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Capital crap

Democratic President Barack Obama wants not one, not two, but (at least) three Repugnicans on his cabinet: Repugnican holdover Robert Gates (secretary of defense), Ray LaHood (transportation secretary) and Judd Gregg (secretary of commerce).

Is this politically smart or is this selling out?

Will Obama’s nauseatingly termed “team of rivals” help him to win re-election from the swing voters in 2012 or will it prove to have had no political benefit at all to have included (at least) three Repugs on his cabinet?

I can’t imagine that the finally booted Bush regime would have included Democrats in the Bush cabinet, and I remember that the Repugs, when they were in power (remember that “permanent Republican majority”?), firmly shut out the minority Dems from any power-sharing as much as they could.

Is that what finally sank the Repugs and sent them back into the political wilderness?

Has Obama hit upon a stroke of political genius? Might we see a more-or-less “permanent Democratic majority”?

Time, I suppose, will tell…

Utah Repugnicans would like to take down “Democratic” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when he seeks his fifth Senate term in in 2010, The Associated Press reports.

Reid has been an incredibly weak “Democratic” “leader” and so I’d be perfectly fine if he were taken out and replaced with a real Democrat, one with gonads.

Unfortunately, the AP notes, Reid’s grip on his position is such that the Utah Repugs probably won’t be able to oust him from power…

I am quite middle class — maybe even lower-middle class — and last month I completed and mailed my federal and state income tax forms (the EZ forms, since I’m not married [and being gay in California I couldn’t get married right now if I wanted to, but that’s another blog post…] and since I make a relative pittance).

Any mistake on my income tax forms would have been an actual mistake, not tax evasion.

So why is it so fucking hard for people who make so much more money than I do — and who thus easily can afford to have their income taxes prepared professionally if they can’t do it themselves — to be honest about their taxes?

Former “Democratic” Senate leader Tom Daschle today withdrew his bid to be President Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary because last month he paid more than $125,000 in back taxes and more than $10,ooo in interest for not having fully paid up for years 2005 through 2007.

Notes The Associated Press:

Daschle’s stunning statement came less than three hours after another Obama nominee also withdrew from consideration, and also over tax problems.

Nancy Killefer, nominated by Obama to be the government’s first chief performance officer, said she didn’t want her bungling of payroll taxes on her household help to be a distraction.

The AP also notes that “Last week, the Senate confirmed Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary despite his tax problems.”

Damn. If I can properly pay my taxes, why can’t these people who make so much more money than I do?

And isn’t it rather treasonous, whether you are an individual or a corporation, to try to get out of paying your fair share of taxes and to allow your fellow Americans to pay for everything that you also enjoy?

Anyway, I lump Tom Daschle in with Harry Reid as having been an incredibly weak “Democratic” “leader.”

Daschle was Senate majority leader and Senate minority leader before he narrowly lost re-election for his Senate seat for South Dakata in 2004. Then Reid — a Mormon — became Senate minority leader and then Senate majority leader after the Democrats took back the Senate in 2006.

It’s long past time that the Senate Democrats be led by a real Democrat from a blue state, for fuck’s sake.

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Obama worship out O’ hand, but presidential pessimism premature

Yesterday, it was the “limited edition” “official Obama [coffee] mug” that barackobama.com was hawking for a donation of $15 or more. Today it was the “limited edition” “official Obama calendar,” yours for a donation of only $35 or more. (I’m on the website’s e-mail list and so I received these great offers via e-mail…)

Um, is this a democracy or Home Shopping Network?

That “Saturday Night Live” skit in which John McCainosaurus (the real one) appeared with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin-Quayle on QVC: it doesn’t seem like it’s far from reality.

I just want a president who does a decent job.

I don’t want or need a president to worship, and Obama worship has gotten out of hand. His face and surname (and that damned stylized “O”) are emblazoned everywhere and on everything, and far from bringing me hope for change, it just gives me the creeps. (Leftist columnist and editorial cartoonist Ted Rall calls all of those damned stylistic Obama signs “Soviet-inspired propaganda posters.” I wish that I could disagree.)

Does the United States of America come down to and depend upon just one person? I hope not.

Maybe President-elect Barack Obama will do a kick-ass job. Maybe. I hope so.

But the man hasn’t even taken office and already he’s being compared to Abraham F. Lincoln, replete with his so-called “team of rivals.”

It’s also too early to declare Obama a failure, as some are doing:


I love Rall, but again, Obama hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet. Obama can’t do all that much about the nation’s ills right now, and even after he is inaugurated it still will take a considerable amount of time to turn the Titanic back around.

Has Obama sold out the left-wingers who put him office, as they have been yelping?

It’s too early to tell. 

Are Obama’s “centrist” picks for his administration posts a sign of wussiness or a stroke of political genius?

It’s too early to tell.

I’m assuming — or maybe hoping is more accurate — that Obama will be in charge, and that even if he has “centrists” in his administration posts, they will (more or less) carry out his wishes. “Centrists” in Obama’s posts carrying out a progressive agenda that trickles down from the top might be able to accomplish more than (perceived) leftists in those posts could. Is what I might call “stealth leftism” possible?

We’ll see.

I’m not ready to compare Obama to Abe Lincoln or to Billary Clinton just yet.

I’ll wait at least until Inauguration Day.

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