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On the late, not-great John McCain

The late U.S. Sen. John McCain has been lionized over the past week — when you die, you become a saint, even though everyone dies, just as everyone shits and pisses and farts — and I’ve yet to say anything about it. I don’t want to say all that much; he has received too much postmortem attention as it is.

John McCain, who was “my” senator (when I lived in the God-awful state of Arizona) from 1987 to 1998 (when I finally left Arizona), was not a great guy. He staunchly believed in American exceptionalism and imperialism and militarism and white-collar gangster capitalism. While perhaps McCain was not overtly racist, as American exceptionalism and imperialism and militarism and white-collar gangster capitalism always have vastly disproportionately benefited white Americans, there you go.

When I lived in Arizona I remember McCain’s television campaign ads. He used the Vietnam POW story endlessly. What’s the good in being a POW if you can’t exploit it for personal and political gain later? (He did ease off on the POW thing in his failed 2008 presidential run, but then again, the POW thing had gotten him that far.)

McCain left his first wife of about 15 years, Carol (she’s now 80), with whom he had a daughter (and he adopted her two existing children), to marry the younger, apparently much more attractive, and, perhaps most of all, quite rich Cindy (who now is 64), who had been a blonde cheerleaderAccording to Wikipedia, McCain’s first marriage “falter[ed] due to [McCain’s] partying away from home and extra-marital affairs.” (That link is to the reliable Arizona Republic, by the way.)

In his very first term in the U.S. Senate, McCain survived the savings and loan scandal (he was one of “the Keating Five”), which should have been the end of his political career. But: Arizona.

McCain was not a moderate. McCain was not bipartisan, even if that were a good thing. He was a Dr.-Strangelove-level fucking wingnut, replete with his chilling refrain of “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

McCain only pretended to be above it all. That made him only a sanctimonious prick, because what he actually stood for was quite dark. He knew that he himself, being an over-privileged white man whose lifelong opportunism had served him quite well, never would have to suffer the consequences of his own horrible actions and decisions. He ensured that he himself always would be quite safe and much more than comfortable.

No brand of Repugnican is good for the United States of America, be it the smug, Goldwater-style Repugnican that largely if not wholly died with McCain, or be it the openly craven, Pussygrabber-style of Repugnican that we see today. The two types differ only in style, not in substance.

I have two words for John McCain: Good riddance.

P.S. It always has struck me that McCain’s opposition to Pussygrabber was more out of sour grapes than out of anything like principle. McCain had wanted to be president for years, and lost in 2000 and in 2008, and then here comes the likes of Pussygrabber — not a Vietnam POW but a Vietnam draft dodger — to become “president.”

That drove McCain insane, methinks. He viewed it as a colossal injustice, I am confident.

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Is Cindy sincere or is she just a poser?

You know, as a gay man and as a Generation X’er, I really don’t want to be used as a cause by baby boomers who are trying to make themselves appear to be young and hip again.

So when I read that baby boomer Cindy McCain has signed on to the “NOH8” project — which The Huffington Post describes as “a photo project in which subjects are photographed wearing white, against a white background, with their mouths taped shut and ‘NOH8’ [a pun on the hateful, anti-gay Californian Proposition 8] painted on their faces” — I was (and still am) skeptical. (And why duct tape? How about ball gags? Just a little suggestion…)

The “NOH8” image of Cindy McCain alone —

— looks heavily airbrushed. She was born in 1954, which puts her in her mid-50s. Why, then, at her age, is she trying to look like Britney Fucking Spears?

Does she care more about equal human and civil rights for non-heterosexuals or about appearing to be as young and hip as her daughter Meghan, who earlier posed for “NOH8”?:


And if Cindy cares so much about being on the side of good instead of on the side of evil, then why in the hell is she still married to John McCainosaurus, who, according to Yahoo! News, “despite the opinions of his wife and daughter … remains firmly in favor of Prop 8”?

I could never partner with a racist; how can Cindy McCain be so easily partnered with a homophobe? A hater is a hater.

Speaking of haters, I have been rather unkind to Cindy McCain in the past. When in February 2008 she insinuated that she is more patriotic than is Michelle Obama, I proclaimed that she “looks like a petrified Barbie doll.” Almost two years later, I still have to stand behind that observation…

Cindy, divorce the old man and divorce the Repugnican Party, and then I’ll believe that you’re sincere about doing the right thing.

Finally, a historical note for those who find it so shocking! that Cindy McCain! has come out in support! of same-sex marriage!: John McCainosaurus has modeled himself more after the late Arizonan political icon Barry Goldwater than probably anyone else, and Goldwater, before he died, came out in support of gay rights. (It probably didn’t hurt that his grandson is gay. Nancy Reagan, after all, came out in support of stem-cell research because Ronnie had Alzheimer’s, which stem-cell research might cure one day.)

The Goldwater Repugnicans tend to be warhawkish and are fiscally conservative, but believe, unlike the BushCheneyCorp Repugnicans, that the government should keep out of people’s private lives.

I can tolerate the Goldwater Repugnicans (and their cousins, the Libertarians) more than I can tolerate the socially conservative Repugs (whom I think of as the “American Taliban”). Unfortunately, the latter grossly outnumber the former…

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