A republic, if we can keep it

Are we going to go back to this?

I recently watched the two-part PBS Ken Burns series on Benjamin Franklin, and ate all four hours of it up; Burns has a way of making material that our history teachers probably made pretty dry (I remember having to memorize dates and names for no apparent reason other than test-taking) into actually-interesting dives into historical details.

One of the Franklin quotes that the documentary relays is Franklin’s response to a member of the public, asking him after the U.S. Constitution had just been established in 1787, as to whether the nascent United States was now, under that Constitution, a republic or a monarchy; Franklin wryly replied that it was “A republic, if you can keep it.” (The Washington Post says that while these words don’t appear in Franklin’s known writings or in any known contemporaneous written account, he “probably” said them.)

Indeed, can we keep our republic?

Former “President” Pussygrabber — who lost the popular vote twice, in 2016 and in 2020, yet became “president” against the expressed will of the majority of the American people in 2016 anyway — still says that he actually won the 2020 presidential election, and he recently advised Repugnican candidate Mehmet Oz (his endorsee) to go ahead and declare himself the victor of this past week’s Repugnican primary election for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania even though thousands of ballots still remained to be counted. (NPR reports that a state-mandated automatic recount in the very tight race is probable, and that we might not know the winner until that state’s statutory deadline of June 8.)

This is blatant fascism, not democracy.

You don’t count every ballot; no, you see, whoever the twice-popular-vote-losing, twice-impeached, treasonous former “President” Pussygrabber says “won” the election “won” the election.

This fascist, anti-democratic sentiment is catching on.

Not only do Pussygrabber and his legions of brainwashed cult members — and it is a cult (the central blatantly false tenet of which is that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Pussygrabber, although this beyond-bullshit claim has yet to be proven with any actual evidence in any court of law, as our democratic system requires if you are going to actually steadfastly claim that an election was stolen) — have deep disregard for election results that they don’t like, but a Repugnican candidate for governor of Colorado says, in all seriousness, that Colorado should eliminate the popular vote for its elections and institute something like the Electoral College for the state, in which the votes of the rural areas of the state (like the red states) are given more weight than the votes of the urban and suburban areas of the state (like the blue states).

The Repugnican candidate (a Greg Lopez) is highly unlikely to become governor of blue-state Colorado — he’s pretty unlikely to even become the official Repugnican candidate for governor in November as a result of the state’s June 28 primary election, according to PredictIt.org — but it’s the thought that counts.

That a candidate for governor seriously would suggest that Repugnican voters’ votes count more than Democratic voters’ votes is chilling.

It’s beyond bad enough that Repugnican voters’ votes count more than Democratic voters’ votes on the federal level — this is why the Repugnicans are stronger in the U.S. Senate that they should be (because every Podunk red state gets two U.S. senators no matter how small its population) and why we have a 6-3 wingnut-controlled, human-rights-destroying U.S. Supreme Court, and it’s why we had to endure “President” Pussygrabber in the first fucking place (because of the Electoral College, which put him into the White House even though the popular vote did not) — but now, we’re to further degrade our democracy on the state level.

Under The Greg Lopez Plan, your state’s governor (to name just one elected office in your state) would not be elected by the popular vote (I mean, how quaint!), but would be elected in an Electoral College-like system in which the Repugnican-voting regions’ votes would count more than the Democratic-voting regions’ votes — guaranteeing control over the majority by the minority in perpetuity.

This shit is the stuff of which civil wars are made: the minority telling the majority that the majority’s votes don’t count as much.

When you read or hear that democracy itself is on the ballot this year, know that it is.

We’re either going to stand up against one-man rule — in this case, the mad monarch being King Pussygrabber (backed by his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging cult members) — or we’re going to lose our republic.

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