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Issa is an asshole

Republicans flex muscle, Obama promises corrections

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Uber-ambitious Repugnican pipsqueak Darrell Issa promises nothing but gridlock in Washington over the next two years.

On November 4, 2008, Democrat Barack Obama received more than 69 million votes, with his Repugnican opponent receiving more than 9 million fewer votes. Obama received the most number of votes for a presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Love him or hate him, but a “tyrant” (as the wingnuts love to call him) Barack Obama is not. He is a democratically elected U.S. president — um, the most democratically elected U.S. president in history.

Repugnican U.S. Representative Darrell Issa of Southern California, by contrast, by the count thus far, received a whopping 110,329 votes on November 2, according to the California Secretary of State’s website. (Some ballots are still being tallied, so his eventual total might be a bit higher than that, but still, I think, you can get the point.)

The numbers don’t daunt Issa, however. He’s a regular Little Napoleon.

Issa initially called Obama “one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times” on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Issa then backed away from that slander, stating, “I am not saying that the president is personally corrupt. But his administration has to change direction…”

(Because the unelected, bogus-war-starting, record-federal-budget-deficit-setting Bush regime was all about not being corrupt, you see.)

Issa is set to head the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in January, and, already having decided that Barack Obama — er, the Obama administration — is “corrupt,” Issa promises an orgy of investigations into the Obama White House.

Politico quotes Issa as having declared, “I want seven hearings a week times 40 weeks,” and Politico adds:

To give an idea of how expansive Issa’s oversight plans are, look at the record of Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) when he chaired the oversight committee during in the 110th Congress during George W. Bush’s presidency. Waxman held 203 oversight hearings in two years; Issa has signaled he’s prepared to hold about 280 in just one year.

This isn’t good-faith “oversight.” This is badgering. This is nothing but an attempt of a man with a small mind but big ambitions to try to make a bigger name for himself by ensuring that the Obama administration gets done as little as possible over the next two years.

Darrell Issa — “formerly a CEO of Directed Electronics, the Vista, Calif.-based manufacturer of automobile security and convenience products,” according to Wikipedia (hey, wasn’t Tom DeLay a pest-control guy?) — perhaps is best known here in California for having spent more than $1.6 million of his own money for the petition-signature-gathering effort for California’s 2003 gubernatorial recall election (the election that put Arnold Schwarzenegger in charge of the show). 

“At the time he made the contribution, it was widely believed that Issa intended to place himself on the ballot to replace [Democratic then-Gov. Gray] Davis,” Wikipedia notes, adding, “However, following the entrance of fellow Republican … Schwarzenegger into the [gubernatorial recall] race, two days before the filing deadline, Issa announced that he would not run.”

I see little difference between Repugnican millionaire Issa’s pathetic attempt to buy the California governorship in 2003 and Repugnican billionaire Nutmeg Whitman’s* more recent effort, except that Whitman’s record-smashing self-funding made Issa’s look like chump change, even though Wikipedia calls Issa the “richest member of Congress.”

I’m all for good-faith oversight and I’m all for checks and balances, but what Issa promises us is not an improvement of the state of our nation, but even more gridlock while he tries to make, yet once again, a bigger name for himself.

While Darrell Issa is rabidly investigating the “corrupt” Obama administration, who’s going to be watching Darrell Issa?

*And just as Nutmeg Whitman had never held elected office but sought to buy the governorship of California right off, Wikipedia notes:

Issa’s first campaign for elected office came in 1998, when he sought the Republican nomination for United States Senate to run against incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer. He backed the campaign with $10 million of his personal wealth, but lost the primary election to California State Treasurer Matt Fong. Fong’s campaign raised $3 million from contributions and complained that Issa’s wealth made for an uneven playing field (Issa had only $400,000 in contributions)….

Failing to buy a U.S. Senate seat, Issa then went on to try to buy the governorship of the nation’s most populous state, apparently. I have little personal doubt that he’d love to try to buy the presidency someday.


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Nutmeg bought her way out of 2007 incident of assault and battery

The New York Times reports today that gubernatorial wannabe Repugnican Nutmeg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, paid off an eBay employee almost $200,000 after having shoved her at eBay’s heaquarters in June 2007.

Team Nutmeg claims that Whitman didn’t shove the employee out of a conference room, but only “physically guided” her out of the room.

If Nutmeg didn’t do anything wrong, then why did she give the employee almost $200,000 in a mediation settlement, even though, admittedly, that’s just a drop in the billionaire bitch’s bucket?

Not only did former eBay employees tell the Times that Nutmeg shoved the employee, but that the whole matter was hush-hush.

Again, if Nutmeg did nothing wrong, then why did she try to muzzle everyone?

If it were you or I, we’d probably be charged with assault and battery. But if you’re a billionaire, you can buy your way out of almost anything — and you have enough power to (try to) keep people quiet out of fear of retaliation.

The incident of aggression wasn’t long ago enough for us to believe that Nutmeg has changed, and the incident makes me wonder whom else Nutmeg literally shoved around at eBay.

The incident gives us clear insight into the character of Megalomaniac Whitman.

Character matters.

It should matter to the voters of California.

Megalomaniac not only can’t control her temper, but her psyche is such that although the governorship of California pays less than $175,000, thus far she has shelled out more than $90 million of her own money in her quest to be Queen of California.

That Nutmeg never got the pony that she wanted and/or never got accepted into the sorority that she wanted to be accepted into — whatever her head issues are, the leadership of the nation’s most populous state, especially now, is too important to leave to a billionaire trying to work out her head issues.

If Nutmeg truly cared about the state instead of her own ego, she’d be putting her tens of millions of dollars to much better use in the state.

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