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The birth of top Repug Michael Steele is an argument AGAINST abortion?

In this Friday, Jan. 30, 2009 picture, former Maryland Lt. Gov. ...

Associated Press photo

Repugnican former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, pictured on Jan. 30, when he was named to head the Repugnican National Committee, is in hot water again. First, he bucked Grand Dragon Rush Limbaugh; now, in an interview with GQ magazine, he appears to have bucked the Repugnican Party’s stance on abortion. Repugnican president wannabe Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas — whose former presidential campaign manager had vied for Steele’s job by distributing a CD including the song “Barack the Magic Negro” — has voiced his opinion that abortion rights violate the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of  happiness” guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. Of course, Repugnicans routinely deny the same “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to gay men and lesbians and other historically oppressed minority groups without a second thought.  

Repugnican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele — the first black RNC chairman who, the rumor mill has it, already is in danger of being booted from his post for not being Rush Limbaugh-y enough — uses his own birth as an “argument” against abortion.

Steele, under fire from Repugnicans and anti-abortion nuts for apparently having made statements to GQ magazine that suggest that he has a permissive stance on abortion, issued this official statement on his abortion stance:

I am pro-life; always have been, always will be. I tried to present [to GQ magazine] why I am pro-life while recognizing that my mother had a “choice” [WTF with the quotation marks?] before deciding to put me up for adoption. I thank her every day for supporting life.

The strength of the pro-life movement lies in choosing life and sharing the wisdom of that choice with those who face difficult circumstances. They did that for my mother and I am here today because they did.

In my view, Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided and should be repealed.

I realize that there are good people in our party who disagree with me on this issue. But the Republican Party is and will continue to be the party of life.

I support our platform and its call for a Human Life Amendment. It is important that we stand up for the defenseless and that we continue to work to change the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen so that we can welcome all children and protect them under the law.

Hmmm. The Repugnicans started the senseless war in Iraq that has resulted in thousands and thousands of wholly unnecessary deaths. (Well, OK, those deaths were necessary for the war profits of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and the other war-profiteering subsidiaries of BushCheneyCorp.)

And the Repugnican Party labels any real effort to help our nation’s children and others as “socialism.” Health care? Socialism! Education? Socialism! Environmental protection? Socialism!

But the Repugnican Party — which denies global warming, which, if unaddressed, threatens all life on the planet (addressing global warming, of course, equals socialism!) — deems itself “the party of life.”

Poverty in the United States increased every single fucking year that George W. Bush was “president.” (Poverty had been declining every year that Bill Clinton was president.)

Poverty kills. Is being pro-poverty being “pro-life”?

You know, the stance against abortion isn’t about the children.

The stance against abortion is about the continued domination of women by stupid white men.

Control his or her reproductive organs — be it being anti-choice or being anti-gay — and you control the person, no?

My stance on abortion is simple: While it’s unfortunate that a woman should conceive when she does not wish to carry a baby to term, I cannot see how I, a man, or how any other human being, could dictate to her what she may or may not do with her own fucking body. Roe vs. Wade seems reasonable to me as to how long a woman may wait until she has an abortion.

What about that “freedom” thing that the Repugnicans can’t shut the fuck up about?

A woman cannot have control over her own uterus but she can still have “freedom”?

The issue of abortion was decided for the nation — correctly — in Roe vs. Wade.

Gee, what other U.S. Supreme Court decisions would the Repugnicans like to overturn?

Perhaps we can segregate the public schools again and outlaw mixed-race marriage and start to police what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes!

Oh, yeah, the Repugnican Party not only is the “party of life,” but it’s the party of the future!


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Repugnicans wage internal civil war

Updated (see below)

Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael ...

In this Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009 file photo, conservative talk ...

Reuters and Associated Press photos

New Repugnican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, pictured last month at top, has called wingnut-talk-radio gasbag Rush Limbaugh (pictured above chatting it up with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at the White House in January) an “entertainer” whose shtick is “ugly” and “incendiary.” 

It looks like a battle rages for the heart of the Repugnican Party. (I’d have written “heart and soul,” but the Repugnicans sold their souls to the devil long, long ago…)

Apparently there are two camps:

  • The entrenched camp led by the bloated blowhard baby boomer (I know, I know, all of those redundancies…) Rush Limbaugh (the Repugnicans’ de facto leader, according to the pundits), which wants to try to continue to hold on to rule by stupid rich white men even though the nation and the world are changing to such a degree that the continued rule by stupid rich white men already has been made impossible (in no small part to the surreal excesses of the unelected Bush regime), and
  • the less-insane camp led by Michael Steele (the titular head of the Repugnican Party [I just like writing “titular”]), which recognizes that continued rule by stupid rich white men is impossible and that therefore the Repugnican Party must change with the times or, like the dinosaurs whose existence the Repugnicans deny, die. (Personally, I believe that the rapidly changing demographics of the nation and rapid globalization, including the incredible power of the Internet [since information is power, information sharing is power sharing], already have doomed the Repugnican Party, which historically has relied on rule by stupid rich white men and by being able to keep power [including information] localized.)

Steele recently said of Limbaugh during a television appearance: “Let’s put it into context here: Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Rush Limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment. Yes, it’s incendiary. Yes, it’s ugly.”


Will the Repugnicans allow Steele, the first black chairman of the Repugnican National Committee, to diss Grand Dragon Limbaugh like that?

Will the same Repugnican Party that went apoplectic over the idea of the nation’s first black president allow Steele — whose election to the chairmanship of the RNC in late January no doubt was a knee-jerk reaction to President B. Hussein Obama’s election in November — remain in power?

Stay tuned…


So Limbaugh has responded to Steele’s comments, and is it me, or has Limbaugh issued a thinly veiled call for Steele’s resignation?

Limbaugh said: “I’m not in charge of the Republican Party, and I don’t want to be. I would be embarrassed to say that I’m in charge of the Republican Party in the sad-sack state that it’s in. If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it’s in, I would quit. I might get out the hari-kari knife because I would have presided over a failure that is embarrassing to the Republicans and conservatives who have supported it and invested in it all these years.”

Yikes. “Hari-kari”?!? Are we going to lynch — er, blame — Steele, who has been the head of the Repugnican National Committee  for all of one month, for what BushCheneyCorp did to the Repugnican brand name over the past eight years? It’s all Steele’s fault that the Repugnican Party is on life support? It’s not the ideology of the Repugnican Party that the majority of Americans rejected in November? We can scapegoat just one person like that?

No, the problem is that there isn’t enough lipstick in the world to make the pig that is the Repugnican Party look pretty.

As much as I view Steele as a stupid sellout — an idiot who actually has believed that he has or ever will have the actual full acceptance of the party of the stupid white man — he inherited a political party that the drunken frat boys who comprised the unelected Bush regime trashed thoroughly, and not all of the king’s horses and not all of the king’s men can put the Repugnican Party back together again.

Still, Steele already has sucked up to Grand Dragon Limbaugh, which really doesn’t exactly lay waste to the claim that Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the tattered remnants of the Repugnican Party.

Politico reports that a backpedaling Steele today said, “My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh. I was maybe a little bit inarticulate.… There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership” (his “leadership”?!?!) and “I went back at that tape and I realized words that I said weren’t what I was thinking. It was one of those things where I thinking I was saying one thing, and it came out differently. What I was trying to say was a lot of people … want to make Rush the scapegoat, the bogeyman, and he’s not.”

Nooooo, because that’s the role that Steele is going to play!

I mean, did you really think that the Repugnicans really were going to allow a black man to run their show?

No, Grand Dragon Limbaugh indeed is in charge of the Repugnican Party, as evidenced by the fact that the party’s actual head bows down obediently before him.

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How about ‘RUSH the Magic GRAND Dragon’?















Wingnut blowhard Rush Limbaugh, who compared the Abu Ghraib House of Horrors to fraternity hazings, thinks that the song “Barack the Magic Negro,” which he played on his show in 2007, is appropriate entertainment. Hey, maybe Barack Obama can have Limbaugh perform the song at his inauguration! You know, in the spirit of inclusiveness ‘n’ shit!

They imported an actual black person all the way from Africa, no less, to the Repugnican National Convention three months ago, so you know that the Repugnicans aren’t racists.

So the song “Barack the Magic Negro” — from those who bring us wingnut assbite Rush Limbaugh’s show (shock!) and sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon” — that is on a CD that was distributed by a candidate for the chairmanship of the Repugnican National Committee is just in good fun and is not racist whatsoever.

Here are the partial lyrics; apparently the song is sung by a black politician, presumedly Al Sharpton, who is miffed that Barack Obama and not he rose to the presidency.

Barack the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
The L.A. Times, they called him that
‘Cause he’s not authentic like me.
Yeah, the guy from the L.A. paper
Said he makes guilty whites feel good
They’ll vote for him, and not for me
‘Cause he’s not from the ‘hood.

See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg,
Or me or Farrakhan
Have talked the talk and walked the walk.
Not come in late and won!

Oh, Barack the Magic Negro, lives in D.C.
The L.A. Times, they called him that
‘Cause he’s black, but not authentically.
Oh, Barack the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
The L.A. Times, they called him that
‘Cause he’s black, but not authentically.

Some say Barack’s “articulate”
And bright and new and “clean.”
The media sure loves this guy,
A white interloper’s dream!
But, when you vote for president,
Watch out, and don’t be fooled!
Don’t vote the Magic Negro in –
‘Cause —

’Cause I won’t have nothing after all these years of sacrifice
And I won’t get justice. This is about justice. This isn’t about me, it’s about justice.
It’s about buffet. I don’t have no buffet and there won’t be any church contributions,
And there’ll be no cash in the collection plate.
There ain’t gonna be no cash money, no walkin’-around money, no phoning money.
Now, Barack going to come in here and…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Aren’t those wingnuts creative and hilarious!?!?!?

Now, I have noted that were Barack Obama perceived as an “angry” black man, there’s no way in hell that he would have made it to the White House in the racist United States of America. Had Obama shown the slightest bit of emotion during the presidential debates he would have been pegged as an “angry” — and thus “dangerous” — black man.

Obama is not the descendant of slaves; his mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father was African, from Kenya. Obama went to Harvard Law School. (Vice President-elect Joe “Insert Foot in Mouth” Biden did indeed call Obama “clean” and “articulate.” But repeating one person’s questionable comments doesn’t somehow launder those comments and thus make them publicly acceptable.) 

It’s not a matter of opinion, but it is a matter of fact, that someone like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson — an “angry” black man, a descendant of slaves from Africa — never would have made it to the White House, whereas someone like Barack Obama, who one could argue is not “authentically” black if you define “authentically” black as the descendant of African slaves, could and did.

And I imagine that black politicians like Sharpton and Jackson, although they’d never acknowledge it publicly, aren’t too thrilled that someone like Obama could become a political rock star while they’ve only seen limited political success.

And The Los Angeles Times did run a piece on the “Magic Negro,” but the piece is not, as I interpret it, anti-Obama or anti-black or racist or suggesting that we refer to Obama as a “Magic Negro,” but simply discusses the concept of the “Magic Negro,” a term that the L.A. Times writer did not invent.

But just the use of the term “negro” instead of the term that blacks use to describe themselves — black — is indicative of what the song “Barack the Magic Negro” is about, what angle it has taken, and I won’t even comment on the last portion of the song, a black man’s riff that is rife with such terms as “buffet,” “cash money” and “walkin’-around money.” And the lyrics’ mockery of justice. (When a white person seeks justice, it’s almost always just, but when a black person seeks justice, usually it’s “victimhood” or “grandstanding” or the like, whether it really is or not.) 

Although the Repugnican Party heads are attempting their damage control on “Barack the Magic Negro,” the fact is that the Repugnican Party remains a racist party, the party of stupid white men. Do you think the white supremacists who voted on Nov. 4 voted for John McInsane or for Barack Obama? (OK, so I guess that a lot of them did vote for Ron Paul…)

Repugnicanism = racism. I don’t see that changing any year soon.

P.S. In case my Latino peeps feel left out, the CD that the candidate for the chairmanship of the Repugnican National Committee, Chip Saltsman (you knew that the guy’s name had to be something overprivileged-white-frat-boy-like, such as Chip or Biff or Skip), distributed in his campaign for the RNC chairmanship also includes a track titled “The Star-Spanglish Banner.”

Hey, now, don’t be offended! Saltsman, who was former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager for Huckabee’s quest for the 2008 Repugnican presidential nomination, describes the CD as a collection of “light-hearted political parodies” that aired on Limbaugh’s show.

Today’s KKK is a kinder, gentler, more light-hearted KKK, you see.

P.P.S. Saltsman, who is a real piece of fucking work and who is yet another white man who makes me embarrassed to be a white man, huffed: “Liberal Democrats and their allies in the media didn’t utter a word about David Ehrenstein’s irresponsible column in the Los Angeles Times last March. [Actually, the Times’ website gives the date of the column as March 2007, not March 2008.] But now, of course, they’re shocked and appalled by its parody on the ‘Rush Limbaugh Show.'”

OK, so what Saltsman is doing is trying to evade his responsibility for his inclusion of the song “Barack the Magic Negro” on the CD that he distributed to people in his quest for the RNC chairmanship. He blames and/or tries to shift responsibility to “liberal Democrats,” the “[liberal] media,” David Ehrenstein, the L.A. Times and even Limbaugh.

Again, I have read Ehrenstein’s column twice and I see nothing “irresponsible” about it, which is why the L.A. Times apparently had no problem running it and why neither “liberal Democrats” nor the “[liberal] media” were up in arms over the column. Ehrenstein was just talking frankly about race relations in the United States. That Ehrenstein’s words might have rattled those mostly-white fucktards who assert that the United States no longer has a problem with racism doesn’t make his column “irresponsible”; the fucktards who are so fucking clueless on the problem of racism are the ones who are irresponsible.  

The composer of the lyrics of “Barack the Magic Negro” apparently mentioned the L.A. Times in the lyrics only as an excuse for using the term “Magic Negro”; if the L.A. Times used the term, then surely a “light-hearted political parody” on Rush Limbaugh’s show could use the term, right?

You know, I think that Saltsman has demonstrated that he has what it takes to lead the Repugnican Party: he’s a weaselly racist who evades responsibility. He sounds like the stupid white man for the job to me.

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