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If they’re right, what are they worried about?

US government sues Arizona over immigration law

AFP photo

Arizona’s two U.S. Senators, stupid white men John McCainosaurus and John Kyl, both Repugnicans, of course, have slammed the Obama administration’s filing of a federal lawsuit against their state’s planned illegal racial profiling against Hispanics, which is set to begin July 29.  

The Repugnican Party elite predictably are whining that the Obama administration today made official its lawsuit attempting to strike down Arizona’s unconstitutional and racist anti-brown-person law.

The federal lawsuit against the South Africa of the Southwest proclaims, in part, “In our constitutional system, the federal government has pre-eminent authority to regulate immigration matters. This authority derives from the United States Constitution and numerous acts of Congress. The nation’s immigration laws reflect a careful and considered balance of national law enforcement, foreign relations, and humanitarian interests.”

Yup. That’s a little civics lesson for the fucktards of Arizona.

Of course, the white Repugnican politicians in Arizona, such as the Borg Queen governor, Jan Brewer, and presidential loser Sen. John McCainosaurus, don’t actually give a fuck about the issue of immigration nearly as much as they just want an easy political target for their upcoming elections in November, and the relatively poor and powerless Hispanics are fairly easy to sacrifice on the bloody Repugnican altar. (It was gays and lesbians whom the Repugnican Party sacrificed for the dumbfuck vote in 2004, recall; this election year it’s the Hispanics.)

Brewer and McCainosaurus and their ilk also want to get Brownie (er, whitey?) points from their white supremacist supporters for symbolically having taken on the nigger in the White House by pushing an unconstitutional, reprehensible anti-immigrant law that they knew the White House would oppose. (Fuck you. You know it’s true.)

Bottom line is, when the economy tanks, the bleating masses start beating up on immigrants. That’s what happens around the world, and that’s what’s happening here in the “melting pot.”

Of course, the Repugnican elite are all too happy to have the uneducated, skinheaded Joe the Plumbers and Dale the School Bus Drivers blame the poor and the powerless brown-skinned for the nation’s economic nosedive instead of the real culprits, the filthy rich white crooks who have bled, and continue to bleed, this nation dry.

In any event, if the white supremacist Repugnicans (I know, redundant…) of Arizona are so sure that their new little law is constitutional, why do they blast the Obama administration for challenging it in the federal court system?

Surely if they’re right, they’ll be vindicated legally.

(But they aren’t, so they won’t be.)

 Michael Steele, anti-affirmative-action poster boy?

Michael Steele

Associated Press photo

Repugnican Party head Michael Steele probably could have gotten away with his history gaffe, but stating that the Afghanistan war, which his party launched and wholeheartedly supports, is unwinnable, probably is the last straw for the party’s first black chairman, who is the result of affirmative action gone wrong.

On Jan. 30, 2009, I blogged:

Apparently we’re supposed to believe that the Repugnican Party no longer is racist because the Repugs just selected a black man as the chair of the Repugnican National Committee.

Uh, this is the very same political party for which a white guy who also ran for the chairmanship included on his CD promoting his campaign for the party chairmanship the songs “Barack the Magic Negro” and “The Star-Spanglish Banner.”

And because Sarah Palin-Quayle is a female, that doesn’t mean that the Repugnicans suddenly are feminists, either. (Palin-Quayle, among other things, such as being a “Christo”fascist and a global-warming denier, is anti-choice.)

The selection of Sarah “Heartbeat Away” Palin-Quayle was just a knee-jerk Repugnican response to Billary Clinton; apparently women voters were supposed to have just flocked to Repugnican John McCainosaurus in droves because Barack Obama rather than Billary had won the Democratic presidential nomination.  

Just as Palin-Quayle was only a reflexive response to Billary Clinton, so new Repugnican Party chair Michael Steele, former lieutenant governor of Maryland, is only a reflexive response of the Repugnican Party to the election of Democrat Barack Obama as president.

Both Steele and Palin-Quayle are stupid white men on the inside, regardless of the color of their skin and regardless of what’s between their legs.

I once heard (in person) Al Sharpton say of Condoleezza Rice (I paraphrase): “Condoleezza Rice is of my color, but she is not of my kind.”

I’m confident that Sharpton would say the same of Steele.

Steele’s selection is indicative of the Repugnican Party’s desperation, not of its sudden redemption.

I stand by that rant, and boy, have things taken a turn for Steele.

Look how hard the Repugnicans had to hunt for a black guy within their party to counter the election of Barack Obama — the best that they could do, apparently, was a former lieutenant governor.

The Repugnicans long have wanted to dump the fumbling and bumbling Steele, but he’s held on thus far.

However, his recent remarks on the war in Afghanistan that President Barack Obama started the war, which Steele deemed a war of choice, when, in fact, it was “President” George W. Bush who started the war in Afghanistan in October 2001, before his unelected regime launched the Vietraq War in March 2003, and that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable, when the Repugnican Party supports the war because the Repugnican Party supports perpetual warfare for the war profiteers and for Big Oil and other corporate cronies — should be the good excuse that the Repugnicans have been looking for to dump Steele, which they’ve been reluctant to do up to now because they didn’t want to look racist.

Look, they cynically picked Steele because they’re racist.

Clearly the man is a dipshit who wasn’t qualified for the job but who met the main job requirement that his skin isn’t white. Steele’s selection as head of the Repugnican National Committee seems to have been the result of bizarre Repugnican affirmative action — bizarre because Repugnicans historically have trashed affirmative action as being the hiring or promotion of unqualified or underqualified non-whites or women over more qualified white men.

Pundits don’t expect Steele to be booted before the November elections, however. They do, however, expect him to lose his job in January, when the chairmanship of the RNC is up for grabs again.

Does New Orleans need a mercy killing already?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, The Associated Press reports today that now oil from the ruptured British Petroleum well in the Gulf of Mexico — Hey, is that thing still spewing oil? We don’t hear much about that anymore because they finally fixed it, right? Right??? — is seeping into Lake Pontchartrain.

My rather modest proposal is that we just nuke the holy living fuck! out of New Orleans right now!

Put them out of their misery, you know.

Give them the final relief of knowing that probably nothing worse could happen to them after that.

Just my own rather modest proposal.

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SHOCKER!: Sonia Sotomayor approved along racial, partisan and gender lines

Supreme Court Justice designate Sonya Sotomayor waves as she ...

Associated Press photo

Sonia Sotomayor, the newest addition to the U.S. Supreme Court, waves to fans today in New York City. Sotomayor is the nation’s first Hispanic and only the nation’s third female U.S. Supreme Court justice — and the first Democratic president’s appointment to the nation’s highest court since Bill Clinton appointed Stephen Breyer in 1994. “In opposing Sotomayor, Republicans risk a backlash from her fellow Hispanics, the fastest growing U.S. minority. Hispanics make up 15 percent of the U.S. population and voted by a two-to-one margin for Obama in the 2008 presidential election,” notes Reuters.

So I’m looking to see who voted for and who voted against Sonia Sotomayor today in the U.S. Senate. Sotomayor today won confirmation as the nation’s first Latina U.S. Supreme Court justice on a vote of 68 to 31.

(The only senator who didn’t vote was Democrat Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts; undoubtedly his vote would have been in favor of Sotomayor’s confirmation, so that would have been 69 to 31… All 31 of the votes against Sotomayor were cast by Repugnicans; gee, which party is looking out of step with the nation these days?)

From the horse’s mouth — the U.S. Senate’s website — it looks like the vast majority of today’s “nay” votes are from white male Repugnican senators from red states.

Voting nay today were:

John Barrasso, Wyoming

Robert Bennett, Utah

Sam Brownback, Kansas

Jim Bunning, Kentucky

Richard Burr, North Carolina

Saxby Chambliss, Georgia

Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

Thad Cochran, Mississippi

Bob Corker, Tennessee

John Cornyn, Texas

Mike Crapo, Idaho

Jim DeMint, South Carolina

John Ensign, Nevada

Michael Enzi, Wyoming

Chuck Grassley, Iowa

Orrin Hatch, Utah

Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas

James Inhofe, Oklahoma

Johnny Isakson, Georgia

Mike Johanns, Nebraska

Jon Kyl, Arizona

John McCain, Arizona

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

James Risch, Idaho

Pat Roberts, Kansas

Jeff Sessions, Alabama

Richard Shelby, Alabama

John Thune, South Dakota

David Vitter, Louisiana

Roger Wicker, Mississippi

So again, that’s all 31 votes against Sotomayor cast by Repugnicans and not a single vote against her cast by a Democrat or an independent. No surprise there.

That’s 29 male votes against Sotomayor and two red-state Repugnican female votes against her — no surprise there, either.

That’s also 31 white votes against Sotomayor — I looked at the website for each of the senators who voted against her, and each of the 31 senators looks pretty white to me.

The states that these nay-saying senators are from are the usual suspects, too: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,  Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming — all but a few of these 20 states are solidly red states, and all 20 of them except Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina went to Repugnican John McCainosaurus in November. (Those states in bold are those states for which both senators voted against Sotomayor.)

It was convenient to use gun rights or the like as an excuse to vote against Sotomayor, but let’s face it: the No. 1 reason for the “nay” votes is that she’s not a right-wing white man.

And it’s clear from today’s vote on Sotomayor’s confirmation in the Senate that the Repugnican Party is a national party no more, but is the party of the South and a handful of podunk states in the West.

P.S. Nine Repugnican senators did vote for Sotomayor. They are:

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee

Christopher (“Kit”) Bond, Missouri

Susan Collins, Maine

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

Judd Gregg, New Hampshire

Richard Lugar, Indiana

Mel Martinez, Florida

Olympia Snowe, Maine

George Voinovich, Ohio

These states went to Obama in November, with the exception of Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina, and Obama lost Missouri by less than 0.2 percent.

Collins and Snowe are considered to be among the most liberal of the Repugnicans, and I don’t know why they don’t just switch parties already, since Maine is pretty blue.

There are a total of 17 women in the U.S. Senate, four of them Repugnican and 13 of them Democratic.  Democratic female senators from the red states of Arkansas and Louisiana and the purplish state of Missouri voted in favor of Sotomayor’s confirmation.

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