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Hope for body-fat change in 2009?

Barack Obama on holiday in his trunks

shirtless politicians


President-elect Barack Obama, photographed during his current vacation in Hawaii. Is he naturally that hairless? I do like my men to have at least a little bit of body hair… You know, so that you know that you are with a man

So if the picture above is the “after” picture, would this be the “before” picture?

Revealing Politicians

Associated Press photo

Billary Clinton photographed in 1993 in Hawaii

Just wondering.

Because while I find Barack Obama’s try-to-be-all-things-to-all-people, screw-your-base politics to be, um, less than inspiring, and while his looming inauguration does not make me wet — in fairness, it didn’t make me wet even before he decided to invite Jerry Falwell Jr. to appear at it — I do find it rather encouraging that the man does all that he does yet still manages to find time to work out and keep fit and trim. (“Fit for office” and “war chest” are just two of the hokey phrases that I’ve seen thus far in regards to Obama’s physique.)

I don’t want Obama’s moral compass — the “middle ground” is for pansies and I don’t believe in tolerance for the intolerant, in embracing the haters — and I wish to keep my testicles, thank you, but I wouldn’t mind having his body-fat percentage.

If we can’t look to him for anything else, we can look to Barack Obama for weight-loss inspiration in 2009…

P.S. I can’t resist:

AFP photo

Billary Clinton photographed in 1998 in the Virgin Islands

Again, a man needs some body hair

Revealing Politicians

Associated Press photo

Them photographed in 1984 in Hawaii

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