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Does he really have a choice?

Ted Rall gets it right in his latest ’toon, but the million-dollar question is why President-elect Barack Obama publicly displays such a limited emotional range.

Is it his inherent personality? He is a Leo, and Leos are known for having a cool (if not cold) detachment.

Or has Obama learned that a black man who displays emotion in the United States of America is going to be labeled by the white supremacists as “unstable” or “angry” or even “dangerous” or the like?

I mean, didn’t Obama have to be non-threatening to enough whites in order to get elected as president? Wasn’t the whole point of Team McCainosaurus’ failed attempt to link Obama to William Ayers of the Weather Underground — a “terrorist” group that killed nor even maimed not even one person, but only caused property damage — to paint Obama as dangerous to whitey?

The Repugnicans and other wingnuts love to castigate their detractors as “angry.” (I recall a fairly recent fundraising e-mail from the Repugs that cast Democrat Al Franken, who, hopefully, will win the U.S. Senate seat for Minnesota that remains undecided, as an “angry liberal.”) “Angry,” you see, as the Repugs and wingnuts use it, if it doesn’t actually mean insane, means at least unstable.

Yet in the debates between Repugnican John McInsane and Obama, it was the former, not the latter, who repeatedly became unglued and unhinged.

Of course, when a Repugnican or wingnut becomes angry, it’s perfectly justified, of course. When their detractors show the normal human emotion of anger — anger, by the way, indicates that you are alive, alert and aware, and the Repugs and wingnuts want you to be a zombie like they are — that means that their detractors “hate America” or the like.

In any case, yes, I’d love to see a visibly pissed-off Obama, but I rather doubt that that’s ever going to happen, and I’m thinking that that’s because it’s just not his disposition, as it is McInsane’s, or because he’s so incredibly disciplined to be acceptable and non-threatening to whites that it’s second nature to him now.

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