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Our national Rorschach test results

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We didn’t have just a bombing in Boston yesterday, did we? We had a national Rorschach test, didn’t we? We have seen what we have been predisposed to see, haven’t we?

The folks at Westboro Baptist Church say that yesterday’s terrorist attack in Boston was God’s punishment for Massachusetts’ having instituted same-sex marriage. I guess that would be God’s very delayed reaction, since Massachusetts instituted same-sex marriage way back in 2004.

Sadly and pathetically, police have questioned a 20-year-old man from Saudi Arabia attending school in Boston apparently primarily because he was At the Boston Marathon While Arab. Reportedly a bystander who had appointed himself a modern-day Paul Revere tackled the Arab man, who apparently looked suspicious! because he was an Arab-looking man running away from the blasts — go figure! I mean, the normal human response would be to run toward the blasts, into harm’s way, right? And what was an Arab man doing at the Boston Marathon anyway?

(The young Arab man’s roommate says that he’s very most likely innocent. I have to agree. This very most likely is a case of racial profiling, it seems to me. I hope that the Paul Revere who tackled the Arab man is brought to justice — that he at least is sued by the Arab man, if not also criminally prosecuted for the apparent assault and battery.)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (another paranoid, right-leaning white man) has posited that the U.S. government perpetrated the bombings in order to discredit and oppress the members of the so-called “tea party” and like-minded individuals.

Never mind that such a so-called “false-flag” operation would be incredibly difficult to pull off. Who would be willing to perpetrate it, knowing that he (or she) might be caught and prosecuted one day? And who would order it to be done, knowing that he or she also might be caught and prosecuted one day? Think of the number of people who would have to cooperate in such an operation. How would you ensure that none of them ever talked?

And never mind that the “tea party” peaked a long time ago and today is a but a shadow of its former self. You would go that far to try to weaken or destroy the “tea party” or any other political group only if it actually had a lot of power and influence.

That the wingnuts pre-emptively claim that yesterday’s terrorist attack is only being blamed on the wingnuts in order to discredit the wingnuts does not mean, of course, that homegrown wingnuts did not perpetrate the crime.

Taken all together, it sure looks like homegrown wingnutty terrorism to me.

Besides being Tax Day, yesterday also was Patriots’ Day, a day that is obscure here in California but that is big in Massachusetts and in Maine. (Indeed, the Boston Marathon is held in conjunction with Patriots’ Day.)

Patriots’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday in April. It was on Patriots’ Day in 1995 that homegrown wingnutty terrorist Timothy McVeigh, a disaffected young white man (if we want to do any racial profiling…), bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City.

So: Tax Day. Patriots’ Day (Timothy McVeigh’s chosen day for his act of domestic terrorism, in which 168 people were killed). The city of Boston’s symbolism of revolution against oppressive taxation and an oppressive government (McVeigh believed that he was crusading against an oppressive federal government). Massachusetts being a dark-blue state, a bastion of liberalism. (My guess is that a homegrown wingnutty terrorist most likely would attack a real or perceived liberal population rather than a conservative one or even a mixed one.)

Again, I can’t see the “Islamofascists” having perpetrated yesterday’s terrorist attack in Boston. This looks like an inside job to me, and by “inside job” I don’t mean by the Obama administration or by any part of the U.S. government (as much as a fan of the center-right Obama administration and the center-right U.S. government that I am not).

A professional “Islamofascist” terrorist organization would have killed more than just three people, it seems to me. This seems like a much more amateurish terrorist job.

The only real question that remains in my mind is how many people perpetrated yesterday’s terrorist attack.

My guess is that at least two or three people were involved, but I suppose that we can’t rule out a “lone wolf” like then-32-year-old Norweigan right-wing nutjob Anders Behring Breivik, who in July 2011 slaughtered 77 people whom he considered the enemy because he perceived them (correctly or not) as liberal.

Ironically, Breivik hates Muslims, as do his Islamophobic cohorts here at home, yet it seems to me that as a gay man and a left-winger, I’m more likely to be killed by one of these domestic “Christo”fascists that I’m ever likely to be snuffed out by an “Islamofascist.” I am much more concerned about our wonderful homegrown terrorists than I am about terrorists from abroad.

These are the results of my own Rorschach test, but my test results, I wager, are much more likely to be shown to be the actual case than are the other results that I’ve been reading about.

Update: My bad: Apparently Timothy McVeigh picked the date of April 19, 1995, to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building because that date marked the second anniversary of the siege in Waco, Texas, in 1993. April 17, not April 19, was Patriots’ Day in 1995. (Patriots’ Day was on April 19 in 1993, however.)

McVeigh may not even have been aware of Patriots’ Day, it seems to me.

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My guess: It was domestic terrorism, perhaps over taxes

So today was Tax Day and deadly bombs went off in Boston, Mass., the site of the iconic 1773 Boston Tea Party, which was a protest against the British taxation of the American colonists.


Maybe. Maybe not.

But I can’t see “Islamofascists” having pulled off this one. Given the not-too-subtle symbolism of it, I can, however, see right-wing, anti-tax domestic terrorists having done so.

If this is correct, it would be interesting to know whether the domestic terrorists (I’m guessing that there was more than one terrorist who pulled this one off) consider themselves to be members of the so-called “tea party” or not. (If memory serves, the “tea” in “tea party” is supposed to mean “taxed enough already.”)

If so, what horrible PR for the “tea party” this will be…

In any event, I’m all for making political statements, and while I can live with property damage, committing the murder and/or the maiming of innocent people in order to make a political statement is a shitty fucking thing to do, and of course any political statement is lost entirely among the carnage, which is all that anyone can see, such as the serious injury done to this man, who lost his legs in the terrorist attack in Boston today:

Associated Press photo

A cropped version of this photo was all over the Internet today; I found this apparently unedited version on liveleak.com. (The news photo has been glitchy for me, so if you don’t see it above, you can see it here: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eaa_1366058986)

I think it’s best not to sanitize the results of terrorism, whether it’s like the apparent domestic terrorism that we saw today in Boston, or whether it’s like the terrorism that the unelected Bush regime committed in Iraq in such noble names as “freedom” and “liberation” and “democracy.” Speaking of which, the photo above reminds me of this iconic photo from the Vietraq War:

Terrorism is terrorism, and no “good guys” commit terrorism. Only bad guys do.


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It’s NOT about the taxes

Protesters carrying signs and American flags participate in ...

Vince Schuck of Newfane, Vt., wears a hat festooned with tea ...

Protestors listen to a speaker during the tax-day rally on the ...

A woman with tea bags hanging from her hat participates in a ...

People hold signs at a tea party rally, Wednesday, April 15, ...

Associated Press and Reuters photos

Wingnuts gather at “tea party” rallies at the Illinois, Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee state capitols and in Cincinnati, Ohio, today. The insane hypocrites had no problem whatsofuckingever with the record federal budget deficit that George W. Bush left for Barack Obama, but suddenly they’re vehemently opposed to federal budget deficits. The racial composition of these “tea party” rallies overwhelmingly was predominately white — look at the news photos yourself — which gives you an idea of what it all really is about. 

So today the wingnuts are gathering and talkin’ ’bout a “revolution.”

“Revolution” in a nation whose president was democratically elected by 53 percent of the voters (and whose opponent garnered only 46 percent of the popular vote).

The wingnuts know that they have nothing substantive to piss and moan about, other than the fact that their guy, the stupid white old guy, didn’t win the election in November — and that the “socialist” black guy did.

Interestingly, these were the very same wingnuts who cried “Sore Loserman!” when the Gore-Lieberman ticket fought (weakly) the theft of the White House by BushCheneyCorp in late 2000.

It’s mind-blowingly hypocritical, even for the wingnuts, to be protesting the fact that their guy didn’t win when they blasted the other side for its supposed “sore loserism” even when the other side’s guy did win. (Al Gore won the popular vote by more than a half-million votes in 2000. Repugnican Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and the U.S. Supreme Court, not the majority of the American people, put George W. Bush into the White House.)

The tack that the wingnuts have taken to try to convince others to join their little “revolution” today, on Tax Day, is to appeal blatantly to the individual’s self-interest: Who wants to pay taxes?

Of course, if we didn’t pay taxes, the nation would crumble entirely — which is something that no true patriot would want, presumedly. There would be no roads and highways and other critical infrastructure. No public schools. No hospitals the poor and uninsured could afford to go to. No parks, no libraries. No bombs with which to slaughter Muslim babies before they can grow up to become “Islamofascist” “terrorists.”

Speaking of which, the wingnuts were perfectly fine paying their federal income taxes when the “president” was a Repugnican. And they were perfectly fine with runaway deficit spending when the “president” was a Repugnican, and as long as that spending went to the war profiteers’ pockets (Dick Cheney’s Halliburton wanted a war, and Cheney sure delivered for Halliburton) instead of to those American people in need.

Who needs health care and education and such when we can have “shock and awe!” on the tayvay?

Annihilating the whole premise of today’s “tea parties” is the fact that under President Barack Obama’s federal income tax plans, only those making more than $250,000 a year will pay more in federal income taxes.

How many of those mouth-breathing wingnuts at today’s “tea parties” make even a third of that much money?

No, the vast majority of the participants in today’s “tea parties” are dupes of the wingnut noise machine that is owned by the likes of the filthy rich Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox “News.” Rupert and his super-rich buddies don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes, but their problem is that the super-rich make up only a tiny percentage of the American population.

Therefore, these plutocrats must convince the Joe the Plumbers of the nation that tax cuts for the rich are good for the common American, and they must blatantly lie to the commoners that under Obama’s tax plans, the commoners will pay more.

The commoners aren’t getting just teabagged by their super-rich overlords; they’re also getting dicked.


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