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Towering tackiness and stupidity

In this June 28, 2006 artist's rendering made by dbox inc. and ...

Associated Press photo

An artist’s 2006 depiction of the tower that is to replace the World Trade Center in New York City. Originally dubbed the “Freedom Tower” by then-Gov. George Pataki, a Repugnican, in 2003 — the year that the Repugnicans also brought us freedom fries” (and yes, even freedom toast”) — smarter heads since have prevailed and have decided to officially and much less tackily call the tower One World Trade Center instead of the “Freedom Tower.”

“Patriotic” fucktards are all agog that the replacement building for the World Trade Center, slated for completion in 2013, won’t be called the “Freedom Tower” but instead will be called One World Trade Center.  

You know, maybe the reason that “Freedom Tower” was scrapped, at least in part, is that it’s too reminiscent of the Repugnicans’ incredibly cheesy post-9/11 creation of such things as “freedom fries,” which were meant to pettily replace French fries after France refused to rubber-stamp the unelected Bush regime’s bogus Vietraq War — an issue on which history already has vindicated France, of course.

The reason that the wingnuts bandy about the word “freedom” so much, of course, is that they don’t value it at all.

Well, let me clarify: they value it for themselves. Just not for anyone who isn’t in lockstep with them. There is to be freedom for those AmeriNazis who march together in lockstep, but “shock and awe” (and torture and illegal incarceration, etc.) for everyone else — even if it wasn’t your nation that attacked our nation on Sept. 11, 2001 (or had anything to do with it all).

It’s a lot like how the “Christians” who actually follow Jesus Christ’s actual teachings the least scream the loudest and the most frequently about what great fucking Christians they are.

From top to bottom, the “Freedom Tower” — no matter what we call it — was and still is a bad fucking idea.

It is meant to be a gargantuan middle finger extending into the Manhattan skyline; it is just an invitation for someone who’s not on board with the wingnuts’ Orwellian conception and practice of “freedom” to come and try to knock it down, too.

No one occupying the “Freedom Tower” will be completely safe — ever. (I’m not alone in that assessment; Reuters notes that “the tower, which will be New York’s tallest building, has been beset by delays and its developer has struggled to attract tenants, due partly to fears it could be targeted for another attack.”)

From the fact that it’s incredibly dangerous to rebuild the World Trade Center — the site of the fallen WTC should be left as a memorial and that’s it — to the incredibly cheesy details of the Skyscraper Formerly Known as the “Freedom Tower” (the resurrected WTC is to be 1,776 feet tall — isn’t that clever?), the whole concept of the “Freedom Tower” has been a mistake from day one.

If the United States must have a tacky “Freedom Tower,” let’s at least locate it in a tacky red state (that’s pretty much redundant) instead of in the great blue state of New York.

Is there real estate next to Jesusland? It could be one-stop vacationing for the rednecks, who love both “freedom” and Jesus (the Jesus who hates fags and Muslims and Democrats and non-whites and non-Americans and many, many others, of course).

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