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Bowe Bergdahl persecuted for his political beliefs in the ‘land of the free’

Taliban video shows Bergdahl release

U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl is shown in a still of a video of his handover from the Taliban to the U.S. military in eastern Afghanistan on May 31. Bergdahl, who now is 28 years old and was 23 years old at the time of his capture by the Taliban, has gone from being persecuted by the Taliban to being persecuted by the American Taliban, that is, the members of the American right wing who are strikingly similar to the members of the Taliban except that they call themselves “Christians.”

I find it astonishing (I shouldn’t, I suppose, but I still do) that in the reading that I’ve done thus far over the recovery of U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl, one obvious, overarching fact is not uttered: that his recovery from his five years of captivity by the Taliban in Afghanistan is “controversial” and largely nationally uncelebrated because Bergahl apparently has not been the “right” kind of American soldier — the wingnutty kind.

Since his capture by the Taliban in 2009 — which I wrote about at the time — to the present, bits and pieces of Bergdahl’s pre-captive life have slipped out into the public sphere, and overall the portrait of Bergdahl does not exactly look like that of Rambo: Bergdahl’s parents look like hippies. Bergdahl was home-schooled by his hippie-looking mother. Bergdahl never drove a car, but rode a bicycle everywhere. Bergdahl apparently spent time in a Buddhist monastery. Most damning of all, he apparently took ballet classes.

Perhaps even more damning than the ballet classes, Bergdahl reportedly stated in his final e-mail to his parents before he was captured by the Taliban:

… I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of U.S. soldier is just the lie of fools… I am sorry for everything here [in Afghanistan]. These people [the Afghans] need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid, that they have no idea how to live. We don’t even care when we hear each other talk about running their children down in the dirt streets with our armored trucks… We make fun of them in front of their faces, and laugh at them for not understanding we are insulting them… I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting…

Well, yeah, it is disgusting. Fuck the hypocritical wingnuts, who condemn others’ evil while they freely and frequently commit equal or even worse evils of their own, under the lie that by definition, an American (and by the wingnuts’ definition, a real American is only a right-wing, “Christo”fascist American) can do no wrong, and who assert that the United States is morally perfect and is God’s Chosen Nation and therefore can do no wrong. The U.S. in fact can do wrong and does it every fucking day.

See, Bowe Bergdahl just wasn’t the right kind of American soldier. He displayed empathy for the plight of the Afghans when instead he should have been much more like his colleagues who premeditatedly brutally slaughtered Afghan civilians or the Marine who urinated on the bodies of Taliban fighters (just like Jesus Christ Himself would have done) — to give just two of many possible examples of how God’s Chosen Soldiers have behaved in Afghanistan. Even the U.S. Army soldier who raped and killed a 14-year-old Iraqi girl probably is held in higher esteem by the American right wing than is Bowe Bergdahl.

My guess, based upon what I know of Bergdahl — such as that the county where Bergdahl was raised “has gained a reputation as a Democratic Party enclave” in the deep-red state of Idaho — is that of course Bergdahl didn’t belong in the U.S. military, where sensitive, empathetic, thoughtful, intelligent individuals (you know, those who actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ instead of just claiming to be God’s Chosen) of course are not welcome.

This is because the U.S. military — which is funded by all of us Americans who have to pay our taxes (myself included, of course), regardless of our own political and religious orientations — is a bastion of right-wing “Christo”fascists.

The “Christo”fascists have taken over our military, and we, the majority of the American people who in the past two presidential elections have soundly rejected the Repugnican Tea Party agenda (which includes jingoism, militarism and the total disregard for the humanity of the peoples of other nations), need to take back our military from the minority right wing.

So vicious — and yes, dangerous — is the American right wing (again, fucking fascists is what they are) that apparently Bergdahl’s hometown of Hailey (the seat and the largest city of the aforementioned Blaine County) canceled a scheduled homecoming for Bergdahl later this month for safety reasons, with the primary concern apparently being not potential trouble coming from locals, but from those (i.e., wingnuts) coming from elsewhere to cause trouble, and, of course, Bergdahl’s hippie-looking father has received death threats.

This is what we can expect from the American wingnuts who claim to be followers of the peace-loving and hatred-and-violence-eschewing Jesus Christ. They are fascists (I cannot emphasize that point enough), and it’s just as important to fight the fascists here at home as it has been to fight the fascists abroad.

I do not assert that Bowe Bergdahl is perfect. Whether or not he deserted his unit in Afghanistan neither you nor I know for sure, because neither you nor I was there, and if he is formally accused of desertion, then he is entitled to the due process to which you and I also are entitled. He deserves not to be branded as a deserter without first having had the chance to defend himself in a formal and fair process.

If Bergdahl did desert his unit in Afghanistan, does that change my view of him?


Bergdahl’s biggest “crime,” you see, is that he apparently actually followed the teachings of Jesus Christ — you know, such as to love one another as you love yourself, to love your “enemies,” to practice peace and love instead of war, etc.

To the “Christians” who fill the U.S. military, Bergdahl is a criminal for having refused to be blindly obedient to the anti-Christian, immoral “mission” in Afghanistan of subduing yet another nation of people who have committed the crime of not being just like us Americans.

The only thing that I am aware of for which I perhaps can fault Bergdahl is that he apparently knowingly joined an organization with which he very apparently was incompatible in his temperament, values, worldview and the like.*

But then again, the continued existence of such an evil, anti-Christian, pro-killing-for-plutocracy organization as the U.S. military is our collective fault, not his.

*As I noted in 2009, it’s quite possible that Bergdahl joined the U.S. military (in 2008, apparently) because he didn’t know what else to do with himself and his life.

It’s not like the United States of America has much to offer its young adults, whom for the most part the powers that be (most of them baby boomers or dinosaurs like textbook warhawk John McCainosaurus) don’t care about, except when they can be useful to the powers that be, such as wage slaves in dead-end minimum-wage jobs, the victims of student-loan sharks, and cannon fodder in bogus wars for the plutocrats’ profits (which both the Vietraq War and the way overlong war in Afghanistan have been).

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Still thinking about Bowe Bergdahl

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl worked as a barista at Zaney's River Street ...

A sign of support for U.S. Army Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl is seen at ...

Associated Press photos

Signs are displayed at the coffee house in Hailey, Idaho, where 23-year-old soldier Bowe Bergdahl (shown in an undated family photo below), who now is being held captive by the Taliban, worked as a barista before he joined the U.S. Army in June 2008. Will Americans disown Bergdahl if it turns out that he deserted his unit in Afghanistan? Will his case encourage more Americans to think about the U.S. war in Afghanistan, as it has for me?

In this undated photo provided by the Bergdahl family and released ...

Associated Press photo

So more inf0rmation about Bowe Bergdahl, the 23-year-old Idahoan who is being held captive by the Taliban, gradually comes to light.

There are the little details, such as that his middle name is the same as my first name, and there are the larger details. There are a lot of missing details, in no small part because Bergdahl’s family members aren’t talking to the media.

I was surprised to read that before he joined the U.S. Army in June 2008, Bergdahl was involved in ballet and fencing. (But especially ballet — I mean, in Idaho. And not many young American men go from ballet floor to the battlefield.)

I wonder why Bergdahl — who, I have read, was home-schooled (which does sound Idahoan…) — joined the U.S. military, especially when the military has been so active in the Middle East since the unelected Bush regime launched its illegal, immoral, unprovoked and unjust Vietraq War in 2003.

Was Bergdahl a True Believer in The Cause? If so, is he still a True Believer, or did he mean at least some, if not all, of what he said in the video that the Taliban released — that the U.S. military should pull out of Afghanistan and that the United States should focus on solving its own serious problems at home before attempting to meddle in other nations’ affairs?

Or was it that Bergdahl saw no other financial future for himself other than the U.S. military? Did he drink the military recruiters’ Kool-Aid?

Why is Bergdahl’s family being so quiet? Has the U.S. government strictly instructed them to be? Or are they just private people? Or do they know or do they suspect that he deserted his unit in Afghanistan — if that is what happened — and therefore they don’t want to talk about it? 

I even wonder if my understanding of Idaho has been wrong. It’s one of the reddest states — Wikipedia notes that Idaho has not gone to a Democratic candidate for president since 1964 — and so I have been surprised to hear about Bergdahl’s involvement in ballet (considered to be an effeminate pursuit) and fencing (considered to be hoity-toity if not also effeminate).

I was surprised even to see the peace symbol displayed in the coffee shop in the news photo above; I mean, Idahoans are for peace? Idaho was one of the few states where former “President” George W. Bush still could go as his popularity plummeted, knowing that he’d always find an adoring crowd there, usually a military crowd. (They loved him even though he was sending them off to slaughter in Vietraq for BushCheneyCorp’s obscene profits — go figure.)

OK, so after some quick Internet research just now, I see that, per Wikipedia, Blaine County, the county in Idaho where Bergdahl was raised, “has a reputation as a Democratic Party enclave in strongly Republican Idaho.”*

This factual tidbit makes me suspect even more strongly now that Bergdahl meant at least some, if not most or even all, of what he said in the half-hour video that the Taliban released. (Most of which I agree with, by the way, although with the exception of gaining more cultural knowledge, perhaps, I have little to no interest in learning more about Islam, as I have little to no personal interest in the three Abrahamic religions, which only seem to want to war with each other.)

What if Bergdahl did desert his unit in Afghanistan? How would he be viewed then?

Fox “News” guest pundit retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (yet another stupid white man — surprise!) posits that Bergdahl definitely is a “liar” (at least about how he came into the hands of the Taliban) and probably is a deserter, and the Fox “News” bitch interviewing Peters smugly notes that Fox “News” won’t show any of the Taliban’s half-hour video featuring Bergdahl because that would be to help the Taliban, you see.

(No, that would be to counter the steady stream of pro-war propaganda for the stupid white men’s military-industrial complex that Fox “News” spoon-feeds the nation a la “The Matrix.” Yes, let Fox “News” decide what you should and should not see and hear! Trust them! They have only your own best interests at heart!)

Peters posits on Fox “News” that the Taliban is unlikely to kill Bergdahl because Bergdahl has “tremendous propaganda value” (although probably not nearly as much as Fox “News” does, of course), although Peters indicates that if Bergdahl is a deserter, then he (Peters) is perfectly OK with the Taliban slaughtering Bergdahl to save the United States the trouble of dealing with Bergdahl. The Fox “News” bitch quickly disowns this sentiment (wink-wink!), but the sentiment is put out there nonetheless.

We can have sympathy for Bergdahl as a fellow human being whose life has value only if Bergdahl is in complete agreement with the stupid white men who steal presidential elections, who run Fox “News” and who send our young people off to slaughter in bogus wars for their own personal riches, you see. 

I hope that Bergdahl comes home alive — if indeed he deserted, is the U.S. government really working all that hard to recover him, as they have promised they are doing? — and I hope that his story gets out, that the U.S. government doesn’t do everything that it can to avoid embarrassment if indeed Bergdahl is a conscientious objector and the Taliban doesn’t kill him like the Fox “News” “experts” want the Taliban to do. (Fox “News” won’t tell Bergdahl’s story, because that would be to help the enemy, dontchya know, but there are plenty of satanic and socialist and anti-American news organizations [a.k.a. actual news organizations] that will.)

The best-case scenario is that the case of Bergdahl brings the misguided U.S. military operations in Afghanistan to a grinding halt through a sea change in public opinion that makes a continued war in Afghanistan too much of a liability for the Obama administration (although I’m not holding my breath on that one). But in any case, it’s a war that the United States cannot win, a war that benefits only the greedy traitors who comprise the military-industrial complex who don’t care about the death and the destruction that their wars create for others, a war that the United States cannot afford to continue, financially, militarily, psychologically or spiritually. 

If Bergdahl did desert his unit, I find little to no fault with him. The U.S. military is in Afghanistan primarily to protect corporate interests, just as it has been the case in Vietraq.

Long gone are the days when the U.S. military was used to protect the United States from actual harm from enemy nations. The members of the U.S. military now are used as thugs for corporations to steal what they want from other nations. We, the American taxpayers, foot the bill for the corporations to have their thugs, and it is the children of us, the American people, who die in the bogus wars that are waged for corporate interests.

There is a word for that travesty, for that misuse of the U.S. military, for the theft of Americans’ children and the theft of their tax dollars for the benefit of the filthy-rich few: treason.

Bergdahl was not sent to a legitimate war, a war to protect the security of the United States of America. He was sent to a foreign nation to protect corporate interests, and although Fox “News” would have you believe that corporate interests are our national interests, corporate interests are only corporate interests, and as the state of the U.S. economy for the average American attests, the spoils of war never trickle down from the corporate fat cats to us, the people, who pay for those wars with our tax dollars and with our children’s blood.

Although the story still is unfolding, Bowe Robert Bergdahl is a sort of a hero to me, a symbol of what the greedy motherfucking baby boomers have left for our young people (which is literally less than nothing), and I hope that he does not end up like so many of our precious young people have these past several years, sacrified like a lamb to the greed of the corporations that knows no bounds.  

*The Wikipedia entry continues:

The Democratic candidate for president of the United States has won [Blaine County] in every election since 1992, when George H. W. Bush finished third behind Bill Clinton and Ross Perot. Blaine was the only Idaho county carried by Al Gore and John Kerry in 2000 and 2004, respectively. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama carried the county by a 33.2-percent margin over John McCain, while McCain won statewide by a 25.3-percent margin over Obama. It was by far the Democrat’s best showing in Idaho.

In 2006, Blaine County voted 66.3 percent against HJR 2, which amended the Idaho Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage; the measure passed with 63.4 percent of the statewide vote….

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