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Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day Six (or, How about Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Crook?)

Blogger’s note: OK, so this is kind of cheating, since I already posted this back in January on my Open Salon blog when the blog put out an “open call” for our favorite most underrated actor. But since I’m releasing my list of my top seven hotties, and I would include Joseph Gordon-Levitt among those seven, it seems unfair to omit him…

I remember liking Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the television sitcom “3rd Rock from the Sun,” but I didn’t become a big fan of his work until he started making films.

My fellow gaybies should love Gordon-Levitt as a troubled hustler who as a child was sexually abused by his Robert Redford-lookalike Little League coach in the creepy but worthwhile “Mysterious Skin” (available on DVD) — and he had a too-small role as a strait-laced Mormon missionary in the worthwhile gay-themed “Latter Days” (also on DVD). The latest film starring Gordon-Levitt that’s available on DVD, “(500) Days of Summer,” is a great film about the dynamics of relationships (straight or gay…).

In “(500) Days” Gordon-Levitt plays Tom, a sensitive heterosexual guy who feels deeply who falls in love with a heterosexual woman named Summer, for whom their romance is just recreation and fun. It’s a great take on gender role reversal, in which the straight guy is the “woman” who wants a strong emotional bond and the straight woman is the emotionally unavailable “man” who doesn’t want anything serious.  

Gordon-Levitt has a film presence that is rare. Although his film characters usually remain fairly physically restrained, the feeling pours out of him. (Yeah, it’s a lot more than that I just think that he’s cute…)

Gordon-Levitt is to appear, with Natalie Portman, in an upcoming film called “Hesher,” in which he looks a bit like Jesus on meth:

I’m there. And not just because he apparently never wears a shirt in “Hesher,” but because I already know that he does a kick-ass job with his roles. (And because I like Natalie, too. She may not be the greatest actress, but she does have something ineffable about her that comes out in most of her film performances.)

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