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Oh, fuck THAT shit!

This fucking bullshit is from The Sacramento Bee today:

Watch your mouth, California.

The nation’s most populous state is asking its 38 million residents to stop using four-letter words for an entire week beginning Monday.

On a voice vote, the [state] Assembly passed a resolution [today] declaring the first week of March each year as “Cuss-Free Week” and inviting, but not requiring, Californians to comply.

The resolution honors McKay Hatch, who started a no-cussing club at his South Pasadena junior high school nearly three years ago.

The 16-year-old Hatch, who has seen no-cussing clubs expand to more than 100 schools and 35,000 online members, attended [today’s] Assembly vote.

Hatch doesn’t really expect the entire state to honor the resolution, but he hopes it will attract attention to civil discourse.

“I just want to get back to the basics,” he said. “People use cussing so frequently that they don’t even know it, but it really offends a lot of people.”

ACR 112 comes four months after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sparked headlines with an acrostic veto message that began with the letter “F” and ended with “YOU.”

OK, first off, this fucking McKay Hatch kid never is going to lose his virginity. Just sayin’.

Second of all, I just might fucking use even more profanity than usual next week. (In my blogging, anyway. At the workplace, I actually use profanity fairly rarely.)

Dipshits occasionally comment on my blog that I use too much profanity. My stock response to each and every one of them is:

Fuck you!

I’ve used profanity profusely since I began blogging in 2002. I’m not about to stop now.

I find profanity to be a great way to let off steam. But I suppose that we’d rather that people be pummeling each other instead of cussing.

It’s interesting what Americans will accept. In no certain order: stolen presidential elections, bogus wars resulting in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people (not to mention the deaths of thousands of our own military personnel, most of them young people), the vanishing middle class due to plutocratic/corporatocratic greed, record federal budget deficits because of the military-industrial complex (via those bogus wars), shrinking civil rights, climate change, torture, for fuck’s sake… 

But don’t you fucking cuss!

Yeah, I’d say that the use of profanity is the nation’s No. 1 problem right now.

I love the idea of “nice” people: They espouse satanic ideologies that not only harm innocent people but that even threaten the continued existence of the planet itself. But they are “nice,” “respectable,” “upstanding” “citizens” — because they don’t cuss.

Oh, fucking lick me.

On a serious note, when the California state Legislature took up a bill to create an annual day of recognition for gay-rights icon Harvey Milk, the wingnuts went agog that the Legislature would “waste” time on such an “insignificant” matter when the state faces such dire problems. (Although he’d vetoed it in 2008, Schwarzenegger signed the Harvey Milk Day bill into law in October, and the state’s first Harvey Milk Day, which, as a day of recognition will not be a paid state holiday for state government workers, will be on May 22, the late Milk’s birthday.)

I haven’t heard a peep from anyone that the Legislature spent time on a resolution that calls for a fucking moratorium on profanity for a week.

Because while cussing is a huge fucking problem, who gives a shit about such trivialities as equal human and civil rights for non-heterosexuals?

Fuck those fags!

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