Aftermath of the ‘coup’: You can’t make this Darwin Awards shit up

Details of the January 6 attempted “coup” on the Capitol (it was so poorly planned and executed that “coup” is a very strong word for what transpired) continue to leak out, and it’s hard to keep up with it all.

More details of the deaths are coming out.

The Capitol cop who died because of Wednesday’s melee, apparently after having been battered with a fire extinguisher, was killed by a mob of treasonous Pussygrabber fanatics and terrorists. I wonder if the cops will think differently of these domestic terrorists now.

The Karen-like supporter of “President” Pussygrabber very apparently was shot by a Capitol cop while committing federal felonies (treason/sedition and criminal trespass upon federal property, that I can think of right off of the top of my head). Far from being a “peaceful” “protester,” this woman very apparently was one of a violent mob trying to get into the House chamber — but was stopped by a cop whose job it is to protect our elected representatives (and others who are in the building legitimately and legally) against this type of terrorist threat.

See video of Karen’s justified (and rather satisfying…) shooting here.

Before you piss and moan, reflect upon the fucking fact that Karen would have been fine, A-OK, had the cops shot a black person during the commission of a federal felony, but she very apparently believed that her whiteness, her right-wingedness and indeed, her Karen-ness, made her bulletproof. She was, um, dead wrong

And I find it hilariously ironic that reportedly the Pussygrabber supporter who reportedly was trampled to death by her own com“patriots” was carrying the infernal yellow fascist flag that reads, “Don’t tread on me.”

Here she is, pre-treading:

CBS news photo

Maybe she should hang out with people who can read!

Anyway, the schadenfreude-filled Darwin Award Show continues: Reportedly the Pussygrabber supporter who died of a heart attack had the heart attack because he’d accidentally tased himself. I’m sure that he had brought a Taser with him, illegally, only for “self-protection.”

Note that our friends of Antifa — yes, being against fascism is good!very apparently for the very most part stayed away from all of this bullshit. That’s because they’re not fucking stupid; they probably would have enjoyed cracking a few fascist skulls, but they didn’t want to expose themselves to COVID-19, among other risks (such as how the cops, many if not most of them right-wingers themselves, at the scenes of protests often if not usually treat left-wingers and right-wingers quite differently — something that I have witnessed/experienced myself).

One has to wonder how many of the “patriots” who descended upon D.C. on Wednesday to try to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election now will get sick and perhaps die from COVID-19. (Again, smart people stayed away from the whole scene, knowing that Pussygrabber’s legions of infectious fucktards would be swarming like the cockroaches that they are.) Reminds me of this meme:

I’ll say it again: If these “fine” “people” are who we who are left of center — and who believe that only the candidate who actually won the presidential election may be president — are up against, bring on the second American civil war! We’ve got this!

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