The tyranny by the minority continues

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The U.S. system of governance is set up to keep stupid white men like U.S. Supreme Court “Justice” Samuel Alito — a minority of the U.S. population — in power over the majority of the U.S. populace in perpetuity, and this anti-democratic situation will continue only for as long as we, the majority of the American people, allow it to.

A nationwide Faux “News” poll of registered voters taken in January of this year found that 63 percent of the respondents believed that the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade, which in 1973 by a vote of 7-2 affirmed a woman’s right to an abortion in all 50 states, should stand, while only 31 percent of them believed that it should be overturned.

In yet another striking sign that the United States of America is ruled by the far-right-wing minority, the U.S. Supreme Court very apparently is on the verge of officially overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Politico reports that at least five of the nine Supreme Court “justices” are poised to sign off on “Justice” Samuel Alito’s decision, which would strike Roe (and another, later abortion case, Planned Parenthood vs. Casey) and allow each state to determine whether or not a woman may have an abortion.*

Claims that the “lofty” U.S. Supreme Court isn’t political are fucking ludicrous, of course.

If abortion were such an inherently egregious wrong, then why not just declare it “murder” and prohibit it in all 50 states? How could an inherently egregious wrong be prohibited in some states but allowed in others?

And should your human rights, as an American citizen, be determined by your locality?

The U.S. Supreme Court can rule just about whatever the fuck it wants to — and for the past many years that’s pretty much what it has been doing — so it’s telling that the court is poised to make abortion a “states’ rights” issue (and one wonders what else the backasswards court will deem a “states’ rights” issue, but that’s another post).

The court is pussying out on abortion by going with the “states’ rights” “argument” because, as cray-cray and abjectly stupid as the majority of the “justices” are, even they know that were they to dare to even try to prohibit abortion in all 50 states, the backlash would be quick and severe. These assholes want to keep their jobs (and their lives…), of course.

Therefore, they’re trying to do as much damage to the nation as they can while pushing through their radical right-wing political agenda without jeopardizing their own high-and-mighty positions too much.

There will be plenty of backlash if indeed, as I fully expect it to do, the wingnut-dominated Supreme Court quashes Roe and makes abortion a “states’ rights” issue.

Politico reports that the final, official decision to kill Roe most likely will be issued within the next two months.

If there is any upside to this latest example of the brazen tyranny by the minority, it’s that while the calcified Democratic Party, under the “leadership” of Joe Biden, has failed to rally the base and the middle for the upcoming November elections, the overturning of Roe certainly should rouse these voters, the largely silent majority.

Yes, the overturning of Roe will make the not-even-one-third** of Americans who support its overturning wet, but it’s going to enrage the other two-thirds.

Beyond the upcoming midterm elections — it would be glorious if the activist, wingnutty U.S. Supreme Court lost both the U.S. Senate and even the U.S. House of Representatives for the Repugnicans this November — those of us who aren’t bat-shit crazy need to work to reform the U.S. Supreme Court.

In that, we need a multi-prong approach. Obviously, we need to win as many elections as we can, even though the deck is stacked against us in terms of the U.S. Senate and with the deeply anti-democratic Electoral College, under which the loser of the nationwide popular vote can become U.S. president anyway, as happened in both 2000 and in 2016. (Yes, the only popular vote that the Repugnicans have won since 1992 was in 2004. Again: Here in the United States we have tyranny by the minority.)

Beyond that, it’s beyond time to expand — to pack, if you must — the U.S. Supreme Court by expanding Democratic control of the U.S. Senate and abolishing the filibuster so that the court can be expanded by Congress, which has the full authority to do so. I’d say that the court could use, minimally, three more justices.

The hypocritical, anti-democratic, self-serving Repugnicans certainly don’t play by the rules; recall that while the Repugnicans denied President Barack Obama the opportunity to replace “Justice” Antonin Scalia even though Obama had had more than 11 months of his presidency left — stating that the vacant Supreme Court seat shouldn’t be filled until after the 2016 presidential electionformer “President” Pussygrabber’s nut-job Supreme Court pick of Amy Coney Barrett, in a huge Fuck you to the American people and to the American system of democratic government, was sworn in on October 27, 2020, right before the 2020 presidential election.

The best-case scenario is that we gain enough seats in the Senate to kill the filibuster and then pack that fucking court.

If we don’t push back — hard — against our anti-democratic overlords who represent only the right-wing minority and who operate only in bad faith, we won’t have a democracy left. (Arguably, we already don’t.)

P.S. Yes, a Democratically controlled Congress could and should at long last codify abortion rights into federal law, but in addition to that, it’s still past time to pack that court. The current court’s anti-democratic, backasswards bullshit must be checked.

P.P.S. The media have noted that it’s vanishingly rare for a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision to be leaked before its official release, but I saw in Wikipedia’s entry on Roe vs. Wade that there was a leak in that case, too.

If I were conspiratorial, I might posit that this leak of the impending Supreme Court decision destroying Roe was no leak, but was a trial balloon quite intentionally set aloft right before the midterm elections to gauge just how bad the political blowback might be.

*The leaked (or “leaked”) draft of Alito’s decision concludes (on Page 67): “The [U.S.] Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives.”

**A nationwide Quinnipiac poll taken in November 2021 found that 63 percent supported Roe vs. Wade as the law of the land, while only 28 percent didn’t.

I don’t see that more than one-third of Americans oppose abortion rights, making opposition to abortion a decidedly minority view in a system in which the majority is supposed to rule.

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