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Will the ‘docu-drama’ harm Biden?

One of these two things is different from the other…

It is politically unfortunate for President Joe Biden that he has had classified documents all the way from his vice presidency in his possession, especially when Biden, according to The Washington Post, “voiced disbelief during an interview with CBS News’ ’60 Minutes’ about how something like that [former “President” Pussygrabber’s unlawful possession of classified documents] could happen — how anyone, in [Biden’s] words, ‘could be that irresponsible.'”

The special counsels who have been appointed to separately investigate former “President” Pussygrabber’s refusal to return classified documents (and his lying about no longer possessing classified documents) — which resulted in the wholly appropriate little FBI visit to his gaudy stucco fortress in Florida in August — and President Biden’s stupid possession of classified documents, which he ‘fessed up to, need to do their work.

In the meantime, will this “docu-drama,” as I saw one website put it, hurt Biden politically?

I don’t think so.

Of course the mouth-breathing knuckle draggers were going to falsely equate Pussygrabber’s criminal refusal to return classified documents and his criminal lying (perjury) about no longer possessing classified documents to Biden’s apparent negligence in returning classified documents.

There is no evidence thus far that Biden committed anything other than negligence, which still is punishable under the law where it comes to the possession and safekeeping of classified documents — but there is, as the editorial cartoonist suggests above, a mountain of evidence that Pussygrabber criminally possessed classified documents that he not only knew he had, but that he staunchly refused to return and lied to the federal government that he no longer possessed. (We know that he was lying, of course, because the FBI found the classified documents that he had claimed that he didn’t still have in his tacky little castle.)

Thing is, those making a mountain out of Biden’s classified-documents brouhaha never were going to vote for Biden or for any other Democrat for president anyway.

Those of us who are sane know that while of course Biden never should have possessed any classified documents — and that he should face any legal consequences for that apparent negligence — what Pussygrabber did concerning the possession of classified documents was, as his usual acts always have been, criminal. (Indeed, it’s quite unusual for the FBI to come a-callin’ if you truly have done nothing illegal.)

The House Repugnicans of course are going to add this latest docu-drama to their pile-on of Joe Biden, but, again, none of the Repugnicans’ supporters ever were going to vote for Biden should he run again in 2024 anyway (or for any other Democrat for president), and I think that the truly independent voters (voters who aren’t actually Repugnican at heart but who call themselves “independent”), come time to vote for president in November 2024, are going to be thinking about their personal socioeconomic situations, and not about the fact that Biden once had classified documents in his possession and voluntarily returned them.

And actually, the House Repugnicans’ fervent “work” in “investigating” (that is, relentlessly attacking and smearing) the Biden administration for the next two years — instead of lifting a fucking finger to substantively help the average American — should ensure that they lose the House come January 2025.

Indeed, the Repugnican-fascists attacked President Bill Clinton relentlessly in 1998, trying to destroy his presidency (this was over a blowjob that he had lied about, a “crime” that pales by comparison to the multiple crimes of Pussygrabber, who as “president” was a fucking mob boss).

The House Repugnicans impeached Clinton, but the U.S. Senate acquitted him, and because the American voters were so put off by the Repugnicans’ wholly political, bullshit, self-serving attack on Clinton, the House Repugnicans lost five seats in the November 1998 election.

I fully expect that for the next two years, the House Repugnicans will have those coke-filled orgies that former Repugnican U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn spoke about — only those orgies will happen right out in the open, right on the House floor, and they’ll be fueled by ignorance and hatred and spite and rank political opportunism rather than by coke (although maybe by actual coke as well…).

And, again, I fully expect that as a result of this, the Repugnicans will lose control of the House come January 2025. I mean, the American voters just fucking told the Repugnicans in November that they — we — are beyond sick and tired of the cray-cray, the self-serving politicking and the mean-spiritedness; as a result of their toxic politics, in the November elections the Repugnicans got only a bare majority in the House — nothing like a “red wave” — and the Democrats got one more senator in the U.S. Senate.

As for President Biden, if you loathe Pussygrabber, as I do, as I loathe all fascists, people think that you must adore Biden.

Anyone who has read me for the past several years knows that I’ve never been big on Biden. I accept him as the duly elected president, unlike Pussygrabber, who not only lost the popular vote in 2020, but who had lost it also in 2016, and who thus never was a legitimate president to me, since a majority of the American voters never fucking voted for him.

But Biden wouldn’t have become president had his DINO establishment buddies, including Pete Buttiboy and Amy “Voice Like Fingernails Across a Chalkboard” Klobuchar and fossil Jim “Kingmaker” Clyburn, not helped him to torpedo Bernie Sanders’ 2020 run for the Democratic presidential nomination, so do I much care whether the House Repugnicans now successfully torpedo Biden?

No; it would feel an awful lot like Biden’s karmic return.

And I’d be fine with another viable Democrat running for president in 2024 instead of Biden; if Biden doesn’t run and Bernie Sanders runs again (Bernie has said that he wouldn’t rule out running again in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run), I’d support Bernie again (the third time might be the charm!)

So no, were the Biden docu-drama actually to induce Biden not to seek re-election, that wouldn’t necessarily be a win for the Repugnicans; in the end, that might actually ultimately be a good thing for the Democrats and for the nation.

But the House Repugnicans are too fucktarded, I think, to be able to bring down Biden over the next two years.

Oh, of course they’ll try — and they’ll fail spectacularly, only further harming their own “party” in the process, because, being fucktards, they never fucking learn from their own mistakes.

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