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Does this mean that Prez-elect Obama is NOT an al-Qaeda operative?

Residents of the historically African-American neighborhood ...

AFP photo

Images of President-elect Barack Obama and slain civil rights leader Malcolm X, seemingly comparing the two, hang in Harlem, New York. Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 boss says that Malcolm X and Barack Obama are cut from different cloth, however.

The Associated Press reports that al-Qaeda’s No. 2 boss has called President-elect Barack Obama a “house slave” (or “house Negro,” depending upon how you want to translate the Arabic).

As much as I’m not thrilled to agree with al-Qaeda, it is a fact, and I have stated the fact, that Barack Obama never would have been elected to the WHITE House if he had been an “angry” black man, like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton — or certainly like Malcolm X, whom al-Qaeda’s No. 2 held up as an example of “an honorable black American,” as opposed to “house slave”/“house Negro” Obama.

As I have noted, even Vice President-elect Joe Biden, during the Democratic presidential primary season, noted that Obama is “articulate and bright and clean.”

Obama was elected because he is, at the minimum, inoffensive to enough white Americans.

That may not exactly make him a “house slave” — but I can’t entirely disagree with al-Qaeda’s No. 2 on this one.

The AP notes that al-Qaeda’s No. 2’s message in which he calls Obama a “house slave”/“house Negro” “appeared chiefly aimed at persuading Muslims and Arabs that Obama does not represent a change in U.S. policies.”

Which certainly wasn’t what the wingnuts were implying when they kept repeating the inflammatorily xenophobic “B. Hussein Obama”…

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