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When losing is really winning

Veteran Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania discusses his ...

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Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, who yesterday announced his defection from the Repugnican Party to the Democratic Party, speaks at the White House this morning. Specter overnight became Satan incarnate to the wingnut lunatic fringe, who have tried to spin Specter’s defection as good for their dying party.

Before Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania yesterday defected from the Repugnican Party to the Democratic Party, the Repugnicans were sending out fundraising e-mails (all or most of them in regards to Repugnican Norm “Sore Loserman” Coleman’s refusal to concede defeat to his Democratic opponent Al Franken)  about how critically important it was to prevent a filibuster-proof 60-senator Democratic majority in the Senate.

Now, all of a sudden, it apparently is not so critically vitally important to stop that filibuster-proof Democratic majority. Wingnut Bill Kristol wrote yesterday (this is via Salon.com):

I wonder if today’s Arlen Specter party switch, this time to the president’s party, won’t end up being bad for President Obama and the Democrats.

With the likely seating of Al Franken from Minnesota, Democrats will have 60 seats in the Senate, giving Obama unambiguous governing majorities in both bodies.

[Obama will] be responsible for everything. GOP obstructionism will go away as an issue, and Democratic defections will become the constant worry and story line. This will make it easier for GOP candidates in 2010 to ask to be elected to help restore some checks and balance in Washington…

So, losing Specter may help produce greater GOP gains in November 2010, and a brighter Republican future.

So winning is important until it’s clear that you can’t win. Then it’s not so important — and, in fact, losing might actually mean winning!

The Repugnicans just can’t lose, can they?

Except that they already have lost.

P.S. Salon.com quotes another Repugnican as having written: “Notice to Republicans: Arlen Specter changing parties is good for the Democrats and President Obama and bad for us. If you think otherwise, put down the Ann Coulter book and go get some fresh air.”

And I certainly don’t recall the Repugnicans worrying about it when they controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. They certainly didn’t share power with the Dems in order to prevent blowback, but they rode high on the hog, drunk with power.

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‘Socialism’ is gaining ground

Gee, for a “socialist” (“socialist” = baaaaad) president, Barack Obama is kicking ass in the polls.

National polls taken this month show that about two-thirds of Americans approve of the job that Obama has done thus far.

The Repugnican brand name is so far down the toilet that today Repugnican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania announced that he’s switching to the Democratic Party. Whether Specter’s move is just opportunistic or not, it still shows that the Repugnican Party is going the way of the dinosaurs that its members don’t believe in.

Adapt or die, and the Repugnican Party has refused to adapt. It still caters to “Christo”fascists, white supremacists, misogynists and homophobes, for fuck’s sake. The world continues to evolve while the Repugnican Party remains stuck in the past. Left Behind, ironically, is what’s happening to the wingnuts.

Anyway, once Repugnican Norm “Sore Loserman” Coleman finally loses his battle with Democrat Al Franken for Minnesota’s seat in the U.S. Senate, the Democrats will have a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority, enabling the Obama adminstration to enact its agenda — the agenda that the majority of the American people voted for — with greater ease. 

And how is “socialism” doing in the United States?

Salon.com recently noted that

…rather than damaging Obama by tagging him with red paint, it’s possible that the [Repugnicans are] just making “socialism” more popular by identifying it with a well-liked president.

A Rasmussen poll from earlier this month shows that capitalism only beats socialism 53 percent to 20 [percent], and among adults under 30, the split narrows to 37 [percent] to 33 [percent].

Exactly. If the damage that the unelected Bush regime wreaked upon the nation for eight long nightmarish years is representative of capitalism and Repugnicanism (and it is) and the national recovery that the actually-elected Obama administration represents “socialism,” then the Repugnicans and the capitalists are the best advertisement for “socialism” that the “socialists” could ever hope for.

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