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Win some, lose some, but we queer ducks are still ahead of the haters

The first gay couple to be married in Utah, Michael Ferguson and his husband Seth Anderson, kiss as Blake Ferguson and his girlfriend Danielle Morgan watch after the pair married at the Salt Lake County Clerks office in Salt Lake City, Utah

Reuters photo

Michael Ferguson, center, and Seth Anderson, right, of Salt Lake City, were the first gay-male couple to legally marry in the “Christo”fascist state of Utah, on December 20. This unexpected, incredibly ironic historical event more than makes up for this pathetic shit:

This undated image released by A&E shows Phil Robertson, flanked by his sons Jase Robertson, left, and Willie Robertson from the popular series "Duck Dynasty." Phil Robertson was suspended for disparaging comments he made to GQ magazine about gay people but was reinstated by the network on Friday, Dec. 27. In a statement Friday, A&E said it decided to bring Robertson back to the reality series after discussions with the Robertson family and "numerous advocacy groups." (AP Photo/A&E, Zach Dilgard)

Associated Press image

So A&E cravenly has caved in and decided to keep “Duck Dynasty” intact. Here is the “patriarch” of the “reality” show — who won’t be missing from a single episode — spewing forth racist, homophobic and generally stupid-white-male-bigoted venom and bile*, yet the shameless corporate weasels (redundant…) of A&E assure us that “A&E Networks’ core values are centered around creativity, inclusion and mutual respect.”

Yes, so much so that Papa Duck (a.k.a. Phil Robertson) got only a slap on the wrist, if even that, and that from now on it will be business as usual. (Oh, but as a parting gift, a consolation prize, much like Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat, A&E has promised, “We will also use this moment to launch a national public service campaign [public service announcements] promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people, a message that supports our core values as a company and the values found in Duck Dynasty. [!] These PSAs will air across our entire portfolio.”

When I was earning my journalism degree, my cohorts and I thought of those who actually were going for a public relations [PR] degree at our university as PRostitutes. We remain correct.)

I had figured that the highly-lucrative-among-white-trash “Duck Dynasty” would live on, albeit at a more appropriate venue, such as FOX. No doubt, there remains a captive audience for the stupid white man’s hate speech. (If they see and hear it on the tay-vay, then it must be the truth!)

Oh, well. I have added A&E to homophobic operations that I steadfastly boycott, including Chick-fil-A (there is one nearby that I’ve never stepped foot in), Cracker Barrel (OK, so I don’t think that we have even one of those restaurants here in Northern California, but I’d never step foot in one, anywhere, ever), and a local ice cream restaurant named Leatherby’s that I haven’t stepped foot in ever since I learned that its “Christo”fascist owner gave $20,000 toward the passage of Proposition H8 (true, the restaurant always struck me as at least a bit dirty and nasty anyway, so that wasn’t exactly a difficult boycott).

But recently there was another addition to another list, a list that is much more important than is my own personal boycott list: the list of states where same-sex marriage is in effect.

To that list we have added Utah. Yes, Utah — to a large degree the home of the now-overturned anti-same-sex-marriage Proposition H8, which wouldn’t have passed here in California in November 2008 if the Utah-based Mormon cult hadn’t aided and abetted the hateful effort (how do they keep their tax-exempt status?) — now has same-sex marriage.

That wonderful irony blows the pathetic Papa Duck right out of the water.

Lest you believe for a nanosecond that the “Christo”fascists of Utah have had a sudden change of heart, that they actually have taken to heart the actual teachings of Jesus Christ (to love others and to not be a fucking asshole), know that in this case, change had to come from without: It was a federal district court judge, not the voters of Utah or the state’s legislature or the state’s highest court, who ruled, correctly, that Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage has violated the equal, human and civil rights guaranteed to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, and which no one, not even the grand wizards of the Mormon cult in Salt Lake City, is above.

And know that of course the bigoted state of Utah, which is owned and operated by the Mormon cult, is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene and to stop same-sex marriages in Utah, which recently have been going on at a record pace. (Reports The Washington Post:

Salt Lake City — In the week since a federal judge overturned Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, the number of weddings in the state has skyrocketed, shattering records and accruing thousands of dollars for Utah’s 29 counties.

As of close of business Thursday [December 26], more than 1,225 marriage licenses had been issued in Utah since last Friday [December 20]. Of those, at least 74 percent, or 905 licenses, were issued to gay and lesbian couples. …

Salt Lake County shattered a previously held record of 85 marriages in a given day, by handing out 353 on Monday [December 23] — the first full day of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. …)

This! Unbridled! Happiness! MUST! STOP! NOW!

(That is, after, all, the central teaching of Jesus Christ!)

I’ll live with the fact that a “reality” show about a white-trash family (again, I think of them and their kind as the American Taliban) that I’ve never watched and never will watch continues on.

And that battle isn’t over. Thus far, the weasels of A&E have done the math — the accounting, more accurately — and have calculated that it was safe for them to rescind their indefinite suspension of Papa Duck from his family’s “reality” show before it even had gone into effect.

We’ll see if there is any blowback over this — again, A&E is a venture of Disney and the Hearst Corp. — and if so, whether this blowback makes the assholes of A&E change their minds on Papa Duck and his “reality” show once again.

In the meantime, I expect the U.S. Supreme Court to refuse to intervene in same-sex marriage in Utah, leaving same-sex marriage intact there, which is, after all of the Proposition H8 drama, incredibly fucking funny. (Not that equal human and civil rights for everyone is a joke — it is not — but still!)

What would be even funnier still would be if the U.S. Supreme Court does get involved in the issue of same-sex marriage in Utah, at the state of Utah’s request — only to rule in favor of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Unlikely, perhaps, but not impossible, and that ruling will come from the U.S. Supreme Court in the not-too-distant future — with or without A&E’s PSAs “promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people.”

*In addition to the quotes widely publicized from Papa Duck’s interview in next month’s edition of GQ, in recent years he also said these things (click that link [to the Los Angeles Times’ website] to see the links to the YouTube videos that are videorecorded evidence of these quotations):

  • “Look, [if] you wait ’til they get to be about 20 years old, the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket. You gotta marry these girls when they’re 15 or 16; they’ll pick your ducks.”
  • “Why do they murder and why do they hate us? Because all of them … 80 years of history, they all want to conquer the world, they all rejected Jesus and they’re all famous for murder. Nazis, Shintoists, Communists and the Mohammedists. Every one of them the same way.”
  • “Women with women. Men with men. They committed indecent acts with one another. And they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant God haters. They are heartless. They are faithless. They are senseless. They are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”

As Andrew Sullivan has pointed out, this rhetoric is chillingly reminiscent of the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Nazi Germany, where the Jews were blamed for all evil. Sullivan wrote, in response to Papa Duck’s remark to GQ that when it comes to “sin,” you simply “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there”:

… [To] posit gay people as the true source of all moral corruption is to use eliminationist rhetoric and demonizing logic to soften up a small minority of people for exclusion, marginalization and, at some point, violence.

If you think I’m hyperventilating, ask yourself what the response would be if in talking about sin, Phil Robertson had said, “Start with Jewish behavior…” The argument would be totally recognizable, once very widespread, and deeply disturbing. What we’re seeing here – and it’s very much worth debating – is how fundamentalist religion seizes on recognizable, [“]immoral[“] minorities to shore up its own sense of righteousness. You can gussy it up – but it’s right there in front of our nose. …

This is the type of speech that A&E attempts to excuse, as though some fucking PSAs are going to make it all A-OK.

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Relations with Russia should be put on ice until the Russians’ cold hearts thaw

Nein Olympics for you!

I have mixed feelings, but mostly negative feelings, about Russia.

Vladimir Putin strikes me as a thuggish, retrograde fucktard, replete with his shirtless photo-ops to “prove” how “manly” he is, but at the same time, I am pleased that Russia has given asylum to the brave patriot Edward Snowden.

That said, I hope that Snowden leaves Russia as soon as he can. Russia’s homophobia is unpardonable.

Russians have the right to be homophobic, the mantra goes. It’s their nation, and they can do as they please!

Really? Did Nazi Germany have the “right” to be anti-Semitic?

Seriously — how many would argue, with a straight face, in polite company, that the Germans had the right, since it was their own nation, to round up and exterminate the Jews (as well as non-heterosexuals and other relatively powerless minority groups) who were on German soil?

Did the Jews not have universal human rights that no nation on Earth had the right to violate? Do all human beings not have certain universal human rights that no nation on Earth has the right to violate?

Does a nation own the human beings who are on its soil? Are those human beings chattel, with whom the nations’ governments may do whatsoever they please?

Comparison of Russia’s rampant homophobia to the oppression of the Jews by the Nazis is ridiculously over the top, many if not most would argue, but let’s remind ourselves that Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews began with “little” things.

The Nazi Germans blamed Jews for the nation’s problems post-World War I — as the Putin regime blames non-heterosexuals for Russia’s problems post-Cold War — and the Hitler regime began with such official government policies as banning certain forms of speech and by removing Jews from civil-service jobs, university jobs, court jobs and other public jobs, and by banning Jews from public facilities, such as public schools and theaters. Eventually, of course, the Nazis then stole the Jews’ wealth and rounded the Jews up into concentration camps, and you know the rest of the story; in a nutshell, once the Nazis realized that they could get away with those “little” things, step by step, those “little” things grew into the Holocaust, in which about two-thirds of Europe’s Jews (about six million of them) were murdered by the Nazi regime.

Banning pro-homosexual speech, as Russia has done — and the ban is broad (even simply displaying the rainbow flag, even as a pin, is verboten in Putin’s Russia) — is the first salvo in the increased, systematic oppression of an already oppressed group of people.

One wonders what, exactly, we are waiting for in Russia — another Holocaust?

Then could we compare Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Adolf Hitler’s Germany?

Should we wait for it to progress to that point?

I support a full boycott of Everything Russian, including, of course, the 2014 winter Olympics.

The Olympics should not be held in Russia while Russia — like Nazi Germany did — deems it not only acceptable, but necessary, to persecute, by law, any minority group that is singled out for such special, official persecution.

Nor should the Olympic games be held in any nation that violates the universal rights of human beings. China, whose government does not allow its citizens free speech, should not have been allowed to host of the 2008 summer games. As a non-heterosexual, it’s not only the persecution of non-heterosexuals that I reject.

To support Russia in the 2014 winter Olympics is to give tacit approval of the Russian government’s official persecution of non-heterosexuals.

As others have, I will point out that the winter and summer 1936 Olympics were held in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. (Hitler ruled from 1933 to his death in 1945. His official policies against Jews began in 1933, so the 1936 Olympics were held in Germany after the Hitler regime’s persecution of the Jews already had begun, including the stripping of Jews of German citizenship and banning marriages between Jews and non-Jews in Germany.)

Then, the 1940 and 1944 Olympics were cancelled because of World War II.

Yeah, it was a great idea to give Germany the 1936 Olympics, and it’s a great idea to give Russia the winter 2014 Olympics.

This can only end well!


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Chick-fil-A yet another battle in the unfinished Civil War

I’m a bit sick and fucking tired of the whole Chik-fil-A thing, which is why I haven’t written anything about it until now.

I’ve known for years now that the chicken franchise is owned and operated by “Christo”fascist homophobes, and so for years now I have refused to give the place a fucking penny. So why and how this has become a “new” controversy eludes me.

That said, I will note that of course boycotts violate no one’s “rights.” The wingtards who tout the capitalistic system that has destroyed the United States of America can’t talk up enough the concept of “free enterprise,” yet at the same time they apparently have this underlying belief that we American serfs have to give our business to our corporate feudal overlords.

No, we fucking don’t. “Free enterprise” means that the consumer has the freedom to decide how to spend his or her money. The consumer is free to support or to oppose a boycott.

Yes, the “Christo”fascists who own and operate Chick-fil-A may be homophobes. They may hate whomever they wish in the names of “God” and “Jesus.” The overlords at Chick-fil-A may give monetary donations to all kinds of awful “causes.”

And we, the American public, have the right to decide, in light of what a corporation supports (or does not support), whether or not we wish to support that corporation. And the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to be vocal about which corporations we support and which ones we oppose.

It’s interesting, though, to see the geography of homophobia in the United States.

Via Joe. My. God., there is this map:

States where Chick-fil-A can legally fire gay employees.

and then there is the map of which states, prior to the Civil War, were slave states and which were free states:

Very apparently, freedom is still big in the free states, and slavery, at least in spirit, is still big in the “former” slave states. The overlap between the “former” slave states and those states where a business legally may fire an employee solely for not being heterosexual is too much to be a coinky-dink. Ditto for the overlap betweent the free states and those states where a business may not legally fire an employee solely for not being heterosexual. (And it’s too bad that most of the former territories went with the “former” slave states than went with the free states.)

As I have noted many times before, the Civil War never ended.

We pretend that it did, but it did not, and the “new” Chick-fil-A controversy is just another flare-up of essentially the same old battle between mindsets, the truly American mindset of freedom, liberty and justice for all, not just for some, and the truly un-American mindset of freedom, liberty and justice for only some. 

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Boycott WIN! (And chimp FAIL!)

Obama greets Brewer after stepping off Air Force ...

Reuters photo

Repugnican Tea Party Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer claims that she doesn’t want to see President Barack Obama’s circumcision certificate. (Of course, even if he did make it public, the wingnuts would call it a fake…)

Boycotts work. That’s why boycotts — even though they exemplify both free speech and the so-called “free market” — so often are criticized.

Take Arizona (I prefer to leave it. I did, actually, in 1998, after three decades there…): Repugnican Tea Party Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer yesterday vetoed a bill that would have required any individuals appearing on the state’s ballot for U.S. president to provide his or her birth certificate to the state’s top elections official, its secretary of state. Brewer wrote in her veto letter:

I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth to submit their “early baptismal or circumcision certificates,” among other records, to the Arizona Secretary of State. This is a bridge too far.

I don’t believe for a nanosecond that that is the real reason that Brewer vetoed the bill. I have precious little doubt that she vetoed the bill primarily or even solely because the tourism-heavy state already is reeling from lost revenue from the political fallout (including, of course, the resultant boycott of the state) from S.B. 1070, the state legislation passed a year ago making it a crime to breathe while brown in Arizona whose key provisions the federal courts won’t allow the state to implement because they violate the U.S. Constitution.

With Arizona already known around the world as the South Africa of the American Southwest, no doubt Brewer thought it imprudent to sign a bill that targets one black man, Barack Obama, no matter how much the bill’s supporters, most of them stupid white men, lie to the contrary.

It’s a sign of how far gone Arizona is, however, that a (if not the) main problem of the bill that Brewer picked out is that one of the documents that the bill mentions as establishing citizenship is a circumcision certificate. Oooo! It’s penis-related! Can’t have that! Must! Veto! Anything! Related! To! The! Penis!

Brewer doesn’t want to alienate her base of white supremacists and xenophobes, so of course in her veto letter she didn’t say anything about racism or xenophobia or the probable unconstitutionality of yet another mean-spirited, white supremacist, racist bill passed by the Arizona Legislature. She didn’t even mention (not directly, anyway) how damaging to the state’s tourism industry (and its economy in general) its blatant white supremacism and racism have been.

Gay is the new black, however, and while the Repugnican Tea Party traitors use code words for “nigger” — such as “socialist,” “Muslim,” “Barack Hussein Obama” and “He wasn’t born here” — because blatantly open racism and white supremacism are taboo even in backasswards red states like Arizona, it’s still wide open fucking season on us non-heterosexuals.

While Brewer vetoed the so-called “birther bill,” yesterday she did sign a bigoted, homophobic, probably unconstitutional bill mandating that married heterosexual couples be given priority consideration when state agencies are placing children for adoption or foster care. So her hordes of red-state haters did get some red meat this week.

On the topic of the Repugnican Tea Party, don’t let me pick on Arizona where racism and white supremacism are concerned. An Orange County (California) Repugnican Tea Party official made the news this week for having sent out an e-mail portraying Barack Obama as a young chimpanzee with his chimp parents (thus explaining his supposed lack of a birth certificate, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!). In a statement, the incredibly fucktarded Repugnican Tea Party official, Marilyn Davenport, wrote:

I’m sorry if my email offended anyone, I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth. [How does portraying Obama as a chimpanzee relate to his “character”? And “all the questions surrounding his origin of birth”? “Questions” only in the minds ofracist/white supremacist crackpots, but whatev…] In no way did I even consider the fact he’s half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race. We all know a double standard applies regarding this president. I received plenty of emails about George Bush that I didn’t particularly like, yet there was no “cry” in the media about them.*

Not to defend a Repugnican Tea Party traitor, but “President” George W. Bush was routinely compared to the chimpanzee. (Go to images.google.com and type “bush chimp” in the search field and you’ll see plenty of hits.) I seem to remember having engaged in such a comparison myself, and there was (still is?), if memory serves, even a whole website dedicated to comparing Bush (and sometimes his kin) to chimps.

However, this was a clear statement about Bush’s level of intelligence, not a statement about his race.

Context is everything, and thus there is a difference between comparing a white person to an ape and comparing a black person to an ape. Comparing a black person to an ape hearkens to the days of slavery (and afterward…), when blacks were treated like animals. While comparing Bush to a chimp is a fairly clear statement as to his intelligence, comparing Obama to a chimp at least raises the possibility that the individual making the comparison is making a statement as to the fullness of Obama’s humanity and/or the inferiority or superiority of certain races.

And that’s a fucking problem, because once you relegate an individual or even a whole class or race of individuals to sub-humanhood or even animalhood, you then can justify the perpetration of all kinds of evils upon him or her or them.

Aside from the rather obvious racist/white supremacist overtones of it, if you are going to compare Obama to a chimp — if you must do it — shit, at least do it well.

The image that Davenport used in her e-mail —

— not only is utterly unfunny, but it’s a piss-poor PhotoShop job.

And that is almost as unforgiveable as is blatant white supremacism and racism. (Almost.)

With the upcoming release of “Planet of the Apes” prequel “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” brace yourself for even more Obama-chimp comparisons. Hopefully they at least will be technically well done, but of course they won’t be, since the Repugnican Tea Party fucktards aren’t funny, creative, intelligent or technically masterful. They’re not even intelligent enough to reflect upon the fact that all of us humankind rose from the apes, since they incredibly stupidly still believe in hocus-pocus flat-earther creationism instead of evolution.

Which makes you wonder who the real chimpanzees are…

That’s not to bash our primate first cousins, for whom I have much more respect than I do the Repugnican Tea Party traitors, who, because of evolution, have no fucking excuse…

*And true to wingnut form, Davenport tried to make the leaking of her e-mail the story instead of the e-mail itself — even though she talks of Obama’s “character.” Reports The Los Angeles Times:

County GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has called for the resignation of … Davenport, an elected member of the party central committee who sent the e-mail to some committee members and others last week. Baugh said he received it Friday afternoon and quickly responded with an e-mail telling Davenport it was “dripping with racism and is in very poor taste.” He said the issue should be referred to the Orange County GOP’s ethics committee.

According to an e-mail Baugh sent to committee members Saturday, Davenport described the Obama photo as a “joke” and wanted to know who had leaked the email to the OC Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley, who broke the story. She called the leak “cowardly” and wrote, “Anyone brave enough to come forward?”

Hmmm. If the e-mail were innocent, then why would its having been leaked be any problem?

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The big gay boycott that almost was

A friend of mine and I were instant messaging each other the other night when he informed me that amazon.com had stripped non-pornographic gay- and lesbian-themed books of their sales rankings and thus removed them from the website’s best-seller lists. Apparently, he informed me, amazon.com had reclassified gay- and lesbian-themed books as being “adult,” as in pornographic or at least not for minors.

I hopped on to amazon.com and checked the book that I’m in the middle of now — The Mayor of Castro Street, the late gay journalist Randy Shilts’ famous, definitely non-pornographic biography of gay-rights icon Harvey Milk.

My friend was correct; gone was the book’s sales ranking. However, I did not see on the webpage any indication that the book had been reclassified as being an “adult” book (not that I necessarily would have seen any indication of that, but I looked for it anyway).

The Mayor of Castro Street was just one of many gay-themed non-fiction and fiction titles that amazon.com apparently had blacklisted (pinklisted?), such as Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain, James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room and E.M. Forster’s Maurice .

These apparently pinklisted books not only lost their sales rankings and spots on amazon.com’s best-seller lists, but apparently were blocked from appearing in any search results on the website as well, according to the New York Times’ website.   

Talk of boycotting the suddenly homophobic amazon.com flooded the Internets. The news that amazon.com apparently had gone homophobic overnight, apparently thinking that no one would notice (at least not to the point that it would become a problem for the corporation), spread like wildfire.

After my friend informed me of the new controversy during our IM session the other night, I was willing to hold off for another day or two to see what amazon.com’s answer to the tide of complaints would be before I would join a boycott against amazon.com and encourage others to boycott amazon.com, too.

I held off on signing the online petition against amazon.com’s apparent new homophobic policy, and I also didn’t really want to blog on the topic until we’d fully heard what amazon.com’s side of the story was.

I don’t know if that was so much out of wise restraint or if it was more out of the fact that I really, really didn’t (and still don’t) want to have to boycott amazon.com (as I give amazon.com considerable business, including buying gifts for others), but that I will do so if necessary.

Amazon.com’s official story is that it all was just a “glitch.”

Maybe it was.

Maybe it wasn’t.

(The Mayor of Castro Street has its sales rank back, I see, but its rank is rather dismal…) 

What I have taken away from the amazon.com boycott that almost was, however, is the impressive rapidity with which the gay community can respond to a perceived threat against it, the rapidity with which information can travel within the gay community (OK, if you feel that there is no real gay community, there certainly is a very real gay “e-community”) and with which a real or perceived threat can be dealt with.

I don’t think that it was more than within 24 hours (48 hours, tops) that the news then spread that amazon.com had claimed a “glitch” and that the sales rankings (and also the searchability, apparently) had been restored.

Why am I not so certain that it was a “glitch” on amazon.com’s part?

Well, I very recently wrote about the plethora of wingnut titles on amazon.com’s top 100 best-selling books list.

Apparently the wingnuts, in desperation now that a “socialist” black man — gasp! — is president, are consoling themselves and each other through such wingnut manifestos as, well, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, which rather disconcertingly has been at No. 1 on amazon.com for some time now (and which I suppose we liberals might want to read in order to know what “arguments” the enemy is making, as nauseating to read such a book would be; maybe they can have a special Liberty and Tyranny edition for us liberals that includes a wire brush with which we can scrub ourselves after each time we open the book and read any of its words). 

Hey, I guess it’s good that the wingnuts are actually reading, even if they are reading books that are the modern-day equivalent of Mein Kampf. (Hey, wingnuts, let us egghead liberals know if you need any help with the big words!)

Anyway, my point is that with this apparent increase in wingnut dollars to amazon.com, I wouldn’t be at all surprised that amazon.com’s apparent short-lived e-jihad against gay men and lesbians in fact was no “glitch” at all, but came from anti-gay pressure from their wingnut customers. (You know, to “protect the children” and the like.)

The gay community (OK, e-community…) really came together on this one, even if it actually truly was “just a glitch” and thus even if it was just a drill.

The example of amazon.com will, I think, make other corporations think twice before going homophobic.

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Brothers and sisters, stop selling us out!

NBC/The Associated Press

I love Rachel Maddow (above); Melissa Etheridge (below), um, not so much…

Associated Press photo

So if MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is my favorite dyke* right now — and she is — then musician Melissa Etheridge is my least-favorite dyke right about now.

Etheridge wrote a surreal piece on The Huffington Post in which she wrote that Prick Warren isn’t such a bad guy after all.

Apparently Prick Warren isn’t such a bad guy because he told Etheridge that he is a fan of hers and has almost all of her CDs!

Gee! That makes the fact that he asserts that she and the rest of us gay men and lesbians should be denied our constitutionally guaranteed equal civil and human rights perfectly OK then, doesn’t it?

You know, a baby boomer is a baby boomer, and even the “good,” “liberal” baby boomers like Etheridge tend to suck ass, tend to make it all about themselves and their petty little egos, which never can be satisfied.

Etheridge asserts that Prick Warren — whom she affectionately refers to as “Pastor Rick” — ain’t so bad because he likes her work.** Her ego strokes are far more important than are the equal civil and human rights of gay men and lesbians and others who don’t fit into the heterosexist mold.

Oh, not that it’s just Etheridge’s ego strokes. She’s scheduled to attend President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration — to which you’d have to drag my dead or unconscious body — and she probably doesn’t want to see a decline in sales of her music because of the Prick Warren flap.

Thank you, Melissa Etheridge, for (probably) putting your personal finances above my equal human and civil rights. You rock — not! (In her surreally turncoat screed on The Huffington Post, Etheridge also speaks out against boycotts; she probably fears a boycott herself…)

Not just to pick on Etheridge; there are plenty of turncoats on the guys’ side. This idiot asserts that we should push for separate and unequal civil unions instead of equal marriage rights, and this retard also suggests that we raise the white flag of surrender on same-sex marriage (apparently, you see, we can’t work on global warming and human rights at the same time, and we gay men and lesbians are stupid and/or selfish for wanting our equal human and civil rights while the global warming problem still looms!).

Memo to the turncoat fucktards: We are pretty fucking close to getting same-sex marriage reinstated in the state of California. Let’s get that done, mmmmmk? Let’s not drop the pink football on this one!

No, we are not going to get same-sex marriage in all 50 states any day soon. You are correct about that.

But you are incorrect in asserting that civil unions are the way to go. Separate is not — NOT — equal. Never was, is not, and never will be.

Once we have same-sex marriage in the nation’s most populous state, other states will follow suit. That’s the way to go — not to fucking beg for fucking scraps, but to get the real deal state by state.

And we can work on more than one issue/problem at once. Not only can we work on global warming and securing same-sex marriage rights, but we can continue to work on other rights issues for non-heterosexuals as well. (Many of us gay men and lesbians have no desire to legally marry anyone, but those same-sex couples who do wish to legally marry should be able to do so. That you are a non-heterosexual who personally has no desire to marry someone of the same sex doesn’t mean that it’s OK that others may not legally marry someone of the same sex. Duh.)

Same-sex marriage is a the central front in the war for full gay and lesbian/non-heterosexual rights. The homo-haters know this, which is why they are fighting against same-sex marriage.

If we let them win, we lose.

If you don’t have the stomach for the fight, then stay the fuck out of the fight. But don’t tell the rest of us that our fully equal human and civil rights aren’t worth fighting for.

*I’m a gay man and I love my gay sisters, so I may use the term “dyke.”

**As yet another painful example of why celebrities probably don’t make the best bloggers, Etheridge actually wrote these words: “…I received a call from Pastor Rick, and before I could say anything, he told me what a fan he was. He had most of my albums from the very first one. What? This didn’t sound like a gay hater, much less a preacher….”

Um, my naive little Melissa daaahling, I’m guessing that Adolf Hitler liked music, too…

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Wednesday is ‘Day Without a Gay’












The Associated Press today ran this article on “Day Without a Gay,” which is Wednesday:

Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to “call in gay” Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it’s wise to encourage skipping work given the nation’s economic distress.

Organizers of “Day Without a Gay” — scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants — also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money.

Sean Hetherington, a West Hollywood comedian and personal trainer, dreamed up the idea with his boyfriend, Aaron Hartzler, after reading online that a few angry gay-rights activists were calling for a daylong strike to protest California voters’ passage last month of Proposition 8, which reversed this year’s [California] Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage.

The couple thought it would be more effective and less divisive if people were asked to perform community service instead of staying home with their wallets shut. Dozens of nonprofit agencies, from the National Women’s Law Center in Washington to a Methodist church in Fresno collecting food for the homeless, have posted opportunities for volunteers on the couple’s Web site.

“We are all for a boycott if that is what brings about a sense of community for people,” said Hetherington, 30, who plans to spend Wednesday volunteering at an inner-city school. “You can take away from the economy and give back in other ways.”

Hetherington said he’s been getting 100 e-mails an hour from people looking for volunteer opportunities, and that his “Day Without a Gay” Web site has gotten 100,000 hits since mid-November.

Despite Hartzler and Hetherington’s attempt to fashion a positive approach, some organizers of the street demonstrations that drew massive crowds in many cities last month have been reluctant to embrace the concept, saying that it could be at best impractical and at worst counterproductive to “call in gay.”

“It’s extra-challenging for people to think about taking off work as a form of protest, given that we are talking about people who may not be out (as gay) at work, and given the current economic situation and job market,” said Jules Graves, 38, coordinator of the Colorado Queer Straight Alliance. “There is really not any assurance employers would appreciate it for what it is.”

Graves’ group nonetheless is arranging for interested participants to volunteer at the local African Community Center in Denver. The agency said it could find projects to keep 20 people busy, but so far only 10 have pledged to show up, said Graves.

Scott Craig, a fifth-grade teacher at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia, had no problem requesting and being granted the day off. So many of the school’s 60 teachers were eager to show support for gay rights they had to make sure enough stayed behind to staff classrooms.

About 25 teachers plan to take Wednesday off and to have their work covered by substitutes while they discuss ways to introduce gay issues to their students and volunteer at the local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, Craig said. A letter telling parents why so many teachers would be out went home [today].

“We want to get the conversation going in the community that gay is not bad,” Craig said. “For kids to hear that in a positive light can be life-changing.”

Join The Impact, the online community that launched protests last month over the passage of gay marriage bans in California, Florida and Arizona, has urged people to withdraw $80 from their bank accounts Wednesday to demonstrate gays’ spending power, and to devote the time they might otherwise spend watching TV or surfing the Internet to volunteer work.

Witeck-Combs Communications, a public relations firm in Washington that specializes in the gay and lesbian market, published a study this year that estimated that gay and lesbian consumers spend $700 billion annually.

Bob Witeck, the firm’s chief executive officer, said it would be difficult to measure the success of Wednesday’s strike since gay employees occupy so many fields. And rather than suspending all consumer spending for the day, gay rights supporters would have a bigger impact if they devoted their dollars to gay-friendly businesses year-round, Witeck said.

“Our community leaders who are running book stores, newspapers, flower shops, coffee houses, bars and many, many other things are hurting right now, so paying attention to their needs during this hard time is an effective form of activism,” he said.

Hetherington said he has been careful to design A Day Without a Gay — he came up with the name after the film “A Day Without a Mexican” and liked it because it rhymed — so no one feels excluded or threatened.

He has specifically urged high school students not to walk out of their classes and assured college students they won’t be disloyal to the cause if they go ahead and take their final exams.

He also has listed opportunities — ranging from writing letters to members of Congress about federal gay rights legislation to spreading the word about Wednesday on social networking sites — for gay marriage backers who cannot miss work.

You know, there are some things that are more important than money — capitalism, consumerism and materialism, certainly not Christianity, are the dominant religion of the United States — so concerns that capitalism might be damaged by “Day Without a Gay” (gasp!) fall upon my deaf ears. I’ll put human rights over the almighty dollar any time.

We Americans slavishly worship the golden calf, and capitalism, consumerism and materialism have been deleterious to gay men and lesbians, who long ago ceased being a human rights movement* and have become just another target group for marketers. Yet so many gay and lesbian “leaders” are terrified of the appearance that their flocks aren’t dutifully worshipping the golden calf along with straight sheeple. Our “leaders” are leading us black sheep right over the cliff along with the straight sheeple. Assimilation not only sucks, but it harms and it even kills.

I just heard about Join The Impact’s suggestion that we fags and dykes all withdraw $80 on Wednesday when I read the AP article above, so I don’t think that the word on that campaign has become very widespread, so I don’t think that it’s going to have much of an, um, impact.

And it’s not like that $80 wouldn’t get spent within a few days anyway, so what, really, would be impact of that campaign? I’m confused as to what actually could have been accomplished…

Of course, participation in “Day Without a Gay” — the “calling in gay” part of it, I mean — has to be an individual choice, and no one should be pressured into participating. Not everyone can call off from work (or school) without repercussions, especially in the “right-to-work”/anti-employee, pro-employer/red states, and, while in general I detest closet cases, if someone might truly face hardships if he or she were to come out of the closet, then who am I to tell him or her to come out if I don’t have to experience the potential negative consequences of that?

But those gay men and lesbians who can “call in gay” on Wednesday should do so as an act of and a demonstration of solidarity.

I don’t know that it’s really necessary for gay men and lesbians who “call in gay” to volunteer anywhere on “Day Without a Gay.” Why can’t we just stay home and chill? Isn’t our absence from our workplaces supposed to demonstrate our value and our worth? Why do we have to demonstrate or prove our value and worth by working as volunteers?

Is volunteering from a space of guilt such a great thing? And is it all that fair to volunteer for just a day anyway? If one is going to volunteer, shouldn’t one do so regularly?

I work at a gay-friendly workplace and I requested and I have been given Wednesday off. (I know that many people don’t have it that easy.)

I might volunteer at my local gay and lesbian community center on Wednesday, but I don’t feel obligated to.

It doesn’t really matter what I do on Wednesday; the point is that my chair at work will be empty all day.

*To gay men and lesbians’ credit, the passage of the odious Prop 8 has fired them up, but it’s too bad that it took the elimination of our rights by the “Christo”fascists for us to come out of our capitalism-induced coma and fight our oppressors for our equal, human and civil rights.

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Gay and lesbian ‘leaders’ sell us out

I hate gay and lesbian business owners. They sell us gay men and lesbians out every time.

My favorite thing is to peruse a typical gay and lesbian publication and see all of the ads for alcohol and for gay and lesbian bars and clubs — and the rehab ads. They get us coming and going! Not to mention all of the images of Adonises that give average gay men a complex about their body image.

Let’s fucking face it: We gay men and lesbians have been reduced to a target audience.

Fight for equal human and civil rights? No, we are to be consumers! Good consumers!

Gay and lesbian “leaders,” especially gay and lesbian business “leaders,” sell us out every time.

I’ll use a local example. Not to (excessively) pick on this guy, but to use him as an example of the typical gay and lesbian business “leader” who puts his own pocketbook far above the Much Bigger Picture:

In the Sacramento Bee story titled “Gay Leaders Wary of Boycotting Prop. 8’s Supporters,” the publisher of one of the local gay and lesbian rags, Outword, Fred Palmer, is quoted as having said that he opposes boycotting a business because an individual from that business contributed to Proposition 8. (In most cases when a business has been boycotted, it’s because the owner or an owner of that business contributed to the pro-Prop 8 campaign. It would logically follow that if a business owner hates fags and dykes, fags and dykes might not want to give that business owner their money. Duh.)

The Bee story notes that Palmer is president of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, the local gay and lesbian chamber of commerce.

Gee, do chambers of commerce tend to care about people and people’s rights — or do they tend to care about $$$?


The Bee also reports:

Lester Neblett, executive director of the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, advocates spending with businesses that support gay rights, as opposed to the kind of protests that targeted the Music Circus and Leatherby’s ice cream.

“The gay community has a lot of discretionary money available to them. They can use this wisely,” he said. “We’re continuing to encourage people to support people who support us. That’s been the word that we’ve tried to get out to the community all the time.”

Gee, maybe Prop 8 wouldn’t have passed if our “leaders” could fucking lead, if they actually had our best interests at heart.

Palmer strikes me as being more concerned about losing advertising revenue more than he’s concerned about anything else, and Neblett just sounds like a coward who doesn’t want to — gasp!offend anyone.

Palmer should be careful, lest we boycott his rag that probably does us more harm than good anyway, by encouraging us to become self-loathing, alcoholic, sexaholic, consumeristic zombies for his own personal profit.

And Lester Neblett — with a milquetoast name like that maybe he couldn’t help but be a coward. He needs to grow a pair or step aside for someone else who already has a pair, maybe even a lesbian, maybe even preferably a lesbian.

Our “leaders” aren’t leading, and so we individual gay men and lesbians are taking things into our own hands, especially with the organizing power of the Internet — whether our self-serving, wussy “leaders” like it or not. They need to actually fucking lead, follow or at least get out of the fucking way.

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‘B’ is for ‘boycott’

Proposition 8 ringleader Frank Schubert is quoted by the Los Angeles Times as having said that Prop 8 opponents “don’t have a right to blacklist and boycott our supporters.”

Oh. Yes. We. Fucking. Do.

Not that the pro-Prop 8 fascists know anyfuckingthing about others’ rights.

But we real Americans who oppose Prop 8 have the First fucking Amendment right to publicize the names of those individuals and businesses that gave money to the pro-Prop 8 cause. That information is public fucking information anyway. Duh.

Call such dissemination of public information “blacklisting” if you wish; it is protected by the First Amendment.

As far as boycotts go, what Schubert is asserting when he states that we Prop 8 opponents do not have the right to boycott is that we consumers actually don’t have the choice as to how we spend our money. So much for the free market that the wingnuts espouse, eh?

Schubert is just upset because he wasn’t expecting backlash and blowback.

He has major fucking egg on his face because those haters he encouraged to give money to his fascist cause are now experiencing the repercussions of their having contributed toward hatred, discrimination and bigotry.

I think that Schubert is going to have a tough time getting his next hate campaign funded. Which is the fucking point of the “blacklisting” and the boycotting that we Prop 8 opponents are doing.

We Californians and Americans have the full fucking right to “blacklist” and to boycott and we will continue to do so.

Although boycotting can be such hard work — keeping track of all of the haters we need to boycott isn’t easy. And sometimes we have to boycott businesses we would prefer not to have to boycott, either because we really enjoy their products or services or we actually more or less need their products or services.

The latest call for a boycott is Cinemark, which reportedly gave $10,000 to the pro-Prop 8 cause. Cinemark does business here in Sacramento as Century Theatres. As much as I love movies, I won’t go to Cinemark-owned movie theaters anymore. It will be inconvenient to have to scratch Century Theatres off of my list of businesses to which I give my money, but unless we punish hatred, bigotry and discrimination — unless we hit them where it hurts — we won’t have our equal rights.

P.S. For the record, I don’t advocate illegal acts against Prop 8 supporters, such as the mailing of white powder to Mormon cult temples. While I don’t feel sorry for the fascist Mormons over having received harmless white powder, legal means of fighting against the “Christo”fascists, such as using the court system to secure our equal human and civil rights and applying economic pressure — through boycotting and “blacklisting” — are much more effective in winning the war that the “Christo”fascists started.

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Prop 8 = American Taliban

I saw that on a sign at the protest of the passage of the fascist, anti-American Proposition 8 at the state Capitol here in Sacramento on Sunday.

And it’s so accurate.

The Mormons and the Catholics (among other haters) who gave money to the pro-Proposition 8 campaign are now being outed (so to speak…) and boycotted.

One guy, a Mormon who worked at a Sacramento theater company as its artistic director, resigned today after the theater company and he took some heat over the fact that he gave $1,000 to the pro-Prop 8 campaign.

I don’t feel sorry for him. You work for a theater company and give $1,000 to keep gay men and lesbians down and expect that to go over well? WTF???

If I gave money toward a hateful, bigoted proposition designed to deny a historically oppressed minority group its equal civil and human rights — and such donations are public record — I would expect there to be repercussions.

But the Mormons and the Catholics and the other haters who gave significant sums of money to pass Prop 8 and are now facing backlash, including boycotts — there is an ice cream eatery here in Sacramento called Leatherby’s that, I discovered, gave $20,000 to the pro-Prop 8 campaign, and I’ll never give them another fucking penny again — but they are whining that they are the victims.

No, fuck that shit.

If you are a Mormon or a Catholic or another assorted wingnut and you oppose abortion, don’t have one. If you are a Mormon or a Catholic or another assorted wingnut and you oppose same-sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of your own sex. Ditto for premarital sex, porn, marijuana, etc.: if it’s against your belief system, then don’t do it; but keep your church out of my state (to quote yet another protest sign that I saw on Sunday).

The “Christo”fascists are arguing, surreally, that if we don’t allow them to impose their Dark-Ages beliefs on the rest of us who are sane, then we’re somehow violating their religious freedoms. No, it’s pretty fucking simple: You have the religious freedom to believe what you want to believe and to live according to those beliefs, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else. Trying to take away others’ rights is hurting them, and the harming of others is where your religious freedoms end

But, just as the “Islamofascist” members of the Taliban want to dictate to everyone else what they may and may not do, so do the Mormons and the Catholics and the other “Christo”fascists.

It’s not enough for them to be ignorant, hateful and miserable themselves; they want the rest of us to be miserable too, because misery loves company.

Yet another sign at the protest here in Sacramento on Sunday read simply: “This means war.”


We gay men and lesbians were minding our own fucking business. The Repugnican-dominated California Supreme Court in May ruled that we have the constitutional right to marriage, that separate is not equal (yet another message on some of the signs at Sunday’s protest…).

Fearful that someone might actually be happy and free — and that, God forbid, this happiness and freedom might spread across the land like a cancer! — the Mormon cult and the Catholic church poured millions of dollars into the pro-Prop 8 campaign, flooding the state with false and misleading advertisements, not entirely unlike the smear campaign that the Nazis (who also persecuted homosexuals, which my protest sign reminded people on Sunday) perpetrated upon the Jews.

That is why Prop 8 passed: because the modern-day Nazis, most of them from out of state, pumped millions of dollars into the pro-Prop 8 campaign.

Because we Californian gay men and lesbians were minding our own fucking business, trying to have ourselves some life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, which is supposed to be guaranteed to all Americans, and these “Christo”fascists made an unprovoked attack upon us, they declared war against us.

When you declare an unprovoked war against a group, prepare for some backlash.

To hear the Mormons whine about how they’ve always been the victims when they started this fight is nauseating and is indicative of how the Mormons clearly don’t follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, but are nothing but an ignorant, fearful, hateful, lying cult.

And to hear the Mormons and the Catholics and the other assorted wingnuts cry and whine about how their rights are being violated because of the backlash after the passing of Prop 8 is disingenuous beyond belief.

The anti-American “Christo”fascists who gave money to the pro-Prop 8 campaign and who voted yes on Prop 8 exercised their right to do so.

Those of us real Americans who don’t want our nation to become an American Taliban, to be ruled by the likes of the Mormons and the Catholics and the other “Christo”fascists with their Dark-Ages mentality, have the right to fight back within legal means.

That means boycotts. That means publicly chastising those who gave significant sums of money to the pro-Prop 8 campaign. That means holding public protests. That means using the court system, such as asking the California Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8, as we have done. (California voters in 1994 passed the hateful, bigoted, anti-immigrant Proposition 187 by 59 percent, but a federal court struck it down as unconstitutional, so there is precedent for a proposition passed by California voters to deprive a historically oppressed minority group of its human rights to be struck down by a court as unconstitutional.)

We will overcome. 

We didn’t start this war, but we will win this war.

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