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Why they call it ‘Black Friday’

New York Times photo

Temporary Wal-Mart worker Jdimytai Damour, a 34-year-old native of Brooklyn, was sacrified to the golden calf on “Black Friday.” After they trampled him, bargain hunters simply stepped over his body as they streamed into the store, The Associated Press notes. We’ll blame the greedy shoppers, of course, but what about the corporatocrats and plutocrats who encourage such animalistic behavior?

I just wanted to note that Friday — while swinishly materialistic and consumeristic Americans were busy trampling a 34-year-old temporary Wal-Mart employee to death and sending others to the hospital (and refusing to leave the store after the store announced that it was closing because of the death) and shooting each other dead in a Toys “R” Us — I didn’t buy a thing. I spent not one fucking penny anywhere on anything. Yes, it is possible.

Many if not most Americans are patting themselves on the back for having elected a half-white, half-black guy who never would have been elected to the White House if he acted like an “angry” black.

Woo hoo! We’ve conquered all of our spiritual problems! these Americans (more or less) declare.

No — as long as we Americans continue to worship the golden calf, valuing consumer goods that we don’t even need over human life, we are going to remain spiritually fucked.

P.S. (December 12, 2008): In case it isn’t clear, by “Black Friday” in the headline I mean “black” in the sense of dark and tragic. It is not a reference to the victim’s race…


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