With U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the union is made more perfect

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Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson’s husband, Patrick Jackson, a physician with whom she has two daughters, appears to offer her his support during her confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court at which U.S. “senators” from former slave states shamelessly brutalized her in their typically retrograde fashion.

A belated congratulations to Kentanji Brown Jackson, who last week was confirmed by the U.S. Senate 53-47 to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

I stand by my earlier assertion that when we put diversity into thought and action, we need to include other historically underrepresented groups and not just black people; as I noted, we’ve yet to have an Asian, Native American or openly LGBT U.S. Supreme Court justice, and Latinos remain historically underrepresented on the nation’s highest court.

But this isn’t to diminish Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic and important ascension to the Supreme Court, but that said, Brown Jackson isn’t only the first black woman who will sit on the Supreme Court; she’s also the first public defender since Thurgood Marshall who will do so, and that fact, to me, is more significant than are her race and her biological sex.

Of course the Repugnicans love prosecutors, because the Repugnicans are mean-spirited and they freely project their own wrongdoings and evil onto others, especially the disempowered. But the U.S. Constitution provides not only for prosecutions, but also for the defense of the accused. If you can’t respect both sides of the coin, then you’re not at all an “originalist” where it comes to the Constitution.

That said, the wingnuts have wanted the Supreme Court to remain as it always has been — dominated by white men (preferably right-wing white men) — and don’t at all want the court to be representative of a changing American population, and certainly don’t want the high court to — gasp! — stick up for the little guy, but only want the court to continue to do the dirty work of the already rich and powerful.

And it’s beyond pathetic that Brown Jackson over a period of days had to endure the racist attacks by the likes of Tom Cotton (Arkansas), Ted Cruz (Texas), Lindsay Graham (South Carolina), Josh Hawley (Missouri) and Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee), all U.S. “senators” not at all coincidentally representing former slave states.

These “senators” of course couldn’t come right out and state their real problem with Brown Jackson: that she is a black woman who won’t carry water for the right-wing white men of the Repugnican Party, which is the only kind of black woman who is acceptable to the white supremacists (hi, Condi Rice!). These “senators” couldn’t come right out and state that even if they themselves can stand the idea of a black woman on the Supreme Court (that’s unlikely to be the case for any of them, it seems to me), their mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging constituents back home sure can’t.

Instead of uttering these unpleasant truths, these defenders of the Confederacy (the aforementioned so-called U.S. senators) during her confirmation hearings smeared Brown Jackson as being anti-whitey and pro-pedophile, among other things. Because this is what they do.

The Repugnicans are, after all, a classy bunch. The New York Times reports that when Brown Jackson was confirmed in the U.S. Senate, with only three Repugnicans voting for her,

Not everyone shared in the joy of the day. As applause echoed from the marbled walls, Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky [yet another former slave state, of course] and the minority leader, turned his back and slowly walked out, as did most of the few Republicans remaining on the floor, leaving half of the chamber empty as the other half celebrated in a stark reflection of the partisan divide.

This is fine. Let the sore losers (who are still sore about their loss in the Civil War, too) throw their little tantrums.

These fascists and traitors can, and they have, slowed progress down — all throughout U.S. history — but that’s all that they can do: slow it down.

Progress moves on, not even just despite the fascists, but also because of them and their repulsiveness to anyone who has any intelligence and decency to speak of.

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