U.S. not united enough to take on Putin

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The United States battling Vladimir Putin would mean battling not only Putin, but also internally battling the supporters of former “President” Pussygrabber who think that Putin is a great guy, just like their führer Pussygrabber does. Low-minded, stupid, backasswards people love their “strongman” dictators.

On the eve of World War III, I guess that I should post something about Russia and Ukraine.

Just kidding — I don’t really expect this (the military attack on Ukraine by Russia) to result in World War III.

President Joe Biden says that he won’t put U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine, stating, “That’s a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another. We’re in a very different world than we’ve ever been.”

That’s true; if you advocate the United States acting militarily against Russia, you then have to ask yourself all of the what thens.

Vladimir Putin is a piece-of-shit thug and gangster with a total disregard for anything like decency and the law and with a regard only for his own power — which is why former “President” Pussygrabber, himself a mobster, loves Putin so much, and why the Pussygrabberians, who would much rather have the chance to become warlords themselves in a post-apocalyptic United States than to proceed democratically, love Putin so much (Putin is like Pussygrabber, only with bigger brains and balls).

And Putin knows, I think, that Ukraine isn’t important enough to most Americans for most Americans to support going to war with Putin over it.

I am of two minds regarding Ukraine.

On one hand, as I wrote way back in 2014, if the clear majority of the people of certain regions of Ukraine truly would prefer to be with Russia, then I’d say let the popular will decide. Why Ukraine would want to keep within its borders any region that violently didn’t want to remain with Ukraine, but wanted to defect to Russia, I don’t know.

On the other hand, I think it’s clear that should Putin successfully annex even more of Ukraine, as he annexed Crimea back in 2014, there’s a high chance that he’d try to invade other neighbors in order to try to reconstitute at least part of the collapsed Russian empire that he wants to reconstitute.

Even so, central and eastern Europe, to most Americans, might as well be Pluto, and further, today’s Repugnican Party — you can’t call them “conservative” these days, because while conservatism, while I disagree with it, at least has its own internal logic (more or less), today’s Repugnicans are just bat-shit crazy* — is interested only in opposing anything and everything that President Biden does (they still won’t even concede that Biden won the November 2020 election). So should Biden wish to go to war with Russia, we’d be battling not only the Russian enemy abroad, but also the Putin-loving Pussygrabberian traitors here at home.*

So Biden (for whom I did not vote, as for me it was Bernie Sanders or no one, but whom I recognize as the duly elected president of the United States of America because I am sane) has no great options.

In the end, I’m thinking that Ukraine might end up like the old Germany, split into a pro-West western portion and a pro-Russia eastern portion.

Kind of like how I talked about in 2014

In the meantime, it strikes me that the United States has so much shit on its plate here at home that we can’t really deal very forcefully with Vladimir Putin right now — which, of course, he knows.

*Think about it, though: The Repugnicans for decades were vehemently anti-Soviet Union, and they celebrated its demise. Now, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin says he wants to bring the Soviet Union back, and the Repugnicans are cheering him on.

Again, this isn’t conservatism; this is batshittery.

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