, and overall, again, it was quite a diverse crowd of thousands, including a lot of children playing on the grass of the stadium’s field.

I won’t regurgitate Bernie’s speech, as he didn’t really say anything that he already hasn’t, but I will note that he promised to take the fight to the convention in Philadelphia in late July (which I fully support; it’s the Billarybots who despise democracy and meaningful civic engagement), and that with every mention by Bernie of “Trump,” the crowd loudly booed as though they were booing a Disney villain — we Berners do not like Donald Trump, and he does not stand to get our vote in November — and the crowd also booed, quite appropriately, and, I thought, hilariously, every time that Bernie mentioned “Secretary Clinton,” who, if Trump is Scar (“The Lion King’s” Scar is a usurping fascist, so that’s an apt comparison), at least is on the level of Cruella de Vil (you know, stealing delegates instead of Dalmatian puppies…).

In his speech last night Bernie probably understated how steep is the hill that he still climbs, with Billary still leading him by almost 300 pledged delegates, but I and millions of others of his supporters admire that he is running the entire course of the presidential primary race and is not quitting because his opponent is ahead, and that he still is bringing the limelight to the progressive cause that long has been abandoned by the Clintonian “Democrats” (whose members of course include our Caretaker in Chief, President Hopey-Changey).

Later in his presidential campaign Bernie adopted the slogan “A future to believe in,” and indeed, we Berners are looking to the future, and for us it’s not a cult of personality (if you can call that thing that Trump possesses a “personality”) or all about winning one presidential election, but is about the long-term advancement of progressivism.

And we are advancing. Indeed, Bernie’s win in West Virginia today (by double digits in the reporting thus far) brings his total to 19 states won — again, impressive for a “fringe” candidate. (I wondered last night why Bernie was in Sacramento with West Virginia voting today, but he apparently had figured that he was safe in West Virginia and wanted to work toward winning California.)

I felt the burn last night to feel the Bern because U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders sure feels like an historic and a transformational candidate, not like a run-of-the-mill candidate. Indeed, the self-proclaimed (little-“d”) democratic socialist has won 45 percent of the pledged delegates thus far in the Democratic Party primary race — and as we watch end-stage capitalism continue to crash and burn, apparently democratic socialism already is rising from the ashes.

P.S. If you are a resident of California, you may register (or re-register) to vote in the June 7 primary election no later than on Monday, May 23. You do not have to have lived in California for any specified length of time to register to vote in California; you need only have made California your home to be able to vote in the state. The state’s pretty-easy-to-use online voter registration (and re-registration) website is here.

Note that in order to cast a vote for Bernie on June 7, you must be registered as a Democrat or as what is called a “no party preference” voter. (“No party preference” often is called “independent,” but note that the American Independent Party in California is an actual third party and therefore registering with it does not make you an “independent.” Those registered under the American Independent Party may not vote for Bernie on June 7!)

To change your party affiliation, if you need to, you must re-register (again, no later than on May 23).

In California you must be registered at your current residence, so be sure to re-register (you can do so at the link above) if you have moved but have yet to register to vote at your new address. Even if you have moved just across the street or next door or even to a different apartment within the same complex, you need to re-register.

And don’t assume that the state Department of Motor Vehicles or the U.S. Postal Service automatically updated your voter registration for you — in order to be safe and not sorry on Election Day, always complete a free-standing voter registration (or re-registration) process on your own!

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