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Biden rewards Buttiboy for having boosted him and betrayed Bernie

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Pete Buttiboy looks like a fucking rat because he is a fucking rat.

This is not a shock: Back in early March, right before Super Tuesday, after Bernie Sanders had won the first three Democratic presidential contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, in order to resuscitate the center-right Joe Biden’s moribund presidential campaign, fellow DINOs Pete Buttiboy and Amy Klobuchar both suddenly dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and endorsed Biden.

This was done to tank Bernie, who was on a roll after having won the first three states, on Super Tuesday. It worked as it was intended to work.

And now, President-elect Biden has decided to reward Buttiboy for his “sacrifice” (small-town mayor Buttiboy never was going to be president anyway) by making him his transportation secretary.

Of course, the kicker now is that we find out, wholly unsurprisingly, that just as the Billary Clinton-friendly Democratic National Committee had fucked over Bernie in 2016, the Biden-friendly DNC also meddled in the Iowa caucuses, falsely declaring Buttiboy to be the winner, or, at the very least, trying to muddy the waters as to who actually won Iowa, Bernie or Buttiboy.

(Wikipedia notes of the second debacle in a row in Iowa: “Following a three-day delay in vote reporting, the Iowa Democratic Party declared that Buttigieg had won two more delegates than Sanders, while Sanders won the popular vote.” Don’t you love it when the candidate who wins the most votes “loses”?)

Politico notes that “Buttigieg’s landing spot comes as a surprise given his thin transportation policy resume.” No, it’s not a surprise. It very probably was the backroom deal that Biden and Buttiboy, who are both dead to me, cut right before Super Tuesday. It’s good old-fashioned corrupt politics as usual.

As a gay man, apparently I’m supposed to be thrilled that Buttiboy (I get to call him that because I’m gay) is to be the first openly gay Cabinet member.

But I’m not a soulless, mindless, tribalistic identity politician. I’m a progressive.

I don’t give a fuck what DINO Buttiboy’s sexual orientation is. I only care that he’s a center-right, ladder-climbing fucking rat whose character is as abysmal as are his politics of selling out the American people under the banner of the “Democratic Party.”

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