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South Carolina shouldn’t go first — and who should get the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination

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U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, even though actually elected by only one congressional district in a deep-red, backasswards state, pretty much runs the whole fucking show — because Joe Biden is his little bitch.

The members of the Democratic National Committee hadn’t at all planned to have South Carolina hold its presidential primary election first in 2024, but after President Joe Biden corruptly chimed in that he wanted South Carolina to go first — because South Carolina was the first state that he managed to actually win in 2020 after he’d miserably lost the first three states — the members of the DNC promptly folded and gave him what he wanted. (Because if you might have a stake in the game, you should make the rules! That’s not corrupt at all!)

The last time that a Democratic candidate for president won South Carolina was Jimmy Fucking Carter in 1976; both of the state’s U.S. senators are Repugnicans; and six of its seven members of the U.S. House of Representatives are Repugnicans, the only Democrat being the 82-year-old fossil Jim Clyburn, the asshole who has his hand up Biden’s ass like a meat puppet and who refuses to step the fuck aside (and why should he? He essentially is the president of the United State of America, via Biden).

South Carolina is a backasswards state whose heart still is with the fucking Confederacy, but let’s elevate it to No. 1! The Democrats making South Carolina first is like the Repugnicans making California first.

This is yet another reason why I’m progressive — I’m a die-hard Berniecrat — but have serious issues with the Democratic Party, which remains in the grip of the corporate-friendly centrist assholes who have no problem gaming the system for themselves — democracy, fairness and decency be damned.

(Yes, Bernie Sanders was fucked over for the Democratic presidential nomination not once, but twice. Its speaks volumes about the Democratic establishment [corporate whores all] that the people’s choice for president must be stopped at all costs.)

Of course, if Biden runs for re-election, very most likely no viable Democrat would dare to run against him, even though his approval rating remains mired in the low 40s.

That Biden self-servingly and corruptly inserted himself into the creation of the 2024 primary-contest calendar to put South Carolina — the backasswards state that loves him (well, the minority of the state, that is) — first on the calendar makes me suspect that he plans to run for re-election, or at least wants to feather his nest in case he does decide to run for re-election and a viable Democrat actually dares to run against him. Of course, it’s also possible that he was just trying to give his puppet master Jim Clyburn yet another gift on his way out, but I think that he’ll most likely run again.

If Biden runs again, it’s going to be an incredibly boring primary-contest season; it’s going to be dispiriting, to say the least, to see this corrupt, old-school codger running again, most likely with no viable candidate having the gonads to run against him.

If Biden doesn’t run again, it will be messy, but it won’t be boring.

Here are the top-10 Democrats who The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake posits are the most likely to win the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, in this order, from one to 10: Joe Biden; Pete Buttigieg; Kamala Harris; Jared Polis; Amy Klobuchar; Gavin Newsom; Bernie Sanders; Gretchen Whitmer; Josh Shapiro; J.B. Pritzker.

I think that Blake largely has his head up his ass.

I don’t see Buttigieg, a slippery weasel, getting the Democratic presidential nomination any year soon. As a gay white man I am not going to engage in identity politics and blindly support the candidate who shares some of my demographics. Buttigieg is a centrist corporate whore who’s only out for his own ambitions.

Thankfully, I think that most American voters don’t like the boy wonder, and his resume is thin: a former small-town mayor whom Biden gave a Cabinet post only because Buttigieg helped to torpedo Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and to resurrect the moribund Biden campaign from the dead in 2020. (I still think that Biden and Buttigieg made a deal that if Buttigieg dropped out of the 2020 presidential race and endorsed him, Biden would give him a Cabinet post or other high post. Again, not that that’s corrupt or anything…)

Kamala Harris’ approval rating is even worse than Biden’s. Perhaps especially if former “President” Pussygrabber is the 2024 Repugnican presidential candidate, making the politically inept and utterly uncharismatic Harris his opponent would be a huge, huge mistake.

That said, the Democratic Party is still “woke,” and I expect any opposition to Harris, should she seek to succeed Biden, to immediately be branded as “racist” and “sexist,” which, of course, is just a form of “woke” thuggery.

Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, I don’t know enough about to make a judgment. I don’t know that he’d want to leave the governorship for which he just won a second term, but should Biden not run — and Bernie Sanders not run — and Polis should run, I’d give him consideration. It would be fine to have our first gay president, but he has to check the main box for me: being progressive (that is, being an actual Democrat).

Amy Klobuchar: Just: No. We’re long overdue for our first woman president, but it won’t be the annoying, cloying, accomplishment-free Klobuchar.

Gavin Newsom for me is a maybe if both Biden and Bernie don’t run in 2024. (Newsom already has said that he won’t run in 2024 if Biden runs again.)

I lived in California from 1998 to just earlier this year, and I think that Gov. Newsom probably would make a decent president. I’m not sure that he could overcome the mostly bullshit stigma of being from California, but as more Americans choose to live in California than in any other state (it’s no contest), I think that it’s appropriate that the U.S. president should hail from the state with the most Americans. (That’s called democracy…)

That said, Newsom is used to California politics, which are quite different from national politics, and I don’t know how well he’d make the transition from the Golden-State stage to the national stage. Nonetheless, I see him probably running for president in the future, if it’s not in 2024.

Of course I’d support Bernie Sanders should he run again (he has said that he wouldn’t oppose Biden if Biden runs again) — he’d be my No. 1 choice, hands down — as long as he still has his wits about him, and today he still does, much more so than does the frequently addled Biden.

Maybe the third time running for president would be the charm for Bernie, but of course I’d fully expect the craven Democratic establishment to, for a third time, do its best to destroy Bernie’s campaign, regardless of his popular following. That’s just how the anti-democratic “Democratic” assholes roll.

I’d consider Gretchen Whitmer should Biden and Bernie not run. She always has struck me as a good person governing in a state with a lot of mouth-breathers (including those who plotted to kidnap her), and I’d much rather have her as our first female president than any of the other women whom Blake put in his little top-10 list.

Josh Shapiro was just elected as governor of Pennsylvania, and I don’t see him leaving his new gig so soon to run for the presidency. I like him, though, and could see myself voting for him for president in the future.

J.B. Pritzker I know little to nothing about, and that’s true for the vast majority of Americans, I think, and if you want to be U.S. president, people need to know who the fuck you are, so I’m baffled as to why Pritzker comes in at even No. 10.

If I were to order the 10 people whom Blake put on his top-10 list — again, this is the top-10 list of those most likely to be the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee — I would do it like this:

  1. Joe Biden (because I think he mostly likely will run for re-election; breaking with long previous American tradition, most of those of his age selfishly refuse to step aside and let a younger generation come into power)
  2. Gavin Newsom (his relative youth and his willingness to actually fight, rare for most Democrats, would appeal to the Democratic voters, I think)
  3. Bernie Sanders (I think that his age would be seen as a liability, but he still has a strong following; I’d prefer a younger candidate, but a candidate’s level of progressivism is much more important to me than is his or her age)
  4. Gretchen Whitmer (she’s likable, she’s effective, and she would bring new blood to D.C.)
  5. Pete Buttigieg (only because he’s a ladder-climbing, back-stabbing schemer who might do better this time than he did last time)
  6. Kamala Harris (only on the strength of having been vice president, and “wokeness” could propel her to the nomination, even though she’d be disastrous)
  7. Amy Klobuchar (again, like Harris, she has zero charisma and no notable achievements, but she does have name recognition)
  8. Jared Polis (the voters don’t know him well enough, I don’t think)
  9. Josh Shapiro (again, I don’t see him running for president so soon, though, and I don’t think the voters know him well enough yet)
  10. J.B. “Who?” Pritzker (again: Who?)

Again, though, it would be incredibly dispiriting and depressing if the 2024 presidential nominees were Biden and Pussygrabber again.

I would fucking hope that the United States of America can/could do much better than that.

P.S. As much as I think that it’s utter bullshit that a former Confederate and a dark-red state should be the first state to vote in the Democratic Party presidential-primary contest season, I am quite happy to see Iowa taken out of the early-voting states, as Iowa thoroughly botched both of their 2016 and 2020 caucuses, and even if Iowa hadn’t fucked up majorly twice in a row, caucuses — which are obsolete, exclusive and ripe for corruption — need to be scrapped everywhere and replaced with straightforward primary elections.

I am happy to live in a state that will vote early in 2024 — Nevada — and I’m happy that Nevada scrapped its caucuses for a presidential primary election; the 2024 presidential primary election will be the first presidential primary election in Nevada.

Nevada is slated to vote three days after South Carolina in 2024, with South Carolina voting on February 3 (a Saturday) and Nevada on Tuesday, February 6, along with New Hampshire, which has vowed to hold its primary earlier, even if it is stripped of delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention because it violated the DNC’s approved calendar. Iowa also has threatened to violate the DNC-sanctioned calendar and to hold its bullshit caucuses earlier anyway.

Fuck Iowa and fuck New Hampshire. They’ve had their day and they’ve had their say.

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