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Wingnuts: Pollution is FUNNY!

At least ever since George W. Bush stole office in late 2000, right-wing fucktardation increasingly has come as less and less of a surprise to me, but still I am able to be surprised occasionally by the abject retards on the right.

Reportedly, the  Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences in Los Angeles, named after environmentalists Rachel Carson and Al Gore and set to open its doors next week, was built over several industrial storage tanks containing toxins that might pose a danger to the school. A nearby gas station also might pose environmental risks to the school.

The reaction of the right to this news?


“As construction crews worked through the weekend to replace the polluted soil [which scientists had said should make the school safe], the irony of [Al] Gore’s name sitting atop a deemed toxic site has proved irresistible to the right,” reports Politico, quoting one wingnut as having crowed, “You really can’t make this stuff up. As such, it’s quite fitting a school be named after these two radical environmentalists that could end up harming the very students that attend it.”

So the same bunch of assbites who support polluting corporations — it’s always been corporate profits over people and profits over the environment to the wingnuts — are relishing the fact that a school has been built over and near possibly harmful corporate waste because this will allow them to continue to poke fun at Al Gore.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

The punch line of this “joke” is that the right wing wants to deliver to us is a world that looks like something out of the uber-bleak film “The Road.” Or “WALL-E,” maybe.

But they’re not traitors or anything for wishing our continued environmental degradation so that they can, in their sick and twisted minds, score some political Brownie points.

Really — the fact that it’s hard to find an environmentally safe place on which to build a school is an occasion for laughter. And leading the chorus of laughter are those who support corporate pollution in the first place.

I fear not that our empire is dying, but that it’s already dead and rotting.

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