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Good riddance to Princess Kyrsten; she never was a Democrat anyway

Princess Kyrsten Sinema, clad in a schoolgirl’s uniform on the U.S. Senate floor, literally gave a thumbs down to raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour in March 2021. To add insult to injury to the poor and the working class, she also fucking curtsied like a fucking schoolgirl. (The current federal minimum wage, by the way, is a whopping $7.25 an hour, which is just one notch above slavery.) The Democrat in name only finally has made it official and now is calling herself an “independent,” but we still can — and must — get rid of her sorry ass when she is up for re-election in November 2024.

Back in January, I wrote:

… [U.S. Sen. Kyrsten] Sinema is causing grave damage to the well-being of the United States of America, and so far more important than psychoanalyzing her is removing her, as soon as is possible, from the position of power that she has done nothing but abuse.

So it is gratifying to see that yesterday, the Democratic Party of Arizona finally censured the bitch for refusing to support her own fucking party.

The censure has no immediate practical effect, many news stories have noted.

That’s true in that of course no state’s party organization can remove a sitting elected official, but if your own state party has censured you, be you Repugnican or Democrat, you might have a problem with your next re-election effort.

On that note, what the fuck is Sinema’s long game?

She’s up for re-election in just two years, and only 8 percent of Arizona Democrats approve of the job she’s doing. I don’t see the Arizona Democratic Party supporting Sinema’s re-election, and no, if Sinema went ahead already and officially became the Repugnican that she already is, the Repugnican voters of Arizona won’t vote for former “Democrat” who says she’s bisexual (she’s so cutting edge!) and who, inexplicably, was affiliated with Arizona’s Green Party before she “became” a “Democrat” in 2004.

I don’t see Sinema getting a second term, and you can help make sure that she is relegated to the dustbin of U.S. history, where she belongs. …

Sinema, a self-serving swine, has announced that she’s no longer a Democrat, but now is an “independent.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following her “career” in the Senate. As I wrote back in January, she’d lost the support of the Arizona Democratic Party, yet the Repugnicans of Arizona never would accept her as one of their own.

Seeing this political reality — she knew that she wouldn’t make it out of the 2024 Democratic primary alive — but still wanting to hold on to power, Sinema decided to become an “independent.”

We still can get rid of Sinema in 2024, however. The Arizona Democrats hate her, and so in 2024 they’ll vote for whomever the Democratic candidate for her Senate seat is — thus far I’m supporting Democratic Arizona U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego to replace her, as I have for some time.

Now that Sinema is calling herself an “independent,” my guess is that Gallego’s path to the 2024 Democratic nomination for the Senate seat that she now occupies only for our corporate overlords is fairly clear.

The latest voter registration statistics for Arizona that I can find on the state’s secretary of state’s website are 34.7 percent Repugnican, 30.7 percent Democrat, 33.9 percent “other” (which I assume includes independents), and 0.8 percent Libertarian.

Yes, in Arizona the registered Repugnicans outnumber the registered Democrats by about 4 percentage points, but a Democrat who can win over the independent voters — as U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs (and Arizona Secretary of State-elect Adrian Fontes) just did in last month’s midterm elections — can overcome the Repugnicans’ relatively small voter registration advantage in the state.

Especially if the Repugnicans keep voting for far-right kooks like Blake Masters and Scary Lake (and Mark Finchem) in their primaries — and I doubt that these troglodytic fucktards will change their game, only other than to double down on it they’re going to continue to lose statewide elections in Arizona (such as how former “President” Pussygrabber lost Arizona to Joe Biden in November 2020).

In Arizona, an influx of new residents from kinder, saner states is diluting the mean-spirited and cray-cray native Repugnican vote in the historically backasswards state, especially in the most populous county, Maricopa County, and in the next-most-populous county, Pima County. This demographic shift probably is the No. 1 reason that Katie Hobbs beat she-Nazi Scary Lake for the governorship last month.

Again, the Democrats in Arizona are through with Sinema, and the Repugnicans there won’t accept her because for so many years she called herself a “Democrat.” And the chances that the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Arizona Repugnicans will front yet another awful candidate to oppose “independent” Sinema and her Democratic opponent for the U.S. Senate seat in 2024 are high.

This is the new political reality in Arizona — and come January 2025, we probably will be able to say “Senator Gallego.”

In the meantime, had Sinema switched to the Repugnican Party — which, again, she wouldn’t have done because the Arizona Repugnicans don’t support her, and there’s no way that she could have won another term in 2024 running as a Repugnican (she wouldn’t even have survived the Repugnican primary) — that would have changed the calculus in the Senate for the next two years to 50 Democratic seats and 50 Repugnican seats, still leaving the Democrats in control.

From what I can tell, the newly “independent” Sinema plans to more or less caucus with the Democrats, which will keep the Senate at 51-49, but we’ll see. She’s unstable (bipolar?) and apparently frequently switches teams, politically and sexually, as it suits her mood and her power-grubbing of the moment.

That said, she’s never been a real Democrat anyway, so it doesn’t much matter what the fuck she does in the next two years.

While Princess Sinema is doing whatever she’s going to do in 2023 and 2024, our job is to replace her with an actual Democrat in November 2024.

P.S. I’ve seen expressed the opinion that if Princess Sinema runs as an “independent,” she’ll siphon more votes from the Democratic candidate than from the Repugnican candidate in November 2024.

I disagree.

Sinema has few friends or fans in Arizona, and since she’s basically a Repugnican anyway, I see her drawing more votes from the Repugnican candidate than from the Democratic candidate. This would, I surmise, mean that the Democrat would win the plurality if not the majority of the vote (it very most likely would be a plurality).

Some have opined about the Democrats caving in to Sinema and not running a candidate at all, but supporting her bid as an “independent,” fearful that if they don’t support Sinema, then the Repugnican might win.

I disagree with this cowardly take vehemently.

The most likely scenario, I believe, is that the Democrat wins a plurality of the vote, and then we’re done with Sinema and her juvenile, narcissistic and corrupt bullshit.

She can get a gig — and probably will get a gig — with one of her corporate sugar daddies, whom she’s always loved far more than the people she is supposed to represent.

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