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Them not speak good English!

I never thought of the current outbreak of H1N1 influenza A swine flu as being the fault of Mexicans because the virus seems to have originated in Mexico, but apparently plenty of racist wingnuts (I know, that’s redundant) do.

Salon.com’s War Room — a great frequently updated roundup of politics — quotes a wingnutty Boston-area radio host named Jay Severin as having said on air:

Now, in addition to venereal disease and the other leading exports of Mexico — women with mustaches and VD [actually, we call them STDs now; Severin dates himself] — now we have swine flu…

When we are the magnet for primitives around the world — and it’s not the primitives’ fault, by the way; I’m not blaming them for being primitives, I’m merely observing [that] they are primitives — and when you scoop up some of the world’s lowest of primitives in poor Mexico and drop it [um, “it”? Is it not rather dehumanizing to refer to a group of people as “it”?] down in the middle of the United States — poor, without skills, without language, not share our culture, not share our hygiene [emphasis on the Tarzan-like language mine], haven’t been vaccinated…

Millions of leeches from a primitive country come here to leech off you…

Now, at this particular moment in history, they are exporting to us a rather more active form of disease, which is the swine flu.

Wow. That’s so fucked up on so many levels.

First of all, the stupid rich white men who ran this nation into the ground when the unelected Bush regime had eight years of unbridled greedy raping, pillaging and plundering of the nation are the fucking leeches. (No-bid war-profiteering contracts for Dick Cheney’s Halliburton? Siphoning billions and billions and billions of the American taxpayers’ dollars via a bogus war? Yeah, that’s what you call leeching.) Working in the fields and doing janitorial and domestic work and the like — that’s not “leeching.”

These rich stupid white men would love to have you blame it all on poor people and immigrants, however. (Oh, yeah, and we gay men and lesbians also are to blame for the current state of the nation, just as the Jews were to blame for Nazi Germany’s economic woes.)

No, if it weren’t for the Mexican immigrants who do the shit work in the United States of America, fat and lazy white Americans, who remind me of the fat humans in the hovering lounges in “WALL-E,” would find themselves as helpless as that one human in “WALL-E” who accidentally takes a tumble out of his hovering lounge.

So let’s not shit and piss upon the people who actually are keeping the United States afloat.

And it’s funny that white Americans should call others “primitives.” Oh, please. White Americans are just savages with cell phones. A Palestinian who is sick and tired of the oppression of the Israelis — who treat the Palestinians like animals, yet who just can’t stop reminding us that the Nazis once treated Jews like animals — and who blows him- or herself up most certainly is an “uncivilized” “savage,” but the United States of America is responsible for the wholly unnecessary slaughter of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis and white Americans still call themselves “civilized.” No, we are just high-tech primitives. We have more advanced weapons, but our mentality is even lower than many if not most of those who lack such weapons.

And finally, the anti-immigrant crowd is also the English-only crowd, yet look at how great the radio host’s command of the English language is — not. And these white supremacists have had their entire lives to master their own fucking mother tongue. Nor could the anti-immigrant, “patriotic,” teabaggin’ crowd even answer even the basic civics questions about their own nation that those who wish to become citizens must be able to answer.

It’s easier to oppress another people when you dehumanize them, when you make them less than human, when you call them things like “primitive” and dirty  (“not share our hygiene”). That’s what the Nazis did to the Jews — dehumanized them, regarded and treated them as animals. Because once you make another group of people into animals, then it’s far easier on your conscience to treat them as such.

As a patriotic — and yes, Anglo — American, I will not allow my fellow Americans in name only to shit and piss upon any other nation’s people. Not in my name.

The racist radio host in Boston has been suspended from his job indefinitely, Salon.com’s War Room reports.

As he deserved.

Of course, a better corrective action for him would be to force him to live, for just a week, the way that the hard-working “leeches” do — and then see if he still could spew forth his idiotic, racist venom.

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How about the ‘PC flu’? (Part II)

To follow up on what I posted on April 28:

Scientists say that the majority of the genetic code of the new human-swine-bird-hybrid influenza virus comes from swine — and that it is accurate, therefore, to call the new outbreak of influenza “swine flu.”

(Quotes from virologists include: “Scientifically, this is a swine virus” and “It’s a flu virus from a swine; there’s no other name to call it.” That’s good enough for me.)

Ha ha ha! Take that, Israel!

The World Health Organization announced today that it will stop calling the current influenza outbreak “swine flu” in order to prevent the unnecessary slaughter of pigs, such as has happened in Egypt.

I’m all for preventing the unnecessary slaughter of pigs — in fact, all of us probably should go vegetarian anyway — but why do I have the sinking feeling that primarily the WHO caved in to the pork industry? And maybe even in to Israel as well?

In any case, “swine flu” already has stuck, and I think that it thus is irresponsible to change the name of the outbreak at this point in the game. Changing the name at this point probably will cause some confusion, such as whether the new name adopted by the WHO — the onerous “H1N1 influenza A” — is yet another new outbreak of influenza.

It will remain “swine flu” to me.


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How about the ‘PC flu’?

A pig is seen inside its enclosure at a farm in Spain's ...

Reuters photo

“Swine” is the new four-letter word.

My God. First the Israelis whined that calling the new human-pig-bird-hybrid influenza outbreak the “swine flu” is offensive to Jews, whose archaic religious beliefs forbid them to eat pork.

Now, apparently, the pork industry is concerned that calling the new flu oubreak “swine flu” is harming the pork industry.

First off, fuck Israel.

If Jews and Muslims want to continue their antiquated, utterly irrational and non-scientific belief that swine and certain other animals are “dirty” while other animals are “clean,” that’s their right, but they have no right to force their ignorant, superstitious beliefs on the rest of us who are living in the year 2009.

“Swine flu” is just fine with me. The United States, which, unlike Israel, is not a theocracy, has kissed Israel’s victim-mentality ass quite enough already, thank you.

And the pork producers can go pork themselves, too. I don’t care about their profits. The capitalists have too much control over things anyway; we’re going to allow them to dictate to us what we may and may not call things?

The only problem that I have with “swine flu” is that it apparently is technically incomplete, as the new influenza virus that apparently has killed more than 150 people in Mexico thus far apparently is a genetic mixture of human, swine and bird influenza viruses.

But “human-swine-bird-hybrid flu” is too long, and the new virus is believed to have originated in swine in Mexico, so “swine flu” is just fine.

The Mexican people are fortunate in that thus far the new flu virus isn’t being called the “Mexican flu,” a la the “Spanish flu” of 1918. Mexico has enough problems without being associated with a deadly flu pandemic. (Israel apparently so generously suggested that the new flu be called “Mexican flu,” however. Of course, while Israel is kept afloat with billions of American tax dollars yet issues marching orders to the United States, Mexico has none such luck.)

In any event, let’s worry more about containing this new virus than about being politically correct in what we fucking call it.

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Because things weren’t bad enough

Updated bel0w (Monday, April 27, 2009)

Commuters wear face masks to prevent the infection by the swine ...

AFP photo

Subway riders in Mexico City wear masks to prevent the spread of the new human-pig-bird-hybrid influenza virus that has killed more than 60 Mexicans so far and spread to at least three U.S. states.

Really, all that we were missing was a pandemic plague.

I refer, of course, to the new human-pig-bird-hybrid influenza virus that has killed more than five dozen people in Mexico thus far and has been found in at least three U.S. states (California, Texas and Kansas and probably New York as well).

In 1918, a strain of the influenza virus killed millions of people worldwide. Notes Wikipedia

The 1918 flu pandemic (commonly referred to as the Spanish flu) was an influenza pandemic that spread to nearly every part of the world. It was caused by an unusually severe and deadly [strain of the type-A influenza virus]…

Historical and epidemiologic data are inadequate to identify the geographic origin of the virus. Most of its victims were healthy young adults, in contrast to most influenza outbreaks, which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly or otherwise weakened patients.

The pandemic lasted from March 1918 to June 1920, spreading even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands. It is estimated that anywhere from 20 to 100 million people were killed worldwide, or the approximate equivalent of one third of the population of Europe, more than double the number killed in World War I.

This extraordinary toll resulted from the extremely high illness rate of up to 50 percent and the extreme severity of the symptoms… The pandemic is estimated to have infected up to one billion people — half the world’s population at the time.

Travel between the United States and Mexico is such that even if the border between the two nations were sealed, it’s probably too late to stop the new influenza virus’ spread into the United States and elsewhere, experts say; besides, the virus already has been found in at least the border states of California and Texas and also in Kansas, although no U.S. deaths have been reported thus far.

I have a friend who plans to travel to Mexico next week for a two-week stay; I am a bit concerned for her, and I have expressed my concern to her, but she’d probably still go even if it were an ebola outbreak instread of an influenza oubbreak south of the border. Her name starts with “I” and I told her that if she brought the virus back to Sacramento, in the spirit of Typhoid Mary we’d have to call her “Influenza I–––.”

My friend is in her 30s and so I’m further concerned for her because, as The Associated Press notes, “Another reason to worry [about the current influenza outbreak] is that authorities said the dead so far don’t include vulnerable infants and elderly. The Spanish flu pandemic, which killed at least 40 million people worldwide in 1918-19, also first struck otherwise healthy young adults.”

(If you’re wondering why healthy young adults would die of influenza, it’s because of something called a “cytokine storm,” an overreaction of a healthy immune system to certain strains of the influenza virus and to certain other pathogens that can cause death.)

Besides traditional flu symptoms, the new human-pig-bird-hybrid influenza virus can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, a bout of which my boyfriend had earlier this month. I have to wonder now if maybe he was infected with the virus.

Those who were immunized against influenza recently, as I was in November, may or may not have some degree of protection against the new strain, news reports have quoted the experts as having said.

The main reason I get the flu shot every year is that not only do I not want to get the flu, but, as The Associated Press notes, “Scientists have warned for years about the potential for a pandemic from [influenza] viruses that mix genetic material from humans and animals.”

My thinking has been that immunization against influenza might offer me some protection from such a pandemic.

As much as I love to be right, hopefully I won’t be proved right because hopefully there won’t be a deadly flu pandemic like there was in 1918…

Update (Monday, April 27, 2009):

So upwards of 150 Mexicans have died of the new influenza epidemic and at least 40 confirmed cases have been found in the United States, including at least 20 in New York City, although no one in the United States has yet died from the human-pig-bird-hybrid influenza virus, which, because it is transmissible from person to person (and not just from animal to person), has the potential to become a pandemic.

Sacramento’s annual Festival de la Familia was yesterday, and while I at first was disappointed that I had no one to go there with, as I love Festival de la Familia, after the news of this new potential pandemic, with its epicenter in Mexico, broke on Friday, it seemed to me perhaps wiser and safer not to go, as there is such travel between Mexico and the United States (and elsewhere in the world) that probably several people at Festival de la Familia yesterday had to have been infected with the virus, statistically speaking. (The annual festival of Latino culture usually draws thousands of people, most of them Latino.)

We might as well have called it Festival de la Influenza, I told my boyfriend, who didn’t think that I should repeat that joke to anyone.

Anyway, as if the plague (which has spread from Mexico to the United States and to Canada and even to Europe, because of world travel) weren’t enough, central Mexico was hit with a 5.6-magnitude earthquake today, prompting one resident of Mexico City to remark that “it feels like the Apocalypse.”

While I doubt that it’s the Apocalypse, I do hope the best for our brothers and sisters south of the border. I’m not the praying type, but I might be compelled to say a prayer for them shortly…

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