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And still yet another example of stunning Repugnican hypocrisy

In the late 1990s, the Repugnicans told the nation that it was vitally important to get down to the truth about Bill Clinton’s blow job(s).

Today, the Repugnicans vehemently resist any and all efforts to get down to the truth about the felonious behavior of the members of the Bush regime.

Reports The Associated Press today:

WASHINGTON – A Democratic-proposed “truth commission” to investigate the Bush administration is generating more partisanship in a Congress already filled with it.

Republicans are almost universally opposed, and President Barack Obama doesn’t appear to be enthralled with the idea either, saying at his first prime-time news conference he would consider the proposal but wants to look forward.

Sponsors said the commission could investigate who — in President George W. Bush‘s inner circle — drove the harsh interrogations and warrantless surveillance programs, and probe White House involvement in politically motivated hirings and firings in Bush’s Justice Department.

There is more to learn, since the Bush administration has kept many documents on these subjects secret and ordered three former White House officials not to testify before Congress. But Obama’s Justice Department also is resisting pressure to release those documents.

If Democrats in Congress proceed, it would be one more bruising political debate in a Congress that’s had plenty of them since convening last month….

The most outspoken champions of a commission to investigate the Bush administration are Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary committees. Both lawmakers plan to proceed, despite Obama’s comment.

“Investigations are not a matter of payback or political revenge,” said Conyers. “It is our responsibility to examine what has occurred and to set an appropriate baseline of conduct for future administrations.”

There’s “an oversight responsibility that has to be carried out,” Leahy said, adding that he wants to discuss the idea further with Obama.

Obama stopped short of quashing the idea, saying he would look at Leahy’s proposal.

“Nobody’s above the law and if there are clear instances of wrongdoing, then people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen,” he said. “But … generally speaking, I’m more interested in looking forward than I am in looking back.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in several statements, has backed continuing investigations of the Bush administration’s Justice Department.

“I think we have to learn from the past and we cannot let the politics of the Justice Department to go unreviewed,” she has said.

Pelosi has said that she doesn’t believe the positions of Conyers and Obama are very far apart on the need to continue investigations.

Leahy, who came up with the “truth commission” label, and Conyers, who already introduced a bill for a “blue-ribbon” panel, contended an investigative body outside Congress would take the investigation away from politics. Republicans countered it would do exactly the opposite — and they have the votes to kill it in the Senate with a filibuster.

Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked why Democrats need a commission to get information from a Justice Department now run by their own party.

“You just have to walk in and ask where the file cabinets are,” Specter said in an interview….

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who also voted for Holder, called the “truth commission” suggestion “this left-driven desire to prosecute people” over Bush’s anti-terrorism policies.

Another Republican, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, said the proposal makes Democrats vulnerable to allegations that they’re piling on after already spending years investigating the administration….

Sexy brainiac Glenn Greenwald already has written about the two-tiered “justice” system in the United States — one tier for stupid rich white men, who get away even with treason and mass murder, and another tier for the rest of us, who are actually held responsible for our crimes, even petty ones — so rather than write about that, I’ll refer to you Glenn (who, in his piece, writes about a desperate homeless man who stole a $100 bill but, after he felt remorse and returned the bill, still was sentenced to 15 years in prison).

I wholeheartedly disagree with President Barack Obama’s pussy assertion that prosecuting criminals for their crimes is “looking back” when we must “look forward.”

When is the last time that some poor black man got off the hook for even a misdemeanor because he urged the judge not to “look back” but to “look forward” and the judge actually fucking bought that “argument”?

If the criminals who comprised the Bush regime are not brought to justice, then there is no such fucking thing as justice in the United States of America. (Well, OK, so there isn’t any such fucking thing as justice in the United States of America, but you know what I mean…)

Of course the Repugnicans will scream “Politics!” at any and all attempts to bring their overprivileged, treasonous, felonious asses to justice.

So fucking what?

Let them scream “Politics!” all the way to prison, where they fucking belong.

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