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Mixed results


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With the sound passage of Proposition 2 and the apparent passage of Proposition 8, Californians seem to care more about chickens’ rights than gay men and lesbians’ rights. Maybe if I stuff some eggs up my ass and start laying them I can get some fucking rights around here…

Well, the most important contest yesterday was the U.S. presidency, of course, and I am happy that we real Americans will not have another four years of Repugnican rule.

And I’m glad that President-elect Obama won by a large-enough margin — preliminary election results are 52 percent of the popular vote for Obama to 46 percent for John Fossil Fool McCain, and the Electoral College standing at 349 Obama to 147 McInsane — that the Repugnicans cannot claim, with any credibility (not that they ever had any credibility on any subject anyway), that Obama is not the pick of the clear majority of the American people.

The wingnuts need to shut the fuck up and let the man whom the majority of the American people elected as their leader lead the nation out of the fucking mess that the unelected, treasonous Bush regime got us into. 

Kevin Johnson won Sacramento’s mayoral race by a large margin. I had voted for incumbent Heather Fargo, who struck me as rather boring but at least competent, and my guess is that Johnson, given his scandalous history, is going to have a scandal-plagued term as mayor. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll surprise me and he’ll do a kick-ass job, but my guess is that his election was a mistake. I surmise that Johnson won on both the Schwarzenegger Effect (celebrity jock turns politician) and on the coattails of Barack Obama. And I surmise that the voters will come to regret their choice, which, again, they seemed to have made based upon celebrity more than upon careful consideration.

An anti-abortion proposition (Prop 4) on California’s ballot died, and an anti-animal-cruelty/pro-animal-rights proposition (Prop 2) passed, which I’m glad about, but it looks as though the anti-gay proposition, Prop 8, has passed. (So animals apparently have more rights in California than do we faggots and dykes. Woo hoo!)

Prop 8’s final results haven’t been released yet, as many votes remain to be counted, but I expect that it passed, as The Associated Press reports that with 90 percent of precincts reporting, it was 52 percent yes to 48 percent no. I don’t expect that 4-percent margin to be erased. It might be reduced a bit, but it seems to me that Prop 8 passed, which means that in a future election, when more homophobic old farts have kicked off and Californians are more evolved, we faggots and dykes will have to put another proposition on the ballot to get ourselves as many rights as animals have…

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