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Let’s hope Hurricane Meg fizzles

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman ...

Associated Press photo

Repugnican billionaire Nutmeg Whitman, photographed last night in Los Angeles. She easily outspent her closest Repugnican rival to win her party’s gubernatorial nomination for California, the most populous state in the nation. She’s never held a single elected office, but hey, she’s a billionaire.

This should be an interesting summer.

Oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico and as a result countless animals continue to die slow, oily deaths. (Yes, that’s a bigger issue than what the Big Oil/British Petroleum debacle has done to the economy that is dependent upon the gulf.)

But wait, there’s more: We’re in hurricane season now, and the experts predict a hurricane season that will rival the 2005 season, which brought us Hurricane Katrina.

The coming few months should be chock full o’ environmental devastation.

What does Repugnican California gubernatorial wannabe billionaire Nutmeg Whitman have to say about the environment?

That it should take a back seat to her and her fellow Richie Riches.

Megalomaniac promises that on her first day as governor she would suspend California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, which was signed into law by Repugnican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in September 2006.

Why would Nutmeg do this?

She calls the Global Warming Solutions Act a “job-killer,” but that’s bullshit. She doesn’t care about jobs. She cares about her fellow millionaires and billionaires who don’t want to lose any of their profit margin to any mandated changes in the way that they do their business in order to protect the environment.

Sound familiar? It’s what the Bush regime did: deny climate change as a problem and claim that any solutions would be too harmful to the economy — because the Bush regime was all about protecting the rich at the expense of the rest of us and even the planet itself.

Nutmeg Whitman is a billionaire and she has pumped millions of dollars of her own money into her gubernatorial campaign thus far and she plans to pump millions more into it.

We know that she’s filthy rich, but what about her ability to lead? What about her vision?

Putting plutocrats’ profits above the very planet itself — and lying about it and saying that it’s about “jobs,” to try to dupe you into thinking that she really gives a flying fuck about your poor ass: That’s vision? That’s leadership?

There’s nothing new about Megalomaniac Whitman. She’s another aristocrat claiming to have the average person’s interests at heart. She’s a power-mongering liar who would be disastrous for California and for the nation.

Megalomaniac Whitman, who never has held any elected office, can afford to buy the governorship of California, but neither California nor the United States of American can afford Nutmeg Whitman.

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Nutmeg thinks you’re stupid

In this photo taken Tuesday, March 23, 2010, ...

Associated Press photo

Former online auction eBay CEO Megalomaniac Whitman, a billionaire Repugnican, apparently thinks that everything in life goes to the highest bidder. Thus far she has bid $59 million on the governor’s seat of California. 

Former California governor and current state Attorney General Jerry Brown today challenged his top two Repugnican opponents for the governorship to participate in three prime-time debates with him before the state’s June 8 primary election.

Of course his No. 1 Repugnican opponent, billionaire former CEO Nutmeg Whitman, has refused the invitation.

Nutmeg can’t hold a candle to Brown; she apparently is relying on the minority of California voters who are registered as Repugnicans and on the state’s “swing voters,” those who get their primary information about politics from television commercials and whose ballot decisions apparently are made by the Magic 8-Ball.

Brown can’t say it, but I can: Megalomaniac is relying on the dumbfuck vote to put her into the governor’s seat. That’s why she is spending tens of millions of her own dollars on ubiquitous TV commercials.

“Let’s hear the different ideas,” Brown said of his proposed pre-primary debates. “The key here: Is this a democracy?”

No, it’s not, not really; it’s a fucking auction, in which the highest bidder wins.

At least that’s what Team Nutmeg believes. Whether or not the majority of California’s voters also believe that in November will be interesting. 

Megalomaniac Whitman apparently will avoid all substantive challenges during her campaign, just as her fellow Repugnican Arnold Schwarzenegger did during 2003’s too-short gubernatorial recall election campaign. She’ll try to run out the clock, just like Schwarzenegger did, and rely on image rather than on anything like substance.

The image that Nutmeg is trying to project? That she’s a successful leader because she became a billionaire. And that you, too, if you emulate her, can become a billionaire!

Except that you can’t.

And except that it’s the plutocrats like Nutmeg who have put the state’s and the nation’s economy into the fucking toilet. To turn to the plutocrats to fix the problems that the plutocrats created is like returning to the same incompetent surgeon who botched your surgery to fix it: Stupid.

But Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush are living proof of the state’s and the nation’s voters’ ability to be so incredibly fucking stupid as to vote against their own best interests.

The No. 2 Repugnican in the race for this year’s Repugnican gubernatorial nomination, Steve Poizner, California’s insurance commissioner, has accepted Brown’s invitation for pre-primary debates, but Poizner will win his party’s June 8 primary only if Megalomaniac dies or pulls out or if something really unflattering about her comes to light between now and the primary (one hopes).

Team Poizner apparently did the math and figured that accepting Brown’s challenge could only help Poizner in his David-vs.-Goliath battle against Megalomaniac, while Goliath herself apparently figured that she safely could blow off Brown’s challenge because hey, she’s a billionaire, and she can just buy the dumbfuck vote. 

Brown should go ahead and have the pre-primary debates with Poizner.

Nutmeg’s conspicuous absence from the debates will prove to the state’s voters that she’s not ready for prime time — literally as well as figuratively.

Brown, however, is a pit bull (without the lipstick), and that’s what the nation’s most populous state needs.

The Sacramento Bee has quoted Brown as having said of Nutmeg that “millions and millions of dollars in an orgy of spending for TV commercials is not a substitute for an honest and open discussion,” and that he said of her refusal to debate him early:

Private corporations sometimes hide behind slick advertising campaigns, but it’s wrong for a serious political candidate to do the same.

I urge Meg Whitman to reconsider. Surely, if she believes she is good enough to be governor of California she must also consider herself competent enough to appear with her opponents.

A candidate for public office should not act like a used car salesperson who relies on misleading TV ads. Public service is a higher calling, one that demands integrity, openness and honesty.

I encourage Meg Whitman to join with Steve Poizner and me in three joint appearances. If she honestly believes what she says in her radio and TV ads, she should welcome the opportunity to answer questions, explain herself and then ask me whatever she’d like.

Our state is in serious trouble, and we need political candidates and public officials who are willing to face the voters, explain their ideas and give honest answers.

For a while there I was worried that Jerry Brown wasn’t being aggressive enough. For now, at least, I’m no longer worried.

Now, I’m only worried about whether or not a majority of the state’s voters will be smart enough to realize that putting a billionaire in the governor’s chair would be good only for the state’s billionaires.

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Duuude! 2011 in Cali is going to ROCK!

So in November, I predict, not only will a majority of California’s voters put “Governor Moonbeam” back into office, but they will make marijuana legal in the state. And there’s the possibility that they will make it legal again for same-sex couples to wed.

It will be like the ’70s all over again.

Yes, the ’70s, the decade of free love and weed that I missed out on because I was born in 1968 and spent the ’70s first in day care (the boomers were such great fucking parents) and then in elementary school. When I finally was of partying age, I got — President Ronald Fucking Reagan. And AIDS.*

Don’t get me wrong — Repugnican California guv wannabe Nutmeg Whitman, a billionaire former CEO who never has held public office but wants to buy the governorship of the nation’s most populous state, must be brought down. We can’t act as though Jerry Brown already has won the election. We have to fight (… for our right … to paartaaay!**).

But when all is said and done, even if Nutmeg doesn’t make some major campaign-killing fuckup, I expect that the majority of California’s voters, hit hard by the economy brought to them by the Repugnican Party, aren’t going to vote for another fucking Repugnican to lead the state.

Megalomaniac wants us to believe that she’s great because she’s a billionaire. But a majority of Californians, I think, are much more resentful of what the super-rich have done to the nation and to the state than they want to emulate the plutocrats.

Plus, Nutmeg is fugly. She is. That shouldn’t matter in elections, but it does. Ask former Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown, who is, I believe, the only U.S. senator whose pubes I have seen. (I, um, rather doubt that a Nutmeg sex tape is going to surface… Although if one does, it’s probably sex that she had to pay for... And we know that she can afford the best that money can buy…)

And yesterday it was big news in the state that a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in the nation’s most populous and greatest state has qualified for the November ballot. (I would have blogged on it yesterday, but I was too stoned. No, kidding — I was too tired after work yesterday to blog on it, actually.)

Anyway, The Associated Press reports:

The [ballot] initiative would allow those 21 years and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, enough to roll dozens of marijuana cigarettes. Residents also could grow their own crop of the plant in gardens measuring up to 25 square feet.

The proposal would ban users from ingesting marijuana in public or smoking it while minors are present. It also would make it illegal to possess the drug on school grounds or drive while under its influence.

Local governments would decide whether to permit and tax marijuana sales.

Proponents of the measure say legalizing marijuana could save the state $200 million a year by reducing public safety costs. At the same time, it could generate tax revenue for local governments.

A Field Poll taken in April found a slim majority of California voters supported legalizing and taxing marijuana to help bridge the state budget deficit.

My guess is that at least 55 percent of the voters will vote “yes” on the marijuana measure — and that many, many of us Californians will discover a new love for gardening.

(Of course, pot dealers aren’t happy about their impending business losses, but hey, they should have had a back-up plan anyway.)

Not only can the state sorely use the tax revenue from marijuana sales, but there is absofuckinglutely no reason to allow alcohol and tobacco to remain legal but not marijuana.

(My only concern is whether or not the feds will try to step in and block the legalization of marijuana in California like Cruella de Vil coming for the doobies — er, doggies. I haven’t researched that possibility yet.)

So I can envision a California with a Democratic governor again — and not just any Democratic governor, but Gov. Jerry Fucking Brown — and a state that has legalized marijuana, which should have been legalized long ago and which only those who decry a “nanny state” inconsistently hold should remain illegal.

OK, now I’m really going to do some California dreamin’ here:

There is an effort also to put same-sex marriage back on the November 2010 ballot, to reverse Proposition 8, which in November 2008 passed with only 52 percent of the vote. (You can sign the petition, and perhaps also collect petition signatures, by going here. The effort needs to collect a total of 1 million signatures of registered California voters by April 5, so you need to mail your signature[s] in quickly.) 

Now that the main pushers of Prop 8 — the Mormon cult and the pedophilic Catholick church, which bankrolled the last-minute multi-million-dollar pro-Prop 8 media blitz of homophobic lies — have been exposed, I surmise that same-sex marriage could pass this November, or no later than in November 2012.

The Public Policy Institute of California just released a poll that shows that 50 percent of Californians support same-sex marriage, with 45 percent opposed and 5 percent undecided. That’s good news, given that the multi-million-dollar campaign of lies induced 52 percent of the voters to vote down same-sex marriage in November 2008.

The Field Poll found a year ago that 48 percent of Californians then supported same-sex marriage, with 47 percent opposed and 5 percent undecided.

It seems to me that most of the undecideds will end up in the pro-same-sex-marriage column, as the haters already know that they’re haters, and I put the state’s haters at just under 50 percent (somewhere around 45 percent to 49 percent, tops).

My best guess is that if the issue were voted upon by California voters today, it would be a reversal of the November 2008 results, with around 51 percent to 52 percent for same-sex marriage and around 48 percent to 49 percent opposed.

Come January 2011, we Californians could be smoking (and even growing!) weed freely and marrying whom we wish to marry, under the wise and loving governance of Governor Moonbeam.

Hell yeah!

*No, I mean, I’m not HIV-positive, but before I could even think about getting it on with another dude, fucking AIDS burst onto the scene, ruining gay sex for me and my cohorts, who still can recall seeing images of AIDS victims who looked like concentration camp victims, and some of us, such as I did, as a hospice nurse, watched people die of the disease with our own eyes.

**Kidding! Mostly…

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What’s the matter with California?

Updated below (on Sunday, March 21, 2010)

The Field Poll, California’s most prominent polling organization, released a series of fairly surprising polls this past week that got plenty of media attention here in the nation’s most populous state.

The first poll, released Wednesday, shows that Repugnican gubernatorial wannabe Megalomaniac Whitman, a billionaire former CEO who has pumped tens of millions of her own dollars into her ubiquitous television ads, not only trounces her closest Repugnican rival for her party’s gubernatorial nomination, but holds a three-point lead over Democrat Jerry Brown, the state’s current attorney general and former governor who has no (serious) competition for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

The poll puts Nutmeg Whitman at 46 percent to Jerry Brown’s 43 percent, with 11 percent undecided.

After the disaster that Repugnican Arnold Schwarzenegger has been as governor — the state that he promised to “save” from twice-elected Democratic former Gov. Gray Davis has only gotten worse under his watch since 2003 — are Californians really going to allow another Repugnican governor?

Moreoever, are they really going to allow someone to buy the governorship? That’s not an exaggeration — that is billionaire Nutmeg’s game plan. The Megalomaniac has never held any elective office before but wants the top elected office of the most populous state right off.

As governor she would be catastrophic. Already she wants to kill the state’s climate-change legislation that even Schwarzenegger supports and she wants to lay off 40,000 state workers in a state that already has enough unemployment problems and already has suffered enough damaging hits to government services.

As Brown has pointed out, as The Associated Press recently paraphrased him as having put it, “California needs an elder statesman who can broker deals to lead it out of its current fiscal morass, not an autocratic CEO who is used to giving orders.” Reports the AP:

[Brown] said CEOs are used to hand-picking their employees, but a governor must confront an independent and sometimes hostile state Legislature and deal with public employee unions and courts that are constantly second-guessing their decisions.

“The political process is about civic engagement, not autocratic executive decision-making in the corporate suite. The two have virtually nothing in common,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press at his campaign headquarters in a converted warehouse in Oakland.

Yup. The autocratic, spoiled rich bitch Nutmeg is not cut of the same cloth of which good governors are made. She’s much more like the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” — “Off with their heads!” she already has said of 40K state workers — than she is anything like a stateswoman. 

If Californians think that Schwarzenegger is bad — and they do; his approval rating is around 30 percent and about six in 10 Californians believe, correctly, that the state is worse off now than it was in 2003, when he took 0ffice — then they should elect Nutmeg, who knows as much about being governor as Sarah Palin-Quayle knows about being president.

Speaking of stateswomen, Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer of California can claim that title, but her election to a fourth term in the U.S. Senate seems uncertain.

A second Field poll, released on Thursday, shows the top Repugnican challenger for the Repugnican Party nomination for the U.S. Senate seat that Boxer now holds, Tom Campbell, with 44 percent to Boxer’s 43 percent. When matched up against the No. 2 Repugnican contestant, the Nutmeg-like Carly Fiorina (who also is a former CEO who wants to buy high office), Boxer beats Fiorina by only one point, 45 percent to 44 percent.

Like we really need more Repugnican white men — or more Repugnicans, period — in the U.S. Senate. What the fuck?

It wasn’t that long ago that the stupid white men of and led by the unelected BushCheneyCorp ran the nation into the ground, a stupid white man continues to run the great state of California into the ground, and yet the voters of California are poised to replace Barbara Boxer with another stupid white man (or with a stupid white man in woman’s clothing, like Palin-Quayle is).

I recognize that a lot can change in the coming months before the November 2010 election, but I find these 40-something-percent matchups between the Democratic and Repugnican candidates in the blue state of California to be way too close for comfort.

The culprit, I think, is the same phenomenon that put Repugnican pretty boy Scott Brown into the U.S. Senate for Massachussetts in the wake of the death of Ted Kennedy: the dumbfuck vote, which consists mostly those who identify themselves as “independents” or “swing voters.” They get the bulk of their political “information” from the candidates’ television ads. Because TV commercials are a great source of complete and unbiased information. Every intellectual knows that.

So, if you are just filthy rich, like Nutmeg Whitman is, you can buy office, since your base consists of the dipshits who don’t know anyfuckingthing about politics but who vote anyway.

The third Field poll released this past week (yesterday) perhaps is the most encouraging of the three. It shows that Californians’ favorability rating of President Barack Obama has fallen since he took office, but still remains at a majority, with 52 percent of Californians approving of the job he’s doing. Obama’s highest point among Californians was a year ago this month, when he had a 65-percent job-approval rating.

The poll showed Californians evenly split over Obama’s handling of health care, with 45 percent favoring his handling of it thus far and 45 percent disfavoring it thus far.

Of course, I’m not sure how many of those Californians who disfavor Obama’s handling of health care are wingnuts who buy the health care = “socialism” crap that the wealth care weasels — whose only concern is to continue to profit obscenely from Americans’ pain and suffering — have been pushing and how many of them oppose his handling of health care because it’s not aggressive and/or progressive enough.

After health-care reform legislation finally fucking passes — which apparently will be as soon as tomorrow — we might see increases in the number of Californians who state that they approve of Obama’s job performance and his handling of health-care reform.

And a coattail effect of the Democratic Party actually having accomplished something, and having accomplished something pretty big, might help Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown in the polls, too.

Of course, it’s also important for long-time Democratic politicians like Boxer and Brown not to take their support by the fickle voters of California for granted. It is my impression that California’s voters will vote for a Repugnican in order to punish a Democrat whom they believe takes their vote for granted — even though voting Repugnican almost always is against the voter’s own best interests.

And those who don’t understand politics (those who get their political “information” from candidates’ TV commercials) really seem to believe that the solution always is to just change parties — even if the party they are thinking of switching to just recently trashed the nation and the state.

That problem — abject stupidity — I don’ t have a quick and easy solution for, unfortunately.

Update (Sunday, March 21, 2010):

Today the Field Poll has released yet another poll, this one showing that Repugnican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has hit an all-time low of 23 percent.

“This is the poorest assessment that voters have ever given Schwarzenegger and is statistically equivalent to the all-time record low job appraisal that voters gave to [Democratic Gov.] Gray Davis shortly before he was recalled from office in 2003,” the Field Poll notes.

The Sacramento Bee quotes Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo as deeming this fact to be “ironic.”

Repugnicans are distancing themselves from Schwarzenegger, claiming that his low approval rating doesn’t really matter because he isn’t really a Repugnican — that is, he isn’t enough of a Nazi for them, even though his father was a Brownshirt

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Great moonbeams think alike

March 2, 2010

Democrat Jerry Brown announces that he has entered the race ...

Associated Press photo

Jerry Brown formally announced his candidacy for governor of California in a video message on his website today.

“We’re supposed to believe that a rich person who never has held elected office would make a great governor, but look at how great Repugnican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out,” I wrote yesterday in reporting that Jerry Brown would announce his candidacy for the governorship of California today.

This seems to be one of the main lines of attack that Brown is going to make in his battle against billionaire Repugnican candidate Nutmeg Whitman.

Today, in making his formal announcement, Brown said, “Our state is in serious trouble, and the next governor must have the preparation and the knowledge and the know-how to get California working again. That’s what I offer, and that’s why I’m declaring my candidacy for governor.”

Reports the Los Angeles Times:

Brown also sought to use voters’ frustration with [Repugnican] Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came into office without having been elected [to any political office] before the 2003 [gubernatorial] recall [election], to argue against repeating that pattern with Whitman, and to a lesser degree, the other GOP contender, one-term Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

“Some people say that if you’ve been around the process, you can’t handle the job, that we need to go out and find an outsider who knows virtually nothing about state government,” Brown said.

“Well, we tried that, and it doesn’t work. We found out that not knowing is not good.”

Oh, snap!

In a poll taken last month, Brown and Whitman were neck and neck, at 43 percent each.

However, Whitman declared her candidacy a while ago, while Brown didn’t make it official until today, so last month’s poll was taken when Brown wasn’t even an official candidate. Further, Whitman, who thus far has put about $40 million of her own money into her campaign, has been spending millions of dollars campaigning already.

I expect Whitman to go down in flames (the flames would be from the millions of her own dollars that she might as well just burn) for several reasons (not necessarily in this order):

  • Current Repugnican Gov. Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has been less than 30 percent for months now. And, as Brown pointed out, Schwarzenegger will still be governor when people are at the voting both in November. Schwarzenegger will still be around to remind them how fucking brilliant it was to put a rich “outsider” in the governor’s office in 2003.
  • Most Californians correctly identify the Repugnican Party as the party that flushed the nation’s and the state’s economies down the toilet. (Maybe the memories of George W. Bush would have faded if it weren’t for Dick Cheney’s Penguin-like visage on the Sunday morning political television shows all the fucking time.)
  • Outspending your opponent is never a sure-fire way of winning office in California. Notes Time

[Whitman] also faces scrutiny because of her wealth, which is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

“There’s a history of wealthy Californians trying to start at the top, like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina [who is running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer in November], without having paid their dues,” says Lew Uhler, president of the National Tax Limitation Committee, an anti-tax group, who is supporting one of Whitman’s opponents.

It takes a vast amount of money to be competitive in California, but the road to Sacramento is littered with the bodies of failed parvenus: Michael Huffington, the former Republican Congressman and ex-husband of Arianna, blew $28 million on a failed Senate bid in 1994; Al Checchi, a former co-chairman of Northwest Airlines, spent $40 million losing to Gray Davis in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 1998; and the businessman Bill Simon, who campaigned unsuccessfully against Davis in 2002.

All of them were seen as overconfident and underprepared, liable to self-destruct when pressed on basic policy questions. Raphael Sonenshein, a political-science professor at California State University at Fullerton, notes that self-made, first-time candidates often imagine incorrectly that politics can be made as efficient, orderly and logical as business.

“While [very wealthy candidates] are usually competitive, it’s not nearly as easy as they think it’s going to be,” he says. “There’s a reason that politics is a profession.”


  • It shouldn’t matter, but in the video age, it does: Megalomaniac Whitman is not an attractive woman. OK, I’ll say it: she’s fairly fugly, in my book. We like to think that we’re above such superficial things in elections, but we’re not. Physical appearance no doubt helped such politicians as Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama and Scott Brown. (Too bad Nutmeg didn’t use some of her millions to buy herself a face transplant or something…)
  • Besides rolling back state climate change legislation that even Schwarzenegger championed, Nutmeg’s other campaign promise is to fire tens of thousands of state workers. She hasn’t bothered to say which ones. In a state already dealing with unemployment problems, this idea to slaughter sacrificial lambs who aren’t even the cause of the state’s economic troubles doesn’t sit well with most Californians, who already have seen state services drop because of massive budget cuts to state social programs. This also is a sure-fire way to fire up the state’s powerful labor unions, whose support Jerry Brown already has.

Still, one never should underestimate the stupidity of many and often of even most of the voters, who did, after all, elect Schwarzenegger in the bogus 2003 do-over — er, “recall” — election and then re-elected him in 2006.

I plan to help fight to keep Megalomaniac Whitman in retirement from her gig at eBay.

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Jerry Brown for governor

In this Dec. 4, 2009 file photo, Jerry Brown is shown at his ...

Associated Press photo

The California gubernatorial election in November will come down to governing experience vs. big money, with former Gov. Jerry Brown (pictured above in December) representing the former.

The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s attorney general, Jerry Brown, officially will declare his candidacy for governor tomorrow:

Sacramento — Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown will formally announce Tuesday that he is running for governor, a job he last held nearly three decades ago, according to a source close to his campaign.

Brown, 71, an Oakland Democrat who does not face any serious primary election opposition, is expected to make his announcement online. He served two terms as California’s governor starting in the 1970s but is eligible to hold the office again because today’s term limits were not in effect when he first occupied the Capitol.

Brown, an enigmatic political figure whose father, Pat Brown, also served two terms as governor, is seeking to regain the state’s top job near the end of a long political career. He has won elections to the posts of secretary of state and Oakland mayor, besides his current job; waged three failed presidential runs and lost a bid for Senate. Brown has also served as the state Democratic Party chairman.

Though he had been plotting this run for two years, Brown had resisted making it official while two would-be Republican contenders have openly battled for their party’s nod. The winner of that primary contest in June, whether it be former eBay chief Meg Whitman or California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, will have substantial personal wealth with which Brown will have to contend in the general election.

Billionaire Nutmeg Whitman, who is pro-corporation and anti-environment, especially is trying to buy the governorship of California — she has pumped almost $40 million of her own money into her campaign. With the largest piggy bank and the endorsement of John McCainosaurus, she probably will be the Repugnican candidate facing Californian political legend Jerry Brown in November.

Whitman supported Mormon wingnut Mitt Romney for president before she threw her weight behind McCainosaurus after Romney didn’t win the Repugnican presidential nomination.

She supported Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of the right to marry, a right that the Repugnican-dominated California Supreme Court had ruled belonged to same-sex couples under the state’s Constitution. (Nothing like altering the state’s Constitution to take some historically oppressed group’s equal human and civil rights away! Be careful if you have Dalmations, because Nutmeg will come for the puppies, too!)

Jerry Brown has opposed Prop H8 and opposes just about everything else that Megalomaniac stands for.

Brown, who is physically and mentally agile, is one of the very few people of his age who I don’t think should just retire already. (Youth is no guarantee of dynamic leadership — Barack Obama is proof of that…)

While Whitman has never held elected office, not even city council, Brown knows how to govern — he already has governed the nation’s most populous state.

We’re supposed to believe that a rich person who never has held elected office would make a great governor, but look at how great Repugnican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out. He won the bogus recall election of 2003 on the platform of turning the state’s troubled economy around, but the state’s economic situation only has worsened on his watch.

(But that was BushCheneyCorp’s fault, you argue. Well, during the too-short recall campaign, Schwarzenegger blamed then-Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, for the state’s economic woes. So is it not fair to blame the current governor now, as Schwarzenegger did then?)

It will be interesting to see how well the state’s voters, whose primary concern is the economy, will receive billionaire Nutmeg. The corporate elite aren’t Californians’ favorite group right about now.

I surmise that Brown’s political popularity and expertise will blow Megalomaniac — whom even Schwarzenegger has criticized, perhaps especially over her corporate-profits-over-the-environment stance — out of the water in November.

Still, for me this is the most important race in November, and we progressive Californians can’t be complacent. Megalomaniac Whitman would be even more disastrous for the state than has been Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Carly should have her head examined

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO  Carly Fiorina gestures during a ...

Associated Press photo

Rich Repugnican Carly Fiorina, who although she never has held elected public office wants to be a U.S. senator for California, is doing nothing to challenge the perception that California is the land of fruits and nuts. Crazy Carly — who recently released a beyond-bizarre, National-Organization-for-Marriage-like attack ad on her Repugnican primary opponent — is shown above in a photo from last month and is shown below shilling for fellow Repugnican John McCainosaurus in 2008. Just like Sarah Palin-Quayle does, Crazy Carly opposes a woman’s right to decide what to do with her own uterus and she opposes equal human and civil rights for non-heterosexuals, but she expects women to vote for her anyway.

Associated Press photo

Repugnican Carly Fiorina, whom the board of Hewlett-Packard forced to resign in 2005 and who was John McCainosaurus’ top economic adviser when he ran for the White House with Sarah Palin-Quayle and who has been listed among the top 20 worst American CEOs of all time, reportedly has beaten breast cancer, but I suspect that the cancer has metastasized to her brain. In fact, her brain might be more tumorous matter than healthy gray matter.

That would explain her incrediblyreally, it’s unfuckingbelievable — bizarre and incredibly bad attack ad against her Repugnican primary opponent Tom Campbell.

I’d thought that they were exaggerating, but then I watched the ad, which truly must be seen to be believed:

I think it’s fairly safe to say that with what has been dubbed her “demon sheep ad” — yes, the ad contains images of an evil sheep with red glowing eyes that is a bit reminiscent of “The Amityville Horror’s” Jodie the Pig:

An actor in a sheep costume with "demon eyes" is seen ...

Reuters video grab

 — Carly Fiorina already has lost her bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer.

If Crazy Carly actually manages to make it out of the Repugnican primary alive — by pumping millions of her own dollars into her campaign, just as her Repugnican-former-CEO-who-never-has-held-any-elected-public-office-before cohort Megalomaniac Whitman is trying to buy the governorship of California with her own personal fortune — then she’ll die at the ballot box in November 2010.

Nutmeg Whitman and Crazy Carly Fiorina think that the voters of California are fucking stupid. OK, so true, they did elect Repugnican Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Repugnican-orchestrated gubernatorial recall election of 2003. But even the dullest of Californians now see what a huge fucking mistake that was, and just as California’s women voters weren’t stupid enough to vote for Repugnican John McCainosaurus because Sarah Palin-Quayle was on the ticket, they’re not going to vote for Whitman or Fiorina just because they (presumably) possess the XX chromosomes.

Nor, I believe, are cash-strapped Californians going to take too well to two corporate bizillionaires trying to buy office — and a U.S. Senate seat and the governorship of the nation’s most populous nation, no less — when they never have held public office before, not even city council member.

P.S. Crazy Carly’s campaign’s “FCINO” as “fiscal conservative in name only”?

Um, what creative genius thought that up?

You can say “RINO” (Repugnican in name only) like “rhino,” or “DINO” (Democrat in name only) like “dino” (as in short for “dinosaur”), but “FCINO”?


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