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Must-see: Jon Stewart comments on asshole Glenn Beck’s asshole surgery

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart shows clips of Fox “News” propagandist Glenn Beck first talking, in 2008, about how horrible the health-care system is in the United States — the idea is to push patients out as soon as possible, Beck states — and then claiming more recently that the United States “has the best health-care system in the world.”

Stewart even shows us a clip of Beck bemoaning the state of health care in the United States while Beck is in bed at home in January 2008 recovering from some surgery (hemorrhoid surgery or some other “anal procedure,” Stewart tells us).

In the home video, Beck states, “It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life to receive health care in the United States.” If the hospital where he was treated doesn’t even care about the president of General Electric (who, Beck states, also has been treated at that hospital), Beck adds, what does the hospital care about “schlubs” like him? (Yeah, Beck is just one of us; all of us have our own major television network show on which we can tell any number of lies with impunity.) 

The clip is a litte more than a week old already, but it’s a must-see, since Beck is one of the wingnut mouthpieces convincing dipshit Americans that adequate health care not only is against their best interests, but actually threatens their liberty and feedom and represents tyranny.

I don’t watch television, since most of it is corporate brain-wasting pap, but this clip alone demonstrates the credibility of baby-boomer asshole Beck, who actually writes books with such titles as Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine.

Inspired by Thomas Paine?

No, more like inspired by Archie Bunker.

P.S. I did some quick and dirty Internet research on Beck. He’s just another Joe the Plumber to me, albeit a Joe the Plumber who managed to get himself on the TV, so before today I’ve never bothered to look into his background.

Wikipedia notes of Beck: “Beck is a self-described recovering alcoholic and addict. He and his first wife divorced amid his struggle with substance abuse…. [Beck] eventually converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints….” The Wikipedia article notes that Beck was raised a Roman Catholic and that his mother and brother committed suicide.

So yeah, Beck is just yet another stupid white man who is channeling all of his toxic waste on the rest of us. Spewing forth right-wing bile is so cathartic and therapeutic!

Yeah, Beck is a real Thomas Paine.

It’s funny, in a terrifying-for-the-future-of-our-nation kind of way, how, to unqualified-to-be-discussing-politics morons like Joe the Plumber and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, “common sense” is just whatever bullshit they pull from their egomaniacal stupid white male asses.

P.P.S. Oh, shit. According to The Huffington Post, Beck indeed did have hemorrhoid surgery. I’d thought that Stewart probably was just joking…

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